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May 2, 2001     Feather River Bulletin
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May 2, 2001

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Record, ReDorter Wednesday, May 2, 2001 H j take responsibility andtrap ' ' " '+ " " ' thedump, aresuch notorious carriers of ! i YOU call if .... the skunks for her and her to According to Pat Sanders of rabies : i li| With .... yuu nave aneighbors, she said. I 'U l d over Environmental Health, burial He was talking about the res- i ! if ey Unks and areEach official recommended seems to be the best method of idents who have skunks living i .maY have rabies Ta, y- disposal, and breeding under their she call another... During the fourth call she There is no county code or homes. made, a Department of Fish the time to trap o dinance preventing peopleMost animals are not a prob- and Game official told her to from burying the skunks in lem unless people allow them I~ il ru~..a,nd her four-year- call the Plumas County Agri- ~n~ ~ their own backyard, to become one, he said. I I Laa)keY, are two ofcultural Commissioner, Karl Residents can even bury He suggested these home Bishop. t People now re- Mike Smith their own pets in their back- owners or tenants go outside ] t ent for rabies. Johnston gave up before sne yards, according to Mareina. late at night, after the skunks made that final call. Trapper Burial must be done in a safe are out looking for food, and I and her son were and sanitary manner, though, block all holes leading under the front porch re-If she had, Bishop could have n eir former pu - told her about state and federal including the wearing of rub- buildings. tracked Mike;, trapper Mike Smith of That was almost ten years dwelling or building, bergloves. This could ben problem at [ ....the head and Chilcoot. ago. An air-powered pellet gun Sanders suggests burying this time of year, if a mother When called out by the corn- Today, the fees are $50 for may be used to shoot a skunk, the skunk in a deep hole so skunk has left her kits under not the beginni missioner,,, Smith traps skunks, . the first skunk, and $30 for according to Plumas Countyother animals or children can- theHehOUSe.also said that garbage ., for ng and puts them to sleep, with each additional skunk. Sheriffs Department Animalnot unearth the remains. errnnelghbors,. ,,- rOnthouandh an injection administered from An alternative to having a Control Sergeant Tom Mass burials of skunks should be kept Secured so ani- and be--- g a needle on a longstick, professional trapper come out Mareina, as long as it is used would not be deemed as either mals cannot get into it, and an =" Worried There is no smell this way, would be to borrow a trap from in a safe manner by an adult, safe or sanitary, that people should not leave kaf.Peared to be too Animal control officers dopet food and water bowls out- h tthe.neighbor Smith said of the government the agricultural commission- The pellet gun should not be approved method. ,__ er's office in Quincy. pointed toward a hard surface, not deal with wild animals or side at night. i:?"! on knew that His services do not come According to DFG regula-such as concrete or pavement, their remains. Skunks are like cats, Smith COmn on carrier to residents anymore, though, tions, skunks are non game an- and it should not be pointed If disposal of skunk remains said, "Theycan live anywhere, Skunks have Rot Back in the early 1990s, imals, and they may be taken, across the yard, where theis a problem, calling out the eat anything and survive." tO the rabies virus when the state took money for or killed, without a hunting li- safety of neighbors and their trapper and paying the fees Plumas County Supervisor the puppy, John- schools away from countiescense or depredation permit, property could be threatened was recommended by almost Robert Meacher said that if a Worried about and special districts, Plumas There is no season or bag Shooting the skunk creates a every officialinterviewed,skunk is identified as the sl e knows that County Supervisors had to Set limit, and they may be taken very stinky situation, too, ac- For those who do not want to source of the rabies problem in fee schedules for services they with any method, except poi- cording to trapper Smith, who kill a skunk, exclusion is about Greenville, he is sure the su- the S unk popu- could no longer afford to pro- son. has known some people to the only answer, pervisors will "step up to the - mnated to have ra- vide at no cost to residents. In towns and neighborhoods, drown the skunks, instead of According to DFG Lieu- plate"and help out. ~ "-.JA t JanUary b,..,. , more thanSmith's services were one of killing the skunk can be corn- shooting them. tenant Specialist Scott For more information about -" ",nore the attack, those, plicated. Disposing the remains willWillems, it is unlawful to trap trapping skunks, call Agricul- d ed one agenc af- "I used to come over thereFirearms cannot be fired in take a bit of work, though, and transport live animals, rural Commissioner Karl Bish- (Greenville and Taylorsville) town or within 150 yards ofPeople cannot just throw the He does not recommend that op at 283-6365. akef, a 's.a nhievingYthe all the time to trap skunks," any potentially occupied body in a trash can or take it to residents trap skunks them- he J+ " v one would Smith said. selves, either, because skunks nl ii i i also sought medical attention. - saliva of an infected animal,a description of the ani- Se nlore Neither the Health Depart- Rabies available u,ua through a bite. mal; and ivl than three ment, nor Indian Valley Health Infection Is caused when the Seek medical care. ld ho) "ng a series of Care District officials could A low-cost rabies vaccina- rival saliva comes in contact with If an unvaccinated pet is ex- lld after a nine- d . uppy was found to say exactly how many peopletion clinic for pets is set for Local Veterinarans Doyle broken skin or mucous mere- posed to rabies, immediate eu- were actually receiving the ra- Thursday, April 26, from 5 to Rolston and his associate branes, such as those in the thanization is recommended. el .- adults and four bies treatment due to contact 6:30 p.m., in the Greenville Roberta Wiederholt offeredeyes, nose and mouth. The alternative to euthaniza- er the age of five with the puppy. High School Parking Lot. their services for this clinic to If a person is bitten or tion would be to have the ani- shots, includ- If a person waits for syrup- Vaccinations will cost only the Plumas County Environ-scratched by an animal, there real vaccinated immediately toms of rabies before getting $5 per animal, mental Health Department are several steps recommend- and then placed in quarantine tlt to' entrtStT"'aY, ' j 15, medical attention, it is too late All animals should be and Animal Control. ed byhealth officials: at the animal shelter or at a d tae hospital for to avoid a painful death, leashed or caged upon ar- Do not try to catch the ani- veterinarian s boarding facili. :sI ina series ofsix'- - At least the shots do not . real; ty for six months. have to be given in the stem- so have excessive drooling or .......... "" a" " e .... .... , .... Remember the type of ani-Vaccinated animals should ........... .... ,.. _,. m s]z, corer, markings be immediately vaccinatea " ach now, Johnston said. coughing. ;3p3 at oPerc:: i *an ;no l and watch the directionagain and placed In,qtmrantlne Some shots are given in the Wild animals may lose their , s) ma)e the animal goes; for one month, although vacvi- arm, and others go into the fear of humans and act friend- ..................................... te or .... anl ...... d---* hip. ly, or usually passive animals r rcent of bats are rabid . " : ng la tts y :... ,., +'h.., ...... Wlta, ,P while holding it get sick with rabies. Rabies remains a frightening may become mean and aggres-' .............. ................... ndt runni water -r tf ; disease, according to agency ..... r in Fo mvr ,..u .m rao es cases ot the yea nurse Linda DeWolf, and offi- sive. " . . . for five minutes; concerned about rabies; call Plumas t ounty the oanger Skunks and bats are the . . .' ...... Call animal control or 911 to the health department at Plasma" ecommend rials continue to urge vaccina- most common carriers of ra- constam, accormngto uewo .... " reform them of an animal 6330 or 800.801-6330. i aeelnation'aL aad cats receiVeat 16 tionTheyOfpetS,alsoincludingrec.ommendCats.that hies. The v,rus ,s spread by me bite or scratch and to give Orfour months contact with wild animals be - ~0 F ton was wor- --" IA I oUnk popula- avoided. .. __ .---------- rhood along During an early 1990s rav)es _.Wolf Creek Road, epidemic in Gridley, part of have not bee Butte County, stray and loose ,Car er n iden- animals were destroyed all s of rabies, over the city. methods can fab"u l who trans- Rabies is a virus that infects the central nervous system the puppy, and is usually fatal if not treat- a bat, or an- ed in time. atth:sclt not been or- Animals with rabies usually ate as of last act strangely. to Pat Sanders They may be clumsy or un- iltal Health. coordinated and seem restless ' ,OOther People in or nervous. Who thou They may be aggressive and ex.o_ _ ght try to attack, and the sound of to rabies their bark or growl may t With the pup. i'"clot raonth have change, al Animals with rabies may - ~topping at your John Oeere de,,/efs stars. n~ mo~oy down* on s full line of lawn =nd g~rden equipment. So Itop by soon boc|use the offor~ end July 4, 2gOt, L Equipment Co! INDuS]:Ry ROAD rm) 888-423-6747 Ask for Ray Anderson@eecomail,com [ LIGHT TRUCK RADIAL THE ALLL NEW 78 CRESCENT ST. SUSANVILLE 2385 MAIN ST. 73816 DEUJEKER RD.