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April 4, 2001     Feather River Bulletin
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April 4, 2001

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, Progressive, Record, Reporter Wednesday, April 4, 2001 1tB Record, I IIIInl II I III I IIIIII r l ]lllllll II II II I le Y EDUCAT1ON & OUTREACH ~xluw ~RDINATOR, PLUMAS CRISIS ~WENTION & RESOURCE CENTER :)en- April is Sexual Assault meate our varied communities very being. Rape is an expres- It leaves us with emotionalmovies, music and certain Awareness Month and the na- and impact our children on sion of violence. Violence isn't wounds that impact our chil- magazines, to continue to be tional theme is "Speak Out such a deep level, only physical. It is expressed dren and our children's chil- perpetrators of violence with- Against Sexual Violence." As a I would like to thank the in the way that we talk to our- dren, because the behaviorsout any accountability? representative of the Rape Cri- many people that work on all selves, to the people that we are so familiar, so much a part If violence is going to remain sis Center for Plumas County levels, with many differentcare for, to our children, to our of family ritual that we pass socially acceptable, then we and as a caring woman, I skills, within violent situa- fellow workers, to our elders, them on. must expect violence to contin- Would like to speak out by ac- tions and with the people thai to our animals Would you want your grand- ue to permeate our lives. knowledging the individual have been impacted by vio- It is so punishing, so uncar- children to be emotionally Is it your choice to continue and group efforts, ongoing in lence, ing, so inhumane and we rape abused in this way? So are you the communication of rio- this county, to help change the Rape is a violation of our hu- our core need for connection also willing to allow society's lence? Victims of rape have no patterns of violence that per- man dignity, and wounds ourand caring, our need to belong, baby-sitters, the T.V. and choice. You do. i than i do objectives and seeks many of the everyday needs of hard- working Americans. "Helping the American fam- ily is our priority," Herger said. "This common-sense budget includes historic levels of debt reduction, significant tax relief, protections for So- about 3.5 percent--roughly the rate of inflation," Herger con- tinued. "This budget is an im- portant t-u'st step toward a meaningful and fiscaUy re- sponsible budget for Ameri- ca." HilPtlliPlds of the Education Reform- The bill increases funding for public schools by 10 percent, provid- ing a full tax exemption to stu- dents using pre-paid tuition savings plans for college, rais- ing contribution limits on Ed- ucation Savings Accounts from $500 to $5,000, and in- number of family prioritieS, including mortgage payments, tuition savings or mounting utility bills., Social Security and Medicare - Trust fund surplus- es will be protected and spent on Social Security and to move national defense away from a Cold War posture, to- ward a readiness capable of addressing multiple new threats. It immediately pro- vides $5.7 billion to increase military pay, improve troop housing and expand health Thanks again, to the finest group of professionals I have ever known! And here's to a bright future with Mr. Bob Minert at the helm. Lia Bruno, Ph.D. Interim Director, Alcohol and Drug Services Medicare only, extending the benefits for military retirees. he lgencies are for. I guess his superiors should permarkets, restaurants and :her, aOderate increase in rates ! to be initiated. But, theyhave fired all of the parties in- other retailers in Quincy. 'ide ~o be considered and up- volved. He said he was encour- The 18th annual Shamrocks aged to drink on the job. Against Dystrophy campaign ad by those regulatory Did your morn ever pose theraised more than $10 million listies" question to you after you did nationally. These donations tsh- is the Public Utilities nission, the P.U.C. The something dumb with a friend? help MDA fund almost 400 re- still wanted to play in Rend, They don't say the same paying $1.15 per gallon. I said not in Quincy (with the help of about natural gas; however,we were paying near $2. He FRC). it's also true. said, I mean cheap stuff. I said, My daughter would not get How many of you watched I was talking about cheap stuff. to play during the Rend league your gasoline and diesel more Something has to give soon. games because they have a than double in 12 months? The rate payers are being rule that does not allow home How many have seen forced to bail out the utilities schooled students, propane prices nearly triple in and the state. Petroleum users I tried to say something nine months? are being forced to bail out the about this, but with the school I must admit to those who refiners and the suppliers of oil district not notifying the par- think I always write facts-- and gas. Where does it end? ents until this school year it which I make every effort do- Floyd Austin seemed to be a struggle to get ing--I made a horrible mis- Greenville things together quickly enough take. to play anywhere else. About 12 years ago, the Pub- Fuel prices It is sad that the school dis- lic Utilities commission was al- After another trip to Oregon trict does not see the need to ways a plum for our state gov- I am upset about the price we carry sports for their students, ernors to give to choice are paying for gas again. The It is sad that the parents of the cronies, price here in Plumas County children that did play did not I thought we had voted thiswas $1.799 for the cheapest. In have the awareness of this un- out about then and the people Medford it was $1.469, plus we justness, were electing the commission, had an attendant pump the gas. I understand that there were I was wrong and apologize to I didn't have to get the smell of other children that would have those I've led astray, gas on my hands and the atten- wanted to play. As a communi- It's obvious from TV media,dant even offered to wash the ty program, every child in this bickering now exists between windshield. I wonder how community that wanted to play Gov. Davis and his appointed many jobs that provides and could have played, head of P.U.C., Loretta Lynch. why we can't do the same here? This injustice is still going Hope all of you can associate No! We can't do that. We pay on. The program is still going this name with what is happen- people to stay on welfare in- under the same assumptions,ing tothe rate payers regards stead of providing jobs for Please speak out. Children in utility rates. We are beingthem! Can you guess the rea- this community should be able lynched, raped and pilfered, son? It's political "payola." Oh, to have equal opportunities- How do people on Social Se-excuse me, I meant to say polit- Community means "all" chil-curity or Supplemental Securi- ical contributions! Donations dren that live in this area not ty Income as their only source to our politicians are costing what school they attend. Corn- of income pay these exorbitant us about 30 per gallon or munity kids play Little League. rate increases? more. So we are donating ap- As for sportsmanship, I How do they conserve as proximately 30 or more with each gallon of gas we buy. Just an odd but disturbing fact of California life. I'm sick of it-- how about you? Red Perkett Crescent Mills one is the Federal Ener- "If he asked you to jump off a search teams worldwide, watched my daughter go to Gov. Davis asks, when they are gov- gulatory Commission, the bridge-would you?" On behalf of the millions of every practice but one. She using a bare minimum now?. ,C. I guess we're lucky we're not Americans affected in some was at every game, includingI know some are going with- m - a ,1 _~ gencies are the ones paying funeral expenses, andway by the more than 40 dis- the ones she could not play in. I out medicines and nutritious u ~UlHlottld be doing their job. for the people who I have heard eases covered by MDA--thankthink that was true sportsman- food. S. are not performing as grumbling from. How about you--and may St. Patrick bless ship. Why is California's natural S de-lhould then they should drug testing?. I'll take one. How you all year long! Vicki Beerman gas higher than any other t ught to task for it, about you? Maureen McGovern Portola place in the United States? .vL t~e Where the head of the Or is that too simple? How National Chairperson This applies to electricity, he :. has been asked to re- about liability. Is the county MDA Shamrocks Against Electri rotes gasoline, diesel and propane. responsible? Dystrophy h Lt is as it should be, pro- Andrew J. Elsken _ of course, that she is not Quincy Make It a lO~ a scapegoat. Today I picked up the March ld, ~ F.E.R C seems to be ~ tim' the ~tm'e 21 newspaper to see the sixth .... ing on the situation as This is a letter of recogni- grade boys team on the front ~uL~ !}1o - tion, thanks and hope in posi- page. Cool, they won second Uld be ff the political )n. ! leave them alone, I sus- tive future. Thanks to the alco- place in their tournament. hey will handle the prob- hol and drug staff of Plumas Then later, in the same paper, --[they see best. County. I am at least 16 years there is another write up about of experience in private and the fifth grade girls. the politicians, they public agencies, correctional In both articles it is men- I 11 ymg to play both sides, facilities and hospitals, includ- tioned about both teams being ant to play up to both ut tGto the energy suppliers ing private practice and three school teams. That is not quite county mental health/A&D right. D huge donations they get programs. I have never worked This year, the Plumas Uni- J hem and to the general with such dedicated and well fled School District chose not L WO so can receive their Lger. ~ next election, intended people as these in the to carry the basketball pro- and ! governor seems to have Plumas County A&D depart- gram. There was a meeting in Dre by the taft in that situa, ment. which I attended in September This is a group of people, an where the principal of the mid- incredible group of people, die school informed about 15 to for us, we should con- much as possible. Yet, Wl ber when I was in corn ing not too long ago, we lyen special rates ff we u " !ouses that were all elec- ~o bad that someone did nle~Ve~ a little foresight back that refunds are ~atl~... idered. Why not sim- l~olt our next statement? I be too easy, would- S l'lJ~ ~l~Veernment does not .... e easy way. So, it lei( 7 the refunds than ~^o~jl'~tl~2 talt since when L : rn ent ake sense' )Ilep our newspapers. each with their own particular 18 parents this is so. strengths, that have survived I was interested in attending challenge and adversity to for my daughter, is in the emerge a solid, cohesive "fatal- Plumes Charter School. ly" of service practitioners. She had already lost band, All are eager to provide long and I was hoping that if it was needed abuse and addiction true that the school district services to our loved ones, chil- was now telling the parents of dren and community, the "community" they would With the separation of men- be running and sponsoring the tal health and A &D services, basketball program. we are growing stronger and This meant as a community looking forward to adding a child my daughter would not number of therapeutic pro- be deprived of playing. But, grams to our current clinic she was. menu. We are supporting Mr. Come to find out if we did Robert D. Minert, Prevention not pretend to be a school team Coordinator for Plumas we could not play in the Rend Schools, as our new Director. league. Pretend, meaning they Fie brings years of experience furnished the gyms for prac- and administrative expertise tice, no insurance, no liability. Electric rates are going up another 20 percent for PG&E customers if the PUC president Loretta Lynch gets her way. Governor Gray Davis must have given his permission for the hike in rates or it would not have been proposed. This increase is on top of the 9 to 15 increase granted in Jan- uary and the 10 percent sched- uled for next year. If Davis had agreed to a rate increase last summer along with granting the utilities per- mission to sign long term con- tracts for energy it would have been less than 20 percent. There would not have been bankrupt utility companies, and the state of California would be in great financial conditions. It is unique in government that you can squarely place the blame for a problem; but Davis' fetish for and procrastination until the poll indicates he is on the right side of an issue. There are many reasons for the energy problem, but only one person responsible for the magnitude, and that is Gov. Davis. Ray Bryant Blairsden Some folks d() not know that Public Utilities does not con- trol prices of gasoline, diesel and propane. With these products, we are at the mercy of the suppliers, regardless of what excuse they would like giving you. Wll m it md? Have Californians been duped again by a ludicrous en- ergy crisis with monumental price increases? x Bearing in mind that it's bet- ter to control than be con- trolled, good things would hap- pen if everyone in California: Were to go without electricity voluntarily for one full hour each day, year round and dur- ing peak time, depending on page Z4B Residents believe they should provide recreation By Dave Keller Sta Writer --t'" residents think there is a shortage of ....~lumas ?:oaun,~yr activities for kids, but they believe that =~'~z~atau. o~,~ .... " - . I- ..~.z .I,-, ~nmathinff abOUt lt. ~.~.=.....~ -,,, ffovernmen[--snomu .,, o,, ......... r- _ .. _.* =, ............. "~"cted on veatner ar,t,r,.',~lino' t~ the restuLs O! a survvy ~u.u,~ _ . . ....... ":-.------ -; ...... *~-n half of the resiuents Publishing's Interne[ s.~, .-,,,,%~-- . ....... ~,~.,, think they can do a better job ot The =h, which ran from March 19 to ': visitors. "Do we do enough to proviae recreauorr anu ties for our youth in Pluma, s County?." Fifty-two percent said, No; residents should fred a solu- tion." Twenty-six percent said, "Yes, there's plenty for kids to do." Thirteen percent said, "No; the government should do something." ...... Ust too bad" Four percent said, "No, rut mat s About the same amount said they did not know or CtTweb The newspaper publishes a weekly survey on publishes the results in the news aper. A new survey is l sted every Monday-The _.poll is noPscientifically conductea. It ~s mr entertammem ~u,- -,,=u vi. itors to will be asked their sent'"ltn"en"t"a~)ut--the futu]'e of the county administrative oln- cer position now that Jim Stretch has resigned. ]ey e shortage was all a fake. uch so it is with this so- rmr.l energy shortage. I have t .._ that something needs tlone. O that is what our regula- tended that he was singled out for drinking and smoking pot on the job and should not have been relieved of his duties. He is receiving six months back- pay, and is back on the county coffer. CO~- department as of late. he ~o e~iled Did you know the taxpayers ~re~m~_~. just got hit with a total "wham-my., aY ,lt,~ sl~orta~? It seems that it wasn't bad ,, r member the days of enough that we were paying ~ _~SWorking in a large oil for the group or to rephrazd hen ~ at the time All the some of the employees to party '.h ha ils were shut (iown, the on taxpayers dollars. ~e tanks But, now we are footing the r- were full, ships C" bill for an extended vacation. t the re were waiting to un- One of the employees con- Is Will be cut by the editor. 1, it'sdeadline is Friday at 3 pm tare Fs may be taken to any of . let Publishing s offices, sent .. zo 283-3952, or e-mailed at 0AU Pecketl feel a IitUe Hghte You should probably check. As you have read or heard, the county has had some problems with the buildings and grounds Shamrock Even the leprechauns are green with envy over Quincy's response to the Muscular Dys- trophy Association's Sham- rocks Against Dystrophy cam- paign. Much appreciation to the thousands of people who donated to MDA and signed pa- per shamrocks in businesses in February and March Their generous participation in Shamrocks will help MDA continue to provide families af- fected by neuromuscular dis- eases in our community with valuable services. As one of many who has a loved one affected by a neuro- muscular disease, I'm genuine- ly grateful for the caring sup- port of customers and employ- ees at convenience stores, su- teas ~ CONGRESSMAN cial Security and Medicare, FY 2002 Budget schedule creasing IDEA funding by solvency of the programs for .Veterans Funding- The education reforms and in- .Debt Reduction - The bud- $1.25 billion, future beneficiaries. Also, $153 budget also provides a $1.7 bil- ~gressman Wally Herger creased funding for our na- get pays down historic levels .Tax Relief- The budget pro- billion will be added to mod- lion (7.6 percent) increase in ~Uded the passage of thetional defense." of debt, retiring $2.3 trillion-- vides approximately $1.6 tril- ernize Medicare and include a discretionary funding for vet- ~rvi- ~ budget resolution. Ap- "While we work toward re- the maximum amount of debt lion over 10 years in much prescription drug plan. erans over the 2001 level and a eside , in the House of Repre- alizing these objectives, our possible--ensuring future gen- needed tax relief for tax pay- .National Defense- The bud-$3.9 billion (16 percent) in- *~tives by a vote of 222 to plan holds overall spending erations are not saddled with ing Americans. This is goodget strengthens defense by in- crease in mandatory spend- In pr e budget lays out clear increases in the budget to that burden, money that can go toward any creasing funding by $14 billion ing. e-- will is re.,, - -=.~er. we puausn And another thing, how can countered, also decided that the teams ry." gasoline. He said they were . . letter per week, per per- only one letter per person, big businesses shiR millions of dollars around in order to ad"mnth regarding the sameclaim bankruptcy? It simply on't We do not publish third- does not make any sense to me. took open letters Letters must Eyvine Perkett ty is ted to a maximum of 300 Crescent Mills Any letter in excess of 300