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March 14, 2012     Feather River Bulletin
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March 14, 2012

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1213 Wednesday, March 14, 2012 Bulletin, Record, Progressive, Reporter LETTERS, from page 11B Don't forget to bring in your treasures to donate so we can keep the doors of our "boutique" open and blessing our community. Lesley Oliver Indian Falls A shame The recall election is a shame. It is not a seam or sham. The Dan Wilson that Brenda Ross describes is the man I respected when we worked on the Save Lake Davis Committee together. We elect those we think we can trust. It seems that in Portola "Power corrupts and absolute power absolutely corrupts." Ethics for Elected Officials, Portola's General Plan 2020, Portola's Water Master Plan 2007-2027, the Voting Rights Act of 1965 and Proposition 218 are my guides -- not Wilson. He is not responsible for Portola's economic condi- tion. He has contributed to it since elected. We are not only trying to recover from economic impacts like other cities but also the treatment of Lake Davis. The economic impacts of the project from 2005-2008 prepared by Dr. J. Robert Fountain were: minus $10,752,256 in the city of Portola; minus $18,734,055 to the Portola market area; and minus $81,345,899 to Plumes County. It was the scam, sham, shame. The Lake Davis Water Treatment Plant was a millions of dollars expense for growth that never came. I would not vote to have my rates d(ubled to pay for poisoned water. This project is another of Portola's ethical and economi6 ailments. It was a seam, sham, shame. The clueless on council raised rates without the final report of the ad hoc in- vestigation. It is a shame. Good leaders correct mis- takes. Council's policy is to waste public funds. The .rate study cost over $42,000. A solar study cost around $20,000. Wilson's disbanding the ad hoc committee an additional $64,000. His refusal to resign from office will cost an estimated $10,000. Wilson is a fine citizen and school teacher. He has lacked the management skills for an elected official and has failed to implement the plans of the community as a councilman. Larry F. Douglas Portola Willing to share Well, the "dreaded letter" has arrived; "they" are going to auction off my house. I got into one of those bad A.R.M. mortgages some years back. My house badly needed some repairs, and a trusted lender who I had worked with before talked me into the loan. When I realized what I'd gotten into, I called him..He said, "I can't help you," and he said, "losing your house is not the worst thing in the world." Well, maybe not for him. Over the next few years I tried to refin.ance several times but it never went through. Then I started tryingto take advantage of some of the supposed "helpful plans" being offered. Either they would say, "we'll call you back," then never call, or they would say, "the person you need to talk to is not here, call back another da- " y, and the person was just never there. Or they would take all my information, then send me a letter stating that I didn't qualify for one reason or another. So now they are planning on auctioning off my house. Gotta tell you, the house is old and has many problems that I'll bet "they" aren't going to share with potential buyers, but I will. I'm currently staying with a daughter in southern Cali- fornia, but two of my sons are living in my house, so if you want the info, just call 283-0568 and leave a message and your number; I'll defi- nitely call you back. Also, we are thinking of posting notices on the house listing its problems, just in case anyone was thinking of going to look at it. Judith Parks-Stevens Guadalupe (formerly of Meadow Valley) Rat hole I am guessing that many of you who are reading these letters never watch C-Span on your TV. That being true, you recently missed a brilliant speech by Carly Fiorina. This is a smart, experienced woman who became the CEO of one of the largest corporations in the world. She started there as a secretary and rose to become the CEO. We could have elected her to represent California in the Senate. However, many misinformed, uninformed, brain-dead voters elected Barbara Boxer, a senator for over 20 years who has done nothing for California. Will the voters continue to send losers to Washington, D.C., ir, wheelchairs as we did the senator from West Virginia? Why don't we fight for term limits? Thank goodness we have them for the president. It may be the only way to get rid of one who is taking the country down a rat hole. We send them home with a pension of $450,000 a year for life, and $174,000 a year for life for a retired senator. Is there anyone out there who thinks any of them are worth it? November 2012 may be our last chance to save the country. Educate yourself about what and who you vote for, or for the country's sake, don't vote. Patricia Burke Lake Almanor Scourge About an hour before I be- gan this letter, I received an email from a former student informing me of a designated No. 1 international criminal. To my shame, I had never heard of him before, although he has been a scourge of Uganda for at least 20 years. And that was the point of the email -- to make him well-known, not as a celebrity, but as an infamous criminal who steals children and forces them to do his bidding. The boys are forced to use a gun to kill for his selfish cause and the girls are forced to be sexual slaves. A few years ago, a small but determined group went around the world to get people informed enough to demand his arrest for his crimes. That group has now grown to thousands. TRUE, from page 11B job. California's problem, which stems from our high tax and onerous regulatory climate, is that there simply aren't enough jobs. This scarcity means that college students with signifi- cant debt end up with jobs that only require a high school diploma. They dis- place the kids who only have high school diplomas. So now those kids must also go to college to have a chance of getting a job that only requires a high school diploma. For California to succeed, our politicians need an education too. Even a basic ..... understanding of economics would help them understand that rising college fees are a symptom, not the source of California's problems. To solve the real problem, we need to attract middle-class jobs back to California, rather than drive them away. A billion dollar tax increase is not the solution. And who knows? With good jobs, Californians might even "! be able to afford to send their kids to college without P6rez's help. Elected in November 2010, George Runner represents more than 9 million Californians as a member of the.state Board of . Equalization. He recently founded the nonprofit Californians for Jobs. For more information, visit boe. /Runner. At first, the movement's pleas to our government for some kind 'of help were turned down, because, they were told, America did not want to interfere in Uganda's internal affairs. In October 2011, however, when our government was inundated with the thunderous cries of the thousands of outraged citizens, an American task force was sent into Uganda to help their people arrest him for his crimes against humanity. He is still at large. To comply with the movement's request, I give you his name. It is Joseph Kony. Salvatore Catalano Taylorsville The horror In an ideal world, there wouldn't be any poverty. Freedom loving Americans would all have jobs they liked, and they would all pay taxes to support our republic and state. It will never be that way for either side in this debate; there will always be slackers as they claim to be the "victims" of society, never given enough. I really hope life improves for the "occupy" people. I welcome them in giving 42 cents out of every dollar they earn to the state and federal government. I hope you a.nd I will be able to sit together as equals and watch protesters chant, defecate, destroy prop- erty, disrupt and deny free- doms to taxpaying Ameri- cans. Perhaps their child's school wouldn't be closing if the 51 percent of non-tax paying "victims" paid a "fair" tax, instead of occupy- ing nothing. Welcome to Greece, my friends. Changing the subject to communism/democrats: Does anyone remember the late '40s and '50s, the Hollywood ablack ball" lists? Long ago, actors that might be commu- nists or socialists were kept from making movies because of the so called "red scare." Let's talk about fairness and an "about face" in Hollywood today. Chalk one up for being correct then and now; the commies :ahd:: goeiat'tst ' w'ete certainly hiding. Today in Tinseltown, there aren't any American actors or conserva- tives that dare speak out against socialism, for fear Of losing their jobs. Where is the outrage and fairness today? Oh, the horror of it all. Trent Saxton Lake Davis Work together I agree with Lynn Desjardin that we should work together for freedom. Here are some issues I am concerned about: 1. The trend among states to require picture ID of voters when there is no evidence that voter fraud is even a minimal problem. The people this impacts are the most powerless who have no recourse because they are the poor, the elderly and students. 2. The trend among states to take away bargaining rights of workers, especially those people who keep our roads safe, who provide for public safety and who teach our children and who pro- vide all kinds of services without which the infrastruc- ture that makes commerce possible would crumble. 3. The trend among states to take away and limit women's right to safe and affordable reproductive health care. 4. Federal laws that allow the government to listen to phone calls, read emails and take someone into custody without due process and lock them up indefinitely. They say they are prot.ecting us from terrorists but how long before an overzealous federal agent takes a dislike to a law-abiding citizen like you or someone you love? 5. The trend to allow some companies to misuse federal land. Forest Service and other public land belongs to all of us and allowing compa- nies to extract resources without cleaning up the mess erodes our natural resources which are a legacy for our children and a. delight to all of us. On a better note, I am grateful for the Affordable Care Act because it will. provide health care for all. I am fortunate to have an employer that provides this butI had"a fanlil rfie'rb'er "htJ'Wdrtt WRhdut a d'Otfor's care and died because of it. What kind of society are we that we don't care for the least among us? Barbara Palmerton Quincy PLUMAS COUNTY DINING GUIDE A full color magazine produced by Feather Publishin 9 Co., Inc. Featuring fine dining in Plumas County!. This is a publication that people will keep all year Ioncj. 30,000 copies printed and delivered to approximately 250 outlets throuohout Plumas County. Quick reference guides and {ocator maps for your convenience. Deadlines: April 20, 2012 Publishes: May 2I, 2012 Don't be left out! Contact your advertisin 9 representative today,! BU-LETIN "" . . Sherri, Kay, Bill Val Cheri, Val Michael, Rachael 283-0800 258-3115 258-3115 832-4646 High Sierra Animal Rescue invites everyone to learn about volunteer opportunities and our new foster program When: Time: Place: Questions: Saturday, March 17 10am - 3:00pm High Sierra Animal Rescue 103 Meadowridge Lane Portola, CA 530-832-4727 Please join us in starting our new foster program & learning about our animal wellness program and the many ways to volunteer at High Sierra Animal Rescue. Refreshments will be served