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April 2, 2014     Feather River Bulletin
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April 2, 2014

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81B Wednesday, April 2, 2014 Bulletin, Progressive, Record, Reporter D ITORIAL AND OPINION EDITORIAL sense Citizens of Plumas County once again fell victim to bureaucratic nonsense last week. The state pulled the plug on a plan that would have improved public safety and saved taxpayers millions of dollars. On Friday afternoon, Feather Publishing was putting the final touches on a story about the progress of a groundbreaking collaboration. It was an update for our readers about the proposal to combine the local sheriffs office, California Highway Patrol facility a nd jail under one roof. It was a popular plan that made so much sense on so many levels that we couldn't fmd a comment from anyone who disagreed with it. We were writing one of those rare "feel-good" stories about the state and county working together to solve a bunch of problems -- and save millions of dollars -- with one solution. Our story included thought-provoking quotes from the sheriff, who met with Feather Publishing days earlier to offer more details about the plan. The story included a strong endorsement from Sen. Gaines and our county supervisors. All we were waiting for was a quote from the CHP. Local CHP Commander Lt. Joe Edwards was obviously supportive of the plan. After all, he brainstormed the idea with Sheriff Greg Hagwood a few months ago. But Edwards said it would be more appropriate for his bossto'comment for the article. So we waited for the official CHP response. We expected to just add the CHP commissioner's words of support to the story; write the "Joint Facility Plan Moving Forward" headline and send it to the press. At 12:21 p.m. our managing editor got an emafl from the CHP's communications director. In short, the email read: Thanks, but no thanks. The only statement in the emafl that even closely resembled a reason for the CHP's decision to kill the plan was that "a considerable amount of time and money have been invested, a'site has already been selected." What? That was the reason? We were stunned. The sheriff was stunnedl Everyone was stunned. The CHP's reasoning for backing out of the deal simply doesn't make sense. Time and money invested in a site that is already selected? There is no way that the time and money already spent will compare to the time and taxpayers' money that will be spent to build three separate facilities. Not to mention the millions that will be spent in the years to come,maintaining them::,gq ~i~~ When asked to name the site of the new CHP facility, the state declined..The reason offered was that negotiations were still going on. So, it is not even a done deal? Unless there is more to this story that the CHP commissioner isn't telling us, the state should scrap its independent plan for a new CHP office today. If it truly wants to provide Plumas County communities with a higher level of service, reduce operating expenses, forge better local working relationships and save taxpayers' money, the state should trash its plan in favor of collaboration. It will be an injustice if our sheriffs and local CHP commander's innovative and groundbreaking idea dies just because the state's bureaucratic assembly line is already in motion. If the CHP commissioner's office thinks we are buying its excuse about time and money already spent, it better think again. It has to come up with something better than that. There has to be a better reason. And the citizens of Plumas County deserve to hear what it is. Feat lishing wspaper For breaking news, go to Michael C. Taborski ............. Publisher Keri B. Taborski ...Legal Advertising Dept. Dan McDonald ......... Managing Editor Jenny Lee ................. Photo Editor Ingrid Burke ................ Copy Editor Staff writers: Laura Beaton Debra Moore Carolyn Shipp Maddie Musa~e Michael Condon M. Kate West Makenzie Davis Aura Whittaker , Ruth Ellis Sam Williams Will Farris James Wilson Susan Cort Johnson Samantha P. Hawthorne Feather River Indian Valley Bulletin Record (530) 283-0800 (530) 284-7800 4 Portola Reporter Chester Progressive (530) 832-4646 (550) 258-3115 Lassen County Westwood Times PinePress (530) 257-5321 (530) 256-2277 Member, Printed on Catifornia Newspaper recycled paper Publishers Assoc. Body progresses from cradle to surgery There was never a thought at 9 years old of climbing a steep hill made mostly of loose rocks. In those days the only hesitation came when realization hit that getting back down might be a problem. At an even earlier age, while living in Japan, I decided to climb this huge smoke stack, all that was left of a bombed-out factory. The climb began in early afternoon and I managed to negotiate a couple of spots where the climbing rungs were missing. Almost to the top I made a horrible mistake -- I looked down. Now came a number of terrifying thoughts: first it was the fear of falling; then as the afternoon progressed came the fear of a whipping when Dad found out. But I was frozen. MY TURN WILL FARRIS Staff Writer Eventually the fear of a wrathful father prompted me to begin the harrowing descent. The missing rungs that were easily negotiated on the way up became This week's special days NOT JUST AN ORDINAKY DAY COMPILED BY KERI TABORSKI 1968 -- Martin Luther King Jr. is assassinated by James Earl Ray at a motel in Memphis, Tenn. 1973 -- The World Trade Center in New York City is officially dedicated. Not just an ordinary day....a sampling weekly notable, special days and facts throughout the year. of April 2 1513 -- Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de Leon first sights land in what is now known as the U.S. state of Florida. 1956- "As the World Turns" and "The Edge of Night" both premiere on the CBS television network, the In'st televised daytime soap opera shows in a 30 minute format. April 3 1860-- The first successful U.S. Pony Express run from St. Joseph, Mo., to Sacramento, begins. 1882 -- American outlaw, bank robber and train robber Jesse James is killed by fellow gang member Robert Ford in St. JoSeph, Mo., at the age of 34. April 4 1818 -- The United States Congress adopts the flag of the United States with 13 red and white stripes and one star for each state (then 20). ' 1850 -- Los Angeles, California is incorporated as a city. April 5 1621 -- The Mayflower sets sail from Plymouth, Mass., on a return trip to England. 1792 -- President of the United States George Washington exercises his authority to veto a bill of Congress, the In'st time that this power is used. 1955 -- Winston Churchill resigns as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom amid indications of failing health. April 6 1893 -- The Salt Lake City Temple of the Church of Latter Day Saints in Utah is dedicated. 1947 -- The In'st Tony Awards were presented for Broadway theatrical achievement at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City. The awards are named after Antoinette (Tony) Perry, co-founder of the American Theatrical Wing. ' April 7 Today is caramel corn day -- Enjoy! ,,, 196,7 -- Film critic R0ger Ebert publishes his first film review in the Chicago Sun-Times. 1964 The Beatles occupy the top five positions on the Billboard 100 pop music chart. April 8 2005 -- Over 5 million people attend the funeral of Pope John Paul H. nightmares but I finaUy made it. Once on the ground I couldn't stand up because my legs had turned to rubber. Even at that age I figured it wasthe stupidest thing I ever done. The whole thing was a learning experience, which taught me caution in future ventures. Not that I never got into similar trouble, but I felt I could trust my body to get me through. And so it went, through the BB gun fights, the wild trips down the mountain on a bicycle, the teen years, the Army and the shortcuts we took on backpacking trips. There were fishing trips when sheer cliffs were scaled just to reach a couple of good-looking trout pools. But then I turned 50 when all the minor injuries of past adventures seemed to have settled in my back. For the next 15 years I still managed to do many of the things I did in my youth. Mostly a lot more thought went into activities and things like backpacking were history but I persevered. Turning 65 wasn't much of a deal except the general amazement of living that long. The rests while working became more frequent and longer and the back pain needed to be addressed, but all in all I was getting by. Then came 67; my brother was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease; one evening a group of internal gremlins started a weenie roast in my abdomen, causing emergency surgery to remove a diseased and ruptured gall bladder. A couple months later hernia surgery was performed, followed by a nightmare stay in the hospital when things went wrong in the recovery room. My blood pressure, always below normal, shot up in the "you're about to have a stroke" range. Then came this pain in my right caff, kinda like a cramp. An angiogram that was supposed to find a blockage and open it back up turned up three blockages and I was scheduled for surgery a week later. This would be the third surgical procedure in less than'a year. I felt like an old car, ya know? First the windshield wipers go out, then the heater or the air conditioning, wheel bearings, etc., until finally the engine quits and it's done. Turns out I didn't have to wait a week for the knife because the night following the angiogram all blood circulation " : stoppedin, my right leg~.4~t"tac] this white thing attached to my body that had no feeling. That night I was airlifted to Reno for surgery. Aging really wouldn't be that bad, if ya didn't have to grow old. REMEMBER WHEN Quincy, donated a new 1964 automobileto ....................................................... the Plumas Unified School District for KERI TABORSKI drivers education classes, replacing the Historian ten year old vehicle currently being used. 75 YEARS AGO ..... 1939 25 YEARS AGO ..... 1989 The contract to rebuild the mill that A nationwide tainted fruit scare found will be replacing the one destroyed at the its way to Plumas County this week as Standart Mine in Greenville two months local markets pulled table grapes and ago was awarded. The new mill will be other fruit from their shelves, housed in an all metal building, specifically fruit shipped from the The construction of a large building to country of Chile. house a grocery store and drug store Chester residents will share $112, located next to the Batson Hospital in overpayments returned from their 1987 Greenville began this week. electric bills. The Pubic Utilities Commission demanded that Lassen 50 YEARS AGO ..... 1964 Municipal Utility District refund former Don Skillern, owner of S & A Motors in CP National customers after Lassen Municipal Utility District took over last May. 10 YEARS AGO ..... 2004 The Plumas County courthouse was pack.ed and festooned with red, white and blue bunting as local residents turned out in historic costume to commemorate the county's 150th (sesquicentennial) birthday Thursday night. Note: items included in the weekly Remember When column are taken from our bound newspaper archives and represent writing styles of that particular period. The spelling and grammar are not edited, so the copy is presented as it actually appeared in the original newspaper. Expanding social reporting sparks spring excitement .................... have returned to Lake Almanor and it churches, museums, nonprofit organiza- won't be long before our snowbirds start ' tions, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Daisy winging their way home. Scouts, 4-H and our many service organi- This is the time of the year I enjoy most zations. as I not only get to chat with friends re- I want to hear about upcoming block turning to the Basin but it's also the time .............. ' parties, family reunions and 50th an- I get to reconnect with many others via niversary parties. If it's special and hap- the Almanor Almanac column. MY TURN pening in your community, let's share Over the years both the readers and about it in the Almanac. contributors have made writing the week- M. KATE WEST Time is ticking by quickly and I plan to Staff Writer ly column a real pleasure. As a,news re- publish the first expanded column in the porter I really appreciate learning about May 7 issues of the Westwood Pine Press, all that's happening in my community, the column regionally and have beenIndian Valley Record and Chester Pro- I am already gearing up to start my first reaching out to folks in both Indian Val- gressive. column of the season and have been send- ley and Westwood through email. While I The very last date I can receive and in- ing out emails left and right, have yet to hear back from the neighbor- clude your social news and photos for Last week I started receiving responses ing communities, my excitement level that issue is Wednesday, April 23. from my past contributors so I want to continues to grow as I imagine the chal- Sit down, bring up your calendars, and send out a special shout-out to Denise lenge and funof social reporting on such ff you have something special happening, Porter, Jenni Cesarin and Shirley a Iarge scale, take a moment anddrop me an email. Friedrichs! If you are a resident of one of those Now, before you can say, "I'm not much Thank you. Not only did I learn when to communities, drop me a note at of a writer," this is where our column expect you back in the Basin but also, and let partnership will come into play. I am the with Denise, I learned of the many activi- me know what you have coming up this writer; you need only provide me with the ties that will be hosted by the Lake A1- spring and summer, basics. If I have a question about some- manor Community Church between now Once we make that first connection you thing, I will give you a call to make sure I and August. will learn how easy and fun it is to share am representing you well. Because her informative email was community news and, this year, thanks to I'm now only 15 working days away filled with event names and dates I can Feather Publishing Managing Editor Dan from putting the column together. Roll up actually track the events for both the col- McDonald, photos can be part of the col- those sleeves, get busy with your social umn and regular news coverage, umn! This is going to be way too much news and entail and let's make this new This year I have the goal of expanding fun! column the best it can be! J t