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February 25, 2015     Feather River Bulletin
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February 25, 2015

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Bulletin, Record, Progressive, Reporter Wednesday, Feb. 25, 2015 13B Tom Rahn displays a tasty catch as a young boy living at Round Valley Reservoir, Rahn grew up A house stands on the edge Of Round Valley Reservoir at the end of a wooden bridge over the on the lake, which used to be a resort complete with boats and rental cabins, dam. Now the site is home to only a vault toilet. ROUND VALLEY, page 1B on the Plumas County Board of Supervisors, and told him he needed a better road to the reservoir. The paving began the next day. "That was how things worked back then," said Rahn. Electricity was installed at the resort in 1959. Before he died, Bath spent several winters on the lake. He is rumored to have once seen a black mountain lion. People used to ice skate on the reservoir all winter. Tom's wife, Maggie Rahn, said, "If you look at the stumps still in the lake, you'll notice they are burned." The scorched stumps are quite possibly not the result of any forest fire, however. The Rahns believe, based on the tales they've been told and the absence of any documented fire occurring on the land under the lake, that ice skaters used to pour kerosene on the stumps and light them up so they could skate by fireliglt. -'stories like these-ar ' the '''" reason the Rahns object to water transfers from Round Valley and are concerned about the lake's health. Rahn said those who use the lake for fishing and boating could lose part of their sporting season, or all of it, if the water levels are allowed to drop low enough for the water shield plant to flourish and take over. Water shield grows in some local reservoirs, and uses a lot of water to survive. It is actually harvested as a delicacy in the Far East. A few attempts have been made to find some economic value in it here, to no avail. For the time being, the plant just grows and spreads throughout the spring and continues to cover much of the lake. Rahn, who has a master's degree in biology, said there has not been enough research to determine just how quickly the plant could take over if water levels continue to drop. Indian Valley Community Services District General Manager Jesse Lawson has proposed a new attempt to transfer water in 2015, arid holds to his point of view that taking 1,000 acre-feet of water out of the reservoir would not affect its health. Lawson regularly takes his sons fishing on the lake. "I wouldn't let any harm come to that reservgiripi' / . Lawson said: "I taught my kids to fish there. They grew up on that reservoir, the same as anyone else in this community." Rahn emphasized that the reservoir is important to Nick Bath enjoys his resort at Round Valley Reservoir in the early part of the 20th century. Photos submitted Indian Valley's economy. "Maybe not as important as in the past when the resorts operated," he said, "but more than just a reservoir." Rahn is one of a substantial alliance of community members who object to any water sales from Round Valley. But his perspective is a little iiYe'n: Most objeVt0VS,  ...... fofiS fheir'hrgumenis' bn'the question of which actual rights the services district holds to the water, according to the Indian Creek Decree and federal law. Rahn fears that water taken from the reservoir through water transfers year after year will dry it up and turn it back into a mud flat. Round Valley used to be the only source of drinking water for the city of Greenville. In 2010, a high-tech water treatment plant was built downstream of the reservoir, but was abandoned just a few years later for wells installed and funded duringthe,same time period. Lawson said he was opposed to building the $2.4 million dollar membrane treatment plant and wanted to find a backup source of water. He received a grant to drill for well water and found exactly what he hoped to find "great water." Lawson said he is highly satisfied with the performance of the wells, and they are much less expensive to operate than the treatment plant. However, some community members complain about the well water. It's been suggested in meetings that the water, which passes lab tests with flying colors, is actually staining their appliances. Some people say they don't like how it tastes and therefore have been buying up cases of bottled water. A local rancher who wished to remain anonymous due to ongoing consultation with attorneys on the matter raised the question: If the water in Round Valley Reservoir is not being used to drink, that frees it up for a transfer, doesn't it? Lawson told Feather Publishing the sole reason for switching over was to save time and money, and improve the quality of the water in Greenville. ," The,debae.ovewhether,, tb KeeiJ" Wafe'iil:or take if "' ' out of Round Valley continues in almost every services district meeting. One community member or another with a mission to protect the water; and therefore the health of the lake, has spoken up at most meetings this reporter has attended, Lawson has repeatedly assured the community that his intention is to sell only 1,000 acre-feet of water. He said this amount is less than what typically spills over the flashboards at the dam every year: Lawson said the reservoir started spilling over Feb. 10. "If we had transferred the water, we would have room now to hold what is currently spilling over." Basically, why not sell the water we end up giving away for free? Rahn said in all his years of living on the reservoir, he rarely, if ever, saw the reservoir spill over in the fall or early winter. Depending on what time of year the transfer was made, and considering the unpredictability of what could happen as a result of the transfer, he said any removal of water could have an effect on the lake's water levels and how quickly water shield can flourish. Lawson agreed that water Shel@ i a-n p0rtant-faco to diSider, but Said that it grows in Water 2 - 10 feet deep. He said the lake is currently 18 - 20 feet deep, and that his intention to protect the health of the lake is as meaningful as anyone's. Sudoku Puzzle #3476-D 4 1 3 Difficult 1 5 2 3 1 6 8, 4 7 9 i 2 3 1 6 2 8 3 34 1 6 4 A F E A R E D L E AR B O OD R E I" O V E R T O N E SSO ABSENTS AMA CLOTURE XO F CO LATE S ORS RGENHAT NE ASBODE IIP I l F Is a P -6 g N E D N-R-O il -ST D -ET -RN y B'TTNA S S ,EllA ENiA E R I E MAN M I XTAP E ACT AV I AT ED N T I N E=S T E R S Sudoku Soh ition #3475-D 796 832 154 528 479 6 1 3 967 345 281 811 5 214 3 i 617 4 119 5 i 3 9 2 618 7 9 6 7 413 1 1=2 3 815 6 54 8 917 2 45 1 312 8 2:8 6 711 9 73 9 516 4 Winter Outlook Across 11 12 13 - 1 Great Salt Lake's state %1 5 Caribbean spot 9 Promotes aggressively 14 Comic strip possum 15 1040 preparers, maybe 16 Indian coin Sister of Rose Red ...... 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