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March 20, 2013     Feather River Bulletin
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March 20, 2013

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8B wednesday, March 20, 2013 Bulletin, Record, Progressive, Reporter LETTERS, from page 7B Story was biased Your "report" regarding business owner Jim Corey is whom? If we let them win, we are insulting God! He will not a perfect example of media appreciate that. hype and sensationaligm. To the secularist bigots: If You deliberately misquoted you do not believe in God, Mr. Corey and inserted your fine -- argue the case with personal opinion. You stated Saint Peter. If you don't like that Mr. Corey disrupted the prayers, stay in the hallway administrative hearing. The. until they are over. transcript shows otherwise. To the BOS and Council: Obviously, you have never Stand up! Do not let threats read it. You added an elusion stop you. Hold prayers in the to criminality in hopes of de- park, on the sidewalk, in the monizing this man. street, on the lawn before the Your quotes regarding meeting starts. Where is your statements made by Mr. imagination and courage? Corey are completely false: I To our religious leaders: was present when you spoke to him! You are attempting to Lead! Hold prayer vigils or elicit a negative response lead the audience in prayer before BOS and Council from the public. Isn't it meetings, enough that you printed front To readers: Say your own page accusations in 2011 be- fore any hearing was even prayers or stand as a group and pray before the meeting held? I have never seen any is called to order, local or small town paper To everyone: If you believe ever attack one of its own cit- izens with such veracity. in God, stand up for him or do not expect him to stand up Anyone with a brain knows for you. that When falsely accused, How can you tell the kid even if you have evidence ex- who lost a leg fighting for onerating yourself, the gov- your freedom of religion that ernment can make sure you were too chicken or too you're found guilty, especial- busy to show up and pray? ly when that agency has the They do not want prayer? rock solid reputation of de- Then inundate them with it stroying automotive repair businesses for the most and pray for them! It is your minute infractions or a slight God given right! Will you be victim or vic- oversight. tor? God is watching. Other repair facilities in Lynn Desjardin this county fear the Bureau Portola of Automotive Repair. They know that the BAR can make up charges and accusations without having to produce any evidence other than what an undercover employee says, These employees make a living lying in undercover sting operations. They con- tinue to lie and commit per- jury in court! BAR has a his- tory of enforcement impro- prieties. You should be inves- tigating the corruption at the BAR and learn to report facts correctly. Mike Godby Quincy Get out of town Seems to me, week after week, there is a person who writes letters to the editor without fail. This person, in my opinion, hates our country and the people who run it, hates Cali- fornia, and, if I didn't know better, sounds like a card-car- rying member of the KKK! I say, ,do us all a favor. If you don't like it, move. Real- ly. Like, out of town. Way out of town. Or, deal with it. Oh, other option.., put a sock in it. Simple, wouldn't you agree? Crikit Smither Portola Democrats bad for business Plumas County, California and now the USA are spiraling down in a relentless whirlpool of financial crises. One of the latest categories of victims is rural skilled nurs- ing facilities, such as EPHC. This should come as no sur- prise to anyone who has had their eyes open since Novem- ber 1998 when Gray Davis won the election and became governor. A few days after that elec- tion, I commented to my wife that we should move out of California. My reasoning was Democrats have a perennial majority in the State Senate and Assembly, and the only thing preventing economic and fiscal devastation in Cali- fornia had been a Republican governor for the previous 16 years. With Democrats con- trolling Sacramento, I saw fi- nancial ruin ahead. My argu- ments lost. So we moved to Plumas County. California was one of the most fiscally-sound states in 1998 after 16 years of Republi- can governorship. In four years, Democrat Gray Davis ran California into such a fi- nancial ditch, he was recalled in 2003. In just four years, to- tal control by Democrats de- terred businesses from start- ing, growing, hiring, prosper- ing and paying taxes. There has been an exodus of busi- nesses and some of the best and brightest (tax-paying) cit- izens. Half of our children and their families have left I i feather financlal -- ._ Tax and Insuranco Sen/Icos Lori Morrell Lomas, E.A. CA Ins. License #OBO6912 20A Crescent Street Quincy, CA 95971 P: 530.283.2341 F: 530.283.2740 www'featherflnanclal'c°m Haws, Theobald & Auman, PC John Auman, CPA Robin Schumacher, EA Tom Bower, CPA Income tax preparation for Individuals, Businesses & Non-profits Free electronic filing for a quick refund of your taxes 530-258-2272 NEW LOCATION: 283 Main Street in Chester Audited Financial Statements • Bookkeeping • Payroll Services Financial Planning & Consulting • Sales Tax • Billing Services Sierra Tax Solutions for any 1040 form Quincy: 283-9925 Portola: 832-O733 BEQUETrE & IfdIVlMJEL Accountancy Corporation John A. Kimmel C.RA. CPATM The CPA. Never Underestimate The Value. 307 W. Main St., Quincy 't 283-0680 and Graeagle • 836-0193 P.O. Box 1499 Phone: (530) 836-0952 Blairsden, CA 96103 Email: Barbara Cox CRTP #4035505 MARE Business Payroll Rapid Transfer available A138305 FREE E-File with I N A tax preparation Consulting Walk-ins Welcome IN EAST QUINCY: CRTP Office 530-283-0184 CTEC Registered Tax Preparer Cell 530-927-7015 2085 E. Main St. Quincy Marlene Bookkeeping & Tax Service CTEC Registered Tax Preparer • Income Tax - Individual & Business E-File • Sales Tax • Bookkeeping • Payroll (5301 284-6264 400 Main St. • Greenville, CA 95947 (..530) 832-..597o Kathi Buet0n & Associates Kathi Burton Owner • Bookkeeping Services • Secretarial & Billing Services • Payroll Tax Preparation • Income Tax Preparation FREE &FILE with Tax Preparation 81 East Sierra Highway RO. Box 2137 Portola, CA 96122 BARNARD & ASSOCIATES Business and Tax Consultants Enrolled Agents --- The Tax Experts 372 Main Street Bus: (530) 283-3965 Quincy, CA 95971 Fax: (530) 283-4369 Accounting and Tax Sales Tax E-File Individual • Business • Non-Profit Bookkeeping • Payroll • Notary ,, Taxes Mary Cheek, EA, CPA Certified Public Accountant Licensed to practice by the IRS 258-1040 130 E. Willow St, Chester (Next to Chevron MaryCheekCPA@FrontierNet.Net Services Over 20 years experience the state, one of them a doc- tor. Democrats won't allow reforms necessary to resusci- tate the economy. California has something like 10 percent of the country's population, but over a quarter of the country's welfare cases. In 2008, the same thing hap- pened on a national level with the election of Barrack Obama as president while De- mocrats controlled the House and Senate. Spending is out of control, fiscal calamity, rampant welfare and disabili- ty enrollment and the lowest workforce participation rate since 1981. Just like socialist Europe. Gene Kailing Portola Truthful answers Is the Plumas County Gen- eral Plan a general plan? No, it is not! When the word. "shall" appears over and over again in the proposed general plan, it then becomes a man- date. Remember, a mandate takes away the rights of the citizenry to say "yea" or "nay." State law has mandated all general plans address envi- ronmental issues, these in- clude, clean air, clean water, and land use. Does the state mandate give our planning commission, and Board of Su- pervisors, a license to go overboard on sustainable en- vironment interests? What is scaring so many residents of Plumas County? Implications of the proposed general plan will be at ex- pense of the county's proper- ty owners! The commercial advisory organizations used by the county, are all envi- ronmentally orientated com- mercial businesses. These or- ganizations, according to their mission statements, trend in the direction of sus- tainable environment pro- jects. This may be the reason why the proposed general plan mirrors U.N. Agenda 21. County supervisors, it's time to pay attention We do not want to hear "there is no room on the agenda", as you told The Indian Valley Citi- zens for Private Property Rights Rural Advocates. We the people want to know! We want our voices heard. We, the citizenry of Plumas Coun- ty, are the boss, so listen to your bosses. We want truth- ful answers to our question, not prattle. Richard E. Naas Greenville The greater good? As I have said before, the rights of property owners have always been limited. A property owner must not use his property for illegal activi- ties; must comply by zoning laws and must not engage in activities that distress his neighbors no matter how long he has owned his proper- ty. Limits to activities on pri- vate property go back to the Middle Ages and have come down to us through British law. "Eminent domain" was a concept used by the rail- roads, freeway builders and Los Angeles' Dodger Stadium investors legally to acquire private property for the "greater good" of the people. Just a side note: The au- thorities had to force a resist- ing family from their private property and home in Chavez Ravine where Dodger stadi- um now stands. Until the 1950s, the western portion of Los Angeles' San Fernando Valley was made up of small farms, some of them dairies. When, in the 1950s, many farmers sold their lands to housing devel- opers, the dairies that re- mained became a nuisance, Owners of the new tract houses complained of the stench of the cows and the flies that they brought to their new homes. What with the supermarket competition, the force of the neighbors' complaints was the last straw that shut down the dairies that had been there for decades. Doesn't Agenda 21 speak for the "greater good" of pre- sent and future inhabitants of our planet? Salvatore Catalano Taylorsville Shutting down a war? According to the Associat- ed Press, our Secretary of De- fense, Chuck Hagel, is deal- ing with "the jarring difficul- ties of shutting down a war" in Afghanistan. He's going to shut it down. I'll bet many in history would have liked to have had that option. The "good war," Afghanistan; is now to be shut down, not won. But not lost? Who knew that we had achieved a treaty with the Taliban? For those who have read George Or- well's 1984, the newspeak is getting frighteningly thick. Let's shout "Ollie Ollie Auction Free!" as we did when we were kids. I believe it started as; "all, all in free." It means thdt all goes back to where it started. Everybody starts over. All captives caught in 'kick the can' were free and all of those still hid- ing could come out without penalty. We might not have played 'kick the can' as kids if those captured had really been killed as in a real adult game and they knew that their sac- rifice might be betrayed by shutting down the game. And the ones still hiding couldn't really come out to safety, but must remain and possibly be casualties to the game yet still being shut down. Those still hiding; those still in theatre; they will show real heroism. They will continue to put their lives on the line while the war is shut down. They are the real heroes, un- like pretty much everyone in- volved in Washington. You know, this game of shutting down a war can only be played by those who vol- untarily chose to do so. And it can only be played by those who have the real option of winning. If the Taliban had shut down the war, it would be called losing. You can be sure they will now call it win- ning, not shutting down. Gary Vogt Quincy A little help would be nice It was in the October 12, 2011, edition of this newspa- per that I wrote about Obama assassinating an American citizen. I wrote how the Magna Carta states "No free- man shall be taken, or im- prisoned, or disseized [dis- possessed], or outlawed, or exiled, or in any way harmed -- nor will we go upon or send upon him -- save by the lawful judgment of his peers or by the law of the land." Now, finally, I read where my Republican/Tea Party neighbors finally realize the great harm it is to allow any president to think he has the right to kill Americans, any- where, without due process of law. Two presidents now in- struct these drones to kill people in other countries. They aren't afforded due process. They kill innocent people. We are not at war. Are other countries now al- lowed to send their drones to America and 'take out' their perceived enemies? And, somehow, President Obama thinks he can kill Americans in America. The part you are missing is that a drone isn't required; rather this disgusting mentality al- lows any means to assassi- nate Americans. Where were you all when Bush invaded an unarmed Iraq? Where were you all when the Bush Administra- tion permitted illegal search- es and seizures (the Patriot Act)? Liberals, Progressives and Democrats were scream- ing in protest. I remember Republicans saying •'we have to fight them there so we don't have to fight them here'. And, 'they can spy on us - we have nothing to hide'. We tried to stop the abuses while you all were compla- cent. Now, codified in law (NDAA), our government can detain Americans indefinite- ly and Obama is pushing to permit government agencies access to personal financial information. Democrats always protest violations to our constitution and civil rights. We would ap- preciate the help from our Republican neighbors once in a while. Mark Mihevc Graeagle