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February 22, 2017     Feather River Bulletin
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February 22, 2017

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Bulletin, Record, Progressive, Reporter Wednesday, Feb. 22, 2017 3B BLOTTER, from page 2B Flare reported Near Crescent Mills, it was reported that someone saw a flare burning on the side of the road north of town. The CHP reported that it seemed to be in suspicious place on the side of the road. Crescent Mills and Indian Valley Fire responded. The information was passed on to the Forest Service and they said they were aware of it. Suspicious living arrangements In Quincy a caller reported that a van that was possibly occupied by .an older man had been there for over a month. A deputy contacted the man who said he wasn't living there he was just there frequently. No adults at school A caller reported that young adults were trespassing at a school. They had their skateboards thereafter hours and on the weekends. The caller said he talked to the people, but they continued to return. A deputy and the CHP were to check the area. a Sing, sing a song A caller reported that someone in a rental was constantly screaming. The caller said that he often hears two voices, but only has seen one man. A deputy checked the area and reported that the man who lived there was just singing to himself. Bad banking In Quincy, a caller requested to speak to a deputy. She said that someone she knew died and the individual who was in charge of that person's finances had drained the bank accounts. Bad smell In Quincy, a caller reported a strong smell of propane. The Quincy Fire Department was notified. Car struck In Quincy, a caller reported a disturbance involving a vehicle and a woman. The caller said that a man in a red car hit a woman. The information was given to the CHP. In a second call a man reported that he was rear-ended by another driver-- a woman in a red car. He said the woman ran into a store when he went to speak to her. Snowmobile tot In the La Porte area, it was reported that people had been involved in a snowmobile accident. A 10-month-old had a laceration on the forehead and a broken arm. The call was transferred to the California Department of Forestry. Tank theft In Graeagle a caller reported the theft of propane tanks. Dog attack In Portola, a person reported that the neighbor's dog had jumped the fence and attacked a child, and then the neighbor came after the caller. Animal issue In Meadow Valley, a caller requested that information be passed on to Fish and Wildlife that he had found a gut pile next to the road. I active. I'm looking for a forever family that likes to get up and go! I'm less than two years old, so I will need some guidance and direction. Are you that special someone who'll show me the way and teach me everything 1 need to know? i'm a quick learner--come Don't look in A Quincy caller reported that a man threatened her and then put his head through her open window. He then left. A deputy responded. Rescue. I could be just the dog you've been searching for all your lifel Don't trust the lock At Lake Almanor, a caller reported that someone stole two dirt bikes from a locked shed. Check theft in the Lake Almanor area, a woman reported that someone broke into her vehicle, stole a check and then tried to cash it in Susanvllle. A deputy contacted the Susanvllle Police Department. Restraining order explained In Chester, a caller wanted to talk to a deputy about another woman harassing her. A deputy explained the temporary restraining order process. Monday, Feb. 13 Theft In Greenville, a caller reported the theft of $140. Sunday, Feb. 12 Screws gone In Portola, a caller requested a deputy because screws were missing from her padlock and her pepper spray was turned off. Dog bite In Portola, a caller reported that a female pit bull had bitten a man. A deputy contacted the people and there was no injury. Animal control was notified. Bones found Near Rock Creek Road, a man reported that he found what looked like bones about 100 feet from the main road. A sergeant reported they were deer bones. Saturday, Feb. 11 Floating tank In Crescent Mills, it was reporting that a tank was floating in the water against Arlington Bridge. Roadblock On Antelope Lake road about two miles from the dam, it was reported that a large mudslide was blocking the road. 'Blower away In Portola a caller reported that her snow blower had been taken from her driveway. Friday, Feb. 10 Flooding In Portola, a caller requested the fire department was needed because his house was flooding. Hazard In Portola, it was reported that West Sierra Avenue was flooding. It was reported that as people drove down the road it pushed water into a residence. The area was out of sandbags for the moment. A deputy said he would try to find some. Another hazard In Portola, it was reported that water was coming over a persons deck and he needed more sandbags. Sandbags In Greenville, more sandbags were needed, but people were told they had to wait. Canoeing trip In Crescent Mills, a caller reported that kids were out in a canoe and they were causing problems. She said she yelled them, but they paddled away. at Manhole issues In Portola, a caller reported that kids were playing on a manhole cover. A deputy couldn't find them. Thursday, Feb. 9 Flooding yard In Greenville, it was reported that the front and side yards of property were flooding and touching the sides of a house. Indian Valley and Crescent Mills Fire responded. More flooding On Highway 147, 2 miles south of A 13, a caller reported that the roadway was flooding. Social media In Quincy, a caller requested a welfare check on a child. The child had posted on social media that she was hiding in a dark room under a table. A deputy reported that the child was fine and didn't have social media. Evacuations On La Porte Road, 2 or 3 miles south of Highway 70, the CHP requested that deputies contact the county road department and' close part of the roadway. It was reported that the road was gone. Quincy Fire responding and evacuations were in order. Dog assistance In Portola, a caller asked for help with her large dog. She said she couldn't lift the dog and it couldn't walk. She wanted to get the dog into her car so she could take it to the vets. Assistance was supplied. Flooded roadway In Greenville, a caller reported that the roadway was flooding and that it might flood a house. A culvert was clogged. Indian Valley and Crescent Mills Fire were called and a sergeant responded. Brown star In Chester, it was reported that someone spray-painted her vehicle with brown paint and formed a star symbol. Dead birds In Delleker, it was reported that three dogs got into a back yard and killed someone's chickens. The owner of the dogs and the reporting party decided to handle the situation on their own. Sandbags In Greenville, the sheriff received a request from a man that Indian Valley Fire assist residents with sandbag distribution. Water under the house In Delleker, a caller requested that the road department be notified that there was a plugged culvert and that it was causing water to run under a house. The fire department was at the scene. More sandbags In Greenville, it was reported that the F()rest Service was helping make sandbags with fire personnel due to the flooding. Squatters In Quincy, a caller reported that squatters were on some property. A deputy issued a trespassing warning and the people left without incident. Ready to flood In Portola, a caller reported that her house was ready to flood. Portola Fire responded. Sandbags needed In Quincy, a caller reported that a lot of water was crossing the roadway. He wanted sandbags. Crew cab In Quincy, it was reported that Care Flight was on the ground and that the crew cabin was about to flood. The creek bank was breeched and water was coming down toward the hospital. Quincy Fire responded. Crying dog In Portola, a caller reported that an emaciated dog was in an apartment and she could hear it crying. Animal Control was contacted. Rockslide A sergeant reported a rockslide on the Crescent Mills side of Crescent Grade on Highway 89. It had blocked one lane. The CHP was notified and the sergeant conducted traffic control. Plugged drain In Greenville, drains were reported plugged and it was causing flooding in the roadway near the post office. The county road department was aware of the situation and was "doing their best." More flooding On Highway 89 near Greenville, a caller reported that the passing lane north of town had water on it. A deputy stood by to assist and saw the southbound lane wash away. Another hazard In Quincy, some property was already barricaded with sand bags but the street needed to be blocked off. Quincy Fire responded. Another slide A sergeant reported another slide on the Greenville side of Crescent Grade. More sandbags Sand bags were requested when a business in Quincy was in danger of flooding. Two feet of water In Quincy, it was reported that two feet of water was on Carroll Lane West. The ditch was a concern and people were afraid that if someone didn't know where it was they might fall or drive into it. The county road department and Quincy Fire responded. Blood found In Portola, it was reported that someone's roommate was gone for the night and that there was a broken window where someone might have gotten into the house. There was a padlock on the door and there was blood all over the window and the door. Nothing was reported missing. More water At William Way and Forgay Road, it was reported that a culvert was being unclogged and that people could get sand bags from the road department. Neighborhood flood in Greenville, a caller reported that the neighborhood was flooding. Rockslide Near the passing lanes north of Greenville on Highway 89, a caller reported a rockslide with debris in the roadway. More plugged culverts In Cromberg near Gill Ranch Road and Cattail Road, flooding was reported due to culverts being blocked. Will trouble In Quincy, it was reported that a woman broke into a house and was trying to take someone's will. The reporting party said the individual left. Housing flooding In Greenville, a man reported that his house was flooding. Trees falling In Greenville, a welfare check was requested. It appeared that two cottonwood trees might fall on a rental due to the flooding. Dispatch reported that someone else had called and that a deputy was on his way. Highway 70 water In Portola, near Connie's Place, it was reported that the highway was flooding. More flooding In Quincy, it was reported that Bucks Lake Road was flooded. Water hazard It was reported that Rocky Point Road near Portola was flooded and that a 4-wheel drive almost got stuck in the mud. Closed road In Quincy, a deputy reported that he was closing the road at Linden because water was crossing it. CHP was on scene. More water Arlington Road at Johnson Ranch Road was reported flooded. Heavy flooding On Highway 70 near Old Cromberg Road, a man reported that the roadway was flooding heavily and he was almost in an accident. Sandbags required In Quincy, a woman said that Buchanan Street was flooding and that she needed sandbags. When she was told that no sandbags were available she seemed to be unhappy. The fire department was to respond. Are you insured? It was reported that vehicles were going through extremely deep water on Main Street near State Farm in Quincy. 2017. Introduction to Aquaponics --Adam Fuller Lake full It was reported that Bucks Lake was at capacity. Heavy response In Quincy on Circle Drive, a caller reported that there was so much water that when people drove through it, wakes were causing that spread water into the homes. Vacant house In Quincy, it was reported that water was flowing into a vacant house. A deputy was sent. Garage flooding In Greenville on Pioneer Road, a caller reported that her friend's garage was flooding. There and gone In Greenville, a caller reported heavy flooding near Wolf Creek. It was reported that the road department was there and left and the flooding continued. Old Highway Road It was reported that Blackhawk Creek was running under the road and that three culverts were plugged. A caller was worried that the Old Highway Road would wash out because the water was rising so fast. Quincy Junction flooding On the highway between Quincy Junction Road and Lee Road, it was reported that the northbound lane was completed flooded. Another hazard In Greenville, a caller reported a blocked culvert was causing more flooding. Road flooded On Bucks Lake Road, it was reported that water was flowing across the roadway near Riverdance. The eastbound lane was impassable. Bresciani Circle flooding It was reported in Quincy that a neighbor's home was flooding and no one was home. The caller wanted sand bags to divert the water. He said he was elderly and couldn't pick up the sandbags and requested assistance. Quincy Fire said they were filling bags and would sendsomeone out. Animal flooding In Quincy, the CHP reported that a horse was submerged and an officer was trying to help. Disturbance in a store In Quincy, a caller reported a possible domestic problem in a grocery store. It was thought that a woman needed help. 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