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February 21, 2001     Feather River Bulletin
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February 21, 2001

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Wednesday, Feb. 21, 2001 9B ! lq I RESIDENT adopted by This 11 million in Cali- in the making Cears. Hundreds thousands extensive drafting, redrafting and amendments by biologists, foresters, economists, indus- try representatives and politi- cians have gone into this plan. I believe it is a good represen- tation of public policy making in which all parties' view- points are represented and given consideration. In other words, it is a good example of consensus policy making. Of course, in attempting to satisfy a wide range of people and interests, the Sierra Neva- da Framework necessarily raises criticism from the ex- tremes on either side. Neither the extreme environmental- ists nor those who wish to see more public lands available for development are satisfied with the Framework. But, I believe most folks see it as a good plan. In Plumas County, we have two main concerns: I) wildfixe manage- ment and 2) activities on pub- lic lands that can provide con- tracts (jobs) for local compa- nies such as thinning (log- ging), mechanical treatments (chip production) and pre- scribed burns. The Framework provides for these concerns. It calls for 5 million acres to be managed for wildf'we control by utiliz- ing thinning, mechanical treatment and/or prescribed burning. The Framework mandates over 4 million acres of old growth areas be kept open to prescribed burns for the purposes of wildfire sup- pression. It calls for preserv- ing large flue resistant trees in order to prevent wildfh'e and preserve wildlife habitat. Fi- nally, for us here in the area of the Quincy Library Group Pi- lot Project, the Framework ac- commodates this project by al- lowing logging activities to proceed here. It is true that the Frame- work does place increased re- strictions on logging for profit in the national forests of the Sierra Nevada region. Howev- er, rather than fear the eco- nomic impact of such restric- tions, we might rather remind ourselves that the timber in- dustry represents only 3% of the overall economy of our re- gion. We now have a tourism-based economy and our economic prosperity de. pends on our ability to pre- serve the aesthetic qualities of our beautiful region, and to provide services to those who wish to visit and/or establish homes here. Nursery rhymes tell us many tales of magic beans, geese that lay golden eggs, and trees that grow money. The moral of these tales is that those who squander their blessings end up impover- ished. The Sierra Nevada re- gion has approximately 11 mil- l ion acres of national forest; our very own Plumas National Forest is over 1 million acres of pure beauty, nature and riches. How many other coun- ties in California--the most populous state in America--- can boast of such a treasure? I applaud the U. S. Forest Ser. vice for its diligence in main- taining and preserving these riches for the long-term fu- ture. Our grandchildren will be grateful to us for not squan- dering them for short-term profit. t for Letters contain an address number. We publish week, per per- one letter per person, the same not publish third- letters. Letters must a maximum of 300 f letter in excess of 300 cut by the editor. Friday at 3 p.m. be taken to any of offices, sent or e-mailed at *Xmq3kD to comment on of our Na- Pine Company, we manage 90,000 only what on this acreage :e each year. We by retain. all sizes and last 60 years Yielded enough a quarter of a U s;,supported Steady, rural jobs diverse habi- to over Active has reduced the and the lumber forest displaces intensive this matter? Be- National Forests according to we would in- eCOnomic needs of the eco- of the forest needs for envi- friendly prod- mtal reflect the inter- rather than the of man and nature. can main- support a con- of energy effi- I would ask Forests strictly for While ignoring environmental Terry Collins Chester at approximate- husband and I in a critical r. The response crew. from Plumas was awesome. the emergency hospital saved Hospital hell- due to_ crew and (Linch) got him Without these shots and a the re- been tragic. us support the next life be yours. I Would not live Dital were to my Blessings" providers and of Por- ) Lawrence Portola arid his agents are people away board meet- in atrocious be- havior by this group was the attack on Dr. Dana Ware by Monica Bermender. Well, let me tell you all, those behind the doctors and hospital far outnumber you. Fanaticism has taken the place of common sense. Quit while no one has yet been hurt. The possibility of serious injury to someone has become very real. Example of why we need the hospital: One of my neighbors just fell on the ice and hurt her head--the EMTs were here immediately! Thank you Carrie Williams for your very informative let- ter, without which we would not have known about this in- cident. Where was the Progressive at this time? That is some- thing that should have made headlines! Thelma Hurley Chester Can tIMs i mlly Im trim Perhaps we were asking the wrong questions thig ek - tion year. Our Senators and Congressmen db not pay into Social Security, and, of course, therefore they do not collect from it. Social Security benefits were not suitable for persons of their rare elevation in society. They felt they should have a special plan for themselves. Many years ago they voted in their benefit plan. For all practical purposes their plan works like this. When they retire, they contin- ue to draw their full pay until they die, except it may be in- creased from time to time by the cost of living adjustments. For example, former Sena- tor Bradley, and his wife, may be expected to draw $7,900,000 with Mrs. Bradley drawing $275,000 during the list year of her life. This is calculated on an average life span for each. Their cost for this excellent plan is $"0", nada, zflch. This little perk they voted infor themselves is free to them. You and I pick up the tab for this plan. The funds for this fine re- tirement plan come directly from the general fund. Our tax dollars at work! With SO- cli1 Security, which you and I pay into every payday for our own retirement, with an equal amount matched by our em; ployer, we can expect to get an average of $1,000 per month from our Social Security plan. Or, we would have to collect our benefits for 681 years and one month to equal the Bradleys' benefits. Imagine for a moment that you could structure a retire- ment plan so desirable that people would have extra amounts deducted from their pay to enhance their own per- sonal retirement income. A retirement plan that worked so well, that railroad employ- ees, postal workers, and oth- ers who were not in the plan would clamor to be included. This is how good Social Se- curity could be, if only one small change were made. That change would be to jerk the golden fleece retirement plan out from under the senators and congressmen. Put them into the Social Security plan with the rest of us. Then watch how fast they would fLx it. If enough people receive this, maybe a seed will be planted, and maybe good changes will evolve. Blake Hutchinson Chilcoot I told you so Prior to election day last November, I tried to warn the voters in Eastern Plumas County of the likely conse- quences of electing B.J. Pear- son as supervisor. I predicted he'd handle the privilege of representing us as "either B.J.'s way or the highway" and that he'd operate under the assumption that local gov- ernance was "of B.J. Pearson, by B.J. Pearson, and for B.J. Pearson." That's how he han- dled himself when he was a Portola City councilman, so why would he behave any dif- ferently as a Plumas County Supervisor? For months now, Mr. Pear- son has been falling in lock- step with my predictions--not because I possess some phe- nomenal psychic ability, but simply because I have yet to see a leopard change its spots! After the election, I recall reading about a. couple of evefits that Mr. P g- sbn-might have been wise to'dttend prior to his swearing-in. But, no, he couldn't be bothered, it seems, to start out on the right foot, project a cooperative nature for his constituents, or to let any of us in Eastern Plumas County believe he thought he was working for us. I do not recall there being a reason given--at least in prints-for his lack of participation in those events. And now, it seems he's bar- ing even more of his behind regarding his determination to appoint one of his own hon- chos to the Sierra Valley Ground-water Management District. When presented with legal reasons for not being al- lowed to immediately do so, he stated, "I spent two months looking into this thing. That is my decision. That decision will not change." Wow, it's deja vu all over again! There is nothing inherently evil about working in real es- tate; and even I don't blame Mr. Pearson for looking to make a buck by ascertaining the possibility of developing Sierra Valley. But, just once, it would be nice if he'd get in touch with the fact that the sun does not rise and set be- cause he exists! Thanks to a piddly 16 votes, we must now deal with his continued attempts to assume dictatorship of all of Plumas County--until his term as su- pervisor is over. I'll give him one thing--he's likely the most belligerent, egotistical, megalomaniacal elected offi- cial Plumas County has ever experienced. Sharon Kaufman Portola My sJde Although Victoria Metcalf wrote an extensive article on my response to Jim Stretch's letter and Feb. 6 presentation to the Board some of the facts in that story, need clarifica- tion. Last week's article states that PCHA and High Moun- tain Riders were "pitted against each other" while in actuality it was the Quincy Racing Association and PCHA who had been manipulated and misrepresented against each other by Fair Manager Mike Clements. I personally, and as an offi- cer of PCHA, have no issues with any other horse club. Dif- ferent interests support sepa- rate clubs and diversity leads to a richer environment for everyone. My appearance at the Board was not to air or start a cat fight with another club, nor was it to discuss equestrian facility issues; my appearance before the Board was solely to speak to the issue that a high ranking public official, the CAO, wrote an inappropriate, tactless and rude letter to a private citizen and I feel an apology is warranted. I have put the CAO's letter of Dec. 26 in this issue of the newspaper as an ad so that cit- izens can read and judge for themselves if indeed my com- plaint that a private citizen has been attacked by a county official is valid. As of Feb. 15 I have not re- ceived an apology or any re- sponse to my Board appear- ance. My new main issue may be that we have five men elected to represent the public interest that condone or possi- ma. He has courage and he is an artist. Rap music is entertainment, just like pop music, rock mu- sic and theatre. It is entertain- ment! It is creative expres- sion. Children shouldn't listen to his lyrics! On Eminem's CDs are "Parental Advisory" stickers! They are there because the artist and record label have created the material for adults. All the lyrics on Em- inem's albums are his creative expression. If you don't like them or agree with them, don't waste your time listen- ing to them. He does make lyrical content that is not "po- litically correct," but again it is his lyrics, not ours. I don't think that we have a right to criticize NARAS for nominating him for being good at his craft. He is an en- tertainer and that is the bot- tom line. I like Enimem be- cause he is real. He is not afraid to express himself. That to me is true artistry. I think that everyone is tak- bly even encourage the CAO's a l, too serious. He; outrageomrliehavior. : : : fi't Saying that you should do Rosemarie Buzzetta everything or believe every- Quincy thing he raps about, and if you think that is what he is Just 34 cents saying, then maybe you need There is a radio station out to grow up. In his song "Stan" there. This station is basically he talks about this situation run by one person. Last year with people thinking that he you named this man Plumasis serious "I say that stuff just County citizen of the year. clowning, how messed up are This radio station needs let- you?" ters from the listeners to give Eminem has great writing to the FCC to stay on the air. skills and he performs amaz- This radio station broadcasts ingly. I understand that peo- live Quincy sports programs ple are disturbed by the nega- at one heck of a lot of expense rive concepts but it is just and personal effort. This sta. lyrics. He has the right to say tion does not get much sup. anything he wants to. Let's try port from the so called "Chris- to build the character of our tian community." children within our homes, There are regular sponsors, within the families then soci- For their help, the station is ety won't be able to make such extremely grateful. But this an impact. I don't think that is station, KNLF 95.9 FM, needs anyone's responsibility to pa- for you to spend 34 cents and a trol music but parents. letter in the post office giving Instead of giving your child your thanks and support to money and letting them pur- continue broadcasting thechase their own music, par. Quincy sports programs, ents need to go with their chil- This station calls the Call- dren, listen to the album and fornia highway patrol five know what content is on the days a week for information CD and talk to your children and accident reports. Listen to about the lyrics, are they real- CHP reports at 8. ly taking it seriously?. Or do Gary R. Whipple they just like it because it is 'Meadow Valley popula Be the parent! Don't expect the world to raise your Emdmmm children, you will be disap- Sitting in a local restaurant pointed! I have heard middle-aged MlcheHe Dyer women discuss Eminem over Portola their lunch hour as well as teenagers. As a 20-year-old young woman, I like Enimem. I am not a "rap music fan." I don't agree with all of his lyrics nor do I identify with them, but Eminem has charis- ammming California's Power Supply Political G.reed E-xtortion That pretty much sums up my electrical concerns over this state. Power that is sup- plied from the Northwest can- not be "stored" in the power lines. The power is sent through the lines as needed and, it has to have a place to be sent or it would cause ma- jor blackouts and damage to the lines themselves. If PG&E decided in the month of De- cember, that they would need to decide to double and triple everybody's electric bills, then they must have known that there was a problem as o far back as summer. Governor Davis should be forcing the power companies to re open the three power houses that supply energy to the state; they are all down for maintenance at the same time. As a result of this we have a power "shortage." How dumb does he think the people of this state are? He, as gover- nor should make sure that they are opened and on sched- ule. Instead he is letting them charge people huge amounts of unnecessary money. AlsO, you ht Ve to,wonder why PG&E { ecides in ;the month of December to ran- domly demand that "extra" ex- tortion payment (I believe they call it a deposit), even if you have had an account with them for 10 years. I was the lucky draw not long ago. could it be the Christmas lights and ovens blaring with hams and turkeys in them? California has not had a power plant built in the last decade because they haven't had to...they seem to be able to legally rip people off at will. There is enough power to sup- ply this state, but the stock- holders are the ones worrying about their pocketbooks and that's where it all starts. Take for example, since the electric bills are higher, the cable has gone up. Soon, we will be pay- ing over two dollars for gas again because of PG&E. Then a windfall of others will fol- low. So I think you could take that .50 cent an hour raise Clinton gave you and send it off to the cable company when you mail it with the new .34 cent stamp!! Nancy Webb Portola C ss of 19917 I am a graduate of QHS. I am looking for information on my 10-year reunion that is coming up. Do you know of any Web sites for QHS, or any reunion committee informa- tion? Any information would be helpful. Thank you. Rebecca Knecht Q