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January 24, 2001     Feather River Bulletin
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January 24, 2001

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2A Wednesday, Jan, 24, 2001 | In last week's noble story about the yellow-legged frog, Rex revealed that the fish we planted in alpine lakes were the prime reason for the de- clining frog population. Quite simply, our finny friends ate them, along with their tadpole babies. As the frogs disap- peared, so did the populations think this saga might be simi- lar to the tale that goes, "For want of a nail: the horseshoe was lost, for want of the horse- shoe, the horse was lost, for want of ....... "and on and on until eventually the war was lost. Well, Rex is not about to admit ff we lose the yellow- legged frog the world is com- ing to an end. Since he has yet to set eyes on this alpine am- phibian, he is not even sure if the frog croaks, ribbits or yo- dels. In line with the yellow- legged frog problem, have you ca~'nivores with such an insa- tiableappetite they spend most oftheir waking hours looking for something to eat. Like the frog, they, too, are close to achieving an endan- gered species listing. It doesn't matte/" that these weasels are even harder to find than the spotted owl, that no one knows how many we had in by-gone days or how many we have now. The obvi- ous conclusion here has to be, "We do not have enough." Yet, to ascertain their numbers, you can't even "hoot" them of the Clarks nutcracker and heard the whispers about the like an owl. :ohlitohark nine trees-an in- current shortage of wolver- One of the better ways to v'~ana[ysis probably not ines, pine martins and fish- see ft. they are around is to lay ............ '-e s"ace to ers Weasel-like critters who, out sheets ozpaper, wooa or worln TaKing UIJ tli 1,3 " rer~at it for the most part, don't even metal m the woods. The sur- ~" - -" ............ like other members of their face on these is "smoked" and t ut, ttex is Deglluiuit~ tv . . . . . own species, r~ight dwelling when something runs over it, I have the perfect book to g ve to Pres. George W. Bush most important book Bush Molly Ivins and Lou Dubose. I~ I | ][]hi~ should read as preparation But, that's no reason why for assuming his office. Often you shouldn't read it. characterized as one of the Ivins' short and snappy 4t fr greatest presidents ever, Lin- book is not, as you might "v I nlaN coin spent his entire life, from guess from the title, an entire- ............... - his humble beginnings to his ly laudatory analysis of our It was a great relief when a _position as new leader. The veteran jour- clear winner was distin- commander-in-chief, learn-nalist and fellow Texan lam- guished in the presidential election, probably for no one more than George W. Bush. And, I'm sure that our new president has plenty to do, but there's one book he should read before he gets too busy, according to Bill Clin- ton. When asked by reporters, our exiting President re- sponded that "Lincoln," by David Herbert Donald, is the RomxtTable Pizza Pizza, Sandwiches, Soup, Salad Bar Can You Afford 3() cars of Retirement. Plumas Pines Shopping Center ..... 283-2320 hag and growing, bastes "Dubya" for his lack of In fact, Donald illustrates experience, his environmen- that, although Lincoln was tal record, and his position in relatively inexperienced, it the Texas National Guard as was his capability for an anti-drug poster-boy. self-evolution that made it Ivins and Dubose do leave off possible for him to succeed as "Bush-whacking" long a leader. While there have enough to acknowledge his been numerous biographies success in raising education of Lincoln written, this is a standards and his establish- brilliant Interpretation of the ment of a reading campaign. man, not only as a politician, While this widely syndicated but as a person. Donald, who columnist has never won a has studied his current sub- Pulitzer Prize, Ivins has been ject for 50 years, has twice a finalist three times. Her won the Pulitzer Prize for his irony and colorful descrip- biographical writing. He has tions are not unbiased, but created yet another classic they're certainly entertain- with his profile of Lincoln. ing. There's one book Bush Since presidents run in his shouldn't read ffhe wants to family, maybe George the sec- maintain his confidence and ond will have more time for self-esteem, and that's "Shrub: reading than some of our pre- the Short but Happy Political vious leaders. After all, his Life of George W. Bush," by wife is a librarian. you can later check the tracks to identify who it was. Now, for those of you who may be thinking Rex is making this up, remember there is always some truth in what he says. But, check him out on this if you are in doubt. The literature Rex has read indicates that wolverines, pine martins and others trav- eled up to alpine lakes to dine on yellow-legged frogs. Some believe the frogs became part of their food base. With the demise of the Yellow-legged frog, these carnivores may | Quincy: (530) 283-3386 Kay Fju'ris email: HOW SOON & HOW MUCH? Decide to sell your home and based on what it offers in terms chances are good'you'll want the of size, amenities, location, and answer to two important clues- condition. Thus, a property tions. First will be "How much will I receive from the sale?" fol- lowed by "How soon will my home sell?" owner's first questions should be re-phrased from "How much will I receive?" to "What is the value of my home?" The pdee asked for a home Because buyers compare determines the sale time. A home homes before making a purchase worth $180,000, but priced at decision, a home priced higher $200,000, may languish on the than its "value" will either draw market. The same home worth no purchase offers at all - or just $180,000 and priced at low ones. $175,000-$180,000 is likely to Owners who price their home sell in a short period, too high may actually cause Notice the key phrase "a home other competing homes to sell. A worth." Each and every home home priced at its tree value will has value or "worth" to buyers, often sell quickly. The mount of value, however, is Call Kay or Leah today. MI$ Lmil located in downtown Graeagle (53o) aae-1234 Leah West shortage that is bad now and is predicted to be critical this summer. So much for the ac. claimed Rock Creek-Cresta agreement signed last fall by PG&E, environmentalists and officials from California and the U.S. government. The low state of the Feather River and Oroville Reservoir demise of these critters, the Sierra Nevada Framework is now proposing to set aside over a million acres of forest land just for the Southern Sierra fisher. Land allocation decisions on wolverines, pine martins and Northern Sierra fishers can't be far behind. Now, all of this is a heart-rending story. But, to change the ending, maybe all we have to do is bring back the yellow-legged frog. By now, you may have figured out it appears the frog's main purpose in life is to hold to- To give is due, the Game has done ~ ridding certain fish. When this and behold, most~ the yellow-legg turned. One pro tinuing with this: people. As Rex to say, we and it is us. Lots eluding ronmentalists, to distant alpine line. But, moves all the fish } have developed some kind of gether the food chain for a the frog, are you dietary void. As a conse- whole bunch of living things, trade in your fly quence of this and other griev- A little sad when you think frog gig? NEXT: ous environmental impacts, about it. Are we saving the never end? What we are informed they are now yellow-legged frog just so red-legged frogs?l fading away. Due to the anxi- something other than fish can 1 ety some have about the eat it? Mighty F,ather ju, t a tri ~~~' ~ ~ I Ofof theguy'Iprincipalsthink I willof thatCallwon-Sme persArmedandWithaccompaIl~,...mY t .ruJJ~ [~."~:~;: 'L~ VilLI I derful agreement and sound two assistants, Ton~ } ~ them out about the possible Domino, I have bee~| _ effects all of this river usage ing one or two tree~l~ is going to have on our ecolo- This year, I decid .~l]r~ i dimly remember in the gy. , the trees early whil~ I far distant past, last summer I I personally don t believe still totally dorma_ntJL. think, writing about the that raping the water re- Leaf bud? Yep./.~i Feather River Trickle. I be- sources of Plumas County cold weather, most lieve it was shortly after will give much more than fing~l~.ra trees are beginnlil~ 'l~'.[n PG&E flooded the river for marginal relief to the energy bud. It must be thea s] one of their whitewater week. crunch, and it could cause ih2 ha r bno .:B: ends and commenced to make long-lasting ecological dam- up for lost revenue, age to our local environment. The trickle is back. But,And, we are not just talking I ain't had a decent this time, it is January and is about the Feather River, in three years and a direct cause of the power which in the final analysis is see the dern things only to have the buds[ by a big cold. Lrte Tonto and Domin0 .c seem to be concern any of this. Mainly, presents the Feather River Baseball Player ofthe Week Nate Kerr 2000: Nate played every game as second baseman for the Golden Eagles last year. He and short stop Julian Russell set an FRC record for most double plays turned in a single season with 28. Nate made 7 errors in 195 chances last year at second base. 1995-99: Nate was a four-year letterman at Reno High School, Nevada in baseball and ski team. Personal: Nate was born 4/30/8 I. He is a liberal studies major. He is the son of Ava and George Kerr and has one sister, Meredith. Favorite Pizza Factory Meal: Lasagna. is particularly disturbing giv- en the light amount of precip- itation we have had this year. If we have a dry winter, there won't be a river left. I'm sure that every river in the state that produces hydroelectric power is in the same condi- tion. 2' Academic Mentor Project Mentors Needed If you: * Have one hour, or more, per week *Want to make a difference , We have an opportunity for you to make a difference Become a mentor today *Quincy High School, PLATO program *Quincy Elementary School *Portola After-school Program, assist elementary school students with homework *Greenville Elementary School Contact: Jeanette Fregulia, Prdect Coordinator Plumas County of ce of Education 283-6500,X 275 I we can provide all your digital copy needs featuring ~uthorizod [:~lor from 15 to 50 copies per minute. 231 Main St., Quincy merely the pipeline that car- ries the entire watershed. When the air conditioners go on in the valley, loak for the water levels of Lake Almanor and Bucks Lake to drop sig- fight over who gets t0~s 0]~ 1~ nificantly, the latest gopher h '.".k~ It ain't doomsday folks, but wouldn't mind so mt#~v',l I reckon things is gonna get a critters would, just 0~. bit tight for the next couple of ally, catch one of the I~e~ years, varmints. ~t'i 3 Investment Consulting Services ~~l If you're unsure of the answer, you're not alone. Studies meeting retirement needs is one of the foremost cota~ Americans today. You may need to adjust your investment su-~ ensure that your financial resources can meet your future n~ Through Investment Consultir~g Services, of Morg~_jlt Dean Witter, you can have access to some of the top i~w]~l managers in the country. In the past, these services were IIIll, available only to large institutional investors and retirerl~lII sponsors. However, through our firm, you can receive these ~ with an investment as low as $100,000. 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