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April 25, 2001     Feather River Bulletin
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April 25, 2001

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) Record, Reporter 77ednesda),', Apni 25 2(.~0! 15B most strongly the orning music seg- the Canyon, KP- heard only during to lose three of blow. to broad. poison to the pOpulation can tive. reasons I chose for retirement nature of the ative, to be The hatred ry spewed by Lira- be divisive and an- to good community it is irresponsible give him the oppor- damage. the Limbaugh tle to give some people some work and me the paper to write this letter on. Rysn Welllngs Reno, Nee. enough to I was car. on the table and Wow, it was the made for the and restore (and tranquillity) unty. Great Job C. Whitney On March 27, I took a fall Twain down the stairs inside my home. At the time, I thought I had broken my foot. My hus- nday morning band, who found me within a everything is couple of minutes, dialed 911. I finish eating The Peninsula Paramedics ira. it's now time to mediately responded. They and check, were so professional and kind. up and see that all It was quite obvious that they the day ahead, knew exactly what they were much hurrying doing. I knew I could not be in ~y. better hands. The treatment I building and no- received from both the pare- thing out in medics and hospital staff was main door and most greatly appreciated. the paper man Thank you Peninsula Pare- As I got medics and Seneca Hospital. a paper, but a Diana Moe material for a Lake Klmanor ing, I didn't I got my It's Msta~ d I went and Asyou may know California up and is undergoing a power cata- to the station, strophe that started in the the "thing" in summer of 2000 when a mas- too alarmed sive heat wave hit California be. Lights and continued with an unusu- the scene and ally cold winter throughout er except the the state that sent power usage skyrocketing. However, the re- al dilemma began in February of 1995 when Senator John Russell introduced a bill in the California Senate to deregulate electric and gas companies. 11 o down Who is going to run this county, our elected board of supervisors or an expensive county administrator?. In recent years, the county administrator dictated how the board ran our county. ! would prefer that our supervi- sors would think for them- selves rather than follow the advice of a man who created his own kingdom within our county's government. I did not vote for Jim Stretch, nor did I vote for those who felt a need for his ser- vices. Two down and two to got R. Aasved eutncy er Fire The senate, in their infinite Sierra Promo- wisdom, thought that by dereg- for our ulating electric and gas compa- Quincy Fair a nies it would allow smaller This sign utility districts like Lassen Under Stretch's rule Who says their vote doesn't count? November 2000, Plumas voters wanted new supervi. sors. They got two out of three. This may be the first time vot- ers recalled or impeached an appointed department head, not even knowing their vote could do it. If one reads Stretch's resignation as print- ed in paper, he basically says,, he won't fit in with our two new supervisors. Some years ago, our supervi- sors seemed being incompe- tent at their job and voted amongst themselves they need- ed a CAO Without voter ap- proval, at your expense, they hired Jim Stretch. Since he came aboard, no one this writ. ers talked with has been happy over this! Stretch came in at a minimal salary, working alone, helping our Supervisors do their part-time job. This has been described many times in 20 years, as meeting the first three Tuesdays of each month, sometimes extending to a part of Wednesdays, if they didn't finish on Tuesday. They do go to our fair, spending our T.O.T. tax on livestock for their own personal gain, rather than tourism helping everyone. Mr. Stretch's job description, and especially his salary, have increased tremendously, as has his staff and office space in the time he's been here. I can't say what the total increase has been. It's suspected, with staff, office space, phones, etc., it has at least quadrupled. We've been told County Government has increased 400 percent, pop- ulation has increased less than 100 percent. While Stretch was ruling the county, he grandiosely changed our Supervisors from a part-time job to a full- time job and gave them a raise in pay equal to a full-time job. It seems the people should have voted on this. Now Mr. Stretch has quit, let's abandon the position, re- mind the Supervisors what their job description is and make them do it. FloydAustin Greenville e~mpliment what he's been good at. Consider that our five highly c~mpetent elected officials and all of their highly competent elected and appointed depart. ment heads with all of their highly competent assistants and etc. need a highly compe- tent CAO with all sorts of sub-offices and officers to run a county this size. Then con. sider that 75 percent of this county is government land which is maintained by more highly competent forest ser- vice supervisors, assistants and etc. Mr. Stretch is obvious. ly good at finding things to do to fill his time. Oh, and let's not forget that Plumes County has hired con- sultants up the kazoo, to make recommendations to Mr. Stretch. If he's so good, why does he need so many consul. tents? The population hasn't sky- rocketed, but the administra. tion per capita spending dollar has. When I was on the board of supervisors we managed to adopt a yearly budget using a five year analysis to determine increases and decreases. That was done away with for obvi- ous reasons: It's a highly effec- tive spending control. It does. n't allow for empire building, and the county auditor is the responsible party for budget preparation which means the CAO shouldn't have that pow- er. Enough said. Mr. Stretch created a Human Resources Department that spends a lot of time trying to hire out of county. Someone's been real good at hiring dis. crimination practices. Mr. Stretch is right, Plumes County's best isn't good enough to fill his job, but what a compliment to Plumes Coun- ty's best! Nansi Bohne Greenville Sum .m My friend and I would like to acknowledge Scott Saulnier in Portola. On Friday, April 6, we were returning from a shop. ping trip in Reno, when my car died at the stop sign at Hallelu- jah Junction. Several cars scooted right around, but Scott stopped and helped me push the car to a safe place and then to the Fire De. Easter Sunday last day Municipal Utility District Jim Stretch said that over (LMUD)or Plumes Sierra Rur- "Plumes County's best isn't it was no al Electric (PEA) to buy power good ....... This sign at a cheaper rate by compari- enough to flll his job." Could be you are, very much for re. us. It will be on our Show and May 19. It Sunday Fire. Chuck Thayer Valley Fire son shopping for the lowest price per unit. Unfortunately we tried to fix something that wasn't broken in the first place. Haven't we learned from our mistakes? In the late '70s, during the Carter administration, heating oil, natural gas, and telephone utilities were deregulated. This in turn raised prices for the American people. Carter thought that this would lower prices and increase competi- tion, instead it caused compa- nies in our capitalistic society to charge more for these utili- ties. throwing us deeper into the recession that he was try- ing to stop. Another great example of deregulation gone bad is the air e indus By de t- ing the airline industry our,.u-. other large lustrious government ~ougm Wanted to that it would once again in- that would crease competition between 100 people the airlines, passing greater shot down savings on to the public. What,~,~ waa created was a way for needs bigger airlines to under t my in. torcea smaller airlines. This , mill ever the smaller airlines into ere is not _petition and higher tlcl et e that canruptcy, thus creating less J )horny then prices passed on to the public.. .'ling. I also History has proven that People will deregulating anY industry~.,~. they causes more'not will hour and lutions. California does or where have enough power plants nor can we rely on our hydroe!_ec; lo Some. tric plants, solar plants, aau fate. w,tnd power generation in the from state. Because of dry winters, to we cannot produce power fro.m and hydroelectric; this is our some- source of power-- me u, for s0mets e u there million customers m ,re Unless Instead of building ne P .Te,.r. , a specific plants and investing in Gamu, moved to people nia's future, ,the mn"l'~ state have unwisely chosen lation of California'" tm s Our deregulated future very dim! With the prospec of buying power from the uu - ty companies who that a whatever the marltet u, Quln. be_ar; the sky is the limit, we can look forward to our uttlt Paper districts going balfla'uP on Use to What our cities going ,--e I'd re-brownout to blackouts, u= rlmen, the Golden out us-its luster. What s ,tile Wood move for California s rut-,-. of Do we even have a future? _. harm Thomas a lit. day in the Loyalton y for ars and have Work at the about them the SPI mills tt the end of last to think about to Quincy he's right, depending on delivered us home safe to Por- toia. Sadly, the battery was to sapped by the faulty alternator mmnl#&wm to permit a jump. Anyway folks, here is a fel- low who really does care about his neighbors and community. Sherry Rudolph and Sherrie Owens Portola Hot4flce aplxel l We are so fortunate here in Plumas County to be sur- rounded by many caring and compassionate people--most of whom are actively volun- teering in one organization or another. In recognition of April as National Volunteer Month, I would like to take this oppor- tunity to recognize some of the most special volunteers in our community: the very wonder- ful volunteers of Plumas Com- munity Hospice. Our Hospice is in its second year of operation, bringing comfort, support, practical problem solving skills and love to people with terminal illness- es, as well as to their families and caregivers. Even though the notion of hospice is, at first glance, a very scary concept, when actu- ally put into practice, there probably is no more profound time in someone's life than the time at the end of it. The vol- unteers who have helped pa- tients and their families would tell you that the bond that is forged is one that will never break. The many volunteers are: Our Board of Directors: Dr. Stephen Grosse - Chairman, Reverend Jeanne Canwell - Vice Chairman, Chaplain Al- ice King - Finance Officer and Legal Counsel, Carol Belot - Secretary, Jeffrey Kepple, M.D., Sue Ann Krueger, R.N., Edie O'Connor - PAC, Peggy Hiss and Laurie Kidder, R.N. Our Volunteers are: Jacky Trotter, Carol Pfenning, Shelly Morrison, Marcia Detrick, Nancy Gomez, Lillian Mitchell, Mark Mitchell, Ruth Heifer, Sandi Scrivner, Linda Margaretic, Karen Wood, Sharon Then, Lois King, Gar- ret Olney and Marlene Leal. You can see that I am in RE- ALLY good company! Plumes Community Hospice is always looking for people who wish to help others. In home patient support is not the only area in which volun- teers are appreciated. Fund-raising and special events areequally important. A nine-week training cta~ will be held in the fall, here in Quincy, taught by Ramona Ly- ddon, R.N., from Sierra Hos- pice. Anyone interested can call 283-4053 and speak to Sue, or leave a message. Thank you, volunteers all, for a job well done! Sue Jones Director Plumas Community Hospice Premature opinion I read Victoria Metcalfs edi- torial and I felt it was prema- ture. Superintendent Williams is in the process of considering a proposal made to him by some PUSD staff and parents to reconfigure the elementary schools in Quincy. He has told the board of the proposal, and of his intent to bring them a recommendation for or against it, and he has talked with the teaching staffs of both schools and asked them their opinions about it. This is exactly as it should be, and to do anything less would be unjust to those who brought him the proposal, The appropriate time for edito- rials for or against this propos. al would be after he has made his recommendation, but be- fore the board has taken action on it. I believe that local govern- ment usually does the right thing when it is allowed to use the processes already in place to make its decisions. I realize this belief is at odds with the regularly-expressed editorial opinion of this newspaper, but I believe it none the less. Let's not criticize Superintendent Williams merely for thinkin~ about something. Let him d~, his job, and then criticize him if he doesn't do it right I was disappointed that Vic- ki chose to characterize Pi~. neer Elementary's SAT-9 scores as "dismal." Scores in the 600s on an 800 point scale are far from dismal - they are cause for confidence. Pioneer is more than 200 API points above the states definition of a low performing school, The Pi- oneer staff is doing a good job and Pioneer parents can haw.~ confidence that their children are getting a good education. My own four children attended Pioneer for one year and got top-quality education from a first-rate staff. It is impossible to express the strengths and weaknesses of a school in a single three digit number, and it is unwise to base compre- hensive judgments of a school on such ziim:evid~z~e, Bruce Will~s Principal, QuincY Elementary School PORTOLA 2385 .MAIN ST.