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March 28, 2001     Feather River Bulletin
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March 28, 2001

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,ressive, Record, Reporter Wednesday, March 28, 2001 JJLB i IVHCD ADMINISTRATOR "at risk" Indian Val- and visitors since LThis is a shocking state- deserves expla- and your attention. The indian Valley Health The second and third stages paycheck to paycheck. Salaries with a medical need, whether able at various locations in the Care District, (hospital + clin- make it necessary to either and benefits have been cut dur- they can pay or not. Most rural community for you to com. ic) is financially struggling, build or build a new facility-- ing the past few months to en- hospitals in the state are facing plete. The board of directors like 60 percent of hospitais in some of which must be com-sure operations within a tight identical problems to ours. and I cannot make informed this state, to keep its doors pleted by 2008 and t'malized by budget. The future of the Indian Val- decisions without your valu- open. 2030. This, coupled with the Some citizens question why ley Health Care District will able input. We believe that you Bombarded by governmental fact that much of the equip- we can't operate like otherdepend to a great extent on the want a hospital, but we could regulations and requirements, ment within the hospital is thriving businesses. This is residents it serves. The staff, be wrong. The time is now, to we are currently faced with aged and needs replacement, why! Government regulationsmanagement and board ofdi-search your heart and voice, state earthquake (seismic) leg- places a major financial bur- prevent Medicare and MediCal rectors are committed to en- your opinion as to whether islation that demands our im- den upon us. from making full payment for suring the continued quality you believe we need medical mediate attention to bring the Having gone through a bank- our charges. Insurance compa- service we have customarily services here in Indian Valley hospital into compliance in ruptcy from 1991-1998, thenies also reduce payments, provided to our patients. We and surrounding areas. The is- three stages. The first stage re- health care district has man- Consequently, we routinely can't do it alone, without atten- sue is not whether you like the quires that certain structural aged to recover financially, are forced to "write off" ap- tion to the funding crises loom- current services, but rather work be completed and that a This process has not included proximately 50 percent of what ing before us. We need your what you want for the future of plan be presented to the state the ability to build financial we charge. Unlike private busi- help. our community in terms of by Dec. 31, 2001. reserves and, like many fami- ness, we must provide service A "hospital" survey is avail- medical services. lies, we seem to function from to anyone who comes to us COUNTY CHILD ABUSE PREVENTION COUNCIL, COORDINATOR pay your tax- is also Child Abuse Month. In Plumas taxes and funds for the abuse have partnership explain in a moment. imagine : our children. That is par- 423 children were as victims of child Most of the reports to Services were child, severe neglect. reports are for repeated of children and reports frequently involve more than serve families in Quincy, lies. The Almanor Recreation teachers and service gives you the opportunity to one child in a family. Chester, Greenville and Porto- and Park District provides providers, contribute to local child abuse Neglect is the failure to pro- la. recreation scholarships forCouncil members represent prevention programs. This is a vide a child with the basic he- Plumas Crisis and Resourceyouths in the summer recre-parents, social and health ser- good time to thank all of you cessities of life, including food, Center operates the Crisisation clinics and enrichment vices, mental health, alcohol who took a moment last year to clothing, shelter or medical Line--1 (888) 332-2754. PCIRC programs, and drug, recreation, law en- send a check for the Children's care. It also includes a lack of also serves young children and Local gymnastics programs forcement, education, foster Trust Fund along with your appropriate supervision or to- parents with the in-schoolfor children provide scholar- family services, crisis inter- tax payment. You made an tal abandonment of a child. Child Assault Prevention Pro- ships for children referred by vention and the general public. $11,397 difference in 2000. Physical abuse is defined as ject. They provide parenting Child Protective Services and All work to prevent harm to The council will extend our non-accidental physical injury education classes in all com- the PRS-Family Focus Net- children, observance of Child Abuse Pre- such as severe beating, burns, munities as well as help needy work. Students from Jim Beck- The council provides a fo-vention Month to May 12 with strangulation and human and at-risk families reach out- wourth High School partici-"rum for cooperation and coor- our annual Children's Faire. bites. Emotional abuse is a pat- of-county medical care. pate in Project Discovery, a dination of local efforts to pre- Local agencies and businesses tern of behavior that attacks a Horses Unlimited provides challenge course that develops vent, intervene and treat child will come together for a cele- child's emotional development an opportunity for children trust, cooperation, teamwork, abuse and neglect. Community bration of families at the fair- and sense of self-worth. Exam- with disabilities to gain problem solving and self-es- awareness of abuse problems grounds from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. ples include constant criti- strength and self-esteem teeth. Little League is screen- and solutions is a goal of the Events, games, food and enter- cism, insults, rejection or the through their therapeutic ing volunteers by doing finger- council, tainment are free or are low withholding of love, support horse-riding program. The In- print clearances through the We are aware of the "cycle of cost. It's not only a day of fun, and guidance, dian Valley Healthy Start At'- sheriff's department, abuse." Adults who were but the Children's Faire is a Throughout Plumas County, ter School Program offers a There are many more family abused as children are much chance to learn more about the there are programs and ser- martial arts class for at-risk services from public and pri- more likely to harm their own services for children and fami- vices available to help adults youths. Head Start supports a rate organizations in Plumas children. But, where do adults lies in Plumas County. If you become supportive, non-abu- program to teach parents the County. I focus on these pro- go for help if they want to stop would like more information sive parents. Plumas Rural benefits of infant massage and grams because they have re-hurting their children? The about the Children's Faire or Services offers Family Focus loving touch, ceived funds from the Plumas council funds and strengthens preventing child abuse in Network, which combines STRONG, a wilderness- County Child Abuse Preven- local services for parents who Plumas County call 283-5333. home visiting with counseling, based program for women who tion Council. The council want to break the cycle of education and support for have experienced violence, off funds education for parents as abuse in their life and their adults to improve their abili- fers childcare, transportation well as training in child abuse children's lives. ties as parents. Home visitors and outing costs to these fami- recognition and reporting for April's property tax bill Letters must contain an address ag4"mne number, We,publiSh Wone letter per week, per per- and only one letter per person, month regarding the same We do not publish third- letters. Letters must a maximum of 300 Any letter in excess of 300 will be cut by the editor. deadline is Friday at 3 p.m. may be taken to any of Publishing's offices, sent to 283-3952, or e-mailed at Comstock's March she accused me of misinformation" the Sierra Nevada in the Feb. 21 I wrote for this news- She said many hurtful things about me, that had nothing with the issues dis- in my article. She grossly inaccurate as- about my personal the work I do, and I her comments offensive extremely inappropriate. invited me to telephone the information she I needed to learn, and her up on her sugges- in fact, learn a great from Ms. Comstock. I that she and I share common ideals and We both desire to pre- the natural beauty and of our region, and have a sense of sad- over the mistreatment humans have in- on our public lands. It I really wanted to l, however, was what, and specifically, Ms. considered to be in my arti- all, her letter was le- a very wordy way of ;me a liar. Such a nasty deserves evidence Comstock could not pro- evidence, neither in nor in our phone I suggested, and here, that she go my article line-by- nd point out any lies, misrepresenta- misinformation that find. Obviously, she with my opinions the Sierra Nevada but to publicly me and call me a liar of this disagreement plain wrong. Such tac- too prevalent in our culture these days, and are the cause of many of our soci- ety's problems. ! learned that the real rea- son for Ms. Comstock's attack on me is her feelings toward the U.S. Forest Service. She expressed these feelings by us- ing me, a person she doesn't know, a person whom she as- sumed she could insult with impunity. How sad. I hope Ms. Comstock learned from our exchange, as I did. I hope she learned that her "knee jerk" reaction to me--with all its hate and hurt--was wrong. I hope she learned that she and I are re- ally more alike than we are different. I hope she learned that spreading hate and hurt--like she did in her let- ter--is terribly harmful to our society. We need to work to- gether to find common ground, not attack each other. Cindy Gray Portola To whom It may conc4m I fear we have a major crisis developing in our community. Over one half of our freshmen students will be attending summer school because of low grades. I understand there is a severe lack of motivation. Why?. On a Friday night, or any night, do we knoW where our children are? What they are doing?. They are under 10. We all need to open our eyes really wide, ask questions. Call the school, talk to the teachers. Keep them home if we can t get a straight answer. And, call the parent ff we are unsure. Why are we waiting for another tragedy to hap- pen? Believing perhaps that it " ' n to US " The couldn t happe " "i'" change needs to begin w m us as parents. I loye my son and I care for his friends and their safety. I look forward to their future, and the much needed contri. bution of a positive involve- ment in our society...with hope and enthusiasm, and I am not ready to throw in the towel. Are you all with me? Gretchen Carson Portola Don't watt to do without I can't help but feel con- cerned when I view the Feath- er River and the Oroville Dam. The water in the dam is so low I doubt you could float a boat. I called the Depart- ment of Water Resources in Sacramento to ask someone if there's a possibil!ty of drought. Their answering ma- chines were unresponsive. l find it challenging to con- serve electricity. I don't mind turning my hot ter tank off at night, sleepii with an ex- tra blanket, baking two casseroles and freezing one, unplugging all my- appliances when not in use, washing with cold water, ironing less, living cooler in the winter and warmer in the summer, and whatever, but I like the water to flow. I don't mind a cool bath, but no bath is definitely out. When I'm thirsty I want wa- ter, not rust in the pipes. The lawns can go if necessary, but the veggie gardens keep us healthy. The obvious concern, however, is that the energy crunch certainly will increase ff the water continues to de- crease. Perhaps in time, I'll hear back from the Department of Water Resources and they'll say there's no danger of drought, not to worry. I just hope they're not out filling water bottles so they haven't time to answer their mes- sages. Nansi Bohne Greenville Postscript I did hear from the Water Resources Department in Sacramento. We are not in danger of a drought, but there are going to be scattered wa- ter shortages in various areas of California this summer. tmum I'm a local real estate ap- praiser doing business in Plumas County for 14 years. This morning I received a call from an irate seller. The party indicated they were "very un- happy with my appraisal." "It had killed their deal," and they hoped "I have a good life." They then hung up. Let me put a few things in perspective. Despite what your agent says your property is worth, the appraisal process is far complex than agents, buyers or sellers believe or understand. The fact is most in the real estate community--let alone the public--wouldn't know a good appraisal from a roll of toilet paper. Frankly, many apprais- ers don't know when they have written a poor report. Given the three most impor- tant elements of a property's value are Location, Location and Location, why are Truck- ee agents listing property in eastern Phmms County at val- ues more consistent with Truckee? For those prospec- tive sellers who now think the market is loaded with buyers be placed on the supervisors' laundering money, while pay- agenda for consideration on ing twice what yotlr proper- . ....... April 3, prior to the comple- ty's wo , get a grip . A prop- tion Of the residents plan. erty is worth what a buyer is Thus, it appears that the willing to pay only when the board is being pressured to buyer chooses NOT to use approve changes hastily in or- someone else's money. Then, der to allow an endrun around it is what at least three other the plan that is in develop- people are willing to pay for a ment. This is an uncon- similar property, as clearly scionable breach of faith. demonstrated in the market. I urge the board of supervi- Why is this concept so diffi- sors to immediately place a cult to understand? moratorium on any zoning I'm not going to be the butt changes in the Sierra Valley, end of a deal gone south in a and to leave it in place until community of so called "pro- an overall plan has been creat- fessionals" where the mindset ed based upon the input of the is all too often that of Monty residents of the area, as was Hall. This is not a game show requested by the board. folks! You want to be viewed Catherine Tanner as professionals, you better Beckwourth act like it. If this sounds like a blanket indictment of the real People who ,are estate community, the profes- On March 15, our daughter, sionals know who they are. Becky, was in a terrible car They don't need my blessing, accident. The car rolled and Rick Johnson Appraisalwas totaled. Fortunately, Graeagle Becky's injuries were very minor because she was wear- Wouldn't it be nice? ing a seat belt, and the airbag It would be nice if the "ex- deployed. We want to take the cursion train" could tie into opportunity to thank the the Dyer Mountain Resort many people who came to near Westwood sometime inBecky's aid that day. the future. Thank you to the drivers Oh, and by the way, Chester that witnessed the accident, needs a marina right next to quickly called 9-1-1, and Olde Towne. It could easily be stopped to help and comfort dredged out with the help of Becky. You undoubtedly had PG&E. Oops, I forgot--PG&E places to be but stopped any- is broke! way to help someone in need. John Morgan Thank you to the Graeagle Chester Fire Department, Eastern Plumas Hospital ambulance No zone change and ER staff, CA Highway Pa. I am writing in opposition trol, and Plumas County Sher- to proposed zoning changes iffs for your rapid response which would allow an asphalt and great care in safely extri- plant and housing develop- cating Becky from the car, for ment along County Road A.23 transporting her quickly, and (Beckwourth-Calpine Road) in for prdviding her with quality Sierra Valley. care enroute and at the hospi- It is my understanding that tal. The accident was a very the Plumas County Board of frightening experience for Supervisors officially encour- Becky and for us. Your com- aged the residents of Sierra passion and care has helped Valley to take a proactive role us all to heal emotionally. in the future of the valley by We hear it said so often to- asking them to formulate a day that people just don't plan addressing growth, de- care, and prefer to look away velopment, and land use is- rather than get involved. sues. It is also my understand- Clearly, the willingness of mo- ing that this plan, which is in torists to take time on a busy development and nearing morning to stop and help, the completion, strongly supports commitment of fire depart- continuing the ag ment volunteers to train in preserve/agricultural statusrescue'techniques and re- of the valley, with growth to spond on a moment's notice, be centered on the existing and the dedication of law en- towns and businesses which forcement and health care are compatible with these professionals that choose to goals, devote their lives to careers of However, I am told that the helping people and maintain- new supervisor from eastern ing safety--clearly, this shows Plumas County has arranged that people do care. for the needed zoning change Thank you all for caring. proposals for the asphalt plant Lori and Bill Powers and housing development to Portola to communicate, nmyor For 30 years, I have volun- teered for government and civic organizations. Never, in those 30 years, had I been treated in such a negative manner. A year and a half to two years ago, I was asked to serve as a commissioner on the Plumas County Transporta- tion Commission. I was happy to do so. During those years, I feel the commission has ac- complished many positive projects. In February of this year, I went to the scheduled com- mission meeting to be greeted with, "What are you doing here?" It seems the mayor of Portola wanted to be on the commission, so he had re- moved me and placed himself on the commission. All fine. I was serving on the commis. sion at the discretion of the Portola City Council. I do feel, however, that the mayor should have called and told me that was what he was doing. In the very least, a let- ter should have been sent to my home. Instead, I found out later, a copy of the letter sent to the commission was put in. to my planning commission box at the city offices. I check that box usually once, some times twice a month. When I wrote a letter to the mayor voicing my feelings, in- stead of a thamk you for the 1.5 years of volunteering or even an apology for not notifying me, the city attorney was con- tacted. Then, at the next city council meeting, the mayor asked him to respond to my letter. So instead of thanks, I got reamed at a council meet- ing. I was told that it was my fault that I had not checked my box at the offices more of- ten. Point by point of my let- ter was torn apart. Mr. Murphy and Mayor Adamson have been com- plaining that there is no com- munication between other or- ganizations and the city. Per- haps the old adage "you get what you give" applies here. Perhaps we should send them to handle the Lake Davis problems. They already have experience in '"overkill" and shooting flsh in a barrel with an automatic weapon. So thank you, Mr. Mayor and Mr. Murphy, for your ap- preciation of the cRizens you ask to volunteer. I'm sure they all "love getting kicked for helping. Sunny Meredith Portola