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March 28, 2001     Feather River Bulletin
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March 28, 2001

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Wednesday, March 28, 2001 1 li he Feather Ri~4 e in th ornln " " " ,,tn~o intel~_Ed)tc s:ry' w ,vne[ an easy problem with lactose in .o ance (milk), thearCetlSen~w~--., is, in I maofrosesinsummor, the ap,um.,sup o ,theyareof .owm yt,mes.aveyou w. makestra.,,n.u.neces. great freshness of a sea breeze, the plum family, but they are heard the old saying, "An apple sary. You ill have easy cookies baking in the kitchen, I unmistakalply prunes. No ques- a q(keeps the doctor away? I natural movement. There areable a natural soy drink could go on and on. It's part of tion about it, a prune is a prune can th'hkk of no rhyme or many other foods that would be has been pretty well perfeq .. There are many brands l life we should all appreciate and thus, to me, it shall always catchy sa ing for my prunes, helpful, but I have talked to em and enjoy. I just poured a cup be. but then I am no poet. It may be many seniors who agree thatmost stores carry th Jll] of coffee and stepped outside. To you who are sensitive wise for those who are both- prunes are the mlldest and the Another thing: on the. n Well, good morning! It is 3 The sky is clear, the stars are about some words,'I suppose a ered with diarrhea or loosebest. now is a sugar from driea. " a.m. on Sunday morning, bright; even the neighbors' mild warning is in order. I in- stools to first discuss this with If you feel that six or eight or is it figs? It's delicio ou March 18. My coffee is perking dogs are slumbering--wonder-tend to use such words as con- your doctor, but other thanare too many, then start with probably safe for those and the aroma is delicious. I ful, stipation, irregularity, diar- that, you should just consider two, but I caution you, don't be diabetic Check with yourUliZ"Y' lC~ This is a Senior Corner Col- rhea, fluid stools, etc. Why I prunes a natural food with guilty of having a mind set; tor. Hey! I wonder what wonderfulSurely hOpeabilityI nevertolOSeenjoythatthe umn so perhaps I should "cut should feel a warning is neces- many advantages. Eating ap-prunes do work and you willprune sugar would be nz , uk L great sense of smell. The olfac- to the chase and get on with it. sary, I do know, considering all proximately six or eight each soon realize the advantages. Possibility there! I would tory nerve--may it forever. Lately, there has been muchthe foul language we and our day will soften the stool and be I hope I have not been too like to try it. function! written about an old favorite of children are subjected to these very beneficial, blunt or explicit in this writ- Well, enjoy this nice sprl , " To enjoy the great odor of mine, prunes. I cannot imagine days. Anyway, you are so We are cautioned in many ing. It is simply not my style to weather, and if you don't e m_e perking coffee, the tangy aro- why anyone would call a prune warned, publications about straining to beat around the bush or useit, then go getacheck.Ul ..,, " - . ' affect a bowel movement. For high-falutin' language, man_theremust besuinl [ .' those with serious heart condi- Two other things I have re-wrong with you. Here tions, it could even be fatal. onstleYof y%numw d:aaWy%eo for your health and well-be" energy byswearing Prun:s included in your diet ,.tLm_l off taking bath every day in,..,,:,' I - suited in the poor creature hi l ing put out of his miserY._. I Is March ver yet? A of columns ago, I was m o 18 about the brake job and water heater I had to pay =Lrw and__ . when the E.0i Two years ago, this column ;hoe. was gm_ p was all about the Twain lion e i e: l t tl , ar and its depr,edation of that community s pets. This years' the pressure tank in mY' [ Yre mountain lion has not killed system go out, chip pind l anywhere near the number of suffered a cracked w" t( pets that the other guy did, but k n vE'J tri he has been seen twice since go from the toilet to the scrlron Rex has been searching for ways to lower our utility bills and in doing so get some relief from the evil power barons. Last week, he talked about gen- erating our own electricity and the re-invention of the clothes line. But what about water heaters? One of the major pow- er gobblers in our homes. First, you need to ask your- self, why is it necessary to have an around the clock, 30-60 gal- lon supply of hot water at our beck and call? Two things come to mind--washing clothes and bathing. Well, Rex got to wondering about this. Our environmental movement is now all wrapped up in saving increasing num- bers of wildlife, plants and in- sects. There is no doubt in his mind that we can assist them in achieving their objective, and at the same time, reduce our energy bills. All we have to do is to pare down our desire to take so many baths, and curb our obsession for spotlessly clean clothes. Environmentalists are ask- I Quincy: (530) 283-3386 email: SAVED BY THE NET! You've listed your home for ble for some of the buyer'sclos- sale, and have high hopes of ing costs. This could amount to attracting a full-price offer. 2%-3% of the sale price. In You re excited and enthusiastic addition, buyers often hold sell- because your Realtor has shown ers responsible for needed home several times. Now, repairs disclosed by a home you ve received a purchase offer that is several thousand dollars inspector perhaps another lleSS than your asking price. $500-$2,000 out-of-pocket. t should you do? To determine the net value of First, don't panic. Offers lower any purchase offers received, than the asking price are not ask your Realtor to prepare a uncommon. What's at stake is "net" sheet, an itemization of not the asking price, but the the sale price minus all expenses "NET" amount of cash you receive from the sale. It's really your "equity" which needs to be protected. Here's an example: When you listed your home, you probably assumed that you'dbe response- yesteryear, to pre-Europeanlaundry, along with the expen- times, where everything was in sive gas and electricity to heat balance, where benevolent it. Who pays for this? Then Mother Nature took care of all there is the soap, solvents and living things. A place where perfumes we put in the water to there was no want for food, no neutralize the taint of our body threatened or endangered odor, and to make our clothes species, just peace and tran- sparkling clean, tons of chemi- quillity, cals we end up dumping into Well, Rex figures we can as- our waterways in our quest to sist in returning to the good old become sweet smelling, or at days simply by slowing down least neutral. Substances o1= avoiding baths and wearing plants and animals probably our clothes a little longer. Why could well get along without. would this help? Have you ever Yes, we can do a little more to thought about all the water we bring our lives, our environ- use to accomplish these two ment back to a pre-European tasks? To add insult to injury, time. With a little effort, we can Leah West much of this liquid is stored be- return to the time where we A skunk with a mangled legtank J[tl}.e ( hind dams just waiting for us will again be one with nature, last week. " rv In other words, he is becom- and bloated body appeared at On a positive note, I to turn on the faucet, artificial Now Rex has never been in aing quite comfortable hanging Crystal Springs trailer park more a hands-on dad. water bodies some consider as bathtub in his life and he seems last week, launching the great Travis0 has arrived fror _a .for being almost sinful, to do OK. What about our fore- out in the "hood." There are a But, did you realize that no fathers and mothers? Did they couple of reasons why more "Crystal Springs Skunk Hunt." gon to spend his spring bl rer major water impoundments take a bath every time they got pets haven't been killed: the A period of flashlight beams with me--life is good. (reservoirs) have been built a whiffof themselves? How last lion pretty much gobbled bouncing around the woods re- since 1976? During the same pc- many out there remember only up most of the pets in the area; riod, our golden state has taking baths on Saturday and there are not as many pet " owners around. added millions of people to its nights with homemade soup, or population base. If we continue if you were well off, something One night last week, resi- R,i hiSBWu t k be, sgurmTrSi . if h w ] down this path, will we soonlike Lifeboy soap. No one ex- dents caught our current lionHow much do you know have a water crisis to go along cept a chosen few knew any-in a flashlight beam. The cat about the Quincy arch's past? with our energy problems? thing about deodorants. Ifthey wasn't very concerned and How much do you know y an es yo se . Keeping away from baths did, in.all likelihood, they used made a perfect target, but the about the people and the places knowledgeable, or willi l _ and wearing our clothes a tad sissy stuff like cologne, or pos- old beauty versus danger de- around you? hunt up the answers, yot _of tl longer between washings could sibly something similar to bate took place and the big cat For instance, where did a ma- stand to win some prize U es) go a long way in avoiding the Mum, products an alpha malewandered off before it was re- jor earthquake center in 1875? See inside for the pending predicament. Think would not be caught dead solved. What was the former name-of trivia quiz and aH the [qu about the countless gallons of putting under his arms. RexThe way I see it, mountain li- the Quincy Bakery during tions. -p, sure wonders how they ever ons are beautiful creatures be- 1970s? made it wandering around intween a large dog and a small their contaminated clothes sur- child and, right or wrong, that rounded by offensive body fact has become common wis- odors, dom around Twain. By all ac- NEXT: More thoughts from Rex counts, our current midnight on saving water and power: marauder is a very large ani- of Kay Farris ~ ~ 30,~ ~ ~g, ~ coot. If You Don'! Gamble -- Vhv Start No v? was gqt /n that she joy/n nat, ae a.d the s/ pee e/re ,v/t he, and those who She had eve restored At Morgan Stanley Dean WiRer we know, no matter which type of ~ had ~ g..go IRA you are looking to fund, or how aggressive an investor you are, nobody is willing to risk their financial future. That is why the principal ,,,d~ ~ ~ ~4~1~ ~M~ preservation and growth available through taxable fixed income securities are such an essential pan of creating a well-diversified IRA portfolio, a~ ~16. ~Pt/.~, ~ a~ ~1~ ~ ~ d~ Also, bonds are necessary to achieve proper asset allocation. So don't ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~r.~lr... expose your IRA to undue risk - let us help you build a diversified port- of sale. If the buyers agreed to folio that will bring you closer to achieving your financial goals. Please ~$,, ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~, accept your home "as-is" and call me today at: pay their own closing costs, you df # tf might actually 'net' more money 310 Hemsted Dr., Suite i00 by accepting the low offer. RICK D. LEONHARDT Redding, CA 96002 ~. ~. Call Leah or Kay today. Financial Advisor 800-733-6126 ~ ~lllIOClStlll 1 is Your Professional Collision Repair Located in downtown Graeagle (530) 836-1234 Frame & Finish 1229 Industrial Way, Quincy MORGAN STANLEY DEAN WITTER * Should you sell your slxurities before mltttrily, the mlrket ~ you receive may be mo~ or less I than the original invcstrnem, dq)endinl[ on interior rotes at the tim of'~le. Morgan Stanley Dean Witter is t service n~lrk of Moq[an Stanley Dean Witter & Co. and se~tices are offered through Dean Wittef Reynolds Inc., member SIPC. ~ 1999 Dem~ Winer Reyouldz Inc. 1 III presents the Al~[']OU1"]CJl~g: Feather River Baseball Player oftheWeek On April 1 st Chris Genung East Quincy & Chester Transfer StatioOS 2000: Chris was a First Team All will be open from 9 am - 5 pm Conference performer as a freshman. He was a Preseason All AmericanFriday thru Tuesday candidate and was selected to play in the Fall All Star Game. Chris led the team in home runs with 7, and Residential areas will begin tobe RBI with 50. He hit .352 with 9 stolen bases. Chris is a 3.80 student and is picked up at 7 am a member of FRC's Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society. 1995-99: Chris earned six varsity letters in baseball and basketball OnMay 5th at Elko High School, Nevada, and was a First Team All-Conference Gopher Hill Transfer Site will reopen. performer in baseball. He was an honor society member with a 3.5 GPA. Personal: Chris was born 9/29/80. He is a business Feather River Disposal, 1#" major. He is the son of uln th : ldiJanet.Genuilg rv and has one brother, Joe. Chris' goal is to earn a master's degree in finance." ~ Serving Quincy, Greenville & Chester~Lake Alma 530-283-2065 Favorite Pizza Factory Meal: Spaghetti. I:'I~'~E4K,~E~E4K,4E,~E41:41[4E'~'~ a -'I~