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April 4, 2001     Feather River Bulletin
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April 4, 2001

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,,ssive, RecordProgressive, Record, Reporter Wednesday, April 4, 2001 6C 0 .1, v-u,, ~day, March 29, or , sed the- ......... We ve heard of some race , v arcn the lake innings W(be ice free The boat catches at the dam, as well as to runs, a, and parking lots at at Turkey Point. Cove fishing Cove and Lightning is best right now--try Ship's Cove to the west of the dam, ters in theve been plowed and are Garcia, b. Big Cove or Crystal Point. ;h Greed530) 832-5251 for further Lnd. Garcif refer to our Web site at " runs. stdollai ls>. ing two Greenman Lake andchman Lake is free of Most fishermen are using rainbow glitter Powerbait, nightcrawlers or a combina- tion of both. Some are having success using salmon eggs. :l went 24 'estlin camp comin improv .... :¢tnership with Olympic to work with campers. m 1 -lin_ C .... r f'nrd t{. g namplon Mark Schultz currently resides in .... Z a ,,- nd Mark Schultz Utah, we're he recently served t ouege • "-t ...... hug Camps, Feather as the head wrestling coach of n^ set ollege s sports program Brigham Young University. v . dd a youth wrestling Schultz's impressive accom- its summer program plishments include a 1987 Schultz, a three-timeOlympian Sportsman of the Champion and Year award, a Wrestling Hall native, will host a of Fame Athlete selection, and , ek camp for athletes, winningthe prestigious James ;ervo ,, Quincy July 9- E. Sullivan award as America's top amateur athlete. in large Schultz Grappling Besides earning an Olympic :ought Sought out Feather gold medal, Schultz is a two- trface acr llege due to the recre- time world champion and tly was setting. "We're excited seven-time national champion. her with Feather River; After retiring from the sport Ltion val ostcard campus that of wrestling, Schultz won the the reset, re as the perfect envi- Ultimate Fighting Challenge. t of its c nt for a youth sports He is the brother of Dave ae year if Schultz said. Schultz is Schultz, who also was an Zcited to return to his Olympic champion, and who old maYjtate to Work with youth was murdered in 1996 by bil- hroat at }rs of all ages. lionaire John E. du Pont. :e sunligkldition to Schultz, the Reservations for FRC's sum- the mostiwill highli,, , no. ish and G also a mer wrestling camp are limit- . • r r anonal ed, but space is still available. ]srfegte; 2 ; .and Kristy Schultz, For more information, call uckhornlingi°cnhal- Women's Mark Schultz Grappling at boYuthhee - tmpion. The (801)-897-4427, or the Feather z. Grappling camp River College Sports Office at zen qualified coaches (530) 283-0202, extension 295. 105 pounds--Geoff Foss- first, 110 pounds-Victor Rodriquez - first; Sergio Marquez - third, 115 pounds--Sergio Marquez - second; Victor Rodriquez - third, 135 pounds--Eric Chase- first ;r level c( ed in a :ha ago. rvived LI be aro hester youth wrestling onths. rought home another oted 5# They placed fourth in horn an Ssen Youth Wrestling odoc Cot raent held at Lassen yearlin e March 31. Over a 's India eams Participated from nia and Oregon. • ! Photo submitted VFW won the Plumas Bowling Association City Tournament March 26. Pictured, from left: Ron Tanner, Billy Breedlove, Bob Marshall, Earl Lanterman and Brad Loomis. Han ln with the hem= At the peak of the turkey breeding season, a dominant gobbler is frequently "henned up" with all the hens he wants. The gobbler acts much like a call-shy bird, thus different hunting tactics are needed. Dealing with a harem boss can be difficult. If he and the hens do not roost together, a tip off is when he goes in the same direction every morning to meet them. Give up on the roost and set up in the area he goes to instead. Another strategy is calling the hens. Usually the hens, not wanting competition, will lead the gobbler away' from the calls. However, if the hen flock contains a super-dominant hen, aggressive calling may cause her to come looking for the challenger. The gobbler will be behind this sharp-eyed old hen, so you must be quiet and well camouflaged. Hunters can also hunt this gobbler later in the morning after the hens have left him. -___-3hFOSs, Eric Chase and 14 under Read a gobbler arton took home first 105 ounds Sc tt h A gobbler will often "tell" nedald ¢he team took p -- o S erod - , )wine's. Winners wereth,,.a, no,,,.o, y o want he wants.tO, ear. 110 pounds--Garret Bacclaw - .y _respon.a m me turkey. : for instance, zi ne ;s rea;ly fourth, roaring, come back at him just inder Ida---Clayton Buchanan 120 pounds--Nick Anderson - as aggressively. However if he third, is less than hot, subdue calling 140 pounds Eric Chase - in both style and volume is third, needed. 150 pounds---Jake Martin - If he continues to play hard fourth to get, fire off some aggressive calls like cutting or a fighting ran: 10ofnds---Joel Schmidt - ; feet: 1,F )-441-45ds--Leland Wharton - opon" 6 0 .... www.plumasbank.corn :le feet' ,=~or . 3 ds--T]m Wharton- www.plu rids--Cole Weatherson open: 0 o ;feet: 2,5~ 75-832-11Under nds--Matt Sherod - www, o n:j , ds--Troy Ramos - www.plumasbank,com www, en: 13 of feet: 3,9 '75-5 6-7 pen: 5 feet: en: 11 of feet: 2,0 os- pen: 2 feet: 75-849 ; purr to crank him up. If that doesn't do it, stay with conser- vative calls. Hens are much the same way. To call hens, which is always a good idea in case there is a silent gobbler with them, simply imitate them. If there is a loud hen, chances are she is a dominant one. Give her raucous cutting and cackling. The main objective is to try different calls until you find what works. Turkey ca/I bazic Turkeys have simple brains, thus their "language" is pretty simple. The "yelp" and the "cluck" are the basic building blocks of most advanced calls. The two- syllable yelp sounds like "kee- awk" and the cluck is a single note sounding like "pock" or "puck." It often helps to mouth these sounds when learning a diaphragm-type call. The "lost/assembly call" is a fairly long and rhythmic series of yelps given to assemble the flock or by a lonesome adult turkey. The "kee-kee" is the lost whistle of a young poult. Looking to en: II of on Auto Insurance? Our experience has been that Mercury insurance offers lower rates. )pen: 50 Fmct: Over 300,000 California drivers changed their auto insurance to feet: Mercury Insurance Group in the last year )pen: 4 feet: 1 your Ioc=l Independent Mercury agent today to see how much you can save: )en: 9 feet: ,pen: The 2001 Plumas Bowling Association City Tournament took place on Sunday, March 26. The team competition was hosted by Ponderosa Bowl in Portola where approximately fifteen teams competed. "VFW" claimed the top spot, with its members Ron Tanner, Billy Breedlove, Bob Marshall, Earl Lanterman and Team Captain Brad Loomis. The tournament was a hand- icap event and the team pros- pered from seven 200 games between its members. With their respective handicaps included, Brad turned in a 711 series. Earl, the only true Veteran at 82 years young, had a 650 while Ron had a personal best and team high 779. Bob rebounded from a poor start to finish with 718 series and anchorman Billy Breedlove turned in a 749. "VFW" won the tournament by nearly 200 pins with a final score of 3,607 over the second place "Outsiders" who scored 3,426. The dreaded "alarm putt" is Place the "back edge" of the just a loud cluck, the actual striker point on the calling warning is communicated by surface and tilt it away from the alert posture of the turkey you at 45 degrees. making it. To make a yelp, "draw" a "Cutting," which indicates loop or an oval. Cluck with a excitement, is a series of loud, short, straight, aggressive sharp clucks with an irregular stroke. To purr, pull the strik- rhythm. "Cackling" is a short er slowly across the surface. series of rapid yelps given With practice you will learn when the turkey flies. The exactly the right angle for the "purr" is a low, quavering call striker and how much pres- that keeps the flock in touch, sure to apply. The slate/glass However, a loud purr is a call is easy to use both loud threat. ' and low. The slate/glmm caller Locato¢ calls The slate and glass friction A wide variety of noises are calls are perhaps the most used to make gobblers sound highly-engineered of modern offin the morning. turkey calls. Gobblers will "shock gobble" Evolving from a simple piece at loud sounds that have noth- of slate cupped in the hand and ing to do with turkey talk. The struck with a resonating peg, turkey hunter can use these the modern versions involve "locator calls" to pinpoint the acoustical engineering that rivals a fine musical instru- gobbler's location without giv- ment. ing away his own. For all their sophistication, The eight-note call of the barred owl is a favorite locator slate or acrylic glass calls are still easy to use. Start by light- call. However, raucous crow ly holdin~ the "pot" (which is calling or the piercing scream also the sound chamber) in one of a hawk call are also used. hand. With the other hand, Gobblers will even answer the hold the striker like a 'Pe 6il: .... high-pitched howl of a coyote. '99 FORD TAURUS Gold, auto., V-6, FWD, A/C, fllt, cruise, P/W/L, P/S, &M/FM co,.., 28,(}00 miles. #2%836 ......... '96 FORD EXPLORER Green, 4x4, oulo., V-6, A/C, ~, cruise, P/W/L, P/S, AM/FM CO~., #A92861 ............................ SUBAIRU OUTBACK SpOd wogon, 4 dOOr, black, 4x4, auto., A/C, flit, cruise, P/W/L P/S, CD, AM/FM cass., #807656 ............... '99 MAZDA 626 Gmeen, ~to., FWD, A/C, flit, cruise, P/W/L P/S, CD, AM/FM ca~., 15,000 miles, #890322 ................. '0@ FORD WINDsTAR LX Green, auto., V-6, FWD, A/C, tfft, cruise, P/W/L P/S, CD, AM/FM cou., #1122930 ......................... '99 MERCURY MOUNTAINEER ~Kt, 4x4, Cx/fO., V-b, A/C, flit, cmL~, P/W/L, P/S, CO, pkg., 21,0N] n'det. #J43606 ..................... 'gg MERCURY SABLE Wh~e, auto., V-b, FWD, A/C, flit, crul=e, P/W/LP/S, AM/FM ca~., 27,000 mlle~, #651410. . ............... ! I ! Showroom, 611 Main St. * Car Lot, 4o N. Roop St. Susan'vUle