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January 8, 2014     Feather River Bulletin
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January 8, 2014

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8B Wednesday, Jan. 8, 2014 Bulletin, Progressive, Record, Reporter DITORIAL AND .OPINION EDITORIAL umor con rol as im as re "Heaven looks a lot like New Jersey." Jon Bon Jovi held a small hand-written sign with those words on it as he posed for a picture in front of his Christmas tree in December 2011. He posted the photo, appropriately, on Facebook. The rock star was trying to squelch a rumor that he was dead. A rumor that allegedly started on Facebook, spread to Twitter and went viral in the anything-goes world of social media. Unlike professional media outlets, social media has no checks and balances. Anyone can post anythfllg, whether or not it is true. The sexier the "news" the faster it spreads. Soon it is trending. If it's juicy enough, it reaches the lofty "viral" status. Social media has led to a rash of fake celebrity death notices in the past few years. Bon Jovi's demise was probably the most publicized example. But the deaths of Jeff Goldblum, Justin Beiber, Eddie Murphy, Bill Cosby, Harrison Ford and Lady Gaga have also spread on social media, according to a New York Daffy News story. We are not immune to the rumor mill here in Plumas County. In fact, Feather Publishing regularly receives calls and emails from readers with news tips about a death, tragic event or local public official who is up to no good. Sometimes the tips have merit. But often they are just rumors. We who work in the newspaper business have long understood that our job is more than just reporting the news. Our responsibility also includes rumor control. And we are called on to douse rumor fires more than you might imagine. Rumors in rural areas like ours can spread quickly -- especially when the local newspaper of record only comes out once a week. A car off the road is often assumed to be a fatality by the time we hear about it. A person who missed an appointment is assumed to be a victim of foul play. A few words of a conversation overheard on the street take on a life of their own. We are all guilty. Most of us have relayed news that we heard from someone, who heard it from someone else. But that doesn't mean we don't want to hear about events that have not been confLrmed. Whether it's a post to our Facebook page, an email to a reporter or a good old-fashioned phone call -- we pride ourselves on being able to use our sources to confirm or deny rumors. Although our paper hits the streets once a week, we use our website,, to report breaking news stories as they happen. There will be times when you have heard or read about something before we report it, but there is a very good reason for that. The reason is that we are taking the time to check the facts. We are interviewing sources and public officials to make sure the news we report is, indeed, news. Weare proud to be the newspaper of record in Plumas County. It's a job we take very seriously. Our goal is to give our readers the most accurate report possible. You should expect nothing less from us. Feat lishing N spaper / For breaking news, go to Michael C. Taborski ............. Publisher Keri B. Taborski ...Legal Advertising Dept. Dan McDonald ......... Managing Editor Jenny Lee ................. Photo Editor Ingrid Burke ................ Copy Editor Staff writers: Laura Beaton Debra Moore Carolyn Carter Maddie Musante Michael Condon M. Kate West Makenzie Davis Aura Whittaker Ruth Ellis Sam Williams WillFarris James Wilson Susan Cort Johnson Samantha P. Hawthorne Feather River Indian Valley Bulletin Record (530) 283-0800 (530) 284-7800 Portola Reporter Chester Progressive (530) 832-4646 (530) 258-3115 r Lassen County Westwood Times PinePress (530) 257-5321 (530) 256-2277 Member, Printed on Califomia Newspaper recycled paper Publishers Assoc. Do headlines measure what's relevant? Today a headline on CNN's political page read "2014, a bad year for Obama?" My response.., is there really anyone out there who cares whether or not he is going to have a bad year? There are a thousand and one more important things happening in the world today that need so much more focus than how the president is polling. Personally, I think about veterans having their pensions cut, people losing their longstanding insurance plans, hungry children in America, a still-sluggish economy and the upcoming go-round that will come from once again having to raise the debt ceiling. In reading Dec. 27, I learned that Plumas District Hospital laid off several employees before Christmas and while my sympathies go to these individuals, the bottom line is the fault lies with Washington, D.C. MY TURN M. KATE WEST Staff Writer I lay it at both the feet of the White House and the members of Congress. The poorly thought out actions of Congress and the administration have created a chain reaction that is spreading across the country and into Plumas County. As I think about this I'm not sure what is worse, a do-nothing Congress or one This week's special days NOT JUST AN ORDINARY DAY COMPILED BY KERI TABORSKI "Common Sense," a publication presenting American colonists with an argument of freedom from British rule. 1870 John D. Rockefeller incorporates Standard Oil. 1990 Time Warner is formed from the Not just an ordinary day. ...a sampling of merger of Time, Inc. and Warner weekly notable special days and facts Communications. throughout the year. January 11 January 8 1935 -- Amelia Earhart becomes the first 1790 The first United States President, person to fly solo from Hawaii to George Washington, delivers the first California. State of the Union address in New York City. 1835 The United Sates national debt is $ zero for the only time in U.S. history. 1964 United States President Lyndon Johnson declares a "War on Poverty" in the United States when the national poverty level reaches !9 per cent., 2004 The RMS Queen Mary II, the largest passenger ship ever built, is christened by her namesake's daughter, Queen Elizabeth II. 2011 Six people were killed and 13 people were wounded, including Arizona Representative Gabrielle Giffords, in a shooting at a Safeway Store in Casas Adobes, Ariz. 1949 The first official recorded snowfall in Los Angeles was recorded. January 12 1915 Rocky Mountain national Park in Colorado is formed by an Act of Congress. 1971 The television situation comedy "All in the Family" premiers on the CBS television network. January 13 1942 Henry Ford patents a plastic automobile'which is 30 per cent lighter than a regular automobile. 1968 -- Johnny Cash performs a live show from Folsom (California)State prison. January 9 1788 -- Connecticut, the Constitution State, becomes the fifth state to be admitted to the United States. January 14 1952 --. NBC television network's long-running morning news program "Today" debuts with host Dave Garroway. 2007 -- Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveils the first iPhone. January 10 1776-- Thomas Paine publishes 1973 -- Elvis Presley's concert "Aloha from Hawaii" is broadcast live via satellite and sets a record for the most watched broadcast television show. that is so poorly informed that it passes laws without the critical understanding of the full consequences that mightarise. Obamacare is a prime example of hastily written legislation that was passed in the dark of night only to glaringly reveal all its many faults in the light of day. In other headlines I read I learned a Georgia lawmaker is preparing legislation over "Duck Dynasty," Harry Reid again thinks he knows what John Boehner might do on the issue of immigration and that 70 people on a beach in Argentina were attacked over Christmas vacation by piranha-like fish. Not one topic addressed how we are going to get America's financial health back on track. At the end of every year Feather Publishing asks its employees to think up headlines they would like to see in 2014. While one could certainly have a lot of fun inventing headlines, I would like to see some honest-to-goodness headlines based on our government actually doing its job. Real headlines I would like to see include: --Congress gives federal investigators 90 days to identify which federal agencies duplicate the same services --Congress' closing of 25 noncritical federal agencies to save $500 billion in next two years and $2.5 trillion to national deficit over 10 years --Congress' pulling of overseas infrastructure dollars forever ensures national debt can be reduced more each year as America uses its own taxpayer funds to repair roads and bridges in every state while my headlines are spur-of-the- moment thoughts only and not researched, I don't think I can truly imagine what America would be like if we had a working Congress, one that worked together to identify 10 su,bstantial ways in which to reduce the national deficit, formulate a plan and then have the follow-through to work the plan. Many years ago I was involved with a strong parent-teacher organization that used a simple philosophy about goal setting. The policy was that you only set three goals a year. I think it had something to do with the old adage about doing several things very well rather than many things so poorly. As Congress doesn't seem to understand the basic budgeting principle of spending within its income limits, maybe they could try something simpler like choosing three things to fLx in one year and not doing anything else. Heck, I'm quite sure they could get the do-nothing part of it right and that would at least get them halfway through what they might consider a monumental challenge. As 2014 begins I'm hot planning to make any personal resolutions; instead, I'm going to extend my holiday wish season by asking that all elected officials choose to be more resolute in their duties rather then make a variety of glib statements that can easily be discarded or forgotten. R.EMEMBE1K WHEN January 1 at 5:02 a.m. He is the son of Mr. ............................................. and Mrs. John Floyd Clark of Chester. KERI TABORSKI Historia~ 75 YEARS AGO ..... 1939 More than $1,500 was collected by the California Highway Patrol at Quincy Tuesday on the first day that the new 1939 automobile licenses were on sale. Too much New Years celebration by an unknown hobo is thought to be the cause of a fire that early Tuesday morning destroyed two stacks of hay on the Defanti Ranch on the North Arm of Indian Valley. 25 YEARS AGO ..... 1989 A Lake Almanor man was arrested and charged with the armed robbery of the Peninsula Market at Lake Almanor when the assailant threatened the market owner with a knife and a demand to cash a check. Walt Disney Studios has purchased the movie rights to Cromberg resident Shell Taylor's new book: "New York to Nome---the Great Atlantic-Pacific Canoe Trip," a story about his 18-month canoe trip. The movie will be directed by Paul Newman. 50 YEARS AGO. .... 1964 Plumas County's first baby of the year, 10 YEARS AGO ..... 200 1 Gary Dale Clark, was born in Chester on For the seCond year in a row, Plumas County Board of Supervisor Ken Nelson was named chairman of the Plumas County Board of Supervisors. Meet the candidates in the Plumas County Supervisorial election to be held March 2. Those vying for District 1 Supervisor: Incumbent B.J. Pearson, Big Powers and Fran Roudebush. District 4 Supervisor: Rose Comstock, Rodney Tibbetts and Terry Reeson. Note: items included in the weekly Remember When column are taken from our bound newspaper archives and represent writing styles of that particular period. The spelling and grammar are not edited, so the copy is presented as it actually appeared in the original newspaper. A happier new year would be welcome in 2014 A new year has come: I can only hope that it's a little better than the 13 year. A couple of surgeries, a critically ill brother and a few new aches and pains in the ole body. All of these things I can well do without. Then there was the last month of good ole 13. Early on in the month the computer be- came ill. The FBI Ransom Virus had come and gone, or at least the obvious symp- toms were gone. But there were some dis- turbing residuals still active. Startup time was good on some occasions, took forever on other days. Windows Update refused to run and my Internet connection became automatic instead of user-initiated. Finally I got tired of wondering what else this thing was my system and took it to a local guru. He told me that the operating system was trashed and I would have to restore to the original system what was with the thing when I bought it four years ago. First ya gotta copy all pic- tures, documents, etc. to somewhere safe. Then ya gotta catch up on four years of Windows Update (gigabytes), then ya gotta worry about grossly exceeding the Veri- zon broadband allowance. Then ya gotta fred and download all the programs, including antivirus stuff. Then the temperature drops to 7, that is seven, entire country, coast to coast, was frozen. No heat tapes and no idea when they would come in. Kinda made me wish I had a heat tape company. Then it was back to the computer, which I was beginning to hate -- again. Part of the Windows Update I ran at the girl- friend's house, because her Internet was faster and didn't have a broadband al- MY TURN lowance. When I returned home I discov- .............................. =--- ....... ered that Microsoft don't give you all the WILL FARRIS updates at once when there is a bunch. I Staff Writer ran the program at home and the power as in really cold, degrees. The water was setting on the system shut offright at the still running in the house, but after 19 end, aborting the program. years up here, I knew that problems pop In the meantime I started a load of laun- up in the least likely places, dry, congratulating myself for putting a Sure 'nuff when I checked the outside light bulb in the washer to keep it from spigot there was a half inch of ice coming freezing. Frustrated with the whole corn- out of the water hole. The only answer I puter mess, I went to transfer laundry had was a cheap hair dryer left over from from washer to dryer. The laundry room another life. Took about an hour for the was covered with water. Another trip to ice to clear and actual water to spurt out. town to buy all the parts I needed to repair About 6 feet of pipe insulation, cut up and the washer proved unnecessary. A small wrapped around the pipe with a pair of old space heater had apparently thawed the sweats taped over the top of the whole drainpipe enough to prevent backsplash. mess was my temporary fix. As of 2014 everything is working proper- The next day I rode into town to buy a ly and thawed out. Now all we need is hea tape for to keep all that stuff from some rain/snow to prevent another dry, happening again. They didn't exactly butt-clenching summer of fire. We are nev- laugh at me, but did remind me that the er happy but sometimes content. t,