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January 4, 2012     Feather River Bulletin
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January 4, 2012

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3ulletin, Record, Progressive, Reporter Wednesday, Jan. 4, 2012 5B Optimal oral health can extend life expectancy Dr. Michael Herndon Intermountain Advanced Clinical Dentistry Studies have shown that with optimum oral health your life expectancy can be significantly extended. The underlying contributing fac- tors for this are management of periodontal diseases and in- flammation, elimination of abscesses and maintaining the ability to properly masti- cate (chew) your food, which aids digestion. As the body ages, proper nutrition be- comes even more important. With missing teeth and/or mismatched biting surfaces, chewing becomes more diffi- cult so food is often swallowed without the benefit of ade- quate mixing with saliva, which begins the digestion process. Ongoing research indicates how important elimination of inflammation around the teeth is. Untreated and uncon- trolled periodontal disease (gum disease) is a significant contributor to a number of systemic pathologic condi- tions, and the mechanism of this is chronic inflammation that consistently introduces pathologic bacteria into the blood stream, which then transports it to the organs of the body. The connection be- tween periodontal disease and heart disease, for example, is well-known and well-reported at this time. Periodontal dis- ease is also a contributor to diabetes, pancreatitis, pancre- atic cancer, arterial athero- sclerosis throughout the body (and heart), and serious pathologic changes in other organs. This is very serious stuff, folks, and ignore it at your peril. Strong words but so true. We call periodontal disease "the silent epidemic" because when present it usually does not hurt and since it is dot un- comfortable, it can go unde- tected for years. For this rea- son we recommend that you see a dentist to make sure you are not one of those with this condition. If you are, seek the care of a dentist trained and experienced in the treatment of periodontal diseases. It is estimated that over 75 percent if adults have some form of periodontitis and recently it has been shown that the inci- dence of patients with peri- odontal disease has been un- derreported so the true inci- dence is even higher. Periodontitis is literally "inflammation of the tissue surrounding the teeth." An earlier form of this condition is Called gingivitis, which lit- erally means "inflammation of the gingiva." Gingiva is the tough tissue that usually sur- rounds the teeth. Gingivitis is what you hear about on TV advertisements for tooth- paste, each brand claiming to treat gingivitis better than. the others. The truth is, it is the removal of plaque (bacteria that grow on the teeth) that is responsible for controlling and eliminating gingivitis. You can clean your teeth ade- quately without toothpaste at all! Correctly done, tooth brushing alone will remove the plaque as the bristles of the brush scrape the bacteria off the teeth. Bacteria produce sticky substances that allow them to stick to the teeth and this is why we encourage you to floss and brush every day. It is im- portant to note that dental floss is actually a tooth brush: The difference is that with floss you brush with the side of the bristle (the floss string) rather than the end of the bristle like you do when brushing. Actually, the most important areas of a tooth to clean are the sides between the teeth. This is where we find the majority of gingivitis and periodontitis. I often tell patients to consider what their teeth would look like if they only brushed as often as they floss. When this is con- sidered, it is easy to see how bad it can become between the teeth without flossing. Treatment m.odalities for pe- riodontal disease are varied: scaling and root planing (S/RP), commonly known as "deep cleaning"; conventional periodontal surgery (CPS); and LANAP, which stands for laser assisted new attachment proce- dure. S/RP is usually the begin- ning procedure prior to CPS and sometimes this is all a pa- tient gets or even the only op- tion given. While this can work well for mild cases, is it usually not adequate for moderate or advanced cases. For these more advanced cases S/RP is usually followed by CPS. CPS is a resective, or ampu- tation procedure: Thatis, the gums are cut away from the teeth and discarded, the teeth cleaned thoroughly, the bone is contoured for easier clean- ing and removal of angular bone defects, and the remain- ing gums sutured into place further down the roots. This provides an environment around the teeth that makes them easier to clean and for the most part eliminates the pockets where the bacteria can hide. LANAP is a procedure that avoids S/RP (because this is done at the time of the laser surgery rather than before) and the removal of tissue as- sociated with CPS. This fur- ther avoids the discomfort and disfigurement that is part of conventional surgical methods, also avoiding bone grafting and thereby reducing the costs as well. LANAP is a proprietary procedure that only specifically licensed and trained dentists are allowed to provide. LANAP can only be accomplished with a specific laser. The beauty of this pro- cedure is that there is very lit- fie post-operative pain and discomtbrt, and your natural tissue is retained so you keep your smile and gums. The procedure is very gentle com- pared to CPS. The LANAP protocol for treatment of all phases of peri- odontal disease, including the most advanced forms, has been shown by human studies to provide reattachment and" true regeneration of periodon- tal tissues surrounding the teeth and has been shown to be equal to or better than con- ventional surgery for retain- ing teeth over time. Indeed, at the recent annual meeting of the American Academy of Pe- riodontology new research was presented that clearly showed the efficacy of this procedure over conventional surgery. From a personal per- spective, I am university trained in advanced periodon- tal surgery. I have maintained for 16 years a practice limited to advanced periodontics, den- tal implants and periodontal prosthesis, and have exten- sive experience in conven- tional periodontal surgery. I am also licensed and trained to provide the LANAP proto- col for the treatment of peri- odontal diseases and for the last three years have provided this treatment for many pa- tients. If I were to recommend a form of treatment for peri- odontal disease for a member of my own family, I would without hesitation recom- mend LANAP. If you or any- one you know has been diag- nosed with periodontal dis- ease, consider the gentle method of treatment: LANAP. Listen up an(I laugh health.benefit;are waiting By Mark Underwood you ever wondered why some Laughter for better health strength in difficult times, and a few minutes, it will ease can learn to laugh at any Did you know a good dose of laughter can actually help your immune system and de- crease stress? Have you ever wished you could let go and laugh more often at the silli- ness of life? It sounds easy but it's not always possible, par- ticularly if you're facing ups and downs of life's challenges. But if you can lighten up and be more playful, you'll give yourself the freedom to have more fun. The good news is laughing has built-in health benefits to boot. Here's, another reason to laugh. 1t s contagious I I-Iave :: people tend to attract others? Look more closely. It may be that they laugh easily and fre- quently even when they are surmounting numerous chal- lenges connected with fheir health and aging. Over 50 years of research back up the fact that positive social connections improve health outcomes and laughing is part of that equation. If you admire people who age grace- fully, you may have noticed they smile easily and seem to radiate a joy for life e.ven though they probably face a B assortment of life's uPS: , L afiddSwis.:',' ," ',, .......... There's no doubt that laugh- ter makes you feel good, but research has shown that it al- so helps boost immunity, re- lax muscles, decrease pain, ease anxiety and relieve stress. Think of laughter as "internal jogging." Laughter causes positive changes in brain chemistry by releasing endorphins, and that brings more oxygen into the body with the deeper inhalations caused by laughing. Keep in mind laughter is more than just a temporary mood boost- er. It is a powerful tool that helps us find new sources o( .... mearfing and hope:I gtvesus connects us to others. Giggle like a child Boost your mental outlook by acting like a kid again. As you age, allow laughter, hu- mor, games and playfulness to your life. Daily humor can help you feel more relaxed, creative and joyful. Studies have shown that the average preschool child in the United States laughs about 400 times a day. As adults we laugh far less frequently. According to studies at Ohio State Universi- ty the average adult breaks out and laughs only about 15 times a day, If you can find a gig!9 in a.s, if,u"a![on, even,' fi, , stress and help you refocus on positive things. As you age, you may feel there are many things you can!t do as well as you used to. Maybe you can't turn cart- wheels like you used to, but no matter what your age, you can look for the humorous side of life. Laughter is a powerful tool. And it's free to use any- where, anytime. Laugh every day because... Most of us don't remember when we first smiled, but you were probably smiling when you were just a few weeks old. If you don't laugh out loud ...... ve'sftefi i'di n[ depair:yqu :, i stage of life. Look for something to laugh about every day because you will automatically take your- self less seriously. Laugh every day because it helps you shift perspectives, recharge your batteries and stay fo- cused. Laughter helps you feel less anxious and sad. What's more, having a good hearty laugh at least once a day can help trigger better relation- ships and stronger bonds with your friends and family mem- bers. Laughing produces a high-speed exchange of posi- tive enforcement between your brain and the people aroun d you. CHRYSLER 001'i .,o.Mo.o.o Jeep DODG#/ to Reno i ! Stock #32640 Vin # B03173 Super Cab s27284, Prior Rental. Stock #32584 Vin #A38572 per m0, sO down, 72 m0s,, OAC, s16,495 2007 TOYOTA YARIS F.W.D. 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