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March 14, 2001     Feather River Bulletin
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March 14, 2001

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Record, Reporter Wednesday, March 14, 2001 11B OUINCY COMMITTEE of the Quincy would their apprecia- County Supervisors and our supporters of 13 of this year, the their stamp of ap- pian for which retains all and evergreen I large lawn area and adds some much needed parking in the downtown area. Grant money from the state and federal government will greatly reduce the local dol- lars spent on the utility and road portion of this project, but won't be available for at least 6-8 months. The board therefore approved a proposal from our committee that will allow a volunteer force to par- ticipate, this year, in the con- struction of the park, includ- ing the irrigation system. They also agreed to pay for the materials that we need for the volunteer work out of pre- viously budgeted funds for the plaza. We have gotten a lot of interest in this idea and many people have already volun- teered their time and equip- ment to make it a reality. Our plan is to break ground as soon as the soft conditions allow, and to work on consec- utive weekends (excluding Easter weekend) until the work is complete. Tentatively, we could begin as soon as the end of this month, with a com. pletion date of late April or early May, depending on how long it takes for the ground to dry out. In the meantime, the Streetscape Committee is in the process of organizing work parties. To bring some organization to that effort, we are blocking out items of work and the numbers of people and equipment required to ac- complish them. The types of work ahead of us are earth-moving, raking, putting up a temporary fence, trenching, raking, placing plastic pipe and sprinklers, raking, seeding and fertiliz- ing. Did I mention raking?. There21 be a lot of that. Once we get under way, our inten- tion is to publish progress re- ports and the upcoming work schedule in the Bulletin. At this point, we'd like to is- sue an invitation (maybe "challenge" would be a better word) to other nonincorporat- ed communRies in Plumas County. Our streetscape com- mittee has been involved in the planning and funding of the plaza project and the High- way 70 rehabilitation project for about four years now. It was fortunate for us that Caltrans was planning a $9 million rehabilitation project through Quincy so that we could supplement some of the improvements they were plan- ning with work we wanted to see accomplished, but that is not the only source of funds being used in this job. Coordination with these kinds of major projects is good strategy for local citi- zens, and one that Caltrans is just beginning to see as a fac- tor in building better relation- ships with people in the towns they serve. The point we're making is this: if your community wants to see these kinds of improve- ments in your downtown dis- tricts, you need to start with an organization that is willing to put in the time required to fmd out what your communi- ty wants and then prepare a plan so that it can be imple- mented when the opportunity presents itself. The Quincy Streetscape Committee has some experience in this and we are willing to help other communities get started, if we are asked. As mentioned above, we have quite a few volunteers for the Dame Shirley Plaza project already. There is room for additional help, however (especially if you own a rake), and if you'd like to be a part of this project, you still can. We still need people and equipment, as well as cash to feed our workers and cover miscellaneous ex- penses. If you would like to help, please contact one of our two volunteer coordinators and let them know what you'd like to help with, and what day or days you can be there. If you can't be there to lend a hand, please take the time to send a check to: Quincy Streetscape Committee, P.O. Box 1035, Quincy, CA 95971. Well use it to help make the plaza green. Our volunteer co- ordinators are: Valerie Nellor, 283-3739, and Judi Madden, 283-1605, If no one answers, leave a message and they will get back to you. I must contain an address number. We publish letter per week, per per- one letter per person, D regarding the same do not publish third- letters. Letters must | to a maximum of 300 in excess of 300 be cut by the editor. is Friday at 3 p.m. be taken to any of 's offices, sent or e-mailed at "Perspective" says, Forest Service' by lo- and teacher really concerns Is either very unedu- the issues concern- resources and be shown the' truth curltent,con- ~ national forests simply been duped Club's "let it its natural poll- Way, she made it that she has no real Idlng of the short consequences released Sierra ork, to the of our environ. rural communities. desperate need of highly skilled ' trained for- commonly and foresters, probably stop the Quincy Li- meetings education on group thinks of the She would leave understanding under no cir- with the lab and is to appeal the deci- it does not allow implemented as Congress! opinion piece ob- in research on & simple read of the Accounting Of- :5-om April 1999 de- serious and cata- on more of inland all of which to explode with nillion acres and burned last year evidence of the of our forests to thinning. four more years and the entire system will to hands-off like the Frame. 'advocate. hear that and educator md uned- facts, but ff Ms. interested in truth and seeing I'd be more than it. My hum- book. hasn't read 1999 or the Too much of that doc- If Mr. Reichle's salary is "a she been able little over" $71,000 a year that out that the comes to $5916 a month, if he practical- cannot possibly live off that, local USFS of anythen he needs to trim his lmple- spending habits, I would say! merit any fuel reduction man- I'm sure there are a lot of men agement of our forests, at the local mill that work five Prescribed fire will be the times harder and 12 to 14 hour ultimate tool of choice for fuel shifts that don't make half as redtiction and tens of thou- much. sands of acres now choked Maybe he and Mr. Stretch with overgrown forests will be. could trade a clothing al- lit on fire risking the loss of lowance for it instead? Who in more of our forests, their right mind would pay Ask the folks in Tobin and $800 for a pair of pants and Belden Town how their in- shirt? Think about what he's come from tourism was affect- asking and then take a survey ed by last year's Storrie Fire. of people who really work for Or talk to the residents in less. Lake Almanor about the fear Nancy Webb they felt at the prospect of a Greenville roaring wildfire burning their homes. Or how about the fam. Make it and break it flies of those who died in the Fall 2000--the board of su- fires in Berry Creek and Con- pervisors makes a motion and cow? I doubt you'll find any- votes four to one to have the one to agree with Ms. Gray, residents of Sierra Valley Her statement that, "It is (S.V.) decide what kind of de- true that the Framework does velopment, business and land place increased restrictions use would occur and how that on logging for profit in the ha- would happen; a general plan, tional forests of the Sierra designed by people who live in Nevada region, the valley. .......... ,, ,"However, rather haa fear . With.thevecent leetion of a - the economic impact of such new supervisor that decision restrictions, we might rather seems to be in jeopardy. The remind ourselves that the tim. new supervisor representing ber industry represents only 3 eastern Plumas County has percent of the overall econo- decided he has a better idea of my of our region," is more what we want than we do. Af- than outrageous and implies ter many meetings, we are in that if the timber industry the midst of organizing ideas represented SO to 60 or 70 per- for our S.V. plan and rather cent of the economy the peo- than waiting he has asked the pie whose livelihoods depend board to reconsider a particu- on the industry would belar amendment which is not more important and thus consistent with the proposals make a difference in the deci- given by the valley residents. sion. I think the call for people to So essentially she and oth- get involved and take active ers of her opinion place those roles in the decisions made in ofus in the "3 percent" catego- our communities was heard ry as less important and thus by the people of S.V. We have expendable, Not a new con- been before the board many cept from the extreme envi- times expressing our views ronmentalist and one rye ar- and are now close to the end gued against for years. I of a hard-worked solution. We would suggest that she volun- accepted the challenge to de- teer to go to Loyalton and visit velop a plan for S.V. Now I with the 170 families who are challenge the board to live up right now facing the economic to its word and vote. Allow us hardships and emotional fur- to f'mish what we have started moil of the real economic ira- without any decisions which pact from the Frame-up, the would be contrary to the plan permanent closure of their we would adopt. mill, and discuss with them I ask the board to vote to ac- that they should not "fear" cept a moratorium of all use, such changes, we've got special use permits and tourism! That should relieve amendments in S.V. until our their anxiety, pay the bills plan is finished. and feed their families Ms. Lindsey Gordon Gray. Beckwourth My fear is that not only does Ms. Gray represent a misin- A ~ l~m4m formed public opinion about For many years, I worked as management of our forests part of the Feather Publishing and the importance of the tim- team in this area as the editor bar industry to that manage- of the Westwood PinePress. I merit she has the opportunity started in early 1981 and to express her personal opin- shortly after, another new- ions in of her classroom, comer, Arlie (Ring) Holland, m informed people spread- joined me in Westwood once a ing misinformation are very week as the advertising repro- dangerous and teaching mis- sentative. It was a momentous guided principles about our event and looking back over environment to our young20 years, it is strange to think people is a very frightening of Arlie not being a part of the thin_g but unfortunately a real- paper. ity marly times. Arlie caused a stir wherev- There's nothing wrong with er she sent. She has an excite people expressing their per- ment and aura around her sonal opinion but Ms. Gray's that you can't help but get assumptions are not ones I caught up in. I looked forward find factual and in no way to her weekly visits on want my children to learn as Wednesday. While we worked the truth, in my little ,off'me, we talked, Rose Comstockshared and built some impor- Quincy taut bonds that I still hold dear. The newspaper business can be unforgiving. You are only as good as the last edi- tion and often one miscue can shoot your whole day. When that haPpened, we were there for each other. Through Arlie I became part of a particularly close group of employees at the Chester Progressive. Our friendship went beyond the daily business of our jobs and it was a wonderful support network. Our fearless leader, Arline Shrum, who I truly ad- mire, kept us in line and looked out for us as well. The birthday lunches, holiday potlucks, little impromptu happening~ that we did, made my years with the newspaper special ones. In recent years, only Arlie and Arline remained from our special "crew." Arlie was al- ways destined for something special and she has worked hard to achieve what she has. l have only respect and affec- tion for her. She went through tough times, raised two won- derful children on her own, was a dedicated daughter and finally found happiness for - herself with Dutch. In her :- work-life etthe newspaper and the re~l estate Office, she always gave 100 percent. She truly cares about her cus- tomers and clients and goes that extra mile for them. It is one of the reasons she has been so successful. People come and go in the scheme of things, and Arlie's shoes will be ably filled by her successors at the paper. For me, however, I will always have a special feeling for "the way we were..." so many years ago. Good luck Arlie! Mary Hasselwander Westwood Hudng t te The date has been changed for the hearing before the Board of Supervisors for Sier- ra Aggregates Application for a Zoning Change. The new date is April 3 at 1:30 p.m. Two parcels are affected. From Agricultural Preserve to Heavy Industrial Zoning on 179 acres and Agricultural Preserve to Limited Opportu- nity on 158 acres. Limited op- portunity will allow sub-divid- ing for parcels and develop- ment instead of agriculture and open space. Patricia Wormington Sierra Valley Down ffto sower Some three days ago, while helping President Bush work on my income tax rebate, I re- ceived a very surprising phone call. I was told Greenville Sewage Dumping 't sit pound had raised its ugly head again. Many people thought Greenville residents had buried this sordid project a couple of years ago, for once and for all. Last I read in the paper was Chester was all for this pro- ject in their backyard. The way things are going, all our new housing developments are being built in and around Lake Almanor where this sewage will be generated. Why shouldn't it stay in Chester or the Lake Almanor area where it's generated? Don't misunderstand, I know they've got all the money and power Greenville people don't have. I went to a lot of expense and trouble seeing that the south and east. ends of Greenville got a sewer system, so septic tanks and cesspools importance for Portolans and me. I think we all want to avoid a poisoning of the lake again. But CDFG continues to attack Portola businesses by attacking the lake and the pike. As of today, March 7, the Department of Fish and Game has not lived up to its agree- ment in some ways, It did send me a packet of material concerning hiring a consul- taut regarding Lake Davis and using explosives in the lake to eliminate pike. However, it has not updated its Web site < pike/index.html> so that I may keep abreast of the Steer- ing Committee activities in a timely manner. Actually, it re. moved some information Feb. 26, but quickly replaced it on the next day when I com- would not have to be pumped, plained via e-mail. I'm told, although I've not CDFG has not posted .a . seen a notice, that a pubrfc' "pfd 're|ea's 'slfl d Mar k meeting will be held~, i,n ~20~;~has fi'ctt~#ost~d stbe~. Greenville March 14. If this letter's printed, it will be on that day. I also understand the last meeting only had one in- dividual property owner pre- sent, meeting great opposi- tion. One person cannot do much by themselves stopping this project when they have to deal with Indian Valley C.S.D. Boar by themselves. Surely hope some Greenville residents who will have to live and play by this raw sewage pond can find a way of attending this meeting and voicing their opinion once again. Floyd Austin Greenville sto Some inaccuracies were contained in the letter "The real story" printed in the pa- per March 7. I would be grate. ful if you would allow me to correct them at this time. First, the lawsuit in ques. tion was not dismissed by Judge Park in Sacramento. He merely continued the case subject to the stipulations up- on which the state and I agreed. He has continuing ju- risdiction over the case for five years. One of the main points of the suit was t{r expose the se. crecy of CDFG regarding its activities on Lake Davis. Its continuing efforts .to maintain this secrecy by filing exemp- tion notices to avoid the Cali- fornia Environmental Quality Act rea uirements was of great ing Committee minutes~stfic~ ~:~ Oct. 6, 1999; it has not posted Steering Committee meeting notes since Oct. 30, 2000; it has not posted a Steering Commit- tee agenda on the Web before a meeting at all. Although it has posted the Feb. 23, 2001 agenda, and others, but after the meetings took place. I have directed my attorney to go back to court and seek compliance by CDFG with the judgment since the depart- ment was mandated by Judge Park to provide this informa- tion on the Web. The packet of information concerning hiring of a consul- taut and using explosives was forwarded by me to County Supervisor B.J. Pearson, Por- tola City Administrator Jim Murphy and others. As for Mrs. Rou lebush, she knew that CDFG was plan- ning to hire a consultant and use explosives even while she , was serving as your supervi- sor. As to overseeing CDFG, that was not what I originally wanted out of the lawsuit. However, I am willing to abide by the agreement, that the state attorneys wrote, and uphold the law for myself, the residents of Crocker Moun- tain and Portolans. Copies of the judgment are available at Supervisor Pear- son's Portola office and at Por- tola City Hall for public in- spection. Jack W. Herzberg Chilcoot II and do yOU. :ers to the J