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January 3, 2001     Feather River Bulletin
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January 3, 2001

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~u ,,~u,,~uay, ,Ja.. o, cuul Bulletin, Pr0gres~, / I e SPI has reopened its mills after a two-week hiatus. And, it appears that the teachers and Plumas Uni- fied School District will settle their contract dispute. New school board members and new county supervisors will bring new enthusiasm and fresh ideas to our leadership. Yes, it looks like 2001 is getting off to a great start. We at Feather Publishing are look- ing forward to a great year, as well. We're very aware of the role we play in Plumas and neighboring counties. We are often the sole source of local news--reaching those where even radio isn't an option. A poll conduct- ed by a research firm indicates that our newspapers have a 98 percent readership. That is an incredible rate by any standard. We are serious about our responsi- bility to be a thorough and accurate source of news. It's our goal to cover all facets of the community--from the proceedings in the Board of Su- pervisors' room to the meeting of the "Get Thinner, Happier, Richer"--they're the teasers on the cover of Good House- keeping's January 2001 issue. They're also the New Year's resolutions I make every year. Well, close. Here's my list from last year: Lose 10 pounds. Exercise five days a week. Do the best job I can at work. Do some freelance writing. Be nicer to everyone. Practice patience. That list, with just a few slight varia- tions, is the list I've used for awhile. It doesn't seem to be working. The new year to me is like a sheet of fresh, white paper ready to be written on. Unfortunately, when there's a mistake, I tend to want to throw the whole thing out. That works fine with a sheet of paper, but not with a whole year. It's kind of like when you're on a diet and then take one bite of some "offending" food. You've blown it. So why not go ahead and eat everything in sight and start over again tomorrow? One year, I decided to pare down my list, reasoning that just one resolution would be easier to stick to. As the stroke of mid- night drew closer, I frantically tried to nar- row my goals to just one. I kept asking my- self, "What's most important to me? Which one thing one would have the most far reaching effect on all aspects of my life?" I decided to be a nicer person. But, as a person who likes to make lists and check important to you and : ...... ........ ...... ready doing. . . il;:: Of course, the most importam.u ' ,,lll1 my life is my children and I thinl l N0tss do a very good job of making them m.v ority. Work is another priority, andI [ the health club, so that forces me to Dim=, I give this job all I can I teach closest| cise, and once I've consumed all of the day goodies at home and on my desk, MANAGING EDITOR weight shouldn t be a problem. So what does that leave from mY things off, I found keeping track of nice- nal i]st? Patience; only God can. give ness rather ambiguous. It's easier to check that, and being a nicer person, out, 1 off exercise on Monday, Wednesday or Fri- already tried that and don't want to day, or count up to 1,200 calories by the end again. of the day. It's not so easy to determine if We're down to freelance writing, a jl ; you've been as nice as you could be. other possibility. Ironically, the t- So now, as I write this, it s just a few my life when I have been the haPP 2.:]l . days before the momentous decision must been those with the most adversity. be made. Perhaps ifI put it in print, I II ac- because when my troubles seem nSu , l tually keep my resolution this year. mountable, I turn to God. I keep Some coworkers have made suggestions, journal and I read from the Bible. I but I am choosing to ignore them. found incredible solace, inspiration, Don Russell, a colleague in the newspa- peacefulness in that Book, especiallY per industry (he's publisher of the Moun- p.s ,al;m.s. But, when life is going smOOtl thin Messenger) suggests that I refrain don t make the quiet time. from writing about my daughters in this This year, I think I will make two column. Yea, right. , :ear's resolutions. I will devote so netl! My husband has a suggestion that I can t e cry day to quiet prayer and readinb, share, and my daughters have a suggestion I will, at least twice a week, work (see, it's just not possible, Don) that would lance writing. I have an idea for a noC lt benefit them, but not me. but I also want to write for magazin J No, I'm going to have to come up withis the year it will happen. And, noW resolution on my very own. A resolu- I've shared this resolution with tmn snould revolve something that's very who reads this column, I better sti ed States Forest Service headquarters at Quin- tion for her assembly seat. cy was established in 1906 with L.A. Barrett be- Davis has held that position for 23 ing the first forest supervisor. The present su- longest time that any woman has been1 pervisor D.N. Rogers succeeded Barrett in 1909. state legislature. 1 50 Years Ago ................. 1951 10 Yea s Ago ................. 1991 / Lake Almanor and Graeagle led the Herbert F. Wilcox was selected foreman of the tourism according to the Tourist 1951-52 Grand Jury. Others on the Grand Jury Tax figures Revenue increased over gll panel include E.G. Leonhardt, C.J. Brossard, cent in the third quarter of 1990 over 198 _, r- local 4-H Club. Periodically, we're asked why we don t cover national, HISTORIAN George I. Chaffey, Albano Bresciani, Mrs. Ruth Insurance claims for damages resulti .' or even statewide events. That's sim- -________ Dellinger and John Ayoob, all of Quincy. Juani- burst water pipes due to the recent fiv 75 Years Ago ................. 1926 ta C. Janes, Stanley Bailey, George Ayoob, freeze in Plumas County have been " " ple, we want to be the source of news The office building of the Plumas National Leroy Beik, all of Portola. Kenneth B. Murray, cording to local insurance agents inthe that can't be found anywhere else. Forest in Quincy is being enlarged and corn- Randall Goldenson, Bill R. Baxter, all of NOTE: Items included in the weekly Greenville. Arthur Sorsoli, and C.M. John When column are taken from our bound News about the presidential elec- pletely renovated with the work to begin the lat- ter part of the week. An addition, 20 x 40 feet, Hardgrave, both of Waylorsville, Lee Oliver of newspaper archives and represent 1 tion, for example, is readily available will be built to the north side of the building. Chester and Guido Ramelli of Beckworth. style of that particular period The spel on television or in the large daily This will afford space for two office rooms, and 25 Years Ago ................. 1976 grammar are not edited, so the copy is property room and a rifling room. The whole in- Pauiine Davis announced this week that she as it actually appeared in the original newspapers. However, information terior will be lined vcith beaver board. The Vnit haschangedher mind anti'will hot seek re--@ec- ................... ab0ut an upComing hospital boardketball tournament, will only bemeeting' or the results of a local bus- The i bel:ofAD)a : ....... llving' th ......... a iisrdo ered m found on our pages, and ways to achieve our personal best, thought his self-esteem at school w ,tu But, to provide the most accurate whether that includes overcoming problems Prove if he began the year slightly ah. l coverage possible, we need the pub- associated with ADD or not. As an adult the other students. I was met w.ith,mu, lic's assistance. We can't cover a sto- with ADD, I can speak for what helped me. sistance that basically ended No. ryor write about an upcoming event Help came from a few wonderful people, much paperwork involved, I thinl. beginning with parents who bought me a Then, I asked if there was a speed rv '--II 'special" briefcase like my dad's to hold the program with a special slide projeC f ifwe don t know about it. Some C, TAPP WI:?ITFI:? I schoolwork I was always forgetting to bring the one that had been so successfUlJ_u:, ; groups and organizations do an ex- ''" ' "'" '"" t home. as a preteen. Yes, the program was cellent job of sharing vital informa- My older sister created a special learning" school somewhere, but it was unUS lt tion: others sometimes assume that Back when I was young, there was no center on the inside of the pantry door for years and sat buried in a closet so al[ such thing as attention deficit disorder me and took time each day to sit and help shoulders and walked off Too much we 11 know. Often, we do, but not al- school, usually remedial reading or One of the most important skills came required here, I guess. " (ADD). When a child had problems in me with penmanship, that the busy teacher just shrugg i ways. Feather Publishing has reporters classes were the keys used to unloc t e from a favorite aunt who taught me a mem- There were so many struggles t_hro ll[ in each community to cover local child's mind. ory game during a weekend visit. The game his school years that he ended up Today, children with emotional and men- taught me the difference between short- attitude problem. Now he thinks events and a staff of four reporters in tal problems are labeled. They are ADD, or term and long-term memory, although I did can t do it,. He gives up before he Quincy to cover local items, as well ADHD (ADD with hyperactivity), or any of not realize it at the time. tried. Now, I wonder if I should as those of countywide interest. The several labels for problems related to con- Always forgetting things is a real problem him on drugs. His only "special" duct and behavior. The troublemaker of yes- for ADD people, and the game helped me moved away because of political turvr ll newspaper also employs a full-time proofreader to minimize errors. Our commitment to our readers is to bring you the best newspaper that we can. We hope that 2001 proves to be a healthy, happy and prosperous year for everyone. Feathcr:Nbiishing ..... Ne spaper Michael C. Taborski Publisher Debra Coates Managing Editor Alicla Higbee Indian Valley Editor terday is known as ODD today (oppositional defiant disorder). As an adult who has grown up with ADD, and as the parent of a child with ADHD, I am frustrated to the point of anger with these modern-day labels. Labeling a child with a disorder takes away responsibility for self-control. Instead of learning to cope with a disor- dered mind, families like mine have been ripped apart by the problems associated with ADD. After hearing a particularly heart- wrenching story on the syndicated Dr. Lau- ra radio show, I decided to do some research on the Internet. The most informative site I found was the National Institute of Mental Health, or It almost per- fectly describes the attention problem, at least from my perspective: Living with ADD is like being inside a fast-moving kaleidoscope, where sights, sounds and thoughts are in constant move- ment. A person with ADD is easily distracted by unimportant sights and sounds, but also able to focus so tightly that all sight and sound disappears. This tight focusing was described perfect- ly, too: imagine being so totally engrossed in a collage of thoughts and images that you are deaf and blind to the world around you. You never even hear the person who is call- ing out your name or see the basketball that is flying toward your face. This website also opened my eyes to all the misinformed people we have working in positions of authority. There has been no cause identified for ADD, although there are many theories that these people would have the parent believe is proven fact. One of the most popular "causes" they spout "to parents today is a chemical imbalance in the brain. Enough is enough. We are all human, and we were all created differently. We all need to learn self-control Terri Nacar Portola Editor Shannon Morrow Sports Editor Staff writers Dave Keller, Gall Brown, Christi Sevtap, Victoria Metcalf, Will Farris, Dave Moiler, Rob Brockmeyer, Shayla Ashmore, Sam Williams, Mary Kathleen West overcome that problem by teaching me how the school district. to use my long-term memory. Using it has I finally quit fighting for him ana, ill become a reflex now, at least in certain him when he dropped out of school atl[ parts of my life, and sometimes to the era- became so combative, he was a barrassment of others. I have a veritable to live with. I just told him that, one phone book of numbers in my head. I can will find something important enO quote people more than a year after I over- fight for. If education, reading and hear them talking to someone (just ask are not those things, so be it. Annabelle), but I still get home from a hec- Why? Why couldn t I help my tic day without remembering to stop for gro- ceed? No matter how careful I ceries, or gas, or stamps, etc. how he found out he had the diso In second grade, my final helper was a disease. He just gave up and fought wonderful remeuial reading teacher who help, even after I shared my own s had a ceiling-high collection of colorful with him. Teachers tell parents not books. She made me feel special when she about the ADD problem in front ofth let me choose any ,b ,k at all to take home it might give them a complex or some. for a week. It wasn t long at all before I real- Teachers should be more careful selves. Many times, they talk to eacB lYthelOVedbook.tO read--as long as I could choose about problem students in hallways As a child, it was these special things rices where they are overheard quite. done just for me that made the most differ- Instead of excluding the child, let ence. As an adult, it is my own desire to her be involved in solving their l N solve problems and my determination to lems. overcome ADD. It is easy to be distracted, Today, we have teams that design and remaining alert usually requires some ior modification and individualized effort, or self-control. ' tion plans. Sometimes, it is like trY As.a student, one of the most frustrating outsmart the Borg; you have to keep[ aria n-minting promems encountered was ing tactics, because some children having a teacher that I now think had ADD have one thing they want bad eno himself, or maybe ADHD. There I sat en- positive reinforcemer t tactics to worl [ grossed in his enthusiastic lecture, trying the child choose books and reports to install it all in long-term memory and not important enough or interesting get hit by his waving arms as he was walk- that he or she will want to strive for ing by our desks. All of the sudden, he stops cess. the lecture, turns around and goes off on a Would I have been any better off storytelling tangent. , modern help? I don't think so. To My ADHD son had a teacher like that, coming ADD is all about seif-control too--much to our sorrow. Trying to get heln for him was an 11-year nightm u=e He hacl desire to succeed. It would have no sister, no aunt, no parents who carried easy to f'md excuses not to finally school. It could have been anyone's briefcases--just me. First, they wanted to my own. give him drugs. He was not my same good- natured, happy son on drugs, so I quit giv- Instead of thinking of myself as hav.. l disordered mind, I just think of haw j ing them to him. Then, the teachers blamed mind that is slightly cluttered, likl me for his problems. Later, I asked for him to be held back a house. At least once in a while, the grade when we moved to a new town where must be sifted through and organi ;, 'i he was unknown by other students. I once you have a label you are stuck wau- ]