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April 15, 2015     Feather River Bulletin
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April 15, 2015

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8B Wednesday, April 15, 2015 Bulletin, Record, Progressive, Reporter D ITORIAL AND OPINION ED yO I L olce me The Plumas County Board of Supervisors has tapped Public Health Director Mimi Hall to oversee the mental health department for three months, while an outside consultant reviews and makes recommendations for restructuring the department. Specificaily, the consultant will consider whether the county would be better served with a behavioral health department, a model adopted by a majority of the state's counties. We can't think of a better person to steer a department that has struggled in the past couple of years. Hall has shown an ability to manage all facets of her own department, from personnel to fiscal management to community outreach. Her skills were most recently demonstrated when she stepped in to assist Plumas District Hospital's effort to take over the skilled nursing home. She worked behind the scenes with the hospital leadership, the nursing home's management company and various state agencies to make the takeover a viable option. Ultimately, the hospital didn't qualify, but it wasn't for her lack of success in the work she did and the relationships she cultivated. While Hall oversees mental health, she will be coordinating with the Kemper Consulting Group (if the supervisors ratified the contract during yesterday's board meeting as expected). The contract calls for Kemper to be paid up to $250,000 -- a hefty amount -- and we can't help but wonder who negotiated the terms. A quarter of a million dollars is a lot of money to pay for advice. The situation is similar to the sheriff's agreement to pay a consultant $229,000 to prepare a grant application for jail funding. Who negotiated that agreement? This is clearly an area where a county administrative offmer could have been a valuable asset. The supervisors have recognized that Hall is an asset to this county; maybe someday they will acknowledge that a CAO would be one as well. Local "tals, inics our su We encourage our readers to take a look at the From Where I Stand column written byDr. Jeff Kepple on the facing page. Kepple is the chief : executive officer of Plumas District Hospital and he addresses the financial challenges facing the facility. Some are self-inflicted -- including a flawed billing system -- but others are external, such as paltry reimbursement rates that don't cover services. He articulates well his personal and professional struggle to maintain the hospital's viability, as he has watched similar-sized, rural institutions wave the white flag. The county's other two hospitals -- Seneca and Eastern Plumas -- may not have the same billing problems, but they do face sagging reimbursement rates from government and private entities. We can all do our part to ensure that our invaluable health care facilities continue to exist by utilizing the services offered whenever possible. And if there are reasons why we aren't, taking the time to alert health care leaders of those reasons. It was a well-written, fact-laden letter from concerned patients that caught Dr. Kepple's attention and prompted him to delve even deeper into some of the issues facing the hospital. His reaction is worth a read. Feat blishing spaper For breaking news, go to Michael C. Taborski Publisher Keri B. Taborski Legal Advertising Dept. Dan McDonald Managing Editor Jenny Lee Photo Editor Ingrid Burke Copy Editor Staff writers: Miriam Cody Debra Moore Michael Condon Maddie Musante Makenzie Davis Ann Powers Ruth Ellis M. Kate West Will Farris Aura Whittaker Susan Cort Johnson Sam Williams Greg Knight James Wilson Feather River Indian Valley Record Bulletin (530) 284-7800 (530) 283-0800 PortQla Reporter (530) 832-4646 Chester Progressive (530) 258-3115 Westwood Lassen County Times PinePress (530) 257-5321 (530) 256-2277 Member, Printed on California Newspaper recycled paper Publishers Assoc. OMG[ seeing Jagger will fu ill a dream IfI could come back as anybody, I'd be Mick Jagger. To me, that 71-year-old deity is the absolute epitome of an intelligent, committed, genuine artist and human being. I have the utmost respect for Jagger as a musician and his supreme ability to completely nail the how-to-live-lffe-to-its-fullest category. A longtime dream of mine is about to come true -- and I think I must be the happiest person on the planet right now. I have tickets to see the Rolling Stones next month in San Diego. 0MG! OMG! OMG! I will absolutely be one of those screaming, crying, insane women with no MY TURN ANN POWERS Staff Writer self control whatsoever when Jagger hits the stage. I will totally lose it when he struts out flailing wildly out of step at a seizure-level to the Stones' iconic tunes. This week's special days NOT JUST AN ORDINARY DAY COMPILED BY KERI TABORSKI Not just an ordinary day a sampling weekly notable special days and facts throughout the year. April 15 $$$$$ Today is federal income tax day. $$$$$ The first income tax was assessed in 1862 to raise funds for the American Civil War at a rate of 3 percent. Today the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) collects over $2.4 trillion each tax year from approximately 234 million tax returns. 1924 -- Rand McNally publishes its first road map atlas. 1955 -- McDonald's fast food restaurant is founded in Des Plaines, Illinois. April 16 1900 -- The United States Post Offlce issues the first book of stamps offering books containing 12;24 or 48 two cent stamps. assassinating Robert F. Kennedy. April 18 Today is National Columnists Day, recognizing the importance and value of newspaper columnists. The National Society of Newspaper Columnists was founded in 1977. 1906 -- The 1906 San Francisco earthquake: An earthquake hits San Francisco at the early morning hour of 5:12 a.m destroying 80 percent of the city and killing some 3,000 people. 1923 -- More than 74,000 baseball fans attend the opening day festivities of the new $2.3 billion New York Yankees Stadium. Babe Ruth christens the new stadium with a game winning home run, coining the stadium's nickname: ?The House that Rutl$ Built." 1924 -- Simon and Schuster publishes the first crossword puzzle book. The first word puzzles resembling today's crossword puzzle a peared in England in the 19th century. April 19 1956 -- American actress Grace Kelly marries Prince Rainier Ill of Monaco, becoming Princess Grace. 1962 -- Walter Cronkite takes over as tie lead news anchor of the CBS Televisiol Evening News. April 17 1964 -- The Ford Mustang automobile makes its debut at the World's Fair in New York and in Ford showrooms nationwide with the starting price of $2,300. 1969 -- Sirhan Sirhan is convicted of 1973 -- The fin'st U.S. consumer product, Pepsi, is sold in Russia. April 2O 1920 -- The Grand Canyon is dedicated as a National Park. April 21 1962 -- The landmark rotating Space Needle observation tower opens in Seattle, Washington with six stories and three elevators. Sympathy for the Devil? I'm collapsing. Wild Horses? I'm weeping. Angie? Gimme Shelter? Paint it Black? Bring it. Even if I stroke from the extreme excitement and sheer bliss of simply breathing the same air as the greatest rock-n-roll band EVER, i don't care. I will have witnessed the Stones. I will have witnessed Jagger. My life will be complete. In what is now probably the smartest thing he's ever done, my husband bought the tickets after painstakingly downloading every app he Could possibly find alerting the public to the very mili-second they went on sale. He said some were going for as high as $9,000, which pretty much includes partying with the band. My instructions, "Get them." He didn't. But, that's okay. We still have decent seats. Now, I just want every Jagger-related T-shirt, mug and bumper sticker out there. The hubs is working on it - or better be. Of course I like the rest of the band too. But, to say I worship their frontman is an understatement. Not only is Jagger a rock-n-roll god with an epic career spanning over 50 years, he's in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the UK Music Hall of Fame. He was knighted for his services to music and has a net worth of $360 million. He's an actor and film producer (not a very good one, but who cares?) He's defined couterculturism and is an alleged contender for the anonymous subject of Carly Simon's 1973 hit song, You're So Vain. Listen closely. Jagger sings back up. AllMusic describes him as, "one of the most popular and influential frontmen in the history of rock and roll." Academics worldwide have studied his performance style of virility and unrestrained passion. It's all of those things, and much more, make Jagger an undeniable icon who- OMG! OMG! OMG!- I'm going to be in the presence of next month in San Diego. Can't get any more Satisfaction than that. REMEMBER WHEN of hair inside. Lost on the road between Dick Bennett, a former Sacramento the Clinch Building in Quincy and Indian County Sheriffs Deputy is the third KERI TABORSKI Falls. Return to the Plumas candidate to enter the Plumas County Historian National-Bulletin office for a reward. Sheriffs race, joining Plumas County Sheriff Lt. Don Stoy and Dan Lambach, a 10O YEARS AGO 1915 50 YEARS AGO 1965 former Los Angeles police offmer. The spring road improvements on thePreparing for the spring planting of Indian Valley grade on the county road 15,000 petunia plants, the greatest number 10 YEARS AGO 2005 between Keddie and Crescent Mills is of petunias ever planted by the fair at the Bill Elliott has announced that he will planned. The road between Keddie and Plumas County Fairgrounds in Quincy, retire in September as the President and Crescent Mills is used more than any has kept a large crew busy this week. CEO of Plumas Bank after 18 years. other highway in the county and the25 YEARS AGO 1990 Note: items included in the weekly Remember heavy freighting over it during the past ~. When column are taken from our bound years has made it somewhat impassable. Lt. Bob Orange of the Calffo--, . newspaper archwes and represent wr~tzng styles Advertisement: LOST -- gold locketvepar mem oi r mn ana uame nas renrea o h r" -' " " after years wltn me (lepartment, zz with the letter "M" engraved on it. grammar are not edited, so the copy is presented Contents is a child's photograph and lock years m Plumas County. as it actually appeared in the original newspaper I enjoy readin9 community news, readers" views when Wednesday.arrives I am no tribute that even strangers can different than any other reader in appreciate. Plumas County, I look forward to my The pages continue to turn and I copy of the local newspaper, learn about gardening, what team took As a reporter, I don't just look at the the game, what's new in the Plumas stories and photos, but also how they are County business scene and my fa r0rite, arranged on each page. We work all week who has an opinion. for the next week's issue and whether it We have a variety of opinion options is common knowledge or not, our articles to read, those written by staff in the My and photographs are all emafled to the MY TURN Turn column, those that professionally headquarters of Feather Publishing in M. KATE WEST tackle a topic in the Where I Stand Quincy. Staff Writer column and then we have, Letters to Creatively, as we write and take a ChesterNews@plumasnewsicomthe Editor. specific photograph we have a vision of I have to admit the letters submitted what our work product might look like peers. We are all as different as night and by the public and published in this when published. So, it is always highly day in our daffy lives and our week's paper had me absolutely interesting to me to see how my stories perspectives and this comes across in fascinated. and photos are laid out in the finished writing style. They were also totally responsible for newspaper. Once I've turned every page to enjoy my choosing community news as my Many times over the years I have the layout I can then get into the meat of opinion piece this go round. received compliments for the way a the stories. While I, like you, may not always agree specific group's function and Our company has a fine group of with the writer's opinion, I do have to say photographs jump off the pages and now, writers and as I learn about county and that this week's letters were incredibly as then, I explain the process from my city happenings, my education also well written. desk to the newspaper in their hands, continues as I view different ways to They were so thought provoking I had Often times we hear the phrase, "it structure a sentence or turn a phrase, to go back and read many of them more takes a village to raise a child" and the As I resume turning pages I make a than once. Beyond that, when I'm on principle is absolutely the same with the point'to carefully review the "vital break I'm going to have to work my way production of community news. statistics" page in the regional section, through the archived papers we keep in Many hands are involved from editingspecifically the published obituaries, our office to re-read the opinions that the written word and photographs to the While I don't like to see anyone's photo spurred you into taking pen in hand to jigsaw puzzle of sizing materials to fit or name on the page, I believe the share your thoughts and feelings. each page; it's a true team effort, presented opportunity to learn about the All in all, good writing folks! I really A major part of the team effort is the lost ones through the eyes and hearts of enjoyed the variety of opinions you stories that stream into Quincy from my loving family offers a special form of expressed!