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January 24, 2001     Feather River Bulletin
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January 24, 2001

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8A Wednesday, Jan. 24, 2001 Mmtal I 1tll , [IF Vlk .oe Motcaff with handling administrative While B .runoju lesadminis- lng that she knows how thewas certified and the rest was chiefs, clients Staff Wdter duties for the countywide trative duties, aim merapy cas- money is spent, what s avail- not, is another mystery to her. feel welcome; Onenewprogra.mchlef's grmn, butls.also..theprogr' s, es, she saidsh.eknoW w ereare able to spend, or withasense But, those are just complica- meetings were noneymoon perloa m t'mmas sole meraplst.o tier caseloaa more trmj1 reco ermg an- el unaerstandlng the operation County is fraught with prob- now includes 55 clients, the dicts (drugSand alcohol) who to its fullest. -- -- tions. What Bruno is now see- "Very simple , !eros---not of her own creation, Pl..mnas County Correctio.n,s..f.a.- n servlces from. A&D. . Bruno .sees her requests for mg are quiet overtures from garding our clinic s omer programs interested in staffing are not und lli theUt program'sSeemmgWpreviousa nangoVermaster.Zrom ties.clnty ann other responszmi[- treatmentl cannOt, anylnmrmatmn--financialleve.l--as going againstr at welcoming A&D under their trol. The fact that i g ll As Dr. Lia Bruno settled into Although a position for a sec- I do evamations mr proDauon, me tradiuon o[this olace" leadership, under the umbrella i her fi: ;e e h thSc h r; nr dtoh raPdiStwasflW wafd o . omanyYear ,theentire" Bruno believes Mental Health isstiflinga ,u riealth wants.t hang on to ing," Bruno stud." i gram v/ dun, an app can . ,. ,. _ . pe ti controlled by the A&D for financial reasons, but "These service agen rk II Alcohol and Drug (A&D) De- a bachelor s degree and 25 have been tom, and tru.t ..ully m.rmeraarnmistrator, and de- partment, a division of the years experience in the field, bYu Y:ta eataa nne t Po,te desired.changes' they she is beginning to see evidence way share goals orvi u?e' mat the Health Services pro- en the nature of the th li Mental Department. she her selection was me five u ue t with rnt seem. to be forthcoming. ll nas encoumerea many prob- Interim uirector donn beoola, oecause i am o y rune saia. gram. may be interested in over- tirely different," Brt , i lems she didn't anticipate when No one else has been hired to clinic issues.' A funding aspect that Brunn seeing it. "We are not in need the i she applied for the job. Bruno fill the vacancy. And, that's the tightrope is now watching unfold Either way, Bruno believes sultant, at any fee, li recently confided that the pro- That has left Bruno not only Bruno rinds she .balan..ces every volves, disbursement of the programs are not so much this basic and obvi0 l l' .inte .rested in the program itself, she said. k'e ll gram is a mess. overworked, but at a frustra- day--her inner the Proposlton 36 monies from the but in the attractive funding Plumas County had of & li Although the staff has re- tion level that has almost led to community, and me nuts anustate. li turned after leaving en masse her r[,signation, bolts of the job. . A&D could receive $I million i under the leadership of former Hiringiv SenC d:he:: oi the ldeltpera-te'its program Under li Program Chief Michael Gun- will g" e r ..... gu ;lines of the proposi. li ther and Administrator LloydBruno admits that her firstshe seeks to do Dora appropn- uon passel last November by ll Crawford, Bruno said they are priority isn t carrying out ad- ately, t mornia vmers. i still understaffed, minlstrative duties and playing i ii ii i Spirits are up, and coopera-politics. Her first responsibility 1 tion within A&D is good, butis to the program: getting it L4'/ sM'J lm l the daily impact of the past in- back on its feet, andse the iiI ==--'- ....... aaa 1 adequacies in governing by the needs of Plumas County s peo- vmup, F mJ I former administrator, and ad- ple. l tvwsN,l ug===B m 1 ditional problems, keeps recov- "I have been here for several elll e le 1 ery of the program in check, months now,' Bruno said. "I v= uuu=vuv=== 1 Bruno said, am the program director for 1 Currently, she is charged A&D. My salary is $40K a year.Dr. Lia Bruno 1 I did not.move to your commu- Program Chief of Plumas County's Alco l and Drug Dept, 1 nity for me tmancmi compensa- , 1 tion. ' ......... - 1 lgi _IBI H I have been here long Although Bruno has been l H _ enough to recognize the g['eat shut out .from discovering 1 ot c-v need and great potential in Until Jan. 18, Bruno, al- mucn a out her own program 1 " : your community," said Bruno,though repeatedly requesting she said that, recently, she " y , nce be l ' who has a Ph.D. in clinical psy- access to bank cards for the Fri- learned A&D rnay not be a state offices, has been ol su] 1 chology and a license in mar- day Night Live account, was certified program, r~"~l~ . _ again and serves for al 1 -- . _ riage, family and child counsel, not given If it is a state certifiedanut r'Unner sta .zresentSarethetreatedWay Sheby andit isnClasses't adequate.Althughll $ul. e / enlor area plan hearino lng. Friday Night Live is the main program, i has until March I, memvers ot me Mental Health But, those are just l PuI~C Hea on ' "There are citizens here, in prevention program operated to get the paperwork in order to Department._ , requirements, Acc0 'z sa I The Area ency.onA0iW ..l v _and yourtowns, dying of the dis- under coordinator Tim Ball. Al- become certified. Ifthepro. . ts .runosmd atpartofA&DsBruno, about every f the / erwce Area 3 nas scneou eo a Public ease of addiction There are in. though Bruno had asked for ac- gram remains uncertffied, the zunct[ng goes to maintain the the heating system / Hv ri n t davn adequate services to even at- cess to the account funds short- state will not release Pro 36 larger Mental Healfli Program and then the building . l lo the public, and there isnoc aT0e' 0; tempt to save their lives," she ly after she was hired last year, funding to the county ar ci it in the Plumas County annex, According to Carol / a endng. Senior c ze s and U ose imm added about the current pro- she didn't receive them until will go to other programs in the yet she is denied access to that operates A&D's drug 0 le i / gram s level of service and effi- Sebold walked in and gave state, tion of the progr. . .' / hean a.ndcomment.on Plan.. ciency, them to her with a stack ofoth- Bruno said she is puzzled uarters are cramped in the plugged in a heaterrbl The Hearing ~or Plumas uoumy ~s ~ 1 ........... t at .... "There is, however, a core of er requests Thursday. about why Crawford not smau, mrmer nouse A&D is her computer, et murrmy, reoruaff , w, meaen x " d to B ' " l c.m., nr ......... people absolutely dedicate ut, that s just a smail part of have the program certified,nousea m across from t e d er ................................ hel .... the . .. . he an- Th wiring is outd# 1 =, ' ping curb this epidemic, problem, as Bruno sees it While she said she could onl B y nex. u runo .sa d at, when she the telephones ofte l Copies of the dr ' 'the elan are availeble at runo said as qualified, sea- Bruno ,id she has no control guess as to the reason, she has suggesteaestaodsningalibrary work. L_ l ,h, Aroa e yo, A0ing.,oca,ed,n,t soned statf members attempt to overA&Dsaccounts. Funds ruled out oversight. Onepossi. for clients in the Mental Health The basement also. ct l PASSAGES Muir Resource Cemer, 400 W. meet the needs of the residents, ana paperwork are controlled bility could have been that he l faro _ And, as Bruno struggles un- by Fiscal Manager Bianca Har- didn t want the program audit- .facility, she was met with resis- caUy flus up with wate .[ ct mace. ]~llc( Bruno said she was told byNeedl ac Harrison that she didn't want As Bruno considers ................. clients in the facility. Bruno would like to be able ...... suggested that if security was her own program wiO[cf an issue, she could have clients sistance of a financi l[_ : accompanied to the library by a under the A&D umbrell k staff member. She wants to hire a That still met with resis therapist and etst# ,ae 0 e me puo,c uvranes m nesmr aer her aftertanCe.sheBrUno s hbrarYwas hired, sherem_amSonce so,,It,s l ...... , demanding workload, risen, on the Mental Healthed, which would happen on a I m she also recognizes the needs of side. She is not involved in fi- regular schedule as a state Cer- ....................... ........ ner loyal em 1o ' " .... I P,~/i~h~t in Pfln p yees and doesnt nanc|al planning, gwen copies tiffed program. I want to see them sucked dry, as of reports, or consulted about Bruno inted out that A&D l ' m..efficiency, and lack of cooper- accounts., when it operating the coun: 1 ........ anon contlnue to attack the Nota thing goes through myty s driving under the influence 1 spe //m!,I program from the Mental office," Bruno said As a result, driver's program, is a certified H " ' " =i .0 ''lde . d.n, .e, p ro.r o ooe Oro.,a 1 ..... CHAPTER 3, TITLE 4, OF THE PLUMAS r-------- ~ tucked under sofas, and stored and Portola are not ,be, 1 COUNTY COOE mile speed limil [ ~ _ t .., in odd corners of the A&D I need more staff/' . N 1 on County Rbad 509, also known as Sloat I ( k ~ ~/,/~ m , ,\ , ......... (( building. Unless a staff member And, to meet the nee 1 WHEREAS, Plumas Counly Public Wod [ ]J " (( 1 knows specifically where a outlying areas, she 10er =rttm . has ms'lom'ed a road speed stu ! - ) )rx ] ) to the user. The system also and Portola are nece_s 1 onuounty Head 509, also known as Sloat / book or video is, it's almost lost time workers in both t[ 1 Road, has recommended a speed limit of [ / if/./ prohibits clients from investi- In the future, Bruno eL 1 THEREFORE, the Board el Supevisors |k[ / I gating other resources on their offer more in the waY][ own initiative, port groups to a broade L I o me t o ty of Plumas, Stale of California, Bruno is'an advocate of the of the population. No# 10ROCUNS, as f0 0ws: TT- i'Dz / .-..A I l SECTION 1. Subdivision (g)iS added to "- clients who use A&D. Shortly needs are not being met.l l seClion 4-3.704 01 lhe Pk nas County Code to .,.1/[ V \ " . not a fancy vieW,' - I rsadastol : A "t\\ t t again opened the doors and said. 'It's not comple l I S~ion4-3.704 ]~fly.lNemi~l~hOt~. ~|J \xX } } welcomed recovery group meet weneedt e " - !!! 1 The sbeed limits on the following atreets and fF,~'VJ ~,~[:'~,., ~-J~'~ f~l~ )J~ e~ \) LL~/ 1~" eve. 1 parts of =roets mbe (35) 7t4 " 111 IRad)b innin allhei lersactionfCunly ] I II fla 509A (also known as Road) to tha I II \ I1 linle eclionolStataHighway70/89 a distance I 1/ K3 kf / i ! 1 I I LA>t of 0.80 miles. II SECT,ONaE. t,vea.aO ,,a,'--O. : Community Can Do For YoSl "- " But What You Can Do Fof] I~ altar its date ot final adoplion. It shall be / | [" [~ , published in the Feather River BulS~lin, a | ~ ~___ ~ : of P,u Your Commumty! ! : County, within 15 days ol final adoption. ] ~ ~ : Sectionl ot this ordinance shell be co