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April 11, 2001     Feather River Bulletin
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April 11, 2001

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'~ogressive, Record. Reporter ;ive, R~- m Wednesday, April 11, 2001 9JJ to be more education from an early age regarding these is- I m| 113 13 1 ml lie importance, but that's obvi- the nationwide statistics on blamed on rock This shq ting should take the armed intruder drill, and we ously not their priority. On the gun violence against kids are theory falls apart when we re- course, are looking into ways to more day of the E1 Cajon shooting, shocking, alizethat millions of young Plumas CounW residents effectively prevent injury, or on one TV news program, the In 1997, 4,205 people age 19 people are exposed to the same can take a little comfort in the death in an armed intruder sit- stories on either side of the and under were killed withmaterial and manage to notfact that shootings almost nev- uation. shooting were about the Mir firearms---that's almost 12 per kill anyone, er happen in small schools. These include, among other space station coming down and day across the country. OfClearly, we have to look at Most occur in large suburban things, extending our PA sys- the arraignment of the owners those, 2,562 were murders,other possible causes, andand urban schools, where kids tern into the lower campus L[S of the mastiffs that mauled a 1,262 were suicides, and 306 here's a major one: kids' access can feel more isolated and ig- buildings, which will happen FEATHER woman in San Francisco. were accidental shootings,to weapons. You ve probably nored than in small rural this summer. Principals at our fiR MIDDLE SCHOOL Neither of these stories di- School shootings are only a seen,,the bumper stickers that schools. In larger schools, the other schools are also looking of the recent shoot- rectly affects YeW many peo- tiny part of a huge problem, say, Control your kids, not my relationships of trust that en- into measures to ensure stu- ple, but they're interesting, The issue of school violence guns." I d, phrase it a little dif- courage students to discuss dent and staff safety, and much 7rlDIYJDchools in Southern and that's why school shoot- is further complicated by the ferently: Gun control begins their feelings with adults are has already been accom- ;one, I thought I'd share ings get national coverage as fact that its causes are numer- at home.' often lacking, plished. ?OU .V oughts about the caus- well. TV journalism often tells ous and unclear. It's often said In evew school shooting The best news on this issue Perhaps the most effective t sud vention of school vi- us the most about the things case, the offender had unsuper- is that most school shootings prevention comes from stu- that affect us the least, and lence at schools, and that's of- vised access to guns at home, are prevented, and all are pre- dents themselves. In every tra,d , m a principal's per- that harassment causes vio- tl ' .as we hear about over which we have the least ten true, but it's not the only or at the homes of friendsventable. I read Educationschool shooting case, the i[ tgic events, it's impor- control, cause, whose parents permitted such Week each week, and it reports shooter discussed his inten- -- )t we Keep a rational at- School shootings are, in fact, The "picked-on" kids are not access on attempted school crimes as tions with friends, and in rare keep the facts in con- extremely rare, and deaths due the only perpetrators. Some- In the case of Kip Kinkel, the well as those that are success- cases, even with adults. The i to address the problem,to school violence have been times, it's a bully type, like the student responsible for the fully carried out. threats were not taken serious- k'peI't is, we need to recog- er realities, on an zrregular but overall de- one in E1 Cajon. Sometirbes, shootings at Thurston High Hundreds of times a year in ly ("We just thought he was cline for the last 15 years. For it's kids who belong to a close- School in Oregon in 1997, his the U.S., school administrators joking around..."). There is no with, school vio the last few years, about as learn of planned violentt Ctms case of a school shooting oc- llCt, i l n0tn the epidemic that knit clique of friends that father bought him a handgun is K,]2tLtnieght make you believe many students have died inshare extreme views, as at(a nice one, too--a 9ram Glock)and are able to prevent, curring after school adminis- school bus accidents (about 20- Columbine. Sometimes, they re that the 15-year-old was al- The students involved are gen- trators and parents were made electronic media, par- 40 per year! as from violence, socially alienated and some- lowed to keep in his bedroom, erally charged with conspira- aware of the immediate danger ! f'mi "reality-based,, enter- Now don t get me wrong times not. Sometimes, they're He also had several other guns cy, and many are tried as of a shooting. tbaU (including the TV here--even one student death fascinated with violence and that he had bought, some with adults These stories never Young people need to not ig- -'- "barces), eagerl ' 1 " Y reports is too many, but schools are death, and sometimes not. and some without his parents' make it into the mainstream nore threats of violence; when tina Vmlence because ofyew safe places. According to They come from wealthy as knowledge, news. parents and school employees =rnb 'i n re?oP The media the Children s Defense Fund, well as Poor backgrounds, and Parents can help by makingCould it happen here? Ab- are made aware that a threat mendous sensa- less than 1 percent of juvenile from broken, abusive homes, sure that guns are not accessi- solutely. The odds are one in exists, only then can we take |al iI1 In .around school vio- deaths occur at school or on :hat. ] na the public is drawn as well as from caring, sup- ble to kids, except under close several million--a very small steps to prevent a possible . 't st this Week, I got the way to or from school. (The portive homes They don't fit a adult supervision. Know the chance, but it's there, and we tragedy. We will thoroughly in- fund is an advocacy organiza- specific profile, parents of your kids' friends, need to be prepared. As you vestigate any report of a possi- bli a Video from the nor- tion that would be highly criti- Some observers blame vio- and make sure they don't leave may have read in the papers ble threat, even anonymous re- J jective History Chan- cal of schools if it determined lent video games, music, and firearms where kids can get to recently, our county s schools ports. Safety is our most im- LUy' "Slaughter at them to be unsafe Places for movies that glorify violence, them. and other agencies have taken portant priority, but we need kids.) (This is nothing new---contro- Also, the National Rifle As- sake in the fiel effective steps toward prevent- everyone's help. ..... d of TV To put the problem in per- they have a versial forms of entertainment sociation offers excellenting and responding to violence spective, even though juvenile have always been blamed for hunter safety courses that fo- at schools. ,meh on issues of pub- arrests for violent crime have social problems, as in the 1980s cus on gun safety, and anyone At Feather River Middle Do dropped 19 percent since 1994, when teen suicides were with an interest in hunting or School, we conduct an annual go r"1 ways to get cl , bond with babies, part of learn about parenting and the have a child who grows up sion. Classes are being offered es. Foster children and adop- sues. We have been addressing the situation after the fact instead of providing a new way of in- teraction with each other. Children need to be shown re- importance of bonding and at- tachment before they have a new baby placed in their arms. Studies indicate that societies that closely nurture their in- with these same gifts to give to their peers and later on their spouses. Through this program par- ents are also given respect, the throughout Plumas County to families with young children. Expectant parents; parents of pre-term infants, and par- ents of precrawling infants are tire families are provided new ways to feel more connected, safe, and secure. When a child enters the world, he has been throughan . fants and children are less ag- opportunity to communicategiyen ortunit r, tne i i:edll j0h_rfley in ttis l R gressive and violent, and a place to receive nUrt0t: others to lea m ,:: .... opment the YSJrtb prot oD spect so they can in turn be re- Through the Healthy Touch ing care for themselves, how to communicate with What greater way to be wel- HILD ABUSE specum and caring of theirInfant Massage program, fatal- Sierra Cascade Family Op- their voung children through comed than to be lovingly ca. : COUNCIL friends and family members, lies are given the opportunity portunities, Inc., sponsors this touch:Home visits are alsoreseed, ,~flJY spoken_W, and : anese values nave to be m to low a n r with s listened to m a way that says, ent ........ " - al ew way of being fo program with grant moniesprovided to families pc- , . _ , ' I am nere mr ou , mcr stulea Ixom oirth stead v d fuss I love you, y ant increase in domes ........ of themseI es and their children, awarded from Plumas Countycml needs children, an Y' - ........ on -'ca-"" r..rl r&rice and lack of res, ct navmg to provide Punishment Parents who give their babies Child Abuse Prevention Coun- colicky babies. _ or more mmrnu ... : --- mr a SKRI not learned n wen reel tree to cat[ daye bruce at , .. unit, there . as a the gift of respect, communica- ell and Plumas County Chil- School credit has bee g" _ ' -'""---cnild New en ...... " ass-284- 7638. - par ts need to tmn, and nurturmg care, will dren and FamHms Commie- to teen parents attendmg cl ;aae i .=t :rue?pes for letters I .. How can we as residents of bridge stow in the March 28 is-reached with the tobacco corn- the tobacco settlement money, could be held,]la_ble._As P - , contain an address ureenvll!e, old and young, sue. panies for the enormous (scan- I have not given up the fight llcemplff inlls ' e us t res u number. We nublishl even consider not having IVH, However, there are a couple dalous, outrageous, and on-go- and I urge you not to give up, , , u, tter Per week, per-] not just, but one that of corrections that I would like ing--my words) health costs either. Let your supervisors and some n ngsnff e s,,me IIU~ WO O[J[IU,[ B~u~I~ B=at u~,,.=~ me lYOneletterr=r rson, I . . naerfulcare, hasbedstomake. First off I live in East due to the use of tobacco,know that diversion of the to" An ........... ,.,' : re0 r ,,(t esa l andeven more Quincy not in Meadow Valley Wou!d !serve on the commit- bacco settlement mones awa ' 's ~e do nnhli~h ,d~ird. I ..l~rumt, a vew emcient E.R. as indicated in article tee tnat would make recom- trom health care is a oetraym lettm [" a helaport? Also, the storv about themendations to our board of su- of trust. And we know what to on the roau tu , es art* to am' imum 'of"30"0[ L_U.yu or a loved one wastruck incident on the Grays pervisors on how best to use do when our elected represen- How ucn am ta, .... cl 60- y lento, a ..... ,ran [ uavmg a heart attack or bleed- Flat Bridge needs clarification the money? You bet I would' tatives betray us tara, Y .rs ...... -1 ana's : -,,,- ,,,u0 in s " ,, " " I mlau you prm u - en cte l be cut by the editor I tog-i verely' wo d you want I did indeed receive the photo . In the end the supes will use Nancy Lund people could geran ' ine .... , ,. ,." | .L _tot an amomance anntrom an acquaintance; howev- the money to get themselves a t reenw e ,=,- * --.,- ...... on and I ,,,uoy ,, w,,,. men ride ,, iaea oi w,-t , ..... / . for at least 40 min- er neRher one of us could as- new building, I was told . .......... ~-,~'= as con- taken to any ol utes (providin , .... " hope that anyouu w,,v o k,bpow ............. [ _ .. g R s good weath- certam the date or trucking Nonsense. The supervisors Both lde= . __., ^o om about this ,o,,,,,g er) ann no o d in cern u ao ..... ' follO ', ........ I . . pe Y U reach a hospi- company involved in the acc - have voted to use the money Three weeks ago I rea ....... to call the uo auoZ, or e maueo at ted m U , , woma u=,= ,,,,, " _" Q incy?, dent. It wasn t until I read the for health--in the broadest the paper about a judge dis- _ ...... or write letters. I uest- We sincerely need IVH and I minutes of the Feb. 2, 1948 su- sense' and this committee is missing the case that MarkueBz u=_, ....,'= two sides ulted as.K you all to please do every- pervisors' meeting that I was going to recommend what isDelizio brought against the Know one can lall C~"~-'-'~m=~ -- m.lng you can to keep it here, able to reconstruct what hap- the best way to do that" county and Tom Hunter for to every should be , -umer Fluas County v ~,,- ,,,,- lumas uoun wh den m i . ty . ich includes filling thepened. A motion had been Was I naive? Here is the let- trespassing on his property.Y- ........ '--c" lOg on to your Iorms t entitled tOOtUVt'-o e offe .n ....... you find in various made that the labor claims of ter I wrote to the committee on Then the next week you prin.: Sharon'Nieblas red b WwSdt ,se:wnCe in stores, the doctor's office and Frank J Brown and Gus BergSept. 21, 2000: eda letter from Tana about ' Taylorsvllle .... mere. Ivt-I reception desk Take two for reoairs to the bridge for Although the committee hasthe mistakes in the article So I t.or some 13 minutes to make a "difference damage durin the month ofdesignated treatment as just called Mark and Tana to find _ _ mva ma into the in your community. January 1948 bemade from the one of the three options before out what was going on. Be_wm _ with trepidation the y oz raylorsville ' miss the I rea kly/ ff ........... Etta Rodrtgue Road Improvement Fund and you, in my opinion it is the The judge didn t dis ......... bout volunteers be- .: , . _ utru)ofum.e to ve Greenville that the Road Commissionermost appropriate use of the case. What's worse, he found on the Dame - ta my tamer m taw Innlnl~ wu==- .... - .. , = E.G. McLain was to bill the money. Treatment relates most that although Tom had tres- g ma uoipnin Rao411}me lma t. Sacramento Freittht_ Lines for directly to the health costs to passed while he was on va - letters, plge ....., ,r t n, and evew My name m Wendy Williams this cost and the funds to be re- the community from the use of tion, neither henor the county u ,.v - dy ne would la and ..... ...... P ce a I hve m Carson City, Nev deposited with the Road Ira- tobacco, havmg said that, _ _ on .r.ed Moun- Iam very to hear that the provement Fund upon receipt, where would I recommend that W ; ...... ,-,y uoorstep. . enegade testival might notSo it was in January 1948 the funds be directed9 FIUI uut$ vm .... .--- Wh r ,lldolized happen.this year. I have at- that the accident happened and and large Plumas Coun. ,mlmoe u,t ul,.tl~J[" J[1. iL~[]o.ea. B~lfllW Arbh,- ar- Iestival the last two the name on the door panel of ty s tour aistrict hospitals are umumlmt v r .... rney are no years with my husband and in. the truck is Sacramento the focus of health care in each _ le - tlR ta us--'b-u-.t live in fant son. The experience ofFreight Lines of their communities. A1- .... . tt lr 'v orles or. Indian camPing with irie folk and " Carol Paolithough not everyone chooses >ta .wntet .............. ant to getrid of the posluon o t "-" nas m rmmas 5ounty re muma ,, e st .,: .....been 16 ee.ting new people makes my Quincy to avail themselves of their ......... when Jim Stretch leaves PO ~u~ v;~ ,. ~uu rlde tl e big WhOle year thev county aammistrauvu um - cos* rig trtat stood on the We don" ..... "" '. ........ "'" in two years. rcent back h of __ t get many chances at home there, domg the best they can hat o inion is thin Only 37 pe the Taylorsville to see all of the lege ................... the n" -no ^" "!- ...... But, the support for t P h nen this - - ,,_uary reg- my name is Micnael ann tto .. m --turn- _ _,.._ t ..... yC horse was gae performers Iro ~, pmu tu 8vt t,u ~* - reau~- old T ............ m Jamaica, am a 15-year Quincy resident. unity. ivlucn of the uncom- .... ai.~. ,,~ eh~ r==gnlts of a survey conducte.d on .... 7.'.'. all ot wno come to places like Quin. I have tr v, l d to Rend to ensated care, which the hoe- .. %,, , rcent would like taKeep the post nt ~ uu me Pest. cy, because th - ........ l-~lDlisl~ing S j~ternet uxte, uv v----- ., . _ ey.want to. This shop and compareprices. I pltalsare..nmn.datedtopro.vlde, . that it matches today's need . ' _ _ Linda Hem festival by far is me ' u out from tmn but change it so asked site visitors, Centralt= v#o,,hem ,- ..... mostchill have found that lt is more con- Is the fa : . kthe long- ichranfromAprll2toAprtl.9' . .... ..... -- ' .....7_ ..... t,-ca.mpmg experience I venient and less expensive to time use of tooacco, uy allocat- .... 1. ,. .... ioned, what dtrecuon nave ever been to Th .................. '-- "-one" to the "'-'-'-" Now that aun sue - thi= -, ". c 8uou ot support our lOCal department lag my u, y utatrtct ....*" eO next?." - .... to ........ nas to outweighstores I hove also found the hospitals we would be ac- P _" ..... ,.^- .... the rmsition needs to v,e me emer- me Dad, and as = Nearly percv,,t -..-- " desi ing me n and staff at the hnd i ...... I understand,merchandise to be of better knowledging that fact.. ....... h, w t that the ublic should play a role in gn .............. to oe " . . ...... , bu P was I- .......... g eliminat-nuali Since me money nmlted . _ ,=vmg severeeu oy thero . -, "~" JOO. d do some- ts an - . .P: rooter. I beheve.So ou too can save your and we cannot do all, or even a ,m.,., ....... + = ia eovernment shoul d went to the th s festival des e ' y ' -' , .... , .............. the _ err s another .... wear and tear portion, of the things we might , .... ,, ut was extremely chance to rove" ""'";o ='" thu, . is" and ......... P can be a poe- on vour e. r bv checking out lo- like to do, it ]s imperative thato ..... , "g n theiob descriptmn as it - ry compas- it-lye experien ' - ;- --- - ..... ...... " " never scar are cefr thefesUval calpr cesforyourself., the money be used wisely a ifl About 4 percent sald they did not.know what to d" t nru _.,_..ed ndees and the community. Michaet tlendrlxin a way that the community ,Ph, naw. na er oubllshes a weelay survey on Web she-:- al) Willcn a ,, ......... ~r--*- - an t ,... Wendy Williams Quincy can see it. I would argue th t " s the results in the newsPaper:& to a pat,=,t pubhshe in arson City, Nev committing a large and regular da The poll is not scienttticauY Pain. I know new survey is posted evew Mon Y. it allotment to the four hospitals and friend. About bridge Tobacco Settlement Monies! would be seen by most Plumas conducted. It is for entertainment purposes only. of me. First off I want to thank the Money coming into the county residents as the least frivolous This week, visitors to will be asked their Bulletin for the follow-up as a result of the settlements and the most practical use of sentiment about the energy crisis.