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May 2, 2001     Feather River Bulletin
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May 2, 2001

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12A Wednesday, May 2, 2001 Utility News • By $mm William= Staff Wnter Lassen Municipal Utility District directors will discuss their wholesale power pur- chases in a special meeting to be held at 5:30 p.m. on Thurs- day, May 3. Agendas for the special meet- ing, scheduled during LMUD's April 25 meeting, were not available at press time. According Don Battles, LMUD's interim general man- ager, the publicly-owned utili- ty continues negotiations with more than a dozen w 'l esale ducer, urate the public with timely FER¢ ladervudle= pacity power suppliers inclui -ing and accurate information. Frank Cady, LMUD's general from the CMS Energy, which operates Other LMUD actk cm Stephens said the directors counsel, t'fled an intervention Honey Lake Power, the Califor- James Stephens, spokesper-needed to fred a local solution opposing Pacific Gas and Elec- ance nia Department of Water Re- son for the Citizens Advisory to the district's electrical crisis tric's bid to change the provi- bilateral sources, Sierra Pacific Indus- Committee made a presenta-because "the problem will not sions of its contract with the western tries, and a coalition of irriga- tion to the directors, be solved at the state level." Western Area Power Associa-the C tion districts in the Pacific Stephens said the committee Stephens said the committee lion. Northwest. established goals at its last recommended renewing the The intervention, a protestAccording Battles said the district is at- meeting. Those goals included contract with LMUD's lobbyist of PG&E's request to the Feder-WAPA so pursuing a variety of other electing a research analyst, in Sacramento and sending a al Energy Regulatory Commis- options including wholesale bringing information to the lobbyist to Washington, D.C. sion, because LMUD would be power purchases, developing board, giving direction and Stephens said "the federal"directly affected by the out-ect serving its own generation, or sharing making recommendations to price police" probably will fl- come of this proceeding." Ac- the construction of a powerthe board on committee andnally be called into the state, cording to the intervention, LMUD joins plant with another power pro- conference reports, and to sat- LMUD purchases "6 MW of ca- PA Notice of resolution RESOLUTION NO. 180 A RESOLUTION TO ESTABLISH SEWER AND WATER DISCONNECT PROCEDURE WHEREAS, the Board of Directors of the East Quincy Services District has caused to be constructed the East Quincy Se0/k~s District Sewer Cdlection and Water Project and WHEREAS, there have been fees asssssed to users of the East Quincy Services District Community Collection Project for the ordina~ and monthly user rates; and WHEREAS, the Board of Directors of the East Quincy Services District is aware that from time to time users of this service will fail or refuse to pay for service; and WHEREAS, the Board of Directors of the East Quincy Services District desires now to establish a procedure for the collection of delinquent accounts and/or for the disconnection of service to users who fail to pay for their monthly services; and WHEREAS, fees charged to users are due and payable within ten (10) days of the date they are billed and it is hereby declared and established that they ere delinquent if not paid within thirty (30) days; and WHEREAS, the District does incur additional expenses with respect to the billing and collection of delinquent fees and it is in the best interest of the District that it employ procedures that govern the collection of inque t fees and the interruption of sarv e by the District of sewer and water in order to enforce collection. ' NOW, THEREFORE, IT IS RESOLVED; That the Board of Directors of the East Quincy Sew(cos District hereby adopts the following procedure with respect to the collection of delinquent fees and the interruption of services to usef~. 1. Fess due to the District for sewer and water services shall become delinquent if not paid within thirty (3O) days. 2. Fees not paid on or before the thirty-first (3tst) day shall krura pem~ of ten percent 00%) of the amount due. 3. The District in addition to the penalty described above may assess interest at the rate of one percent (t%) per month or part thereof on any fee that is due the District and remains delinquent after the thirty-first (31st) day. 4. The District manager shall establish a preclice of nol~/ing the user of the sewer and : Nr w as on the UVr.e (3X ) day to In addition rding, the filed for bank zation. Battles t reest ish sewer and water service. You are Claims Estate of Rowe t7, the fee is due and delinquent and if not brough{ current within ten (10) days, lec0on action may be nst tuted and/or sewer and hereby further notified that the Enviromnental Health Dep~ for the County of Ptumas has been notified of the actien of the distiict and wi, take approfx action rega ng the further use and occupancy of the building herein. You are further notified that tampering with the device used to intemJpt or plug your system, may constitute a crime pursuant to California penal Code Section 498 and other ap P.aUe Code sections." 10. This resdution becomes operative upon its signing by the Chalrme~ of the Board of the East Quincy Services District and its Secretary. The District Manager and it employees are directed to commence the above- described delinquency procedures in the next regular billing cycle• 11• In addition to all other fees, cpsts and interest, a user who has had his/'ner service interrupted and lines plugged shall pay a fee of SsO.OO work per mad serv e is . 12. Resolution No. 168 is hereby rescinded this date and this Resolution No, 190 is effective upon adoption and signature of its Chairman and Secretary regarding sewer and water disconr :tk procedures. • J)oFrED this day of April, 200t. bythe votes: AYES: Dbsctors Grant, Pony, Pen/and, We/s, Che~ Lomberdi HOES: Oirectom none ABSENT: Directors none Randy Lomberdi, Chairman of the Board, East Quincy So.ices District ATTEST: Shawneen Howe, Secretary of the Board, East Quincy Sea, ices District Published FRB Ap.I 2s, May 2. 2o0t Public heating NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that on Thursday, the 10th day of May, 2001, at the hour of 10:00 a.m., the Board of Directors of the Quincy Community Services District, will conduct a public hearing to dat~ whether or not to increase the ounnect~ fees (hook. up fees) for new cormec~ to the water and sewer systems. The public is invited to attend and submit input for the Boards consideration. A copy of the proposed Ordinance will be avalisbie for review at the District's OIf~e. Date: Thursday, May lo, 2got TIme of Hearing: t0:00 o'clock a.m. Place of Hearing:'DisVict Office, 900 Span~h Creek Road, Quincy, CA 95971. Tel: (530) headng SUPERIOR COURT OF THE STATE OF CAUFORNIA IN AND FOR THE COUNTY OF PLUMAS No. 4786 ORDER FOR HEARING ON PENDING CLAIMS Inthe Matter of the Entry in Trust for Town Site purposes (Under Chapter CXXXll, of 1885 of the State of California) of certain Public Lands located in Plumas County, California, and settled upon and occupied as the Town of Johnsville and the Execution OT the Trust thereby created. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that on June 14, 2001, at 9 AM, this Court will conduct hearings on the following claims to lots held in trust pursuant to the above referenced Statutes of t SBS (as amended): 1. A dalm dated July 13, .t994, filed in letter form by the Board of Directors of the Johnsville Historical Society, a California no pmfit corporet n, seeking transfer of to Lot 80, as such Lot is shown on a map recorded on June 30, 1966, in Book 3 of Maps at Page 34, records of Plumes County, California (a copy of which claim is attached hereto as Exhibit A); 2. A claim entitled 'Amended Application to Reopen and Have Deed Issued" filed on May 26, 2000, by The Roman Catholic Bishop of Sacramento, a Corporation sole, and The Roman Catholic Bishop of Sacramento, William Weig~nd, seeking transfer of tit~e to Lot 80, as such Lot is shown on a map recorded on June 30, 1966, in Book 3 of Maps at Page 34, records of Plumes County California (a copy of which is on file in this 3. A claim dated January t0, 200t, filed in letter form by Ralph Hanna. Board Chairperson of the Johnsvilte Public Utility District, seeking Irensfer of title to all Superior Court trust pro~as (a copy of which claim is attached hereto as Exhibit B) Dated: Ap,.il t2, 2001 Filed April 18, 2001 Shed Wen. Court Administr=or By Susan Andrews, Deputy S ned, Garret Olney, Judge of ~ Superior Court Published FRB May 2, 9, 16, 23, 2001 ~.3: :~ NOTICE OF PETmON TO ADMINISTER ESTATE OF Li~ Belie Row , Oecedm Cass Nom r Sg Z To all heirs, beneficiaries, creditors, cont ger ='edito and persons who may be cth4mme intorested in the wiU or estate, or bo , of Beae Rowe. A Petition For Probate has been flied by Public Mn stretor the Superkx Court of C iforn Coun of Rum=• The Petition For Probate requests that: James Reichle, Plumes County Public Administrator be appointed as personal representative io admini=er the estate of the dscedenL The Pe on requests aut to admin=t the estate under the Independent A~m~n~n~mn of Estates Act (T~s autho~ will allow the personal representative to take many actions without obtaining court approval. Before taking certain very important actions, however, the personal rep~ ~1 be required to give notre to interested persons unless they have waned no~e or oomented to the proposed action.) The independent administration autho~ty will be granted unless an interested Person files an obiection to the pet don =rid shows gocd cause why the coort sho~ not grant the autt~,~/. A heanng on the petitJo~ will be held on May 14, 2001, at 9:00 a.m. at the Superior Court of cal omla, oapt One, Cour ouse, 52O W. Main Street, Room 104, Quincy, CA 95971. IF YOU OBJECT to the granting of the petition, you should appear at the hearing and state your objections, or file written objections with the court before the hearing. Your appearance may be in person or by your attorney. IF YOU ARE A CREDITOR or a contingent creditor of the deceased, you must file your dalm with the court and mail a cegy to the personal representative appointed by the court within four months from the dat.e of first issuance of letters as provided in Section 9100 of the California Probate Code. The time for filing claims will not expire before She. Weft Court Admin ator tors that there By Pare Marcia, Deputy ca] precedent Pub ed such as Apd 25, May Z 9, 2O0 but ly up, to happen." Bids for remodel Battles No to that Plumes-Sierra REC is planning a minor for steel intemal buikling remodel at the Podola, CA five or six office building located at 73233 Highway 70 ceedings for Portola, CA (3 miles west of Portda). Plans sometimes and specifications are available for a interim non-refundable fee of $25.00, at the Portola office or by mail. Contact Sandie Harris at he couldn't s (530) 832-60~ to request a copy. A welk-thru duration of of the building and project will be scheduled ings. for V~-asted pa~as. to conver ng po on Ome ofS~~attached of Pr°~garage into conditioned office space, and internal offce remede~ng. External Battles told wall work to include installing windows, gotiations replacing overhead garage door with man er door, and enclosing of a small doorway Battles said a ove, be awarded based on k veet Department cost and contracts experience• Succas l sources told bidder will need to coordinate with owners br heat pump -telistion as wel as could purchase 1 coordinating electrical and INumbing. Current er at eight California contractors license, performance a delivered bond, and of re e es required bids per kwh Some flexibility in work schedule will be to PSREC to maint=n norm seven-year siness hours. Bids requested by May 18, Battles several days Publishod FRB, PR May 2, 9, 2001 Quincy Junction Road property sale agreement take place." According to direction from ernor Gray power to utilities and then NOTICE OF TRUSTEE'S SALE TS No• 01-00901 Loan No. 2175131 pal utility l~tle Order No. 672043 LMUD if and Investor/Insurer NO. 000920091569 surplus power four months from the date of the hearing APN NO.: 005-230-003 Director date ncticedabove. YOU ARE IN DEFAULT UNDER A YOU MAY EXAMINE the file kept by the DEED OF TRUST, DATED 10/23/98. said, "It court. If you are a person interested in the UNLESS YOU TAKE ACTION TO is one more PROTECT YOUR PROPERTY, IT California has estate, you may file with the court a formal MAY BE SOLD AT" A PUBUC SALE. Request for Spedal Nonce of the filing of an IF YOU NEED AN EDgPLANATLON OF down." inventory and appraisal of estate assets or THE NATURE OF THE ~ The of any petition or account as provided in PROCEEDING AGAINST YOU, YOU er also said Section t 250 of the California Probate Code. SHOULD CONTACT A LAWYER. water services may be intenupted. ~• A Request for Special Notice form is Notice is hereby given that CTC Real power 5. On the fortieth (40th) day after billing the Dated: April 17, 2001 available from the court clerk. Estate Services FKA CTC Foreclosure Lake Power in District at its option may commence either Signed Teresa Gray Secretan/to the Board Signed: Petit~ner, James Reichle, 520 W. Services .ConporatJon, as duly said the ' ,, e,~...., n ............ "" "="71 appointed trusme pursuant to the sewer and/or water disconnection as Published FRB Maln go=.. ......... attorneys were described below or it may at its option initiate ,,,,a ,,~ u.. ~ ~,~n, ~ ~r.~-a~ ' ueeo or ~rust execumo oy SHIRLEY collection procedures through the Plumes "P" ~' "'=Y ..... ~"~" .... L. NELSON. A WIDOW dated to enter into s ..... ~ 10/23/9B and recoKled 10/30/98, as ment until a ju¢ Coun C,x . ' I Sierra Valley General Plan small area of R.ecreation.Commercial and pmpos3d for these censtralnt maps. . . I Instru_me.nt No. 87.44:,in book 757, the status of Ha 6. On the fortieth (40th) day after billing if the i M^tI~, Suburban areas are also being amended to The Board of Supervisors will hold a purer I ~], ..or t.~oa! I'(ecords in the amountremaimunpaki, the District may at its I _=~=_~'_~_~ GeneralAgtioulture. hearing on this matter at t:30 p.m. on I o.t:nce or me uounty R_ecorder of er's contract ~urnas L;~unty 3tare discretion record a lien for the amount of the | NO.TLCE 0F AVAILABILITY OF DRAFT One aspect invo vas the proposed use of Tuesday, Ju y 17, 2001 in the Board of I •-W ""11 on 0;~ ..... of. California, May I0. delinquency on the real property pursuant to . . . ' • w~ =,= ~,=,.~vl az 11• I _I~.~H=UNMENTAL IMPACT REPORT, density transfer to allow creation of lots less Supervisors Room, Courthouse, Quincy, I ~= Main _~,,.,==t =n...~ .... ..~OOAM, At Battles said J Health and sefety Cede Section 6520.12 and ENVlRONME,NT, AL_IMPACTREPORT#66for than three acms in size provided that the total California . C,o~u'~'~'OU~ 5="":20"~l"ai'~'=u~me~.:°u_nW. ists in Sacr= the cost of recording llen as allowad by law. ]SIERRA wucY GENERAL PLAN number of lots deas not excead the equivalent Environmental lmpact Report #66 has I ' been . n Sb'eet, Ou~.t.y CA at public auction to th=, *.;...~.-...; brought7' In thecurrenteVent withinthat thefortydelinquencY(40) days ofiS then°t j NAME~ il~sEdl~v(n that a Dra ....... of one lot per 160 acres for Agricultural prepared for this project. Actions w*z~fl~ill be I bidder for ca~.h or ~ .... as described~'"==~ putting so mtt¢ bal~g,~eO~may~eup~U~u~a I ?.g e. .... nt:iHnas,=~,fl Praserve ano one lot for eve~/ 26 acres in ¢onsistantwithEIR#6S, whichw~lbeceflmeo. Jbe. l~ol~.P~..Y.aom l.n.ft:dl at time of sale thelegislatore notice of service interruption (Disconnect J L~ -P~r~.f°r-tl~__pr~l~_e~_. has..been filad.t~h. ~ .A~. l~.W~anestimated 16,r es in cor. CEO ~ I _~Pg_"_~ ,=~: ano.;n~e~t conveyed to that effort wa! NoUce).TheOisconnectnoticeshatloonteln .t~. an0- ~n°w~ acrasinAghculturaIPraserve(notinconb.act) as nawng oeen presented to the Board ~ I an°o~t'.Uin'~u.oY~zunaersaidDeedof coming count~ the following language: "You are hereby I mr inspection ~ rov~w, Written comments and 2,443 acres in General Agriculture th s Supervisors with the information containeo I "-=~'n;': -'-'~ ~:_u~ny situated n said and we should ". ..... ~,uu ty =.u ozaze and notified that if payment in full is not made | cenc,, ernmg th0s .o,,ocument wdl be accepted proposal could result n the creation of therein reviewed and considered by the BCeN ~ ,~o=crih,=,.0 in ,h .... as more. fully the legislative sJ ' • ~"" """ ""=auove I outing the puo,c review period from ~nnroximately 302 lots which are less than before making its decisions I ..... , -,- ...... reterenced within ten (10) dBys of the date of t~ ~ .... • .... • ~ u, -, u=L she street add the East Quincy Services District shall I .~ _W~lay., May 2, 2001 through Friday, June three acres m ~ze and located within lands For further info~ on this project, cont~. ] other common desianatinn ,~e~ss and Chairman Lo discoonect andintorrupt the sewer and water I m, zuuL., usedprknarilytoragricultural use. Whilethis John McMorrow or James Graham at the I the real property d~:.'.:, "_~=_''~, Y" said it would be services for your property ~ you shall be | The D.ratt~nvtronmantel Impact Report pmposalcouldcreeteaoo~ of small Plumes County Planning Department, 520 I purported tO be: 1412-1~116 ~tD~,~e~_~ see if we can prohibited from attempting to or to use the I . me p==~_ erMr=2me =" effects ~ within " .agh¢~ural lands, the overall effect Main Street, Room 121, Quincy, CA, (5~) | JUNCTION ROAD. QUINC~-'" (3"A. nor." EastQ=r~se~o~D~tr~s~,~,r~wat= Ir t e_ Of the pmposel would decreese the number 263-6210. Written, commentscor~~is 1 9.5~aims'nea undersigned Yrust~ I P an and zoning ordinances for the Sierra notantial lots by 1 204 thr~ng'~ut the Sierra docume~ may be mailed to ffds address. I gas ny liabitilv f ..... 'l system.' Said disconnection notice shall be -- ' ---= ......... • mcorrec' tness of -" "~ 0' 'y served upon the user by certified mail or by | Valley study area (see map below), The Valley study area. Notice is further given that said hearing is I and other cornOt-th.e street address mon oesi " persor~ upon the user by delivering | will change Gang.. In addi!ion to the changes in land use being held in accordance with Government I shown herein. "r~.. ,..._.gnatJon, if any, copy of the notice to them. Upon sending of I ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Iow ~ ~, a ,,number Of additional permitted Code Sections 65355 and 65856. I unpaid balan ' th iu at raestm°t the The directorS the disconnection notice an addition fee of I (3 to zu acre/ resmemial ro Imponant and conoitionelly oermitted uses are heine if w, ~ General Ptal ~ or I me obliaation ~ .... ~'"~ .... ,=,..,, u, ttnue to retain t $25.00 sheJl be cherged to tha user. Thatfee | Agricultural areas• These Important ~rooosad. ZoneC~nm,= n~..w ,.-. , ,,t=v be limited to i to be sold plus rea~=~--°Y~, pr°Perty. A]~ [~nd, alO~ • . . r- ~ . "-'=-" -'~-~ .... • ,.~.~z~le estJm, t shall be in addition to any othar fees then iA0riculturaiAreas.willhavem~rsmumparcel tastiy, sevemlnswbiaiog~cemtralntma=s raisingonlythceeissuasvouor~omeormd~e[costs, ex~andadw.,.=~a,~.e~., mento. I of =d are proposed to be edited as part of th'e raisodat t~e pubic hear~g described in thb. I publi~,,a'd~n" ~' ~e Lind was hil 8. The District manager shall be the only I ~0 ~,~r ,,~c, ~re~tt~:_~: p,um2,.~o, nty Plan. These . .no~ce..or in.w~n ~~__d~ I possible Susanville, ~.~ person authorizad to serve the disounnection i ,wP,-,,,,,,.,~.-'~ .,-w =,-,,~ =~ i~ulx~=~m tu u~. . cons-um¢ map= will be used to evaluate to me uoero ot s.~n; at. or onor w. ,'__,. ....... -- I ....u~ = ~"="= me ooenina., bi'd notice and to acco~ the ir~ emd Ichangeotromlowdensityres~dentnalto e~~ofusasr~.dri-n r=~ich~u~ j.may ........ ess than the total and LMUD fo . , • . • ..... • "-'~- ,,= r" ...... "~ IrlU~gt~lll~:~,~ Que | " " A nculturel Preserve ~rnat 2 443 n addition disconnection of service. Once the I g . • Approx ely , discrattonary..apl:xo~, such as special use Dated:. Alxi126,2001 i the Trustee will,?sh, month earlier t • bee. on I P = j0t I checks drawn on a .._cas..hier's, that two.montlt user, either by certified mail or personal I u~ty ,~u=~u= ¢0 u~ ~,gnculture. A OU'~S. Lano me m&qaaem~ measures are FRB PR I bank a check .~.._ = u~ nauonai expired. ~- ........ I "-~'al ....d,=m~ oy a state or delivery to the user and fifteen (15) days I I reom ueu,t umon. Or ....... Cady said thereafter has expired, the Oist ma,. I l represent LMUL can then interrupt service by disconnecting ? nn to for ,000 service and pl.ging the ueer', sewer and I S,ERR. V'LLEY STUDY AREA water lateral to the main sewer and water rectors decidea pipes operated by the East Quincy ,~ to be "paid trict The manger =tebi a - and then we separate operating procedure by which the manager can conduct the disconnection ' to procedure. • , " secu. W Deed of Battles respO 9. Immediately subsequent to the Tru~L advances ~x}m an ~ t disc°nnectingtheservice°fauserand/°rIpluggingthesewarandwaterlataraltoprohibit "--~ ~[ r =eofthe O=. Ser, =O= , I in -wJ'-'~ interest thereon as :nergy-savin ,~'~ldwatersys~enl, theDiatfi~nlan~g~ I Beckwou~h [ I L I -r~r" I I I ~;_-"~'___= ~ Note plus fees )ulbspriorWr and/or a designated employee shall _ and of the trusts czeate . stee )ate program s] conspicuously post at two (2) p aces on the r / of TrusL Dated: 04/27 07 , _id Deed eive the rebate, properly calculated to give not~ to the user | ~ L / ' ~ ~ | Estate ~ FKA r,-,-u] L,'TC Real The director interrupted and it will be illegal for furth use pproved a res ofthese md aerayatem. :he rebate to "WARNING. The EastQuincy Services District Battles said through operation of Resolution No. 180 has may have thro previously notified the owner/user of the receipts, but tit property located at ---.-_..- user fees zccep.t,,the assodated the sewer and water system tomers and have been delinquent and the sewer andI 1 ~~_f~ i. ::-~'~i~' C4~- Z~S~m# those customersp ~ ~'" --.,ooon.o, oo.O--.,. users sewer and water pCm be plug0ed, you ......... _ we hereby notified that the District has taken that action, and that your sewer and water ".. ~ ~,, system is now incapacitated and not serviceable. You are prohibited from using the sewer and water system my further and are prohibited from attempting to reconnect ~ 1 service and/or reestablish service without payment of the delinquent fees and cost _~ , ' ...' you'll at 179 Rodgers Avenue, East Quincy, and maat with the DisVtct Manager I and pay them the sum of $___. in order to