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January 17, 2001     Feather River Bulletin
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January 17, 2001

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2A Wednesday, Jan. 17, 2001 When seniors worry, I be- come very concerned, whether it's about mail order contests they have entered, or being billed for something they are not sure about. Most of these are very cruel schemes, and they should be avoided entire- ly. Likewise, those claims that one vitamin will cure every- thing from baldness to hives I and ingrown toenails plus in- crease your lif -span by 25 per- cent etc., etc. Lately though, some have been worrying about increased fuel costs, especially propane. We have to realize that, with cold weather, these costs will always increase that is a sim- ple fact--no question about it! Fuel costs to the suppliers have also risen, so all we can do is conserve as best we can. Some seniors have been con- cerned that the suppliers are cheating them. I think this is very doubtful. Most of our lo- cal business people are known to be honest and trustworthy. There may 1)e a bad apple now and then, but personally, I don't know of any. There is, however, a way you can eliminate most of your worries. When you get your bill, check it carefully. The trucks have a meter that prints the beginning amount, which should always be 0000, then the end amount will be the amount in gallons that has been pumped into your tank--per- haps 0085. This way, you will know you have received 85 gal- lons. These numbers are sam- ple numbers---yours will, of shows the percentage of gas in must use your course, vary. your tank. For instance, if the and percentages', The meter on the trucks is pointer is at 50 percent, it lem--my very accurate and is periodi- means the tank is half full. Be- amples. cally checked by the Bureau of fore delivery, your gauge may I sure Weights and Measures, just show 34 percent. Then, after we can like the pumps at the gas sta- delivery, it may show 86 per- worry for us tions. If you do fred discrepan- cent. Subtract 34 from 86, then cies, you should contact them. you have received 52 percent of Remember They are listed in your phone the volume of your tank. when Malarkey, book under California, state of. Multiply this 52 percent by toes then, too! Another method you can use the total volume of your tank. to be sure you are getting what The volume is stamped or la. So, I say you pay for is a bit more corn- beled somewhere on you tank. I warn you not plicated. On top of your tank, A 250 gallon tank will have .52 maY you will find a round gauge; it x 250, or 130. This, then, is the gray! is calibrated from 0 to 100. This number of gallons which were See you next pumped into your tank. You I | I I Rex gnonng the spotted owl and focusing on the yellow-legged t.mtmgd ritmte t eSht:;dn.r x . f n hLuld nsOyPuPOrtuthanRex'what!imesissharpera serpent s tooth, thinks I has read about early pioneers Know, trogs my eggs, mey he knows what happened to [ i i: i: commenting on the hoards of hatch and become tadpolesthe frog. it wasn't global warm- I frogs they came across in their and, for most frog species, be. ing, El Nifio, acid rain, or pol- ] ! travels. And, then, something fore long, the babies change in- lution...Can. 't even blame Iog- gmg tnm time. Not many trees happened. Someone had a to flogs. brain flash and realized we Yellow-legged frogs are a lit- up there. No, most of the frogs pine forgot how to open itshike and catch Rex wonders if there are needed to improve the fishing fie different. With a shortand frog babies got eaten up by cones to release the hiddenBut, are there many out there who under- in these high altitude lakes--- warm season at their high ele- the fish we planted in their seeds. Must have decided itenvironmental stand the plight of the yellow- since at the time none of our vation lakes, the change from a alpine homes, was easier to have the bird do who are legged frog, a small creature scaly friends were up there for tadpole into a flog takes a bit But, do you have any idea this. The Clarks nutcrackerwill it all end? Will l that for the most part lives in people to catch Locals planted longer. Yellow-legged tadpoles what we have wrought? What would rip apart the cones to com alpine lakes. Doesn't seem to fish, as did government organi- have been known to spend a environmental impacts were get at a few pine nuts and, in downturn in harm anyone or anything. As a zations and even groups suchyear or two swimming aroundcreated due to our deep seated the process, kernels would fall numbers? Stay baby, it feeds on algae in the as the Sierra Club and others before deciding to become adesire to catch a fish? Fear not, to the ground to start a new NEXT: Is the only lakes, and a bug or two once it were out to improve the envi- frog. In the meantime, if you Rex will tell you. In the past, a generation of whitebark pine. want to save the changes from a tadpole to a ronment for the benefit of are a hungry fish, and a slow bird called the Clarks nut-Well, with our introductionfrog frog. Yet, it's on the brink of those of us who live here. moving tadpole wiggles by, cracker used to fly up to these of hungry fish, eventually to eat them? becoming endangered. In past times, Technicolor- But, there was a problem, what do you do? high elevation lakes to lunch there were few yellow-legged Fish love to eat tadpoles, and on the yellow-legged frogs and It was a full weekend of football and vacuuming down in the has issued a notice requiring blackened sticks of dead trees Game, hopeless from start to the cord when I noticed a fea- Turning the post Frustration continues within the Feather River Canyon Community Service District. Despite the efforts that the district has made, and is still making, to comply with state regulators, Paxton has been put on a boiled water no- tice. Citing unacceptable levels of coliform bacteria, and various maintenance issues in the stor- age tank and pipeline, the state Paxton residents to boil their water prior to use. These same requirements have forced users of Tobin's water system to increase the chlorine content of their water to levels where some users refuse to drink it. One resident likened the smell of his tap wa- ter to that of"a washing ma- chine with bleach in it." The FRCCSD is doing every- thing possible with the re. sources at hand to bring all of their systems into compliance. Like the Storrie fire itself, the landscape in the lower canyon presents some unique views. The combination of snow-covered slopes and the combined with weak winter sunshine produce beautiful contrasts. Looking at these vistas gives me the same contradictory feelings that the fire itself pro- vided. On one hand, I am taken with the visual beauty of it all, but the other side is the stark realization of the massive dam- age caused by the blaze. Belden had a full house this weekend A group of football fans rented all of the cabins and spent the weekend watch- ing the NFL Championship PIayoffs and enjoying a couple of days in the Canyon. While eating lunch, I watched the Gi- ants massacre the Vikings. It looked like a Super Bowl finish, ture I had previously over.tion of the arrow, I After careful research and looked, that I price comparison, I purchased There are two posts that sit coiled cord withoutl a vacuum cleaner about a year on top of the machine that pro- unwrap it from the ago. The machine has held up vide a means of storing thefeature saved me at] to all of the manufacturer's cord. One of these posts dou- seconds of manuallyI claims, and has provided me bles as the on/off switch and with good, trouble free service, the other has an arrow on it The thing has all of the lea- which I always assumed was to ously cooked tures most people require: on provide a direction of how the an attempt to set hiS board tools, a decent length of cord was to be wound, cut ilk. As bells and hose, a power cleaning headUpon closer inspection, I no- would have to rate and a 15-foot power cord. The ticed the words "Cord Release" a dial tone. other day, I was unwrapping stamped into the post. II Quincy: (530) 283-3386 email: Kay Fan'is WHAT ARE THE QUESTIONS? Buy a new home, and like income from all sources, as well most, you may borrow a portion as bank balances, investments of the purchase price from a and possessions. You should also mortgage lender. In order to have details on all creditors and qualify for the mortgage, the their account numbers for verifi- lender will need answers to a cation purposes. number of financial questions. The best time to secure a mort- You'll need to provide your gage commitment is before you present and previous address, choose a home. The lender can and length of time at each. Your analyze your financial position employment history plays an and offer advice about the maxi- important role in loan approval mum mortgage for which you too. You'll need to give your pre- qualify. 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