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January 10, 2001     Feather River Bulletin
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January 10, 2001

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Frenchman Lake ;~'-',P.O, Box 1496, Quincy, tk mrzlucted by an individual. ~_t commenced to transact ~the above name(s) on: Clerk Mr,. Huff holds The Mt. Huff Golf Course held a Holiday Scramble Dec. 22, chaired by Barry Gossett and hosted by Loren and Virginia Lindner. Winners of the tourna- ment were Ryan Stevens, Dan Rooney, Glen Bradford and Mark Mcintyre, with eight under par. Three teams tied for second with a play- off. The results were: Second: James Braden, David Smuts, M. Chelati and Bob Rientz. Third: Ray Mathes, Gene Norman, Ted Morgan and Norm Adamson. Fourth: Ted White, Jess Boyd, Loren Lindner and Wednesday, Jan. 10, 2001 6C Stun Carr. weight of your bow. tends the arrow rest to the Ted White won closest to Consider six factors in se- rear. It allows the use of short- PR the hole and long drive, lecting the appropriate and ac- er, lighter arrows and may in- 3, 10, 2001 Refreshments were served curate arrow shaft. In addition crease velocities up to 50 feet- by Loren and Virginia Lind- to the draw length and draw per-second. More velocity pro- S All: ner and golfers contributed weight of your bow, you must vides a flatter trajectory and BUSINESS to an order of delivered pit- know what kind of wheels more accurate shots at longer LTEMENT 2ooo-2as za. your bow has, what synthetic range. This is good. However, t1-14-mos) Despite a cold and, at material the bow string isthe lighter arrow has less mo- llFm (s) doing times, drizzly day, over 50 made of, the grain weight of mentum and less penetration. Works, 234 Main Street golfers participated, your arrowhead and whetherThis is the obvious trade-off. iF, 234 ' Man Smut you intend to release the Not so obvious are some oth- string with your fingers or a er overdraw quirks. With in- nS et Ot, rz ,CA I mechanical, trigger-operated creased velocity, there is an [ co aid. increased tendency for broad nducted by a general When these six factors arebroadheads to plane. Thus, a commenced to transact plugged into a modern shaft- narrower broadhead, produc- above on: Doing Busineu As: selection chart, you will end ing a smaller wound channel, IIM. Duskin. FICTITIOUS BUSINESS up with first-rate, good-shoot- may be necessary. f~d with the CourW Clek NAME STATEMENT ing arrows. Also due to higher velocity, No. L 00-301 The chart also identifies and shorter arrows and increased ~O~. date indicated betow:. (Ex~ 12-5-2005) . .____ recommends light, medium vibration, overdraws are more The pmon(s) Ware and heavy shafts of either alu- critical of bow torquing and Clerk -: Ma Oem t & Consulting .,minum or carbon suitable for release technique. Deputyp,PR 6170 Iror Dr., Poft= CA 122. fiat trajectory or deep penetra- A mechanical release is a Rano, tion. When in doubt about near necessity. derson Balls Ferry area has The weekends have brought been producing some fish dai- quite a few fishermen out to ly. It's a Kwikfish (K-15/K-16 Sports Editor's Note: The the result of improper fletch- Frenchman's as the sunny with a sardine wrap) bite in following is part of a sporadic ing, bad hOCks or arrows, seri- days continue. You may find the early morning and some series featuring hunting and ously out-of.tune bow or 'pilot some ice in shallow areas ear- fish caught in the later morn- fishing tips compiled from local error' on part of the archer, ly in the morning, but it melts ing with bouncing roe, outdoorsmen. Get your rig and shooting off quickly once the sun Midday is slow with almost form in good shape before fine comes up. Both boat ramps nothing happening, Then a tuning, and the road around the lake few fish are being caught on Selecting an arrow shaft is are passable, but watch for Kwikfish in the afternoon and just as important as the selec. Owl, l m# ice. evenings. tionofabow. To overdraw or not to over-On Dec. 23, Nicholas The river is currently at There are more than 40 shaft draw, that's the question. Sanchez, Sr. and Nicholas 4,600 c.f,s. sizes available, but only three There is no hard and fast an- Sanchez, Jr. from LoyaltonTrout fishing has been ex- or four have the right stiffness swer. The choice is to hit hard ' brought in seven beautiful cellent. With the low, clear to shoot well with your person, or to hit fast. rainbow trout. They were conditions and side streams al draw length and the draw The overdraw device ex- bank fishing at the dam using not flowing, all the trout are still in the main river. Globugs have been excel- lent. A few steelhead are also being caught. nessAs: shaft selection, ask your The Registrant commenced to transact archery dealer for help. wllh I~,,!~IOUS BUSINESS business under the above name(s) on ~p&IE STATEMENT J zaJ /I, We all know that an arrow's 2000-302 Signed: tetkon, Inc. R m '( ni l your bow low velocity results in a =l - 12-tl.200S) 11 =m mt.m w CoumyC rk 'or accomplished archers curved trajectory and that ar- /am Ix i m of County dm with a balanced rig and fine- row drop is a steeply-gaining Lawrence Street, Quincy, I: .S,L 00. tuned form, the next step is curve at longer ranges. county fine-tuning the bow. For example, a range estima- St. Quirt,/, CA W. elm Halbert Deputy This requires a lot of butch- tion error of only 8 percent C2, Im er-wrapping paper and a frame and a 35-yard hold on a 38-yard 2000, Jan. 3,10, m00 to hold it taunt. The object is buck will probably miss the vi- [~lnt commenced to transact #an. t, Doing Business As: to shoot arrows through the tal zone. (Military tests prove FICTITIOUS BUSINESSpaper at about 10 feet to find that a 17 percent range-estima. Wallace. twas fl d the Cou y ~ntY on date indicated bake. Z)00. Cterk IVR, CP, PR ~0, Jan. 3, 10, 2001 NAME STATEMENT No. 2OOO-3O6 (Expires 12-14-2005) The folk~in9 penmn(s) i~are down9 Ix~iness as: Re/Max Almanor Properties, 313 Paninsuia Drive, L~e A~nano~, CA 96137, Almanor Properties, Inc., A California Corporation, 313 Peninsula Drive, Lake nightcrawlers for bait. Aver- age weight was 1-1/2 pounds per fish. On Christmas Eve, the Torimino family from Chilcoot found the fishing great at Lunker Point, They caught several rainbows, the biggest weighing in at 4-1/2 pounds. They were bank fish- ing with baby nightcrawlers. out how straight the arrows are flying down range. The arrows should fly straight through. Off-set tears in the paper tell you the ar- rows are tipping, yawning or wobbling. Wobbling arrows tion error is average for trained observers). Changing the angle affects calculating arrow trajectory. Steep angles cause arrows to hit higher. Archers seldom shoot up but Sacramento River Low, clear water and lots of boats have made salmon fish- ing tough the past week, There are a lot of big fish moving through, but those big ones know how to play the game--keeping their mouths shut and keep on moving! The Barge Hole in the An- iness As: ..... u =or, cA st3z, are not only inaccurate, their "tree standers" n arly always is amo x W a corporal, penetraVion is lin Ited, shoot down. , ~'ITIOUS BUSINESS The Registrant commenced to transact Up and down tears are cor-The physical geometry is I t IESTATEMENT business under the above name(s) on:. rected by moving the nocking that the diagonal distance is i; ,,, No. 2000-304 Decanter 8, 2000. Ltl~ 12-11-21}05} sign~l: Alman Properties, R point up for low-tail gashes irrelevant to the arrow. A doing tx nes= Mason, President and down for high.tail shots, buck that is 20 yards away (di- Cafe, 52s Main Street, This statement was the Cou Left and right tears are fixed agonally) and 45 degrees below t. ofl a mc. myondm se beo ,by moving the arrow rest in you is only about 14 yards 206 St, QUa-y, CA Dec. 2ooo. the direction of the tear.away horizontally and that's Judith Wells, Cou o/C k tt on, 2o6 4th St, Quincy, CA Other off-center tearing is how you should hold. Pub hed FRB, NFL CP, PR ~ b cof~luct~ by a husband and Dec. 27, 2000, Jan. 3, I0, 17, 2001 ~ll~thet commenced tO transact Doing Busineu As: above name(s) ~: Dec. 4,FICTITIOUS BUSINESS 10 a.m. The 20-horsepower John Deere 4100 Tractor helps you do more work. That's because it has big-tractor feature== like gutsy dt(mel engine, 8-speed gear or hydrostatic transmlulon, ihtft-on-the-.go four-wheel drive, power steering, and oil-cooled dick breke~. Plue there's a loader, mid-and rear-mount mowers, and a host of other John Deere attachments to help you get your jobs done. Stop by and check out the hard-working John Deere 4100 tractor. flnmclng for ~ tam, 84 mo~ @ I0,9% T~al prlcl w~l~ tl~ @ "z~ 114,4~4JI~ NAME STATEMENT 1 The San Francisco Sports hot dog boat. Classic wood the Clerk NO. 2000-297 and Boats Show will be held at boats from the Clara Bow flap- 'S'"'= " Eq" - the Cow Palace Jan. 12-21. This per1920 s era wiil be, featured, Empire mpment Co. as: Pioneer RV Park, Pionaer Rd., is the West's largest exposition along with a Kid s fitness The folk pmon(s) ara doing bu=m CA ie71. displaying nearly 1,000 motor Gymnasium. 20769 INDUSTRY ROAD John Johnson, P.O. Box 76, Quincy, CA boats, plus sailboats, fishing Doors open at II a.m. every ANDERSON i~,IVR, CP, PR 8f~71. boats, outboard motors and day. Admission'is $7 and $3.50 '~000, Jan. 3, t0, 2001 Andnm ~, P.O. Box 3676, Quincy, CA water skis. _ for seniors on weekdays. The Toll Free888-423.6747 A,k R,y is oo tJcm W a There will be a new bike ana Cow Palace is located on Oene. E-m ll Addm l: fwel~.OO~ scooter hall and new golf vaAvenue. . pavilion. Also, see the crazy 12.t 1-200s) Rum= coumy on ..... }~mOr Resort, 2706 Big Spring~ ~ W~b, County Clerk. L'~nor, CA 96137. By:. ~ Homan, Deputy ~13"/. ~2708 Jan. 3, 10, 17, 24, 2001 la . Doing Buslne As: ~1 onducte:l by a hulband and FICTITIOUS BUSINESS "Well, this little gal has an appointment with the groomers, so just use your imagination and call it a bad hair day. With owner getting up in /ears and unable to care for her as she should be, the dog was released to the shelter. Loving and spayed, she will make a great house dog. Visit our Website at The Shelter has many cats. They all need good homes now or it could be too latei For more information call the Plumas County Animal Shelter in Quincy at 283-3673. This public service announcement brought to you by: HEAT TRANSFER SYSTEMS H 11Ulltg & @ m)llll Specialist 818 Quincy Junction Road, Quincy ~-~? (530) 283-0600 ~ ~ Sat 9,~ Highway 70 * Quincy ~ ~ All cars plus tax, lcense, smog and doc fees. Oflenl good thrg 1-17/01 1999 Chevrolet Cavalier #311736 1999 Chevy Monte Carlo #121773 1997 Chevy Astro #135639 1997 Isuzu Rodeo #313833 1999 Chewolet Lumlna #2818O6 *11,896 2000 Chevy tt-10 Pick-Up #150426 1994 Chewolet Baretta #I 53126 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee #736238 20OO Chewolet Metro #701848 19U Buick Regal #512580 1996 Honda Civic EX #523448 1993 GMC Subudmn #735467 Save $l,450 Budget Corner OII & Filter CNnI '87 Niuan Insta to 5 m0mr ............ =1,999 lurer Lure all grsase fittings * '92 Ford Tempo e,- -,-- ' * f uU #~I0~ ............... ~o~ i " nspect & ~)t~ tire pressure e 'g3 Saturn ! matnte~nce insl~Ction. mo4 '2,999 The Registrant commenced to transact ~tine~ All" business under the above name(z) on: ~S BUSINESS I:)ecember 4, 2000. 'V~ME STATEMENT Signed: ~ L C-.~I~W. .. No. 2oo0-3oo trimmest wm fSed me County Ck k t2-4-200@ of Plumm Co y on Nica be c, i =,_.-- Golf Resort 402 P@I~ Ju~ W~, Coonty =hOldings II LLC a California I~ FR8, NFL CP, PR ~, 445 ~ ~ 9~ J~t. 3, 10, 17, 24, 2001 ~. , CA 94108-3730. by an u.0 DOing Busineu A=: ~,~nt commenced to transact FICTITIOUS BUSINESS "~r the above name(s) on Nov.NAME STATEMENT bllc Notice l adllne: