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February 28, 2001     Feather River Bulletin
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February 28, 2001

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Wednesday, Feb. 28, 2001 Community News ' lis habitat areas (YELLOWHAs). vival, and to safeguard it's i,~ Then, to assure the frog's sur- Be gene pool, we need'to somehow interconnect these via protect- ed ribbiting areas (PRAs), or at the least protected frog con'i- on the planting offish in the dors (PFCs). In doing this. the According to Rex, it appears environmentalist groups have won the fight to reclaim the national forests from the evil, profit-seeking loggers and mill owners, home builders, furni- ture and paper manufacturers, wood-fired electrical power plants and a lot of despicable others, including wood getters. Calm will soon settle over our forest lands and we will rejoice in the knowledge that all of our forest creatures will again live in harmony, undisturbed by humankind. Well, at least that's the drift of what he heard. He says this is Jake with him, but he would like to go a step or two further. You can't buy a can of tuna without it be- ing certifmd as "dolphin free." When you purchase this tuna, you are assured the fish was caught in a manner that did not harm dolphins. Why can't we do something similar with wood products now being brought in to the U.S.? Label all these foreign goods as being harvested in an environmen- tally pleasing manner. The standards should be no less, no more, than we have for our own timber harvesting prac- tices. To back up this Policy, we need to have inspectors out there making sure that timber is in fact being harvested in foreign lands using acceptable environmental guidelines. If this certification cannot be made, let's go elsewhere for our lumber and wood product needs. Remember the message, "Act locally, think globally." If we do, forest vegetation, in- sects and animals all over the world will receive the same benevolent treatment as they do here. yellow-legged frog's alpine frog will be able to travel un- lake homes. They have found molested as it merrily hops fish eat the frogs and their ba- from one lake to another in its bies. An amazing discovery, quest for new habitat and ro- Now, if you are in the frog mantic conquests. business getting rid of the fish, Then, what about the red- this is a right move. Yet, just legged frog, who at one time the winding down of fish plant- ranged over most of Califor- ing is not sufficient to assure nia's mid to lower elevation the survival of the yellow- lakes, ponds, rivers and wet- legged critter. Let's stop the lands? fish planting, in conjunction What's wrong with doing the with removing all of our finny same thing as is being pro- friends from these high eleva- posed for its yellow-legged tion lakes. Due to a lack ofcousin? spawning areas in most alpine waters, fish planting has been Survival of this frog is our a continual need in order toprime intent and nothing keep fishermen satisfied, should stop us. By necessity, we need to go after the red- But, even if the planting islegged frog villains, including stopped, it will still take years bull frogs, herons, bass, trout for the fish to eventually die and other fish and immerse out. Speeding the process upourselves in the red-legged through the use of a productfrog raising, frog protecting like rotenone is not a consider- business. aton here, since this chemical has a tendency to zonk yellow- Rex feels if we sincerely in- legged tadpoles along with the tend getting into the preserva- trout. Fortunately, most of tion movement, it can't be these alpine lakes are on the done halfway. None of this small side, so nets can be used. "not in my backyard" environ- Fish-free lakes might bother a mentalism. If our unfettered few people, but what the heck. environmental regulations are They can always go some- good for the spotted owl, Call- where else. fornia fisher, and a whole range of other selected species, We also need to set up a net- why shouldn't they apply work of yellow-legged frog en- equally to frogs? vironmental havens (including lakes, ponds and wetlands) like As the big red dog has been we have done for the spottedknown to say, "If you won't eat owl. The owl now has over your own cooking, don't open 1,300 interconnected spotteda restaurant." owl habitat areas (SOHAs), along with adjacent protected flying domains. In total, this amounts to nearly two million acres, on just national forest lands. Rex wonders if we can justify doing less for the yel- low-legged frog? At last count, there were some 800 alpine lakes floating I~t~ng vCt~~li'o~~::'~ung0m there,~sdeclare these as yellow-legge~I frog II UMNI AII$OCEAL I$ Located in downtown Graeagle (530) 836-1234 HOW MANY HOMES? 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Your Realtor advocate can produce just the right buyer! Call Kay or Leah today! By Terlri I~&c~r Portota Editor :: When sprin~ils around and you pull out~tenms , shoes, there is oneZ~ilg you I1 want to do before putt~them on---check for ciaUy spiders like recluse which hay to Plumas County and are growing in numbers. : The brown recluse has a bad reputation, and rightly~sO for many who have been bit- ten. However, they are not ag- gressive and normally bite on- ly when crushed, handled or disturbed. The brown recluse is aptly named, since it is a reclusive creature seeking and prefer- ring seclusion. When a bite does occur, the severity of a person's reaction depends on the amount of ven- om injected and individual sensitivity to it. Bite effects may be nothing at all, immediate or delayed. Fatalities are rare, but bites are most dangerous for chil- dren, the elderly and those in poor physical condition. Some may not be aware of the bite for two to eight hours, where others feel a stinging sensation, which can be fol- lowed by severe pain when having a severe reaction. Bites start out as a small Plumas County Lassen County Route 70 - Crack-sealing Route 299 - Pavement re- operation from Mt. Tomba to pair operations from the Cromberg, Feb. 26 - March 2. Lassen/Shasta County line to One-way traffic control he- Big Valley Mountain, Feb. 26 tween 8:30 a.m. - 3 p.m. De- - Mar. 2. One-way traffic con- lays--10 minutes, trol between 8:30 a.m. and3 .... p.m. Delays--10 minutes. dent ical attention is glass. "'~I white blister, which is sur- rounded by a large, red, swollen area. Within one to two days, a systemic reaction may occur, characterized by restlessness, fever, chills, nausea, weakness and joint pain. Blood poison- ing has also been known to oc- cur. The spider's venom con- tains an enzyme that destroys cell membranes in the wound area, with affected tissue grad- ually falling away, exposing underlying tissues. Within 24 hours, the bite can erupt into a volcano le- sion, a hole in the flesh due to damaged, gangrenous tissue. The open wound can range from thumbnail sized to the span of a hand and, in some cases, requires plastic surgery and skin grafts. If bitten, try to collect the spider if possible, for positive a glass to a surface to, venture ~;: come trapped. ~:: Apply i~ ~! prevent packs directly to t to relieve and pain. There are tions bites from the bro~ Shake out shoes before spect bedding fore using. People are ten when putting, that has shoes which into which a spider moved. Do not go dle firewood Remove trash, piles of lumber, old and from the livin .E and other Dust and vacua~ oughly around windows rooms, under storage areas and undisturbed places nate spiders, sacs. 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