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January 10, 2001     Feather River Bulletin
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January 10, 2001

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Wednesday, Jan. 10, 2001 9B I I I Forest Service could imple- Clinton is putting his final National Forest representative ment well-planned thinning of legacy brand on our forests by note during a public meeting our national forests as mandat- rushing to implement addi- in Greenville that we are ed by the Herger-Feinstein tional regulations prior to Jan- "...lucky to be able to get off of Quincy Library Group Bill (H- uaW 20: the main roads with vehicles FQLG). This federal legislation The Roadless Area "Lock- to obtain firewood." We was designed to provide pilot up" has been signed, which cringed at the fact that anyone todo o =t o. . proh,b,t con uct,on co d environmental and economic and forest management opera- tions; however, I suggest that thinning of our forests will tions on nearly 60 million our "luck" is about to run out minimize natural resourceacres across the nation--not a under these new provisions. States Forest losses from catastrophic wild- good means of minimizing cat- At a time when the state of %Provided a prelimi- fires, astrophic wildfires; California is in dire need of in- California However, because of the Revised forest planningcreased generation of electrici- t are at risk to Clinton Administration's non- regulations are contraw to ex- ty, Forest Service Regional .wildfires. Theychalance, nonsense and a nev- isting laws, such as the Nation- Forester Brad Powell has vol- names, such er-ending search for a legacy, al Forest Management Act. untarily shut down all logging U, Chester, Greenville, little has been accomplished, These new regulations will fur- operations throughout the Loyalton, that except the development of a ther compound the problemsSierra Nevadas because of the commumtms at rink ILSt tha lawsuit threat by the Earth Is- R2 ignated"at risk" ' ...... " t for sound management of our rnia State tells us what we already know: national forests; land Institute. This suspension a result, in manyff the federal government con- Major changes in the Na-included chipping operations U.S. Forest Ser- tinues to pacify those who ad- tional Forest System Trans- that are specifically designed to provide appro-vocate the suspension of the portation regulations to reduce fire hazard, enhance management of removal of any and all trees, will redefine "road," elimi- wildlife habitat and, as a by- forests, we will continue to have cats- nate use of many existing product of the plan, provide O~~ " doom could be strophic wildfLres and sqme of roads and severely limit citi- wood for generation of electric- ]Lm.the Plumas and our communities will burn.zen access to our public lands, ity. Who is reading the "Com- rnal forests if the Remember Los Alamos! A few people heard a Plumas munities at Risk" list? and you're hurt- Friday, Dec. 29. hile being rag, you've every right being This fire must have been a why angry with that agency. But, firemen's nightmare. By the mmw er you must be angry at the peo- time it was discovered, ap- at the yew .ple who made them the regu- proximately 9 p.m., the house rs..Thatis us, the voters, was totally engulfed inside pepo le "down below already. They were there before, butand shooting flames up near like to view us as dumb hill- then the Governor's ts t ii: ! I .k P!i. .erie id ! Theft pe . large trees. look at some un- The firemen, mostly volun- ple uP controlled energy suppliers, teers from Almanor West and because Those are the butane/propane other fire districts, did a hero- E W bhe to heat companies! Fifteen years ago, ic job saving the houses on / homes? _ _. opening our business, there both sides and preventing weret o n Plumas County. trees from igniting a forest Meadow Valley They had everyone under fire. L at[ _ eir control. I went to Lassdn We are truly fortunate to FI) I a County company, who wantedhave these brave and dedicat- wehave the business. They not only ed people here to help us R of negativegot mine, but also our hospital when we need help. As Sam r our propane bill letters in the paper about the and some Plumas County did several years ago. $170, In Novem- hospital and why it shouldn't Business. Sam and Libbie Wells P $ 00. Our December be supported by the communi. Now, Plumas County has Lake Almanor West l hSe ehop ilag $469! Of. ty. Well, I'm writing this letter four companies. Each manag: , ndering how .to let you know why the hospi- er charges what he thi yo/a hl "to pay this tel and its services are need- will pay to be warm, cook and I workat the Nifty Thrifty; cicled to give up ed, and why we as a communi- have hot water, a thrift shop run by unpaid have been curious ty should support it. Don't know what you might volunteers of the Eastern [COUple of things. In a split second our sensedo about it, but think, when Plumas Health Care Auxil- since the price of of well being was shattered, butane/propane is a mandato- iary. All profits go to help pay gone down, why On the night of Dec. 13, our ry life saving utility, just as for much needed medical sup- nce of propane gone three.year-old son fell down a electricity, natural gas, tele- plies and equipment. .09 per gallon? (At flight of stairs, even though phones and most water, itWe gladly accept donations ht is what we were his grandma was standing should be controlled by some- of all sorts of slightly used ar- last time. I would right by him. As we all know one else other than the local ticles from the whole commu- , eared to hear from head and neck injuries are managers. However, that'snity. is paying less.) I very serious and need atten: one person's point of view. Sadly, a few uncaring indi- %dering if there is tion immediately. Because my Floyd Austin viduals are using our front tween propane son was complaining of shoul- Greenville sidewalk as a dump, leaving gas, so I asked my der pain,.9-1-1 was called, unsaleable sofas, mattresses San Diego, who is a In a matter of minutes WhO's going on9 and garbage in front of the type...Is there a Peninsula Fire and Plumas To the attention of those in- store when we are closed. a between natural County sheriff deputies were terested and the people listed This means we must call for Propane? Here is his on scene. My son was brought at the bottom of this letter, an extra trash pick-up. Extra to the ER here at Seneca inThis problem being waved pick-ups cost money, and cut ttmb question, full spinal precautions, where over the heads of citizens of into our profits: of the domestic they checked over evew inchCalifornia (and other states Please, folks, have a heart, ropane, also known of him. Fortunately, his only that may be involved) regard- don't treat us like garbage. We uid petroleum gas) injury was a bruise on his ing power increases that can work to make your communi- . ted from (are you backside. He received wonder- cause us to have brownouts or ty a better place to live. tural gas. The other ful care from all agencies and blackouts, is creating serious Bey Hammond !hing percent is a personnel involved, problems in small communi-Portola The scary part of this stowties and some cities. Senior f the manufacture is what if these services we citizens and elderly who are h quefied natural gas), take for granted were closed, ill or hospitalized should not I would like to make my p and butane are all Fredonyer had been closed have such concerns on their comments to the Dec. 20 Edito- related but not the part of the evening due to the minds, rial and to Mr. Kortangian in he main difference snow and poor visibility. Have the boards of directors the Dec. 27 "Letters..." aware of is that the Without these services, people of these power companies se- Editorial: I believe you have required to turn the will die and I don't want it to lected the wrong people to di- a very good point about the liquid is higher for be my loved one. We never re- rect operations and perhaps pendulum being way off cen- h afoit is for propane alize what we've lost until it is they have also given too large ter and how we need to open r propane than it already gone. The chance ofa compensation to these peo- more forest area for public e. There are some somebody dying or being se- ple and also too large a profit use. You should have come at ,'air gs, such as the verely injured due to the lack to shareholders, thus causing the issue more reader friendly _ .of energy per pound of appropriate care is the a drain on their resources, and talked about the health of that I don't concernscary thing in this whole deal. If we can send troops all the forest and/or about the L ith. About the only We could easily avoid losing over the world to show ourpreventive maintenance it use LNG are gas services here at Seneca ff we strength power, concern and needs prior to fire season. plants, all got together and support a wealth--then it's time to stop Mr. Kortangian: Placed the ay, your propane is tax initiative. Is $10.00 a and concentrate on "We, the U.S.F.S. and the lumber the middle of the pe- month too much to pay forpeople, at home." barons into the same catego- :Prodtict scheme andpeace of mind? Whoever expected tohear ofry. That is just wrong, the | things Worse, the end The Prosise Family companies like Ward's, Ma-U.S.F.S. inspects and marks fragmented into a Lake Almanor cy's and J.C. Penney having all timber in any timber sale. s mll, unrelated end any problems. P.G.&E. being Any time they see an arrow Let makes it easy to $onm in debt! Absurd, especially head, owl or any other endan- tte the price. If one Energy, you know, the nec- when we are informed time gered species all progress pay the going rate essary evil, called lights, heat, and again that our economy is comes to a halt until that area refuses to sell to power and sometimes used for solid Oust this morning on the is completely surveyed. mt would be smart, Iwater. If we didn't have it, we news Jan. 2, 2001) our unem- Mr. Kortanglan is living in OUld be for all themight well go to bed and get ployment is at its lowest. (Lo- the Graeagle area and tells in your area to up with the chickens, being cal area lumber laying off 500) people that he is most likely a ' co-op and solic- sunrise and sunset. We could and our future looking good. home owner with a nice little the providers. For still be cold or without warm These are things we have nest egg stashed away. In oth- of volume you could housing, food or water, been hearing and reading. It's er words this $20 2x4 will have 'a~t :Ret providers from I'm sure everyone is hear- time to concentrate on the no effect on him. This is your tOWns down slope to ing of electric shortage in the United States. Cc. to Hon. classic example of someone at a lower price, it middle of winter and ripping Gray Davis, Governor; Wally not caring about how their ac- trucked in anyway off of you and I for electricity Herger, Representative; and tions or comments effect the providers. That and natural gas. We all should Sam Aanestad, General As-next generation. . force your local thank the powers that are, sembly, Calif.) Te-Moakchask6 C. Orr to either get in linethat we have the Public Utili- Morris Ward 63901 ,ofbusiness." ties Commission, trying to Chester Portola via N.N.C.C. not really knowl- control our electric, gas and on how to go aboutphone rates, k o Um . thwe_tiag this sort of When your minimum wage, We live across the streetom IIm dIM Irmi? re must be peo-unemployment, Social Securi- from Bill and Kathy Dom's The City of Portola is ho are. We've al- ty or other fixed income won't house that was gutted by fire presently spending more mon- Additionally, Regional Forester Brad Powell is poised to further President Clinton's national forest agenda by sign- ing the Record of Decision on the Sierra Nevada Framework (a forest plan for 13 Sierra Nevada national forests), even though the California Spotted Owl science has been deemed faulty by some of their own sci-. entists. Plumas Forest Supervisor Mark Madrid agrees that this action promises to further re- duce the opportunity for thin- ning of our national forests. Chalk one more move against assistance in the protection of our "Communities at Risk." We have all learned to recog- nize the type of forest manage- ment that can or cannot pro- tect our communities. For ex- amples of ineffective forest management, we need look no farther than the areas west of Quincy, where large fwes (Big Buck and others) destroyed over 80,000 acres of our wildlife habitat and watershed during the summer of 1999. No thinning projects had been initiated in these areas and firefighters were told to withdraw from the immediate fire perimeter and "backfire" 25,000 acres or more, as a means of protecting rural com- munities; an obvious waste of natural resources. The com- munities around Bucks Lake did not make the first "Com- munities at Risk" list, but they should be included. On the other hand, the Goat Fire last summer in Lassen County provided a vivid exam- ple of how the private timber- land thinning by Roseburg Lumber Company helped save a community of 1,000 people. We must demand actions like this on much of our federal lands--otherwise the prophesy of destruction of many rural communities from catastroph- ic wildfires will be fulfilled. ey on the renovation of the "Free" Williams house than the entire fire protection bud- get for the community. Seems there are always cost overrides on seemingly good projects, and once you're spending the money, you just can't stop. I am afraid that the bike path, that was first suggested by Helen Kennedy, along the river is going to turn out the same way. Have you noticed how the $140,000 "Bike Path" has turned into a "Riverwalk Park" with "fishing access," etc., etc.? Each etc. is another $I00,000. Let me make one perfectly clear factual statement about the bike path. In 199, ,wt en the plan was first drawn Up, it was for "bike path" and the to- tal cost of the project includ- ing engineering, land acquisi- tion, grading and paving 3,000 feet of the Middle Fork 12 feet wide, complete with lights and signs and stripes was $327,000. That was for a "bike path" not a "riverwalk park." Perhaps the $2 million "ru- mor" is closer to the truth than anyone wants to admit. In the meanwhile, accord- ing to this paper, the repair of the Gulling Street bridge has been pushed back one more year. Last year, Mr. Murphy was quoted as saying, "the bridge would be retro-fitted and paved next year." That was last year. This year he says it is scheduled for 2001, so while we watch the paving of the bike path with all that as. phalt, we will still be dodging the chuck holes on the bridge. Is Portola truly on the right track? Ed Laurie Portola I am confused by Butch Gagle's logic. In his Jan. 3 let. ter ("We have an enemy"), he states that he is going to stop recycling and stop living with- in what he, himself, called the "common sense parameters of environmental philosophies." He states that he believed in these philosophies for years, but now he feels "schmoozed" by them. Just what did he think the environmental movement was out to do, anyway? Make his life easier?. More convenient? More comfortable? Cheaper?. Well, it's been my understand- ing that, all along, the envi- ronmental movement has been about one thing: conserv- ing natural resources for fu- ture generations against the damage that a growing human population can cause. Did Mr. Gagle ever believe this was important? Has he also thrown this belief into the trash? The need for conservation measures (including water, soil and land protection, recy- cling, development of better energy and manufacturing processes, etc.) is the direct result of increasing numbers of human beings who gobble- up resources. The population of California--already the most populous state in Ameri- ca-is expected to double in the next 30 years. Perhaps Mr. Gagle will feel better to learn that not only are roads on public lands being closed to off-road vehicles, but also the Forest Service and BLM are enforcing new restrictions, quotas, bans and closures on rock climbers, backpackers, mauntain bikers and kayak-. ers, The bottom line is, there 'are more people wanting to do more things on more acres of public land than ever before. I share Mr. Gagle's sense of despair and a longing for "the good old days" when we had fewer restrictions on our use of public land, cheaper energy prices, less traffic and cheaper prices on everything. Just as restrictions are cropping up in our forests and deserts, so are new rules and regulations appearing in our neighbor- hoods, workplaces, schools and communities. Rules are taking over the world! But I don't blame the envi- ronmentalists. In fact, I think it's pointless to try and blame anyone, since, in reality, we all share the blame. To para- phrase a famous quote: It's the population, stupid. Cindy Gray Portola Move on, I have read many state- ments regarding the income of our doctors at Seneca. I feel it is important to understand: 1. Our doctors actually took a pay cut when it became nec- essary to discontinue the nurse practitioner's position. While we had a nurse practi- tioner, it was required by law that a doctor supervise her, and this was done while main- taining his or her own prac- tice. The loss of the supervi- sion role resulted in a loss of pay for the doctors. They vol. untarfly stepped into the gap to keep urgent care open---not only open, but now seeing more patients in the clinic. 2. Our doctors receive 90 percent of fees collected for their services, not 90 percent of fees billed. The remaining 10 percent is used to pay for billing and collection services. The doctors also. pay for their own malpractice insurance. Our doctor's pay depends on their hard work, skill and the generation of a patient base. Jann Seandel Express your opinion! Mail your Letters to the Editor to: P.O. Box B, Quincy, CA 95971