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January 22, 2014     Feather River Bulletin
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January 22, 2014

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6B Wednesday, Jan. 22, 2014 Bulletin, Progressive, Record, Reporter D ITORIAL .AND PINION EDITORIAL inesses cover en Feather Publishing received an unexpected bill in the mail this week. And we are certain we weren't alone. Many California business owners were startled this month when they learned how much more they owed the federal government for unemployment tax (FUTA) for 2013. Since 2011, California employers have been paying higher taxes because the state has not repaid money it borrowed from the federal government. The state needed the government loan to pay its unemployment insurance benefits. The amount of that additional tax has increased each year. In Feather Publishing's case, we have to write the feds an additional check for Several thousand dollars by the end of January. One could argue businesses should have anticipated and budgeted for this. But we' suspect many employers didn't. The first two years of this assessment were more manageable and, for a variety of obvious reasons, more palatable. No longer is that the case. Equally disturbing is why businesses, large and small, have to Continue to should a financial burden that was created by our lawmakers in Sacramento some three .years ago. The state has not repaid the money it borrowed from the federal government to pay its unemployment benefits and it appears it won't anytime soon. Our governor and state lawmakers are already proposing plans to spend the additional tax revenue windfall expected this year. We won't argue the need to carefully consider spending more on schools and health care. But the state should pay its bills first. The state absolutely has to bring some financial relief to small businesses or soon there won't be any businesses left to tax. Many are just hanging on by a thread. We agree with a statement made by the California Chamber of Commerce that the state Legislature has made a series of public policy:choices that has led to a high tax J., i ;,i burden, excessive power costs and expens commercial property. Any fix for the unemployment insurance trust fund must address the fund's insolvency. It has to ensure further debt is not incurred going forward and consider aU options to streamline the system. Any solutions must include policy changes that will improve the state's business climate, spur investments and create jobs. Far too many state and federal lawmakers seem to think small businesses have deep pockets. They have this absurd notion that we will always be able to find ways to absorb the taxes they pass along to compensate for their reckless spending habits. Today, nothing could be further from the truth. Feat lishing / spaper f For breaking news, go to Michael C. Taborski ............. Publisher Keri B. Taborski ...Legal Advertising Dept. Dan McDonald .........Managing Editor Jenny Lee ................. Photo Editor Ingrid Burke ................. Copy Editor Staff writers: Laura Beaton Carolyn Shipp Michael Condon Makenzie Davis Ruth Ellis Will Farris Susan Cort Johnson Debra Moore Maddie Musan~;e M, Kate West , Aura Whittaker Sam Williams James Wilson Samantha P. Hawthorne Feather River Bulletin (530) 283-0800 Indian Valley Record (530) 284-7800 Portola Re porter (530) 832-4646 Chester Progressive (530) 258-3115 Lassen County Times (530) 257-5321 Westwood / PinePress (530) 256-2277 Printed on recycled paper Member, California Newspaper Publishers Assoc. Training tips from a first-time dog owner I have a dog. Her name is Annie. She is a 1-1/2-year-old border collie and she is as high energy as they come. She is also a dream come true for me. She is my first dog and the fact that I have her is a reflection of my success as an adult. My parents always said I could get a dog when I grew up, so here I am...all grown up. Annie has been a very fun experience for me. Because she is my fn'st dog, she is the first dog I've ever trained. However, she's not the first animal I've ever trained. I always thought that my knowledge of horse training would get me somewhere in life, and turns out it's helped me create an extremely well-trained and obedient dog. So much so that people always ask me what is the secret. How is it that my hyper wonderful weil-trained companion, and maybe help the innocent dog owner who has to deal with a terror in his or her home. The first truth that is very important to understand when working with dogs is that, ultimately, they watch out for themselves. This means that what they MY TURN learn is good for them, they will do. What ........................................................ they learn is bad for them, they will not do. CAROLYN SHIPP When a dog learns to sit in front of its Staff Writer owner with a sad look on its face while he or she is eating and get some tasty food, it is really learning that begging is good. collie is so in tune with me? Another doggy fact is that dogs I am in no way an expert. I am not communicate with you in dog language, claiming to be a professional dog trainer, and you should not expect dogs to be able but I feel that I could share some useful to understand human communication. The tips as to how I have gotten my dog to be a humans must always go to the animal's This week's special days January 24 1848 -- The California Gold Rush begins when James Marshall discovers gold at Sutter's Mill in Sacramento. NOT JUST AN ORDINARY DAY COMPILED BY KERI TABORSKI Not just an ordinary day....a sampling weekly notable special days and facts throughout the year. of 1984 -- The first Apple Mac Computer goes on sale. January 25 1937 -- The long running soap opera serial, "The Guiding Light," debuts on NBC Radio from Chicago. In 1952, it moves to CBS Television where it airs until September 2009. January 22 1947 -- KTLA, the fn:st commercial television station west of the Mississippi River, begins operations in Hollywood, California. 1949 -- The first Emmy Awards are presented at The Hollywood Athletic Club in Los Angeles. 2002 -- KMart becomes the largest retailer in the United States history to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. 1984 The Apple computer, the first personal computer to utilize the "mouse," is introduced during a Super Bowl XVIII television commercial. January 23 Today is National Handwriting Day which is observed every year on the birthday of founding father John Hancock. Hancock is best known for signing the Declaration of Independence in large, bold writing, resulting in his 1961 -- President of the United States John F. Kennedy delivers the very first live Presidential television news conference. 1969 -- Charles Manson is found guilty of the Tate-La Bianca murders in Southern California. January 26 1837 Michigan, "The Great Lakes State," is admitted as the 26th U.S. state. 1924 St. Petersburg, Russia, is named Leningrad. name becoming synon Yn0us with gigning a d0C/im6r/t. ' ............ 1957 American inventor Walter F. Morrison sells the rights to his flying disc invention to the Wham-O Company who later renames it the Frisbee. January 27 1984 Pop singer Michael Jackson suffers second-degree burns while ,.. filming a Pepsi commercial at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. 2006 Western Union discontinues telegram service. January 28 1934 -- The first ski tow in the United States begins operation at a ski hill in Vermont. 1948 -- Lego, a Danish company, patents the design of the Lego interlocking brick toys which were twst manufactured in 1949. 1986 The Rock and Roll Hail Of Fame inducts its first members: Little Richard, Chuck Berry, James Brown, Ray Charles, Fats Domino, The Everly Brothers, Buddy Holly, Jerry Lee Lewis and Elvis Presley. level of communication. A dog derived from wolves. In a wolf pack there is always an alpha, and the other wolves are always challenging the alpha's authority. This plays out in the household as well. Expect that constant challenge from your dog too. Everyone needs to be clear on which one of you is the boss. The only way to do that is by speaking the dog's language. When an inferior dog does something the alpha doesn't like, he warns it by pinning his ears back and growling, ff the other dog still doesn't submit, the alpha will reinforce with immediate but brief aggression. This is a really fine line for humans, and extremely controversial. First let me say, do not ever beat your dog. However, ff your dog does not heed your warnings, you are going to have to have something to back up those words or they will just be words to the dog with no real consequences. Timeouts and grudges are not consequences to a dog that does not understand human. Alphas do not put unruly dogs in timeeut; they punish quickly and sternly. A final tip is to remember to make a big deal out of the good things your dog does, and I mean a really big deal. You can't overdo this. When your dog barks out the window all day long and it fmally quiets down, even if it's just for a moment, don't forget to reward it when it stops. Give it a big reward with a lot of praise and a good scratch. The more you can capitalize on rewarding your dog, the more it will seek to do things that result in r v ds. It comes back to the fact that it's good for its well-being. I have really enjoyed working with my dog and building such a strong relationship with her through clear and consistent communication. ff you are one of the lucky ones who also get to experience this type of connection, then I'm glad for you. For those of you who are having difficulties with your dogs, I hope these few tips will help you out. REMEMBER WHEN KERI TABORSKI Historian 75 YEARS AGO ..... 1939 1100 Plumas County non-voters in the past Primary and General elections have been dropped from the voter registration roils, leaving 4811 names on the current Plumas County voter registration list. Plumas County's request for a share of the State of California's 1939-41 highway budget was denied this week. 50 YEARS AGO ..... 1964 The Plumas County Health Department announced this week that the 1963 birth and death tabulation figures show a lower number of births and a higher number of deaths recorded in the county. Births in 1963 totaled 354 and in 1962 the total was 267. Deaths in 1963 totaled 254 and in 1962 the total was 121. 25 YEARS AGO ..... 1989 Former Plumas County Chamber of Commerce director Bob Moon will return to that post during January and February while the Plumas County Merchant's Group hires a permanent director following the resignation of Romayne Miller as administrator. In a 30 minute plea to the new Plumas County Board of Supervisors, the board approved the request of Plumas County District Attorney Thomas Buckwalter for a third attorney to be added to that office to prosecute misdemeanor cases. 10 YEARS AGO ..... 2004 Property developers are planning to build a three-story hote in Portola on Highway 70 and have secured a Best Western franchise. Note: items included in the weekly Remember When column are taken from our bound newspaper archives and represent writing styles of that particular period. The spelling and grammar are not edited, so the copy is presented as it actually appeared in the original newspaper. We need to give the gift of music to our children Late last year I braved 108 miles of always brighten my mood. Highway 44 and Eskimo Summit and .... ..... lists 10 reasons children traveled to Redding to attend "A Cool .... should study music. 4~':'`''~ N ~.,~. They are: it sharpens memory, it helps Weather Musical Smorgasbord" presented ~: ~:~.~sq~, '~ ;~';'~'~~~"' handwriting, it helps with emotional by the Shasta Youth Symphony at the in the study of language, it improves Shasta College Theatre .... ~ .... ,; expression, it makes you smarter, it The evening featured works for strings , by Stamitz and Torelli, three Suzuki .:,. .... 4, teaches you discipline, it gives you a sense pieces for beginning strings and four of accomplishment, it relieves stress, it full-orchestra pieces by Whitney, MY TURN helps improve your musical tastes and it's Tchaikovsky, Mussorgsky and SAM WILLIAMS fun. I don't know about you, but that all Saint-Saens. Lassen News Editor sounds like pretty positive stuff to me. Now I won't bore you with the details of Luckily, opportunities for local children an out-of-the-area event, but I should let (and adults) interested in music remain you know my granddaughter (who is 10 Faced with shrinking budgets, many thanks to the Susanville Symphony years old) was the youngest player ofthe schools have dropped their musicSociety's Academy of Music. 80-member ensemble and the reason for programs. T1/at's a mistake. My first real If your children or grandchildren or my attendance, introduction to music came in the sixth nieces or nephews have expressed a desire There's a whole bunch of musicians in grade when I started playing trumpet. I to make music, let me encourage you to my family, so it's not unusual that my . played in school bands and orchestras all give them a gift that will last a lifetime. The granddaughter would have an interest in through junior high school and beyond lessons learned playing music will never music and maybe even a little talent. It until I took up the guitar and joined a rock leave them, the experiences they share will runs in the family. In addition to playing and roll band. MaYbe I would have picked never fade and the discoveries they make with the youth symphony, she also plays up a guitar anyway, but I sure learned a about themselves will last forever. with the California Old Time Fiddlers lot in those fh-st music classes, ff you could have seen the sparkle in my Association in Redding, and that group Yeah, music has been a great gift to me " granddaughter's eye as she and the rest of may even make an appearance at the it seems like my entire life, and I can't the ensemble took the stage for its Susanville Bluegrass Festival in June. My imagine how some kids can survive performance during that Sunday son, a guitar and fiddle player, tells me the without that outlet. I can be in the worst afternoon, you'd understand what I'm two of them and my other granddaughter mood ever, but five or 10 minutes of writing about. frequently play old fiddle tunes in the beating out "Wild Thing" or "Sunshine of It's so easy to give the gift of music to living room in the evening. Your Love'"or "Dear Prudence" can those you love. !