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April 25, 2001     Feather River Bulletin
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April 25, 2001

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Record, Reporter Wednesday, April 25. 2001 ? I speaks out on why the major utilities firm filed bankruptcy wholesale electricity costs were increasing at an estimat- ed $300 million per month, or more; (2) continuing California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) decisions, some of which we believe are illegal, were economically disadvan- taging the company; and (3) he- 10 times higher than the year before, having peaked at 100 times the prior year's, and they continue to increase into 2001. The heart of this crisis for our company is that unregulat- ed wholesale electric prices are far higher than retail con- sumer rates, which remain To continue buying the elec- tricity our customers were consuming, we used available cash and credit to finance the shortfall between customer rates and our wholesale costs. By October 2000, this shortfall had climbed to $3.4 billion; by November, to $4.5 billion; and low our major utilities to go bankrupt. Our fate is tied to their fate. Bankruptcy would mean that millions of Califor- nians would be subject to elec- tricity blackouts, public safety would be jeopardized, busi- nesses would close, jobs would be lost, investment would flee GAS AND gotiations with the California frozen by state regulators. This by year-end, to $6.6 billion, the state, and our economy 3N governor's staffwere no longer means that customers' electric And by the first quarter of this would suffer a devastating -- making progress, bills have not reflected the true year to about $9 billion, blow." 6, 2001, Pacific Gas By filing for Chapter 11 reor- cost of the power we have By January 2001, we ex- For our customers, our ac- Company filed for ganization, we can protect the bought for them. hausted our ability to continue tion should have no significant m Under Chapter legal rights of Pacific Gas and When this imbalance arose,financing our customers' elec- impact. We intend to continue Bankruptcy Electric Company, assure that we requested rate relief, mak- tricity purchases. Our credit the normal delivery of gas, . many wonder it means. to file for Chapter !COurt will provide to reach a so- far the state to be paid. Health-care plans and other benefits for employ- ees and most retirees will con- tinue. Our qualified retire- ment plans for retirees and vested employees are fully funded and protected by feder- al law. Our objective is to proceed through the Chapter 11 process as quickly as possible, to devel- op and implement a court-ap- proved plan of reorganization and to emerge and rebuild val- ue for our shareholders. We are not seeking a rescue, rating fell to below investment grade and subsequently to de- fault. During this time we sought access to the governor, and told his representatives that the matter was a true crisis, and needed prompt attention, including retail price increas- es. Governor Davis, in his Jan. 8 and regula- US, we all suppliers and other parties ing it clear that no business electricity and customer ser- a bailout or a handout. We are to whom we owe money are can afford to sell a product for vice during the Chapter 11 simply asking the state to fol- treated equitably, and contin- less than it costs. Thafs com- process, low the law, which allows us to ue delivering gas, electricity mon sense. When no rate relief We expect to pay our suppli- recover wholesale power costs and customer service to 13 raft- was forthcoming, we sued the ers in full for goods and ser- in retail rates. No entity, corn- lion Californians. California Public Utilities vices received after the date of pany or state can sustainably Some background: The rulesCommission in Federal DIS- our Chapter 11 filing, and to meet electricity consumers' California chose to govern its trict Court, asking the commis- pay electric commodity suppli- needs with less. deregulated electricity indus- sion to follow established fed- ers as provided by law. More- Robert D. Glynn is chairman try, exacerbated by a supply eral rate doctrine requiring over, we expect that at the end of Pacbrw Gas and Electric shortage, resulted in extraordi- that prudently incurred whole- of the Chapter 11 process, all Corp., the utility's parent corn. narily high wholesale electrici- sale electricity costs be al- State of the State Address, valid claims will be paid in pany. this action be- ty prices. By year-end 2000, lowed in retail rates, and that said, "I reject the irresponsible full. wholesale prices were almost lawsuit is in progress, notion that we can afford to al- Our employees will continue I welfare group points out link between animal abuse, violence son to care about animal These aren't just isolated in- the family pet. he is. The link between animal ; abuse, cidents. Look at the following Animal abuse doesn't occur.Later, the child turns his vi- abuse and human violence, in- That reason is the evidence studies: in isolation. It takes place in a olence toward other people, cluding child abuse, spousal , of a strong connection between .One study of a large state so- network of disturbed family re- maybe his peers, or eventually battery and other types of: animal cruelty and violence to- cial service agency showedlations and is an element in a his own children, criminal behavior, is ju#t be- ward humans. Specifically,that in 88 percent of families vicious behavioral cycle. And, What can we do to help end ginning to receive serious there is evidence that where where physical abuse oc- like many other forms of this vicious cycle? study and there are still a huge ' i violence toward animals is oc- curred, animals in that home abuse, it is about power and First we can begin to take number of unanswered ques- A curring, violence toward hu- were also abused. In aboutcontrol, animal abuse seriously. We tions. Still the evidence of the ; NIMAL mans is also taking place. By two-thirds of the cases, theA father abuses or threatens can be alert for signs of animal existence of this link is corn- ; SOCIETY uncovering animal abuse, you abusive parent had killed or to abuse the family pet. This is abuse and the extremes of ne- pelling. may also be uncovering or pre- injured the animal to disci- may be a sign that he is also glect as well. If we work together to de-" uuy govern- venting human violence, pline the child, abusing his wife or children or Second, we can report any crease violence toward ani- t not to men- Consider the following: ,In a study of 28 convicted he may be using it as a means instances of animal abuse and mals, we will ultimately de- : Xge, took a soIn 1999, Eric Harris and Dy- sexual homicide perpetrators of punishing or intimidating encourage others to do so.crease the incidence of inter- : ward animal lan Klebold killed 14 people at it was found that almost haft of them. His actions may be part In addition to saving ani-personal violence in our corn- , Columbine High School in Col- them committed acts of cruelty of a general pattern of needing reals' lives, this may expose munity. Because a measure of ' !!_several orado. Both boys had previous- to animals during adolescence, to exert power over other and even prevent related hu- our humanity, as individuals __'me more_ .sen" ly bragged about engaging' in -In another study of several weaker beings, man violence, especially to- and as a society, is how we ,' xor of animalthe mutilation of animais,well-known serial killers, in- The child witnesses or is the ward women and children, treat those creatures least able "l:s increased In the past three years there cluding Jeffrey Dahmer, "Son object of this abuse and in turn Even when the abuser is a , to &l ak for themselves. ! Ultimately ben- have been at least 14 others of Sam," and the Boston Stran- begins to commit acts of cruel- child, by investigating a child s If you would Ilke more l , of: t .._ killed and over 50 more wound- er, the ma'orit of them ac- toward animals This may viole balmvior toward ani-mation on this top . 0r'w, 44 gl J y ty ... .... ............ . .... ,,, : ...... ,:. almut ed in five other school shoot- knowledged engaging in acts of reflect the child"s uswe sl tions ,ti _ ings around the country. The . animal cruelty before turning in the face of the violence may be uncovered and appro- at ending me aaopt- I ra te..person perpetrators of these acts have their violence on humans, around him, or it may be an priately handled, ame compamon annnms m va io , a od ap' ex r ss,oo h, an eran umocent crea-tating cats, dissecting live women seeking shelter fromfrustration. It may be directed ty or neglect are taken serious- write rAwo, ,o, not you squirrels, blowing up cows, domestic violence, 83 percent at other animals outside the ly and investigated by Plumas Quincy, CA 95971. ,__n the shooting, beating or burning of women with companion ani- home or toward the family County Animal Control. The t - a aeat en ofdogs and throwing cats into mals reported that their batter-pet--the one member of the identity of the complainant is ! ua-ger re - bonfires, ers had also hurt or threatened family more vulnerable than always protected. , teers sought as n " ' ewCourt Appointed Special Advocate program beg,ns ? child. volved in court out of no fault citizens of Plumas county are life it would have made the dif- week with your child in their ,,--qng this national moveference, placement. During your visits Locally Plumas CASA, a pro- of their own. These children have been abused and or ne- ment with the establishment of Are you that someone who with your CASA child, you gram of Plumas Crisis Inter- glected. Over 100,000 children the Plumas CASA program, wants to make a difference in will take the time to develop vention and Resource Center l are currently in the dependen- There are 927 programs nation- the life of a child? What is in- rapport, explaining to your is in a start up phase. We are cy system in the state of Call- ally with a total of 53,000 volun- volved? Call Plumas CASA and child, in words that they can beginning our recruitmentof fornia. Nationally over one tears. A CASA advocates for place your name on the poten- understand, who you are and adults who would like m ma v one child at a time or bne fatal- tial volunteer list. Attend an your role in their life. a diiference in the life of a ! million children have beenly group at a time. You will work with your su- child. Our first orientation served by CASA since its in- orientation event. Fill out an ception in 1977. The statistics tell the stow. application and go through the pervisor in writing a report meeting will be held in Quincy There are over 500,000 chil- Between 90-99% of all juvenile screening process. Attend with all the facts and your rec- at 6 p.m. on May 7. ! delinquents were abused or ne- CASA training classes (40 ommendations. This report Call PCIRC at 283-5515 for ln- A:vo- dren in foster care in America glected as children. Between hours), will be submitted to the Supe formation about our otranto- today. All of these children be- come part of the court system, 90-99% of all persons in state or When you are assigned a rior Court of Plumas County. tion event and to become a po- and with a judge deciding w_hat federal prisons were abused or case you will spend up to 20-30 You will attend the court pro- tential CASA volunteer. Atten- in their best interests That s neglected as children. Many hours a month gathering all ceedings every six months un- dance at an orientation eveen;t incarcerated prisoners saythe facts in the beginning of tll your case is completed (up is necessary for those intere - af the where the Court Appointed that if there had been even one your child's case. You will to two years). You can have a ed in training. are in- Special Advocates (CASA) pro- powerful voice in the life of a Be a powerful voice in a gram comes in and concerned responsible adult in his or her spend an average of an hour a g m p .... unty thinks that the About 23 percent said, "It's all just plumasnews.comisbis.hme consumers minas . is lust a con- a conspiracy to rip off consumer " for the energy crm . California ener , , %-y- ffcon. Nearly 20 percent said, "Stop "Each week the newspaper will spiracy designeu.tu =uarterof pointing ringers; let s figure out this publish a survey on its Internet sumers Well at least .. .. those who htPan aeP t Usi me mess." publish About 17.5 percent said, "Gov. the results in the newspaper: Feather Publisnu Davis should be blamed." A new survey is posted every " think so. - cted to try to Nearly 17 percent of the people Monday. The Doll is not scientifically con- i The poll was co naU C nts feelwho voted contend that PG&E should get an idea of how by PG&E be blamed. ducted-Rather, site visitors are --'--"-- about the woes d the About 14 percent contend that Af:h afld;r u t Or: .__.____ _ asked to state their opinion on a top- -I,.__. o,-,.--_ and other ene r 'Y consumers. "there is enough blame to go ic. It is for entertainment purposes. sub uent ene~t v,, ~_._ A.~,d! ~ around." ' ' The poll, w.hi . tots, What About 5.5 percent responded, to April 22, asked.sit Y li rnta "What energy crisis?" do you think abou, --- Lastly, 3 percent of the visitors to [ power crisis?" ready in three hours when we thought we'd be through with A couple of weekends ago we had four grandchildren our game. We picked up two answers visiting from SacramentO:while in these businesses, That weekend the newspal . large ad for a Street and up the other, hadrs Trivia then walked down one side of it game. Just visit 25 athering answers as we went . ousinesses, retrieve an an- sometimes some new pur. swer from each one for the questions posed in the ga e-it cl ases. It was fun getting to sounded like a fun way to know more of our business people. I thought it might be spend a Saturday with the fun for the grandldds to share grandkids. -t their thoughts on the day, too: They agreed, so we We decided to get out of .fl!.e the Almanor Bowling i house and do something After playing a couple ferent. When we did our trivia games, we went next doo. hunt, we really had fun It was the Pizza Factory and or ervu a great experience to walk a couple of large pizzas to be about three miles, ly, Stephanie Simpson. fun because it let us get out at We enjoyed experiencing Doing the trivia hunt was the house. It let us get to know new things. For example, wonderful. Not only was itthe stores. I liked It because it when we went to the Glass fun, but it taught us a lot of was exciting. Onion, we got to try new types things about Lake Almanor Sabrina Simpson of cheese. Except the wine and Chester. cheese! The pizza was dell- After our Grandmother toldIt was tim. cious. Plus the pizza guy was us we may be able to compete Trevor Simpson kind of cute! in a trivia game, we were real- Tom and Jan Roach I think the trivia game was ly excited! I think it turned a great way for us to come out to be more fun than weMmlmmgh closer together. We bonded, thought. At 10:30 we went I turned on my radio to KP- We helped each other and bowling, then we @alked all CO Thursday morning to dis- worked together to find the over town. Then we had a re- cover a rantmetster instead of answers. It was exciting, we laxful hour at the Pizza Facto- music. I called the station and were even laughing at corny ry. was informed that they now Jokes. That was a great experi- Nlcole Simpson carry Rush Limbaugh nine to ence and I hope our efforts win the grand prize. Sincere- I think the trivia game was 1JSB