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January 10, 2001     Feather River Bulletin
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January 10, 2001

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We 2~ Wednesday, Jan, 10,2001 i!: !!ii Just who or what is the group called Earth sland F One of our leading environ- mental organizations once stated, if they had to design a creature to help meet their ob- jectives, it would end up being a spotted owl. A shy, elusive, difficult-to-find bird, which is normally active only at night, one which we will never know for certain how many there are and from year to year ex- actly where they are located. Rex recently read that sav- ing the spotted owl is now sec- ondary to preserving old growth forests. Spotted owls are an "indicator" of the state of our old growth stands If old growth forest conditions can be preserved, then the owl and lots of other wildlife will flourish. No doubt the owl likes big trees. To be more exact, two- story stands of trees, a combi- nation of big and little ones. But, why are spotted owls also found in foothills not having old growth, in the mountains surrounding the Los Angeles basin covered mostly by bush- es and hardwoods? Spotted owls have also been located in cliffs and in numerous places not having anything resem- bling old growth. One was even found nesting in a 10-foot white fir over by Cromberg. But, Rex says, do not fear. The owl will be saved no matter what it costs, even if it does not need saving in the f'n-st place. Ten years ago, a study on vegetation conditions de- clared there were probably more owls in 1990 than there were in 1940. If this study was cortland Rex said it must be 'cause it was put together by university professors, why the big push to save just about every tree out there? In fact, not only are we saving all the big ones, now the goal is to save even the smaller trees having a potential to become spotted owl habitat. Don't believe Rex? Look at why our national forests have been shut down as a result of a recent suit by the Earth Is- land Institute. In thinking about this, do you have any idea who the Earth Island Institute is? Who and what they represent? How you even get hold of them to ask questions? The big red dog believes if you did make contact, they would tell you they are out there to protect the environment, which in- cludes wildlife, and they rep- resent thousands who feel the same. How can you contest this? Even Rex likes wildlife and is contemplating becom- ing a member of this organiza- tion. He wonders how to do this, who their members are, and ff they even have meet- ings where the public can at- tend. But, could they be just an- other mundane environmen. tat group? An organization having fancy letterhead sta- tionary, minuscule member- ship, which includes a glib at- torney or two, and a somber sounding organization title? Well, at least you have to give them credit for switching from the tired descriptive ut- terance "friend" in the organi- zation's name. Maybe, if the trend contin- ues, we will no longer hear about the environmental do- ings of the Friends of the Wildlife, Friends of Wilder- neys can be hess, Friends of the River, or Trees, Woods, Bugs and other descriptive titles hatched dur- ing moments of brilliance. Now the word "earth" not "friend" is being brought to the forefront in deffming our new wave of activism. Stick around and Rex bets you just might become familiar with names such as the Earth Is- land Institute, Earth Watch, Earth Alert, along with just about anything else that can be associated with the round globe we live on. If Rex keeps running into Earth Island roadblocks, he is contemplating funding a simi- lar organization to join. Some- thing like a group that repre- sents thousands of people who believe in God, motherhood, freedom of speech, or some NEXT: other exalted goal. An organi- frogs? zation where sufficient attor- designed ous flow of cash! group's coffers. But, there is critt( much attention owl. Rex the call them by theft rano muscosa, but haven't already He hopes thread of nutcracker, possibly even pine fishers, yet-to-be-named creatures is in it's all because legged frog. Keep cover how you ca | restoring nature's ! pefully this ye y r lution won't go up-in sm change for the betterment of been reluctant to addt'ess When I last attempted to rid ble addiction, but I find my- The river has of 1 myself and those around me-- without the availability of a myself of tobacco, my girl- serf reaching into my shirt skim i ce aroun( ............ | once again Like most .people: pad d.ed. cell for at least one friend bought me a pack of pocket while I am mentallyin areas protect ! I don't have to look far to}ran week. Got to havejust one cigarettes after only two days; castigating those who are current. The days [ areas that would benefit from more cigarette." So goes the she, who had encouraged me smoking, glorious with cold_ / a whole lot of positive repair, song which also includes, ap- to quit in the first place. Then, As much as it pains me to ings and bright, w lle_l j The fin'st item is one that propriately, St. Peter at Heav- she left. pay 30 some-odd dollars for a noons that beg for( m A new ,,ear and another re has been around for way too en's Gate. There has never been any,carton of cigarettes, pay I do. joyment. " " many years and one I have This habit or addiction or thing in my life that I haven t And, when I get down to theHaving lived flectmn about how I can whatever else one wants to been able to modify or get rid last couple of packs, there will in the Bay Area w _ call it has been with me most of except cigarettes. With this be at least one reason why I al changes are noti i Results of Feather Publishing's online survey as of my life and continues de- constantly in my mind, I am have to go into town. The first most part because ur, i spite all of the dire health very concerned when I seestop? Cigarettes. nounced on TV, I of Jan. 8, 2001: warnings posted everywhere kids from the local high I am going to quit this year. revel in the chango in all forms of media, school lighting up on their The Canyon is beautiful home, H:lE But, when I have attempted lunch hour. this time of year, as it is in all Do you think the teachers should accept the 11% pay hike to quit in the past, beginning Can I get them to stay away seasons. The winter freeze is er River Canyon, offered by Plumas Unified School District? as early as 17, my usual mild- from tobacco? Could anyone beginning to set in, the trees mind myself of that[vl' mannered personality under- tell me to stay away from the that lose leaves are bare and as I am hit with an0l rn goes a Mr. Hyde metamorphi- stuff when I was their age' Take the 11% 29.74 % (58) sis that transfers all ofmy Not only will it do no g~ to everything has a cleanscrubbed look that goes along givenificent view r evd[ 'r thanks to Him( raise misery to those unfortunate lecture someone who has al- with the sense of quiet soli- vides for us all Ask for more i i i enough to be in the area.ready embarked on this terri- tude of nature sleeping. money 49.74 % (97) IB an PUSD offered too much Don't care 4iP 0.51% (1) 20.00 /o (39) Total Votes: 195 We allow just one vote per day This week's question: About Dave Keller. Kay Farris Until the "Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997, if you sold your home for a profit, you might have had a visit from the IRS "Tax Man." No more - today's rules are dif- ferent! Prior to 1997, if you made a profit on your home sale, you either paid tax on the gain at ordinary tax rates, or had to pur- chase another home of equal or greater value within 24 months If you bought a home in the 70's for $35,000, then sold it in 1996 for $140,000, you'd pay tax on the gain of $105,000 - as much as $29,400 - not a happy thought. Today, the "Tax Man" is usual- ly out of the picture The | Quincy: (530) 283-3386 email: THE TAX MAN GOETH! "Taxpayer ReliefAcf' states that on home sales there will be no capital gains tax on up to $250,000 of profit for single tax- payers or $500,000 for marrieds filing jointly. To qualify for the exclusion, sellers must have owned and used the home as their principal residence for at least two of the past five years. The other qualifi- cation is that sellers must not have used this exclusion for at least two years. The new tax law on homes is of special interest to property owners who have lived in their home for many years. Call Kay or Leah today! Located in downtown Graeagle (530) 836-1234 LeahWut By oat m pervisor, Roudebush apprised Managing E or the rest of the board of the sta- Former supervisor Fran tus of the funding. Roudebush was responsible for The original $9 million settle- ..... negotiating the Lake Davls-set- ment gave 84 million toindivid- -tlement and she was also'in, uals ancr businesses: $2.% mil- volved in spending it. Before lion to the.c y of Portola, $2.1 she relinquished her role as su- million to Plumas County, and January 16, 18, 23 & 25 7.9:30 p.m. Quincy High School, Room 8 Please bring sheet music. Be prepared to sing, dance and perform a "cold read." For more information call Terry Gallagher at 283-6510 $250,000 in matching funds for updating the water treatment facility. The Plumas County Flood . Control ,District now has a bal- ance of $389,12814: ...... Another $466,882.61 is re- served for well testing at Lake Davis. The amount is set aside for the next 10 years to test 80 wells around the lake. "We cannot add to the wells that will be tested with this money," Roudebush t She also said tract with the well t~s pany needs to be mo - elude sampling for[ s ' Originally, the fears[ ing the poisoning of concerned the dispel2: the rotenone itself, l e.! tests have linked r t_l / Park nson's d sease, Pf! bush believes it wo C:' dent to test for that as well. A fund with up to pay for testil search performed by Livermore Labs. surface, then the used to treat the taries of Lake Davis. Restaurgnt & L9dge : ..... i/ .................... fi 3965 Highway A-13 Lake 4@% off All Cruel Girl, Cinch and Rockies Clothing at Sobrero's Barnyard Your complete western outfitters ROCKIES Because They Fit Country Style 1~ Home Accessories Western Clothing for the Whole Family Gifts * Tack Pet Supplies * Feed and More! 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