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March 21, 2012     Feather River Bulletin
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March 21, 2012

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Bulletin, Record, Progressive, Reporter Wednesday, March 21, 2012 11B COMMUNITY PERSPECTIVE t 9 WHERE I STAND DON DAILEY RETIRED SCIENCE TEACHER AND CONCERNED CITIZEN Over the past several months Pacific Gas and Elec- tric Co. has been replacing our old analog, wired elec- tricity and gas meters with their wireless "smart" meters, mostly without permission. These new meters constantly pulse out microwaves, up to 10,000 times a day. As a result, we are bathed in dangerous radiation 24/7. PG&E wanted to be able to constantly monitor the amount of electricity we are using, then charge us extra during peak usage periods. They also wanted to save money by firing the hundreds of employees sent out to physically read our old meters every month. Being exposed to this new radiation has caused many health problems. The Cali- fornia Public Utilities Com- mission (CPUC) has been overwhelmed with thousands of complaints from people being adversely affected by this toxic radiation. The fol- lowing are some examples of the types of afflictions people are experiencing: --headaches --sleep problems ---ear buzzing or ringing --heart problems ---dizziness or disorienta- tion --ear pain --pacemaker defibrillation --respiratory problems --head or chest pressure --physical weakness or aches --seizures --acid reflux --weird pet behavior --nose bleeds --nausea and vomiting --memory problems, brain fog --vision problems, eye pain --flu-like symptoms --skin problems, rashes --high blood pressure --nightmares --anxiety, depression --worsening of existing health condition --house plant death On May 3, 2011, the World Health Organization declared the nonionizing radiation emitted by "smart" meters as a class 2B carcinogen (cancer causer) in the same category as lead, benzene and DDT. Not everyone is equally affected by this radiation but some people, being electro- sensitive, are very much affected and have had to move to a "smart"-meter-free area or city. Forty-nine cities and counties in California have banned ,'smart" meters or are moving toward a city/ countywide moratorium. These meters, after a period of exposure, can kill you, due to the penetration into your body by this un- natural microwave radiation. Over a period of time, your immune system will be compromised and you will contract cancer somewhere in your body. Dozens of studies in Europe and Scan- dinavia prove that long-term exposure to this form of radio frequency (RF) radiation will cause cancer. The American wireless industry has stifled these studies, but recently more U.S. organizations are coming out with similar study results. These organizations, in- cluding the World Health Organization (mentioned pre- viously), the Federal Radio- frequency Interagency Working Group and others, oppose the installation of wireless "smart" meters. The American Academy of Envi-using them. They don'thave about this serious issue. Just ronmentalMedicine has stated: the needed infrastructure to because your nose doesn't "Chronic exposure to wireless receive and read the informa- fall off the minute you're radiofrequency radiation isa tion pulsed by the meters' RF exposed to these pulses preventable environmental signals. Is that crazy? doesn't mean there won't be hazard that is sufficiently But now the CPUC has serious health issues down well-documented to warrant granted us the option of the road. Don't wait until immediate preventative "opting out." Being chaired there's a huge spike of cancer public health action." by a former executive of cases before you take action. The county boards of Southern California Edison Call your supervisor and supervisors of Humboldt, Utility, the new head of the politely ask him or her to ban Lake, Marin, Mendocino, CPUC, Michael Peevey, hasthese meters, and tell him Monterey, San Luis Obispo, allowed PG&E to charge anor her if you are currently Santa Cruz, San Francisco, up-front $75, then $10 per experiencing any health Santa Barbara, Sonoma and month, for anyone who wants problems. Tehama counties have all a "smart" meter removed. Plumas is a wonderful little called for a moratorium, Let's see, 7 million California county with clean air, pure or adopted an ordinance, customers times $10 per. water, spectacular wilder- banning "smart" meters, month. That's an extra $70., ness all around and great PG&E has stated that million every month they'll supportive people living in it. "smart" meters do not emit be making. People are angry To have these meters in our ' very strong pulses of radia- as heck and are calling this neighborhoods continually tion. Evidence is indicating scare extortion: putting some- spewing toxic radiation at the pulses are stronger than thing in our environment us (they go through walls, PG&E would have you be- that is causing health prob- anything but metallic sub- lieve. Additionally, when lems and may even kill us, stances) is an unconscionable several "smart" meters are then charging us to get rid of and extremely insensitive surrounding you in your them. It's all about money! intrusion into our lives neighborhood, the level of I'm currently working with Our supervisors, I believe radiation skyrockets, akin to our Board of Supervisors to from my dealings on other living beneath a cellphone do wjaat the other dountyissues with them, are very tower (source of increasing boards have done: ban theconcerned about this county's deaths, recently) or having a installation of new "smart .... public health." Let them full-body X-ray taken daily, meters and have the others know of your concern of this The huge irony of all this is removed. Also, I'm askingissue, and I'm confident we that PG&E has installed hun- that the up-front and monthly can make Quincy the beauti- dreds of"smart" meters in charges be waived, ful little mountain village it our county and aren't even Please don't be passive used to be. "Top down" schools management doesn't work locally WHERE I STAND representing a majority of When Mr. Harris first Mr. Harris' vision of a --As already noted, a lack favor of the employee and ............................................................................................................. my fellow PCTA members, arrived in this county he strong central, office running of a strong shared vision be- against the administration. TRAVlS RUBKE asking these same questions shared with us avisiofffor a series of remote satellite tween the district and the These are cases that should TEACHER again. Is the current path the district that included schools is not a vision shared communities, have been settled long before GREENVILLE HIGH SCHOOL that has been proposed bystatements such as not by the residents in this --A "top down" manage- going to arbitration. This has About two years ago, I Mr. Harris one that the dis- thinking of schools only as count:. The evidence of this ment style in which edicts cost the district time, money stood before you represent- trict really wants to follow, "brick and mortar," and that difference of vision can be are passed down to the prin- and, more importantly, trust. ing a colleague who had been and is Mr. Harris' visionthrough the use of technology seen in the current political cipal and then on to staff --An inability to listen unfairly treated by this cur- of the future one that the instruction could be delivered turmoil that has enveloped without adequate discussion to community and staff rent administration. At that district really wants to to schools from remote loca- Plumas County in both print and consideration as to the concerns. Mr. Harris' recom- time, in light of the unfair embrace? We believe that the tions. On the surface, this and in the online media. His impact on the school, mendation for school closure treatment that my colleague answer is no! Continuing vision seems innocuous vision ignores the impor---He micro-manages the completely ignored the rec- received, I you to con-down this current path will enough, but the reality of this tance and strength of each of district -- everything from ommendations made by the sider'care0~ the,path that only lead to the same results vision is that it requires.t~he~ ~he commUnitie~ in this class schedul~ctobell sehed~ FaCility Advisory~commit~ee the districZ c s following, that we observed two years centralization of power and county. The strongcentral ules and to the extent that that he formed. and to question the vision ago, only this time on a much authority, that centralization office cannot provide the principals cannot even write ---Management through and leadership of the admin- larger scale. This time every harms the local schools'support that the individual a letter of recommendation intimidation. It is made clear istration who was leading school and community willability to meet the needs of communities do. for a staff member without that he will brook no dissent you down that path. The be adversely impacted by the students in their area, This lack of a shared his approval, and to do so may result in the result two years ago of follow- staying on this present and minimizes the impor-common vision between the --He is a poor manager ofloss of your position. that leadership was the course. It is time to call Mr. tance of the contributions district and the communities people. In the past 10 years Furthermore, Mr. Harris' unfair removal of a teacher, Harris' vision and leadership that the individual commu- has only magnified the deft- there have only been three management style did not a disrupted program and into question and I am here nities can make to benefit ciencies and problems thatgrievances that have gone to begin when he came to this the creation of a climate of to share with you some of the their local schools. It limits Mr, Harris has as a leader, arbitration and all three of district. Research into his distrust, common concerns expressedeach school's ability toThe deficiencies that teachers those have been on Mr. Harris' previous employment Now two years later I am by the teachers regardingrapidly adapt and meet the shared regarding his leader- watch. In all three of the cases back standing before you, thisvision and leadership, needs of its students, ship are as follows: the arbitrator has ruled in See Schools, page 12B LETTERS to the EDITOR. Very disturbing students. The proposal is, to Why hasn't the board three-year plan to close most the top of Feather Publish- I have been asked by some me, ludicrous! looked at every other possi- of the county high schools and ing's 2012 list of"Things We'd Chester citizens to comment The other ridiculous district bility for saving money? Why bus our children over 50 miles Like to Forget." on the PUSD school situation proposal that would call for did the 7-11 committees have to one high school without Oh, how I wish I had been as I see it, so I have taken the establishing one high school to do this? In my opinion, that anyone putting up a fuss? standing closer to Michael liberty of doing so. Following in Quincy and transporting was the board's and superin- They worked on the plan for a Jackson and Jonathan Kusel are comments and opinions as students from Chester, tendent's responsibilities. I year and they only give the during the break so I could seen from my perspective: Greenville and Portola to feel it was right to serve intent 7-11 committees a few months, have heard what Mr. Jackson Having spent 28 wonderful Quincy is beyond my compre- to recall the superintendent The 7-11 committees havewas saying as he wagged his and rewarding years at hension. I can't speak for and the two board members, asked for information and are finger in JK's face. But, I don't Chester High School as a Greenville and Portola, but I Why the board hired Mr. kept in the dark. The county really want to know because teacher/coach and adminis- know the people of Chester, Harris still mystifies me. Board of Supervisors isasking I'm still relishing all the possi- trator and a real love for and I sincerely doubt ifHis background is publicfor information and is not bilities of what might have that school, I find it very dis- Chester parents would ever knowledge and it is not a good receiving any. been said. turbing to hear some of the send their children 50 miles to one. Also, it is the board that Community members are I hope the good citizens of proposals being put forth by attend school in Quincy. The is in charge of the superinten- tired of what the school board Plumas County are not fooled the PUSD board and district transportation expense in con- dent, not the other way and Mr. Harris have beenby the JK gang's petty attempt administration, junction with the loss of ADA around. And when the board doing for the last few years, to sabotage the board of As an outsider looking in revenue would be prohibitive, goes against the public who The intent of recall has at trustees as they work to I see Chester High as an The safety of the students voted for them, it is time for least gotten the attention of address the difficult issues excellent school under out- would, in my opinion, also the public to get them out. I Mr. Baker and Ms. Anderson. facing the school system. The standing leadership. The be a major concern. A poor truly hope it doesn't come to Ann Corderovigilantes should go after the principal has instilled a sense learning situation wouldthat. Cuts do have to be made, Lake Almanorirresponsible p'oliticians in of pride in the school that also result. There would be but we need time to examine Editor's note: The school board Sacramento who have created seems to be reflected in the little opportunity to partici- every possibility other than has not presented a three-year the fiscal crisis with their feelings of the staff, the pate in sports and other extra- taking a community's school plan to close most of the county budget trickery. The board parents and especially in the curricular activities, away. high schools. The Facilities and superintendent did not students. As has been stated before, I am very relieved that Mr. Advisory Committee, which create the revenue shortfall. Hopefully this positive a community without a Baker resigned. His parting was appointed by district Stop beating up on local educational environment will high school is not really a words did not even acknowl- administration, recommended officials. Say no to the ill- not be adversely affected by community! edge our students and saving a three-phase plan that would considered recall. Let the the attempts to solve the dis- DaroidAdamson their education. He was v or- culminate, should certain board of trustees do their job. trict's financial problems. Former principal of ried about the superintendent enrollment triggers be met, in From my vantage point it Chester High School who makes over six figures a one countywide high school: seems to me that the Chester year! Mr. Baker, where are schools should, as much as No school closures your priorities? We are trying Ambushat Boyle Ravine Choose schools possible, be left alone. I was at the school board to save our kids' education so Where was Louis L'Amour Attn: Business owner, do The people of Chester meeting Thursday, March 8, they have a chance to make when we needed him? On you know what would happen should be especially con- and listened to numerousover three figures a year,.tooI Thursday, March 8, the Bar to your business if the schools cerned about two of the folks plead with the board to To those of you who are JK gang ambushed two school close in your area? district's proposals, i.e., the K- save our schools in all our not registered to vote, please board trustees and the super- Families may move, that 12 plan and the plan to send communities. Teachers, stu- do so now. Help save ourintendent at a special meeting means a loss of income for Chester students to Quincy. dents, parents, grandparents communities! in the Quincy Elementaryyou. Communities may turn As the principal of Chester and business owners all were Jodie Carrigan multipurpose building, lo- into ghost towns or as High School I found it difficult trying to convince the board Chestercated in Boyle Ravine. Fortu- summer only communities. to deal with seventh, and that closing schools will kill eighth-grade students in the the communities. No one will Putting up a fuss same school with senior high move here and the folks who How can members of the students. I can't even imagine are here will move away. How school board be surprised first- and second-grade stu- is that going to save money for when they are given recall no- dents in the same school as the district when there will be tices? Did they think they junior and senior high school no er~rollment? could suddenly present a enforcement men and women start to find jobs outside of the area. Large businesses start losing employees, Holiday Market, Collins Pine, etc. We lose, we no longer have our teachers, families, construc- tion workers, maids, cashiers, hair dresser, doctors, CHP officers, sheriffs, Caltrans workers, PG&E employees.: Our community loses its pride. Ask yourself one question: What is more important to you, our schools (your income) or the pride of a few board members? I choose schools. Do you? Tony Cordero Lake Almanor Keep employed The budget crisis facing the: PUSD must be dealt with, and: firing junior teachers is! abhorrent. Early retirementi incentives for senior teacher may seem attractive wheni viewed from the school dis-: trict budget, but strikes mei Dennis Clemens as bad policy in the long Quincy term. There may be anotherl alternative. Teachers' education, skills and life experience make them suitable for a variety of occu-i pations. If surplus teachers; are thought of as state employ- ees, rather than strictly' Plumas County teachers, there maybe job oPenings elsewhere in the state whereI their talents would be useful,! nately, only notices were' Slowly the community emp, such as safety training, intro-{ fired, and only egos were ties of school-age children and duction of new technologyi bruised. The melodramatic their parents, housing prices to the state workforce, etc. serving of notices of intent drop, your business worth Some teachers may preferl to recall honest, dedicated, drops. Now you are stuck with to change professions off hardworking, elected school a house and a business that district officials should be at are not worth a dime. Our law See Letters, page 12Bt