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February 21, 2001     Feather River Bulletin
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February 21, 2001

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all Wednesday, Feb. 21, 2001 Bulletin, The courthouse annex is the No. 1 priority of the Plumas County Board of Supervisors. It has been since the summer of 1997. Well, you could have fooled us. Instead, the county's han- dling of the situation has been a disaster. Consider: In July of 1996, the Plumas Coun- ty grand jury issued a report calling attention to the annex's inadequate heating and cooling, earthquake vulnerability, office shortages, poor drinking water and asbestos ceilings. --The first study of the annex as authorized in October of 1996, for $26,500. The study de- termined that something need- ed to be done at the annex. The study, released in Janu- ary of 1997, reported that it would be less costly to renovate the annex--about $1 million-- than to replace it. In August of 1997, the supervi- sors declared that renovating the annex was their No. 1 priori- ty. The supervisors determined that the cost of renovating the annex would be within their means. A year later, the supervisors reiterated that addressing the annex's woes was their No. 1 priority and that addressing concerns with what would be- come known as the Dame Shirley Plaza should take a backseat to the annex. Promises, promises. We sup- pose we should be grateful that it wasn't lower on the priority list. After all, the supervisors have moved forward on plans for the Dame Shirley Plaza. After five years of study, dis- cussion and procrastination, very little has happened at the annex. The problems have grown worse and the cost of re- pairing those problems has in- creased substantially, while em- ployees have begged and plead- ed for something to be done. It was learned this week that one of the annex buildings, which houses the alcohol and drug department, faces poten- tial condemnation. The building is dangerous, unheated and an electrical fire waiting to hap- pen. The supervisors cannot afford to wait any longer to handle this insidious, embarrassing problem. It needs to be handled now, with swiftness and deci- siveness. Fea g spaper Michael C. Taborski Publisher Debrs Coates Managing Editor Alicla Higbee Indian Valley Editor Terri Nacar Portola Editor Christi Sevtap Chester Editor Shannon Morrow Sports Editor Staff writers Dave Keller, Gall Brown, Victoda Metcaff, Will Fards, Dave Moiler, Rob Brockmeyer, Shayla Ashmore, Sam Williams, BB BB 0w t STAFF WRITER One of the benefits of this job is that I get to pe- riodically bare my heart and soul to you, the faithful reading public. As I may have mentioned on such an occasion, one of my goals is to be an author. Well, I finally sat down and wrote something, and I don't mean this column. k to yours I ment, but I'm excited even for that. I started writing in high school, not for publica- tion or anything, just to make my friends hugh. Unfortunately, what made my friends laugh made their parents upset. I distinctly remember writing an inappropriate story on the back of a friend's notebook. Her parents found it, ripped the back cover off, then, after an argument, taped it on again. Her dad was a psychologist, so maybe he un- derstood that I was just being a kid, not crazy. But, then college set in and I was swept away by papers and more papers. No fun writing for me. When I got a computer, I found online writing groups, classes, message boards, and e-zincs. I read articles on how to improve my writing, how to develop plot, character, and setting, and how to I mean a book. overcome writer's block. Actually, it's only a four-paged book at the mo- I wrote down ideas and researched settings. Photo Plumas County Museum & recur ~ el' i~'telP'al~ to the Plu~ em~Ly M..seum ha== llXOVided m, Bre Imdfcmnatlen s to what tire n l m lf life was Iilk in Jamison CRy and Ute Ira=fling mines around Eureka Peak. This Idmto slmws the old boaNing house. HISTORIAN '9 Years Ago ................. 1926 This week at the meeting of the Plumas Coun- ty Board of High School Trustees, plans were accepted for the construction of Portola and Greenville high schools to be built. Construc- tion will start as soon as weather permits--in the spring. The contemplated buildings will be one story in height, with a basement and each will contain an auditorium, principal's office and seven classrooms including domestic sci- ence rooms and a chemistry laboratory The es- timated cost is $20,000 each. 6@ Years Ago ................. 1951 The sale of Bucks Lake Lodge by Cal Strothers and E.I. Lane to Jack Stack, Sacra- mento service station owner for a reported $80,000 was consummated here this week. Lodge, cabins and resort furnishings are in- cluded in the sale. 29 Years Ago ................. 1976 A re-established Beckwourth resident is the last person to throw his hat in the ring for the State Assembly position being vacated by Pauline Davis of Portola. Bob Taunt is the lat- est. Last weeks of closure of filing for the state STAFF WRITER I want to point out up front that I am all for conserving and protecting the environ- ment around me and I am concerned about the future if we don't do so. However, I believe we're going a bit too far lately and I'm not sure those in Wash. ington D.C., and at the state level, have considered all the consequences of their actions. I remember the protests and lawsuits during the '70s surrounding the building of the Diablo nuclear power plant. The costs for construction soared way beyond the budgeted amount and, along with the frustrations, it caused many to de- cide building power plants in California was not profitable. Unfortunately, the population explosion in California didn't stop and neither did the technology that would draw upon the state's electric supply. Now, more than 30 years later, the state is short of electricity and the results are rolling black-outs for many northern Cali- fornia businesses and residents. When a manufacturing plant has to shut down production for even a half-day, it costs them money. This results in the consumers ending up footing those losses by paying higher prices for the product. ! realize that people in California are making more in salaries than ever before, but their cost of living has also risen high- er than ever before. Not long ago, the mayor of one Bay Area city was forced to retire and move, because he could no longer afford to live there. Now, the environmentalists have con- vinced the government to drastically re- duce logging. Most of the loggers I know here don't have any plans to clear cut the forest. After all, R is their livelihood and, if they clear cut, they would quickly find them- selves with no means of support. Beside that, most would like to see their children go into the logging business, which means they have a big incentive to take care of the precious, renewable re- source. With the mills closing and logging al- most forbidden, the cost of lumber will be on the rise. This will result in the cost of homes, fur- niture and many other items rising beyond f bought books by authors I had who thought they could teach creative writing Oh, if only putting my pen to paper, I could be a! by now. Over time, I lost ty. I was so afraid that if I wrote would turn out like all the scripts posted on the internet. I couldn't start! What if I failed! Finally, just the other day, I forced myself. No more inane horrible it is to be me, I had an image in my head walking down a dirt road. I she was going, why, who she was, going to happen to her. But, l told myself, what does it write something horrible, save it er. You won't lose the image. You c It again! Writing is like exercise: the lol the couch, the harder it is to get to the So, I gave myselfa mental Tae In that hour-long session, I wrote and burned 400 calories (I wish). I didn't write anything special, But, I haven't been struck down Publicly burned at the stake, either. I should survive. In my sojourn as an oped many ways to In other words, I could was being productive by engaging ercises. Any how-to book is chock full oft times fun, sometimes To me, they were more made up my own I told myself that if it came down always teach other people how to exercises. Hey, my creative writing 101 awesome, but I don't think he ever of fiction himself. Anyway, I thought I'd share a ideas with any aspiring writers in tht First, to build familiarity with ing vocabulary, make a list of big or words, : !, b Ul, For example: ubiquitous,aral ic, t Try not to list all adjectives, as don't think about it too much; use if you want. Then, write a little story Don't worry about plot or story that makes sense It can be fun. Another interesting little story; only this time, make begin with a consecutive letter ofthe These exercises take away the write something something fun. Think of your own, use them write a best-selling novel, and give credit! office found the following dates: Betty Smith and Bernard Chico; Warren Sawyer of Orland; Red Bluff Stan Statham of ChiCO, Waller and Williard Conner. 10 Years Ago ................ 1991 Despite Plumas County about air quality and airborne Plumas National Forest plans Prescribed burning in the spring. _ NOTE: Items included in the weekly When column are taken from newspaper archives and represent style of that particular period. The 5 grammar are not edited, so the as it actually appeared in the pers. what many can afford. Reduction in logging, Roadless Initiative, is a sure aster, especially in a like ours. A roadless designation fire trucks and water ing and firefighters would on foot to fight fires, or air support. With higher lumber costs, never be able to burn and I'm sure there whose insurance wouldn't cover And, regarding those little one was spotted nesting in the Mart store---must have been an store. Animals have been known adaptable; many originated in and have adapted to it? In fact, I wouldn't be a imals are better humans. I think it's about time on the endangered species killing off our own species play G(xi with the rest of the Remember, pushing the far in either direction nature and could be living creature on earth.