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February 22, 2017     Feather River Bulletin
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February 22, 2017

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Bulletin, Record, Progressive, Reporter Wednesday, Feb. 22, 2017 9B Something to sing about. Developing better drugs faster WHERE I STAND and facilitate sharing of road will fork. Instead of example, personalized the process is to enable electronic health record data, deciding whether to go left or testing by splitting breast doctors, insurers and drug PETER J. PITTS researchers could deliverright before he ever begins cancer patients into different companies to share data on better drugs to patients,jogging, he might choose to groups depending on various patients' health outcomes Breast cancer surgeon Dr. faster, postpone the choice untilmeasurements of their after they take new Laura Esserman sings to her In a traditional clinicalactually reaching the fork. health. She tested a FDA-approved medicines. By patients as they go under trial, researchers plan out Perhaps he'd like to observe combination of therapies on analyzing this data; they anesthesia. She tackles any every element of the trial -- which path is muddier or these patients -- and only could uncover patterns that song request, whether it's a from the number of which path has less traffic -- continued testing those that can't be detected even in the top 40 hit or a Broadwayparticipants to the type of and he'll only know when he were found initially effective, largest clinical trials. ballad. This same data to be collected -- before gets there. By not having to run a dud For instance, a clinical patient-centric attitude drove they begin testing. They stick Similarly, researchers treatment through the course trial for a diabetes drug Dr. Esserman to participate to this rigid master planadministering adaptive of a standard clinical trial, might include 1,000 in adaptive clinical trials, a until the trial is complete, clinical trials can modify the adaptive design reduced participants, 10 of whom are game-changing way to test But in an adaptive trial,their tests as they make the cost, time and number of Native American. Perhaps 60 new medications, researchers pre-plan certain observations. Like the patients needed for the trial, percent of all patients It's past time that other m6difications that they can runner, they have to pre-plan The FDA currently permitsrespond well to the drug, but researchers think beyondmake part-way through thewhat choices they'll makeadaptive trials in limited all 10 Native Americans get traditional clinical trials, trial, based on the results and when. But the more instances. Letting their blobd sugar under Adaptive trials can makethey've uncovered so far.flexible trial formula enables researchers use this model control thanks to the drug testing both more Think of it in terms of them to alter the trial in more often would improve medicine. It'simp0ssible to efficient and accurate. It" mapping a run. A runner respone to real-world the drug development tell from such a small sample regulators were to encourage might look at a map and results, process, size whether the medicine greater use of adaptive trials realize that at one point, the Dr. Esserman's trial, forAnother way to improve really is vastly more effective for Native Americans or whether those 10 patients just got lucky. Changing regulations to permit greater sharing of such data would help researchers, unveil rare side effects, complications, or "miracle" results that crop up. Adaptive trials and increased data sharing would deliver better medicines to patients faster and with greater safety. That's something to sing about. Peter d. Pitts, a former FDA Associate Commissioner, is the president and co-founder of the Center for Medicine in the Public Interest. CMPIreceives some funding from l~iopharmaceutical firms, which could bene)qt from adaptive trials. How to navigate the present moment during overwhelming times "It's all so confusing. I news, and tuning into oureffects of this constant media with tolerance, if not congressional can't keep track of what is computers to view the latest exposure means taking a compassion, for the opposite representatives or senators. going on each day. It seems news cycle, break from the ongoing opinion. If we need to We'll always have as many like some new political We need to be informed, bombardment. For others it contribute to an organization different points of view as bombshell is exploding but how much is too much?means changing the anxiety that will protect civil rights, there are eyes that look out hourly. I feel helpless, not That is a question each one of into "action." that's another way to to the world. It takes those knowing how to proceed." COMMUNITY GREEN us must ask ourselves, as we Whether or not we each proceed, various viewpoints to make a These are just some of the all have differing thresholds, decide to express our feelings Regardless of the avenue community, in the same way comments I have heard lately PAMELA NOEL And once we reach that by some type of action is an chosen, each one of us has a that we need a variety of skill about our current state of threshold, how do we copeindividual decision. And if need to feel "heard," which sets in order to exist affairs emanating from makes personal action with, or even mitigate the we do decide to do so, wecan be accomplished in a together. And regardless of Washington. difficult to contemplate, let personal effect that thiseach need to express thatvariety of ways. Some of us what actions are headed our Regardless of what side of alone accomplish. "news" is creating in us? For action or opinion in a sport bumper stickers. Some way from Washington D.C., the political spectrum we call We can only take so muchsome of my family, this respectful manner, ratherof us feel we need to make we are all important to our home, it doesn't matter. "news" into our awareness "news watching" has become than to engage in the our physical presence seen, lives together. Standing Regardless of how one stands before we become weary or somewhat of an addiction -- inflammatory rhetoric that and our voices heard, together in support and on the political continuum or even anxious. Some people almost like watching today's accomplishes little. If we feel whether through standing in understanding will help us to on individual issues, what is are not sleeping well, afraid soap opera or team the need to stand up for a solidarity or marching onmaintain our resilience in happening in our country is of what might happen next. scrimmage. For some of us, certain issue, that is great, Main Street. Others of us feel the face of ever changing all very confusing. This We are watching television limiting the deleterious making sure that we do itmore comfortable writing to events. LETTER, * om page 8B school, either full time or part forgot to mention that they House's reputation. It would he doesn't bankrupt it first). time. Most of them did not mostly protested something in gain GOP support in Congress What a way to Make America The miUennials work and their lifestyle was States carried by Mrs. for two reasons; they'd like to Great Again. What are, rather who are, paid for by the parents or Clinton. Smart. The attitude avoid being pushed into Bill Martin the millennials? There is a student loans. In fact, often clearly established their "net impeachment proceedings Quincy difference of opinion, but the parents were so intent to worth" in the Land of the free and they'd love to activate generally, it is the age group provide their offspring with and they claim the right of Trump's murky plan to Buy a new one of approximately between 17 an education that they free speech to call goodrewarddnajor contractors It's been a slow news week, and 37 years old, or born worked extra jobs or cutcitizens "Nazis." with tax incentives beyond even as I gleefully watch the around 1980 to 2000. expenses to meet the child's A quote: "A Government profits, instead of allocating fake media and the Left lose The observations expressed "needs." The kids became soft which is able to provide a money to states for traditional their minds. herein do not necessarily and spoiled and felt that they : person with everything, is public works projects. As a I would like to take this apply to everyone. There are had no Civil obllgations, usually strong enough:t6 ake :: result, this program could end opportunity to thank all the exceptions to every rule. The Now comes Sanders. He told everything away." up working like an avoidance road crews from Plumas group addressed are for the them that society owes them a Jan Klement of Davis-Bacon prevailingCounty and Cal-Trans that most part the readily living. The taxpayers should Quincy wage rates (sorry, Trump blue keep our roads open during convinced victims of pay for their medical collar supporters), with storms. Thanks also to politicians like Bernie insurance, school cost should A prediction further privatization of Plumas Rural Electric, they Sanders. Mrs. Clinton did not beforgiven and paid for in the The chaotic Trump government functions, too do their best to keep attempt to attract them future by the taxpayers. He Administration appears to be Sadly, if this GOP-style electrons flowing. These because she did not feel that brainwashed them and gave grasping for something to infrastructure program were people are out in the worst they were important. She them lots of reasons to be make its governing look to roll out, we'd be continuing weather doing their jobs knew that she could win unhappy and frustrated, normal, anything that will put down the path of making sure when the rest of us are w ithout them. Sen. Sanders Fortunately they did not vote them in a positive light. To that (as with the health sleeping. attracted thousands of for Hillary. During the '30s minimize the maelstrom of insurance industry) the first To the Plumas County millennials and ran a strong the Nazis went on a binge and secret Russian intrigue and slice of the funds goes toward Board of Supervisors, Really? campaign. Over the years he looted stores, broke windows collusion that's erupted, private profit at public The sixty-five year old snow saw and understood the and generally destroyed POTUS needs a distraction, expense. One side of thisblower you have stationed for mindset of the younger personal property. The Sean Spicer used Lake sleight-of-hand display will be the east end of the county is generation and he decided to activities made history as Oroville's spillway situation claiming efficiencies andnow a "monument" on use it. The majority of them "Krystal Nacht" (Crystallast week as an illustration of savings, while the other hand Grizzly Road, daffodils are were born after the Vietnam Night). The millennials why a massive, nationwide seizes more public money in beginning to grow around the War and were not subject to created their own Krystal infrastructure program (a the form of tax breaks for impeller. I suggest formal the draft which was almost Nacht, burned property, Trump campaign plank) isthose who need them the burial at sea, with full honors, discontinued in 1973. They damaged cars, injured police needed. And it is. least, twenty-one gun salute and a enjoyed the good life, free of officers and broke lots of glass Massive infrastructure Lobbyist Grover Norquist parting prayer. wars and turmoil. Most of window panes (hence the spending has been needed for of Americans for Tax Reform Question: Why do you have them had a car, money in crystal). All of which some time. It's popular with may yet get his wish of the "newer" snow blower (It is their pockets and attended a belonged to law obeying, hard the public and would drowning a smaller U.S. an awesome, and impressive working citizens. I almost certainly improve the White government in the bathtub (if machine when it's at work.) stationed in Graeagle? The snow is not there (this year) in sufficient quantity to justify leaving it idle. I recommend you purchase another snow blower (to replace the carcass of the dead one you just buried at sea) instead of taking the salary you have not earned. Buy it during the summer, they go on sale then. There are used commercial snow blowers in the 200k range, anything after the year 1952 would be an improvement. Trent Saxton Lake Davis Tranquility Today, I sat beneath the cover of my niece's patio, watching a whiff of a breeze gently playing with the fronds of their graceful palm trees. Her patio sits on a slight incline that gives a view of the valley and the open sky at the far horizon. How tranquil for me. At the same time, a man in the White House was using his powerful pen to destroy the present and future of that tranquility for the majority of the people he was elected to protect and serve. How tragic for the nation. Salvatore Catalano Simi Valley L LL L:~LL:_LL LL5 5 L:::5:~::::~ Contact your elected officials PLUMAS COUNTY SUPERVISORS - 520 Main Street, Room 309, Quincy, CA 95971; (530) 283-6170; FAX: (530) 283-6288; E-Mail: Individual supervisors can be e-mailed from links on the county website: PRESIDENT - (As Of Jan. 20, 2017) Donald J. Trump, the White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., NW Washington, D.C. 20500. (202) 456-1414. Fax: 202-456-2461. E-mail: U.S. SENATOR - Dianne Feinstein (D), 331 Hart Senate Office Bldg., Washington, D.C. 20510. (202) 224-3841; FAX: 202-228-3954; TrY/TDD: (202) 224-2501. District Office: One Post Street, Suite 2450, San Francisco, CA 94104; Phone: (415) 393-0707; Fax: (415) 393-0710. Website: feinstein .senate .gov. U.S. SENATOR - (As of Jan. 3, 2017) Kamala Harris (D). U,S. REPRESENTATIVE, 1st DIST. - Doug LaMalfa. 506 Cannon HOB, Washington, D.C. 20515. (202) 225-3076.;; twitter: @RepLaMalfa. DISTRICT OFFICE: 2862 Olive Hwy, Suite D, Omvflle, CA 95965, (530) 534-7100, FAX (530) 534-7800. STATE SENATOR, 1st DIST. - Ted Gaines. State Capitol, Room 3070, Sacramento, CA 95814. (916) 651-4001, FAX: (916) 324-2680. E1 Dorado Hills Constituent Service Center: 4359 Town Center Boulevard, Suite 112, E1 Dorado Hills, CA 95762. (916) 933-7213, FAX (916) 933-7234. Redding Constituent Service Center: 1670 Market St., Suite 244, Redding, CA 96001, (530) 225-3142, FAX (530) 225-3143. Plumas County Animal Shelter 201 N Mill Creek Road, Quincy, CA 95971 1530) 283-3673 STATE ASSEMBLYMAN, 1st DIST. - Brian Dahle, State Capitol, Suite 2158, Sacramento, CA 94249-00001, (916) 319-2001; FAX (916) 319-2103. District Office: 280 Hemsted Dr., Ste. #110, Redding, CA 96002; (530) 223- 6300, FAX (530) 223-6737. GOVERNOR - Jerry Brown, office of the Governor, State Capitol, Suite 1173, Sacramento, CA 95814. Website: 445-2841. FAX: (916) 558-3160. I 'l li~ II I I I TITUS is an unaltered male American Bull dog. He's a very quiet, sweet boy who keeps a clean kennel. SPANKY is a lO-year-old Chihuahua. He is a neutered male, current on shots and housebroken. He is sweet and should be in a home with no small children. DASH is a lO-year- old neutered male brindle Dachshund. He is current on shots and housebroken. He's very sweet and should be in a home without any l young children, Our office hours are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 8am-5pm. Saturday viewing is by appointment only. Office hours are subject to change due to staffing; calling prior to visiting shelter is recommended. All potential adopters must complete an adoption consultation form and be approved prior to adoption. Adoption fees are $10 for dogs and cats, license fee for dogs is $15 per year. Your Local Full Service Pet & Feed Store 362 Crescent St., Quincy (next to Feather River Fitness) Nutretm- Excellence InMde" For more information or to view more pets, visit us at