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March 14, 2012     Feather River Bulletin
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March 14, 2012

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Bulletin, Record, Progressive, Reporter .Wednesday, March 14, 2012 9B Howto ,00ead o00t'headaches nat:urally (0000art IV) R C-FORCE HEALTH AND FITNESS • " CHUCK NORRIS spice ginger might be anoth- er natural cure for headaches because it improves blood circulation, Researchers at Odense University in Den- mark believe ginger blocks prostaglandins, substances that cause pain and inflam- mation in blood vessels. They recommend a third of a tea- spoon of powdered ginger daily in oatmeal, etc. Also, taking 100- 200 milli- grams daffy of coenzyme Q10 with ubiquinol, a vitamin-like compound critical for cellular life that helps enzymes create energy, has been shown to reduce migraine headaches. Q: Hello, Mr. Norris. I'm a big "C-Force" fan, and I've re- ally enjoyed this series you've done on how certain nutrients can help treat and prevent headaches. So what about exercise and herbs? I've gotten a lot of relief from slow jogging• --Sonia C. Tempe, Ariz. A: In Part 1, I answered a reader's question about what foods we can eat and elimi- nate from our diet to help us naturally prevent and treat headaches. In Part 2, I addressed an- other reader's question about what vitamins play a natural role in relieving headaches. In Part 3, I discussed the role certain minerals can play in helping to treat and prevent headaches. (Parts 1, 2 and 3 are all available at Regarding herbs, the edi- tors of Prevention reported that some university tests and other studies show that Feverfew is probably the most popular herb touted as a natural remedy for headaches, commonly taken in 100. or 125-milligram doses. Like so many other natural herb remedies, feverfew affects blood circulation health -- relaxing blodd vessels, de- creasing inflammation and improving circulation within the brain. Feverfew often is combined with magnesium and ribo- flavin for migraine relief. Feyerfew also is combined with ginger in the product GelStat, which has had success in some headache treatment centers. There are other contribu- tors to headaches -- for ex- ample, not eating regularly (which causes low blood sug- ar and alters bodily chemi- cals) and smoking (which in- creases the risks of stroke and headaches). Reducing stress, practicing relaxation and improving sleep patterns are all helpful to preventing and reducing headaches, too. Nutrition expert and author Joy Bauer further points out, "Research shows that physical therapy, when performed by a licensed physical therapist, is effec- tive at treating migraines when paired with acupunc- ture, acupressure, biofeed- back or massage." A study in the journal Neurology also found that being overweight is linked to severity and frequency of migraines. Fitness magazine similarly reported that "physically inactive adults are at least one and a half times more likely to suffer from recurring headaches and migraines than those who exercise vigorously at least three times a week," according to a recent Swedis h study. Intense and unusual forms of exercise can actually exacerbate headaches, but regular low-impact exercise (such as walking, swimming and low-speed cycling) has been proved to reduce frequency, severity and duration of headaches by reducii]g tension. In October, Men's Health reported that though one in five people who suffer from migraines regarded exercise as a trigger, "a new study published in the journal ' Cephalalgia found that 40 minutes of cycling three times a week had the same preventative effect on migraines as medication and relaxation exercises," according to the Swedish researchers. But don't go crazy on a stationary bike or treadmill; slowly work up to a moderate speed and intensity. And always stretch and warm up before you exercise. Low-impact exercise can help headaches by minimiz- ing blood vessel inflamma- tion via the release of endor- phins, the body's natural painkillers, and because exercise reduces muscle tension and improves blood flow to the brain, Fitness magazine offers - one more suggestion: yoga. Researchers at the Univer- sity of Rajasthan in India discovered that three months of yoga could z'educe the frequency and overall intensity of migraines by half or more. Gwen Lawrence, a sports yoga instructor in Westch- ester, N.Y.; told Fitness: "The skills you build with yoga translate to better form during other exercises as well and will give you more support, and therefore stability, in your neck and skull. The end result is fewer headaches." As always, consult with your physician or health . practitioner before changing your diet or altering your physical activity. Copyright 2012 Chuck Norris Distributed by Find organic right in own b,00!ckyard foWot;hi?g IJ:atheerdgat dn  ?dlfctS2 dmT ! !:u!t?ntO boards across his planting areas whenever it was neces- sary to stand on a planting area hours he spent (or so I thought ....  at the time) on superfluous posing leafy matter I saw sow The other thing he was -- thus distributing his weight activities. Dragging cuttings  bugs and worms wiggling in adamantly opposed to was for less soil compaction. to big pries, stacking them " his hands. "These guys are "soil compacti0n." He would When he brought a new distinguished it from its sur- and watering them, he would tend these piles as much as he tende d his newly planted seedlings. I remembered asking him why he spent so much time with the "trash." Mind you, I was 6 years old at the time. He laughed and told me he was making "organic gold." I immediately asked him if that meant we would be rich with all that gold. Did we have a safe to keep it in when it became gold? Thus began my education into compost- ing and the building of soft. Where we lived we had a very soil. Rain and " COMMUNITY GREEN PAMELA NOEL irrigation challenged the soil, introducing big cracks and fissures into it. As a result my dad started a life-long campaign to mend and build the soft, leading it back to health. He explained that the "organic gold" that he was making would not result in riches to store in a safe, but riches that we would store in the soil, healing the garden so that it would make better vegetables. At that point he what changes these leaves in- to humus and the 'black gold' I'm talking about. They eat up these leaves, making it .in- to soil." Of course the process is a little more complicated. He didn't choose to explain the role of bacteria and fungi in the process. He was merely showing a 6-year-old what could be seen. There were two other things I observed about my dad and his relationship to his garden. He would amend his soil with different compo- nents. In his arsenal were blood meal, kelp powder, dolomite,-mar/ure land lava inwardly and outwardly groan when a piece of heavy equipment such as a cater- pillar would start pushing soil around on one of his landscape jobs. He was think- ing about how long it would take to bring that soil back to health, while having only a few months to organize a beautiful garden on this compacted soil. In his own vegetable garden he did not want us treading on the planting areas, explaining that plant roots need softness and air in the soil so that the roots could drink and absorb nutrients. He carefully laid area into cultivation, the first few years he would do what is known as double digging. This digging down twice and introducing organic compost would end when the soil was "healed." He did not be- lieve in tilling the soil with mechanical means as he felt it destroyed the structure of the soil, and harmed the insect population below. After he built up his soil he developed permanent beds that required a minimum of disturbance when planting each year. Some of his perma- nent beds were raised, some were surrounded by concrete rounding earth. He gently introduced a pitchfork into it, rocking it back, so that air entered the soil. (I have since purchased a broad fork that accomplishes the same thing.) Squatting like a toad in the sun he would tend his beds, thin seedlings, pull weeds and sing to his plants. Some might even say his garden could feel his energy. Com- ' post was a great part of the magic he used in caring for his soil. And each year his garden responded by produc- • ing a "Findhorn-like" bounty of vegetables for our family and neighbors. CALL A PROFESSIONAL TODAY! FISHING & FUELING FLOORING INSPECTION/REPAIR Kathy Pettigrew 12years experience in skin care therapies. 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