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February 8, 2012     Feather River Bulletin
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February 8, 2012

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Bul!etin, Record, Progressive, Reporter Wednesday, Feb. 8, 2012 9B COMMUNITY PERSPECTIVE won't i WHERE I STAND punishing 10.3 percent taxvehicle license tax at 0.65 per- ............................................................ rate on income over $1,000,000. cent, which,~lespite a recent JON COUPAL Our state sales tax rate (7.25 decrease, is still well above PRESIDENT, HOWARD JARVIS TAXPAYERS ASSOCIATI ON Percent) is the highest in the the national average. nation. And this doesn't even We have the second highest JOHN KABATECK include the local levies, which unemployment rate. EXEC UTIVE DIRECTOR can push the sales taxes in In 2009, 24 states raised NATIONAL FEDERATION OF some communities close to 10 their taxes at least 1 percent to INDEPENDENT percent, collect $28.6 billion. Califor- BUSINESS/CALIFORNIA California's corporate in-nia's taxes went up about $11 come tax rate (8.84 percent) is billion thus, we were re- We all agree that California the highest west of the Missis- sponsible for about 38.5 per- faces fundamental problems, sippi, putting us at a disadvan- cent of all state tax increases These include a $15 billion tage in our region. We arein the nation. (The good news budget deficit, $500 billion in ranked eighth highest nation- is that voters rejected an ex- unfunded pension liabilities, a wide. tension of those taxes, which, tax and regulatory climate California's 2011 Businessin part, has helped spur a that drives businesses away, Tax Climate ranks second modest recovery). wasteful and ineffective use of worst in the nation. These are just 10 facts about our tax dollars and a political We have the fourth highestCalifornia that are deeply dis- system unduly influenced by capital gains tax at 9.3 per- turbing. Ad.ded to the high tax special interests most no- cent. burden is California's harsh tably the public employee la- California has the second regulatory environment, the bor organizations. Themis- highest gasoline tax (averag- toughest in the nation. Be- management of this state and ing 65 cents per gallon) in the tween high taxes and exces- the pursuit of harmful policies nation, sive regulation, it is no won- have led to the following: California is ranked 14th der that our state is consis- California has the third highest in per capita property tently ranked last as a place to highest income tax in the na- taxes (including commercial) do business. tioh. Even worse, the 9.3 per- -- the only major tax where Which brings us to the point cent tax bracket starts at we are not in the worst 10of this letter. Simply stated, it $46,349 for people filing as in- states, is difficult to understand why, dividuals. We also have aWe have a very high state given California's heavy tax Y burden, any private sector en- citizen taxpayers and the all of California. The reason try doing business in Califor- small business community, for this is simply that we take nia would support even higher we appeal to your sense of do- a broader view: A California taxes. Though the idea of a ing what is right for all of Cal- with a reasonable tax burden "tax on the wealthy" may ifornia. We doubt that busi- and a regulatory environment have a populist appeal, we ness owners believe that a that is not unduly restrictive should remember that small hdavier tax load will help Cali- will benefit all citizens and business owners would be hit fornia's economic recovery, businesses in the state. In- especially hard since many of This is especially true given deed, we would argue that them file taxes as individuals, that there are no assurances such a California would gener- These are the job creators who that the reforms that Califor- ate more than sufficient rev- should be protected: In fact, nia so desperately needs will enue to satisfy the tax receiv- two thirds of all jobs being he pursued in a meanirigful er interests as well. created right now are by small way. Last year, Republican We also would like to reiter- businesses. Likewise, a higher legislators put several propos- ate our belief that when citi- s~les tax will needlessly inflict als on the table including pen- zen taxpayer groups, small even more harm on California sion reform, a spending cap business interests and major consumers who are also the and regulatory relief but were corporations stand together employees and customers of rebuffed by Brown. for the common good, we con- the business community. Although our two organiza- stitute a formidable force to We kno~ that Gov. Brown, tions, HJTA and NFIB, repre- _ prevent a further erosion of just through' the power of his sent homeowners and small California's tax and regulato- office alone, can cajole and businesses, we have fought ry climate. perhaps even threaten vulner- hard against amending Propo- TherefOre, representing able businesses. It is therefore sition 13 in any way that citizen taxpayers and small not lost on us that, under cer- would hurt any property own- businesses in California, tain circumstances, modest ers, large or small, residential we appeal to you to do the support to help the governor or commercial. Likewise, we right thing and oppose any place his measure on the bal- have opposed both broadand all proposed tax increas- lot might be viewed a lesser of based and targeted tax in- . es. As Benjamin Franklin two evils or, mo:e likely, as an creases because we realize once noted, we must hang insurance payment, that a higher tax on any seg- together in order to avoid However, on behalf of merit of California is bad for hanging separately. We're all respon WHERE I STAND NICHOLE LANKSTON PLUMAS CHARTER SCHOOL, LEAGUE OF WOMEN VOTERS OF PLUMAS COUNTY ESSAY WINNER You're walking casually down the hallway when you hear shouting. When you reach the group of people and push your way through, you see the school bully with his next victim. You sigh. It has nothing to do with you, so why should you do anything? The next day when you get to school, you are horrified to learn that the boy who was bullied yesterday has commit- ted suicide. You feel horrible. Again you walk down the hall, and watch in disgust at the same group of kids surround- ing another helpless boy. You think of what you could do, and for the first time in your life, you step to themiddle of the circle. what happened next? Did you join the ones bullying? Or did you make them stop? Every day, kids are bullied in schools across America. Whether it's physical bullying, ible for tanding up to bullies cyber bullying, verbal bully- be found among adults. You bully; you're no better. You more. We could hold rallies, ing or psychological bullying, will always be haunted by bul- shouldn't think things like have picnics, set up booths at it's all the same thing, and can lies. Whether you're a 15-year- "I'm too scared to do any-the children's fair. Making have serious consequences, old or a 50-year-old. you're al- thing" or "He'll bully me too." signs that say "No Bullying" Bullying is caused by one or ways eligible for insults and We all have a responsibility to won't help; you have to actual- more students who feel superi- rumors, our peers; not doing anything ly get out there and do some- or to their classmateg, and in There are many things youwould be criminal, thing to stop it. Don't be a by- the search for domination, could be bullied for such as Bullying can have serious stander. Pay attention to the they pick out the weakest of race, religion, style, sexual effect~ such as depression, sui- bully as well, something could the pack and eliminate them. ~ orientation, grades, family, . cide, cutting, drug use and be going on with his family, or In the work of youth, it's a dog physical look, on forever. As a many other things, when you his self-esteem. eat dog world, and if you're bystander, you probably think bully someone, you could be What would you do if you not "cool enough" or aren't youdon't have to do anything, killing them, and I doubt" were the one being bullied? "popular" then it's possible to that it isn'~ your responsibili- you'd want that on your con- Together we can end bullying be bullied by those "better ty or problem, but in reality, science for the rest of your for good, but in order to do than you." by not doing anything, you life. Our schools and commu- that, we have to take the first Similar behavior can also" would classify yourself as a nities could be doing so much Step. Are you ready? LETTERS E D I T O R Quality of input the imploding of our commu- Busing students from Indi- children who attended Pio- these drastic measures? Is it An honor It very much appears that a nities by a calloused Congress. an Valley to Chester will, neer the majority of their ele- because they have projected I am sorry that there are decision was madeat theboard This letter'is about our own without question, place our mentary years. I know if I that in three years, they will still people who think about level of Plumas Unified School exploding community, but not children at risk. The 27-ptus- were making a choice of haveinsufficient mandatedre- the United Nations as Lynn District to close Quincy Ele- in the positive sense of eco- mile trip during the school schools now, I would prefer serves? The school budget Desjardin does (Where I mentary School. Now it ap- nomm expansion, year will mean often travers- they attend theschool that has does indicate deficit spending Stand, Jan. 25). pears there is a good chance of There is a ground swell ofing icy roads; do we want to already established a multi- this school year. But does it There are hundreds of Na- reversing that decision At a vocal anger at the high-hand- placeour children at risk? tude of easilyavailable educa- warrant these drastic mea-tional Park Service units in fairly late date, the board has ed manner in which the We must all support the 7-11 tional opportunities, sures? What if the deficit isn't the United States. Only about provided for public input and school board of trustees and Committce and their effort to The reality that PUSD canas bad as they stated? Aren't 20 are World Heritage Sites it'supto us, the community, to the superintendent of schools find a solution to keep no longer fiscally sustain two reserves specifically used for (WHSs) out of a total of 936 come forward and tell the dis- have made decisions that pur- Greenville High School open. elementary schools in Quincy bad t~mes? WHSs worldwide. trict what is iml~ortant to us. port to have been a result of Every resident needs to is evident. Over the 27 years I Austerity has been proven It is an honor to be designat- Quincy Elementary could be carefulplanning and consider- write, call or email all the was a teacher for PUSD I have to not work. You cannot cut ed a WHS. The sites intheU.S. emptyvery soon. Or if the state ation, members of the Plumas Coun- witnessed and experiencedyour way to prosperity. I rec- range from the Grand Canyon guidelines prevail, it could be I advise every citizen of ty school board and our coun- what were shortsighted deci- ommend that we scrap this en- to Independence Hall. While low-incomehousing. Plumas County to read Dr. ty supervisor and demand ad- sions made by the administra- tire plan. I feel that using the WHS designation would not A so-called 7-11 committee Jonathan Kusel's five-pagetlitional time. Tell them to tion and school board. Deci- reserves to offset the deficit is stoP the Taliban from destroy- has been set up in various critical assessment of thekeep Greenville High School sions should be based on the reasonable compared to clos- ing the Buddhist statues in communities to listen to pub- "PUSD Administration's Fa-open for another year, and not long-term educationalvalue to ing schools and firing taach- Afghanistan, it also will not lic input and make recommen- cilities- Budget Study." ramrod through the closure of our children and not on short- ers. Our economy is steadily change how the National Park dations to the school board re- Among other things, his cri- the high school. The 7-11 Com- term potential financial gain. improving. The unemploy- Service will manage our park garding these decisions. I tique points out that it is very mittee needs more time than The last consideration and merit rate is dropping. Weareas. have been to a couple of these likely that the district had pre- the deadline set by Mr. Harris lowest on the priority list should wait and see what the Although you can argue the meetings and the volunteer ordained the closing of of March2012. should be the.potential dollar actual financial status was for cost of certain laws, most members of the 7-11 commit- schools even before it set up Save our schools, value of the land and facilities this school year. Closing Americans would prefer our tees are open-minded and very what he perceives to have RichardE. Naasto PUSD when sold. - schools should be predicated clean air and water, required interested in what we think. I been a mock citizens' advisory GreenvilleI hope PUSD's administra-on justification, not.forced by by law, to living conditions in trust them to make considered group, tion and school board mem- perceived financial crisis, some other countrie& and honest recommendations Doctor Kusel is a veteran Long-term value bets will consider all the We the people did not cause Officially designated to the board. Maybe we canmember of the board, having I agree that Quincy Elemen- community's recommenda- this economic crisis. It was a "wilderness areas" are an save Quincy Elementary. served as the trustee from In- tary School (QES) is the cam- tions and make the decision dfrect resutt of a purchased American idea that has im- Unfortunately, because of dian Valley for 10 years. Cer- pus to remain open. The arti- that will benefit our chil- and corrupt federal and state proved the quality of life in the district's and the state's fi- tain businesses have copies of cle and letters to the editor in dren's futures by choosing to government who cater only to the U.S. Not having such areas nancial woes, either Pioneer his critique, but you can call last week's paper stated many keep Quincy Elementary the 1 percent. Our county gov- has not made other countrie~ Elementary or Quincy Ele- his office in Taylorsville at excellent reasons to choose Schoolopen. ernment and Our schools are, mentary must be closed. With 284-1022 for a copy if you can't the QES campus over Pioneer Lisa Torchio Oviatt feeling the direct result of this richer or stronger than the the finest people and pro- find one anywhere else. Elementary School(PES). Quincy corruption. This is where we U.S. grams at every level in both I have heard talk of a recall Additional reasons that must direct our energy and National monuments, Criti- institutions, what remains to election, were not mentioned include: Scrap the plan our fight, cal Habitat and "corridors" be decided on are the two fa- Salvatore Catalano easy walking access to the arts The question isn't which MarkMihevc connecting wilderness areas cilities. Which to keep? Both Taylorsville commission gallery, two the- schools we should close. The Graeagle are other ideas developed to school sites havetheir strong aters and the bike path lead- real question is why are we insure that our wildlife, land- and weak poirits, scape, clean water, clean air Which to keep? Regardless Don't close our schools ing to Gansner Park, Spanish even considering dismantling Better answers and cultural legacy will be All residents of Indian Val- Creek and Quincy High our education infrastructure? This is more like it! It was available to future genera- of the final decision, the wis- ley must seriously consider School. Of significance to stu- Look at what is being pro- so uplifting to readlast week's tions of Americans. dom of it or the regrettable fob this. dents with mobility issues, the posed: closing two Indian Val- newspaper. I think every arti- John Barker ly of it will depend on the Greenville High School hashistoric downtown has side- ley schools, closing one Quin- cle on school closures should quality of the input to that de- the highest ratio of students, walks and curbs with ramps cy school, reducing bus routes be cut out and framed, taken Portola cision. Please come to the of all Plumas County high ma.king accessibi!ityby and firing 29 teachers and five to the school district office Inappropriate PUSD board meeting(the deci- schools, that continue on to wheelchair possible, certificated personnel. And with the caption "Lest you Portola's city manager said sion makers!) Feb. 8, 5 pan. at college after they graduate. Both campuses appear to be notice the proposed classroom ever forget!" I was so worried the district office in Quincy. (Do you want to give this up?) about equal in facilities, but sizes one teacher per 24 to that Greenville would loseanother Prop. 218 procedure would have to be conducted to I knov~ the difficulty of If we lose our high school, QES has the significant ad- 35students. both Taylorsville Elementary rescind the water and sewer speaking in front of a crowd, property values in Indian Val- vantage of a close proximity to Think what it will do to our and Greenville High, and yes rate increases. The disparate Congratulations if you canley will plummet. Closing the a myriad of educational oppor- fragile local economy. Thirty- . that Quincy was accepting the measures to create dditional comfortably do that. The 7-11 high school will be the last tunities within walking dis- four of our neighbors will be proposed closure of Quincy El- revenue should have been ap- committee has questionnaires nail in the coffin for Indian tance and easy access. Busing jobless, not paying income ementary. Now we're seeing proved by a Prop. 218 ballot to fill out and make your Valley; first we lost the mills, is very costly, which makes it taxes and possibly leaving our some action- on the part of point. Most people will simply then the Forest Service head- difficult to fund field trips. It county. What family or busi- those who maybe suggested ameasure rather than the process used. The ratepayers be there to make their point quarters, then the hospital is much easier for a teacher to ness would want to move tolittle too fast buthave certain- need to take the initiative to byshowing up. and all our doctors. All these arrangea walking field trip. Plumas County knowing the ly made an outstanding come- revoke the unjustified in- Gary Vogtlosses have seriously impact- We need to take advantageeducation infrastructure is de- back. There are better an- crease and to require future Quincy ed the economy of Indian Val- of the diverse experiences our ficient and lacking sufficient swers, obviously. High-handed ley, and will affect your prop- downtown community offers. I teachers? Nansi Bohne My previous letter mentioned erty values, am the parent of three grown Why is the district proposing Quincy See Letters, page 10B