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January 10, 2001     Feather River Bulletin
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January 10, 2001

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Bulletin, / I .( Last fall, when voters in the Seneca Healthcare District were preparing to vote on Measure S, we published an editorial stating the newspaper would consider the election the end of the ongo- ing financial con- troversy surrounding Seneca. The editorial read: "Whether the Mea- sure passes or fails, Feather Publish- ing will consider it the will of the people and this newspaper will no longer serve as a forum for repetitive attacks against the hospital." Measure S failed and now the hos- pital is facing dramatic cutbacks. There has even'been discussion about closing the emergency room and halting ambulance service. If that happens, the issue becomes one of countywide concern. It's different than a hospital deciding to eliminate obstetrics or elective surgeries. This is a decision that has incredible, far- reaching impacts that we believe are of concern to all who reside in or vis- it Plumas County. As a result, Feather Publishing has published some of the articles relat- ing to this developing situation in all of its newspapers, and has decided to once again run letters about Seneca in the regional section of the news- paper. For awhile, the letters about Seneca were printed only in the Chester Progressive. While this newspaper stated in the prior editorial that it would no longer print negative letters, we have had to reassess the situation in light of the election. While letters continue to come in lauding the hos- pital and its service and entreating the public to vote for another tax as- sessment, it would be unfair not to print the other viewpoint. Ultimately, selecting letters to be printed is the sole decision of this newspaper. We have tried to be fair and balanced, but, with such oppos- ing views over such an emotional is- sue, both sides charge that the situa- tion is unfair. Feather Publishing will print one letter per individual on the subject of Seneca per month, with one caveat: we will not print letters that rehash points already made. The letters will continue to run in the regional sec- tion of the newspaper as space al- lows. If the letters become too abun- dant, they will be printed in the Chester Progressive only. We want to give everyone an opportunity to be heard on this very important issue, and that will not change unless our rules are abused. Feather;::Publlshlng .%:...~.~ ........ N spaper Michael C. Taborski Publisher Debra Coates Managing Editor Alicia Higbee Indian Valley Editor Terri Nacar Portola Editor Shannon Morrow Sports Editor Staff writers, Dave Keller, Gall Brown, Christi Sevtap, Victoria Metcaif, Will Farris, Dave Moiler, Rob Brockmeyer, Shayla Ashmore, Sam Williams, Mary Kathleen West Every 10 years, Plumas County's su- pervisorial districts change. Based on shifts in the population, the boundaries that def'me the districts may move several miles or more to the east, west, north or south. As a result, by this time next year, some residents will be represented by people they didn't vote for. If you're still hopping mad that you voted for Tom Perdue or Jean Walters in 1998 and still ended up with Don Clark because he won the District 5 election and they did not, imagine what it would be like to have Robert Meacher representing you. If you're saying, "Yikes," now you know what Nathan Tucker's support- ers said on Wednesday, Nov. 8, when they learned the result of the District 2 election. A lot more people could be saying ~i ~;~ ~$i~i ::~i :~ STAFF WRITER that same word, perhaps with a tinge of terror, when district lines are redrawn later this year. The problem is that, while Plumas County's population has grown by leaps and bounds, Indian Valley's has not. That creates a situation in which Meacher's district continues to grow by gobbling up communities outside of Greenville, Taylorsville and Crescent Mills. No information is available about Hua kinson collection. Photo courtesy Plurnas Coun~ Museum the young boy in this photo. It is from tho HISTORIAN 76 Ago ................. 1926 Work of rebuilding the Quincy-Bucks Ranch road is going ahead rapidly under the supervi- sion of engineers of the Feather River Power Company. Permanent camp has been estab- lished at Meadow Valley from where a crew of 20 men are working daily on the road. And at Bucks Ranch some 40 men now are working up- on the dam site preparing for the general clear- ing operations to start in spring. 50 Years Ago ................. 1950 More than 200 people attended a testimonial dinner honoring Superior Court Judge J.O. Moncur, who retired this month after nearly 43 years of service on the Plumas County Superior Court bench. 25 Years Ago ................. 1975 Leonard Ross, Portola, was re-elected Chair- man of the Board of Supervisors this week. Ross and the entire board face contempt pro- ceedings in Sacramento Superior Court later this month for defying State Welfare regula- tions. SEt/TAP STAFF WRITER I never make New Year's resolutions. My husband and I always tell each other, "This is it! This is our year! We're gonna do it, baby!" but I never sit down and say to myself that, as of January I, I will no longer do this, or I will do more of that. My resolutions come from a deeper, more private place. Every few years, I go through a cycle of yearning. I look at my life, myself and my goals, and feel anxious about direction and orga- nization. Back in some hazy, underwater sec- tion of my mind, I know how I want to live my life, what kind of person I want to be. But, my ambRions seem jumbled with obligations, obstacles and fear. I once read somewhere about a man who made a long list of things he want- ed to accomplish in his lifetime. His goals numbered over a hundred, I think, and he had reached almost every one of them. The significance was that his ambitions included climb- ing Mount Everest, canoeing down the Amazon River and other things that, if a person chose to do only one of them in his or her life, would earn respect and awe from others. What appealed to me about this man's situation was the organization. Having been a chronic list-maker my whole life, I saw his method as a way to sort out the dreams and desires float-- ing aimlessly in my mind. List-making wasn't procrastination, like I had thought, but focus. So, I sat down and wrote out every- thing I ever wanted to do. The several lists I've made since then have not changed significantly. Nor have I accomplished many, if any, of my goals. Well, I get paid to write, let's check one off. And, Turkish wasn't on my list of languages to learn, but I think it could count, anyway. The things I still have left to do seem overwhelming. Will I go through life without seeing the world? Will I ever learn to play the piano? Guitar? Drums? I've veered a little from my normal routine. This January, I made a promise to myself, not really a resolu- tion said out loud. I will be less afraid to pursue my dreams, I will be true to myself and I will try Something at least First, there was Canyon Feather River Canyon, Northern tip of Quincy. But, the sensible John the supervisor when those first took place, and no it a second thought. With Meacher at the helm distrJ clude increasing primarily the Chandler Road now represented by Clark, don'fl Meacher's new constituents welcome mats with much Also, take into Meacher could represent which was once the seat of the region. Under those circumstances there may seriousl tain Messenger proposal to trade LaPorte to County for Loyalton. If something like that did take Meacher's turf would need to elsewhere. At this rate, Meacher will re everything in Plumas Chester, Portola, Downtown and Clio. We might as well appoint him or for life and get it over with, that the position already seems occupied by Bill Dennison, the guished supervisor from Chester Lake Almanor. Speaking of Dennison, which to do with frequency in this the supervisor could lose a of his existing district to ing the redistricting process. A noble and skilled public Dennison probably won't accept an injustice without a good fight. All that aside, Meacher should blamed for any proposed changes the district lines. It's not his fault that the ulation has grown, with most cus on the eastern end That would be like l for the lack of economic an Valley in recent years. But, blame is not the point of tricting, which is a consecrated that takes a surgeon's infallible sion and a diplomat's wearied hension. 10 Years Ago ................. 1990 Highway 70 through the Feather Canyon has been named a National way. Air quality within Plumas County creased according to the Air Quality ment District due to the increased wood burning stoves NOTE: Items included in the weekly When column are taken from our newspaper archives and represent the style of that particular period. The grammar are not edited, so the copy as it actually appeared in the pets. once before I decide I can't do it. And, I sat down to write out again. I've added a couple desires, done a couple others. I no lon pect to be a movie star, but it still be nice to be in a movie act in a few plays. So, I'm not going to be but would it hurt to write I still want to learn the piano, desperately But now I also want to m a band, and who knows... CD? And now I don't want to just couple of foreign countries, I live there. For a while, at least. And I want to get my doctoral and own a beautiful house mountains meet the meadows, horses, raise a family, learn guages! I've also decided not to be so lipped about my goals. So I member talking to someone owning a restaurant. I told her would always support my running a restaurant was not for She asked me what I wanted to gave my usual answer, "I don't I hate that answer. I do know! Now how in the heck do I do it?