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February 1, 2012     Feather River Bulletin
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February 1, 2012

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Bulletin, Progressive, Record, Reporter Wednesday, Feb. 1, 2012 9B LION, from page 1B Q: Are mountain lion num- bers increasing or decreasing in California? A: Without an ongoing statewide mountain lion study, it is impossible to know what is happening on a state- wide basis with populations. However, there are indica- tions that mountain lion activity, such ao a,,oa= .... attacks on people and preda- tion on prey populations, peaked in 1996, then decreased somewhat, and have remained stable for the past several years. Q: Why can't mountain lions be hunted in California? A: With the passage of Proposition 117 in 1990, mountain lions became a "specially protected species," making mountain lion hunt- ing illegal in California. This status and other statutes prohibit DFG from recommending a hunting season for lions, and it is illegal to take, injure, possess, transport, import or sell any mountain lion or part of a mountain lion. Mountain lions may be killed only if a depredation permit is issued to take a specific lion killing livestock or pets; to preserve public safety; or to protect listed bighorn sheep. Paul Astles, of the Walking G in Genesee, shows his affection for the goats he raises, paid for with his own money. Mountain lions came into their barn to kill them. When the lions returned to their kills later, they were shot, bringing the total number of lions killed in Genesee last week to four. Patti, an 8-week-old border col!ie, looks up bashfully in earlier days of her short life. She was killed by a young female mountain lion, who, in turn, was killed while the little body was still in her mouth. Photos by Heather Kingdon ()n wihl unting coyotes skunk:s; nonresider!i:j00is!00int00 CALIFORNIA OUTDOORS CARRIE WILSON California Dept. of Fish & Game Wild pig threat Question: I learned recent- ly that some Indians on a reservation in my area re- leased some pigs for hunting purposes and now they are breeding and beginning to populate the area where I walk my dogs in Descanso, Calif. Are these pigs a threat to me or my dogs? --Sheri M. San Diego Answer: We do know that wild pigs inhabit some of the areas around Julian and Descanso. However, we are unable to positively identify the mechanism for their recent introduction. According to Marc Kenyon, statewide coordinator for the bear, mountain lion and wild pig programs at the Depart- ment of Fish and Game (DFG), wild pigs are timid creatures that simply want to be left alone for the most part. However, they can be very ag- gressive if approached and they perceive the person as a threat (particularly if they have piglets nearby). If you see a wild pig while recreat- ing in the outdoors, please try to avoid approaching it. You can stand still and maintain your dog close to you on the leash. Pigs are nearsighted and will tend to ignore objects that stand completely still. Furthermore, pigs have a great sense of smell. They will smell you before they see you. If you walk with the wind at your back, your scent is more likely to be detected at great distances by wild pigs, and they will likely avoid you. However, there have been some instances where wild pigs have come into contact with people. Usually only one pig will approach while the rest of the group of pigs (known as a sounder) evacu- ate the area. If this does happen to you, try to stay away from the head of the pig. They have sharp teeth that can cut through clothing. Back out of the area as quickly as possible. Hunting coyote and skunks Question: I llve in Imperial County and would like to go coyote and skunk hunting but need to know the biggest caliber of gun that can be used. I do see that for raccoon you may not use a caliber larger that a .22 rimfire. What can I use for coyote and skunk? --Robert A. Answer: There is no maxi- mum rifle caliber specified in Fish and Game regulations for taking coyotes and skunks (nongame mammals). Fish and Game regulations authorize nongame mammals to be taken in any manner (see section 475 in the Mammal Hunting Regulation booklet). This authorization includes firearms with no further description or restriction, except when hunting within the California condor range where lead ammunition is prohibited (California Code of Regu- lations Title 14, section 475(f)). Fishing on a visa Question: What kind of a fishing license is required for a person working in California on a visa from a foreign country? --Jackie S. Answer: A nonresident license, which may cover one, two or 10 days, or a calendar year of state fishing privileges, would be required to fish in state waters for anyone who is not a Califor- nia resident. For more information, please see fishing/fishdescrip.html. Felons and crossbows Question: Can a felon with a California hunting license and appropriate tags for deer hunting or for any other game legally hunt with a crossbow during rifle season? --Carl R. Answer: Felons may not possess firearms at any time (firearms are defined in California Penal Code, section 12001(b)). Crossbows are not considered archery equipment or a firearm, but they are considered to be a deadly weapon and can be used during rifle seasons. DFG regulations do not prohibit a felon from using a crossbow to hunt with; however, the person should first check with their parole officer to see if a crossbow violates their conditions of parole. Sudoku Puzzle #2430,,D 1 2 4 3 7 4 5 4 2 3 8 6 4 8 6 7 9 Difficult 3 5 6 9 1 7 8 3 2 5 7 Com*uoopla U C E E L L Y O F s __N JL E N B L E E E R T A k E M S T E I A c N!L A T T A R U S U F I E T A P E A | oe I A R  M O D A R B I N A $ S G E T L E N T | D O E R ! Y E R S Sudoku Solution #2420-D 81 9273465 4261 59738 357684921 97384251 6 64231 5897 581 967243 7354261 89 1 64598372 298731654 ...... Cog for Appointment .......... ' 530-5 Yabba Dabba Do[ ACROSS -- -- 1. Kind of radio 5. Mgmt. 10. Gangster Diamond 14. Zhivago's love 15. Recto's opposite 16. Emmy winner Falco 17. TV figure with a "neighborhood" 19. Strip in the Mideast 20. Block or cannon ender 21. Totally blown away 22. Woolly Andeans 24. Article supplement 26. Dismiss unceremoniously 27. 1960 Olympics track star 32. Rik a ticket 35. Add some booze to 36. Project completion? 37. Rolls of bills 38. Mower's path 40. Bit of perspiration 41. He was thrice the champ 42. Bust's opposite 43. Loggins or G 44, Big name in cake mix 48. 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