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May 2, 2001     Feather River Bulletin
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May 2, 2001

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tr0~e~ Record Reporter Wednesday, May 2, 2001 I I KETT the causes: ~, TV leadership, re- political one of these as the ac- so let's throw them I believe this hot- my own im- e Youth. At that children could g I be enter- And they we had were not al- l hews releases sexual Yes, but we children Ne were thrills of our hero yes, that was violence, but it was differ- ent--we knew it was fake. It was easy, even as young as we were, to discover that. Dis- crimination, no! The thought never crossed our minds! As for bad language, such a word as "damn" would not have been allowed. Now, when our young people go to a movie, they will see vio- lence, hear horrible language, see explicit sex scenes, and this occurs even ff the movies are properly rated for them. Now, let us discuss TV. We have invited or allowed into our living rooms a monster which will show every despica- ble scene you can imagine. It will use every dirty word you can find, it will show and ex- plain every sex scene and nudi- ty scene in detail--and all this is the mild part! Your children can walk into most video stores and check out tapes that would shock the most experienced adult. Sure, they are not supposed to be al- lowed to do this, but enforce- ment of our laws is lax, or they can have some irresponsible adult obtain them. Now, let us get to the news. It is not good enough to show a flash picture of a tragedy; we must zoom in for the real de- tails--broken bones, a trail of blood, open injuries. Shall we go also to the news- paper--mY apology to our fine local paper, which tries to show and explain terrible things with discretion. For most papers, though, it is the primary way they sell papers. The more shocking details they can headline, the better, or so they seem to think. Shall we say anything about our rock concerts? Why do we $o, or allow our kids to go to these things? The greatest tal- ent is mostly loud and they shout the obscenities--the F words especially--do we, or our kids need that? So, who is at fault? We are! We who allow these things without complaining. Our he- roes are those that our young look up to. The ones that should be setting good exam- ples, but so often let us and our youths down. But, more impor- tant than all of these are our leaders! Yes--those politicians and other leaders that shirk their responsibilities to set good examples. And, those who fail their duty enforcing old laws or fail their duty to enact new ones to curb this terrible situation. Books coulff be written about where we have gone wrong, but there is one more reasons which I feel compelled to ex- plain here. That one is about our churches and our religious leaders. Whether it is TV evan- gelists who solicit funds from people who believe in them and then use those funds for their own gain, or those for- merly trusted clergy who ex- ploit young church members for their own explicit and devi- ated sexual desires. This must stop! Church members--raise your voices loud and clear. This must not be allowed. So now, let us get to our youths. They have been raised in this world of violence which we have created. Should we ex- pect them to respond to their hurts and frustrations in any way other than with what we have taught them? Yes, we have taught them, intentional- ly or not! They have seen, in their world, the way to spond! It is well remembered from so many scenes on televi- sion; movie scenes where they take guns and mow people down or in newsreels where the bank robbers try to outgun the police. So, if they hurt or are frus- trated or simply feel using a gun will bring them notoriety, they do not hesitate to do just that: use a gun. And guns will always be available-locks and other preventive measures will not work. We must create a so- ciety in which children do not want to do these things. We have taken a long time to get where we are, and it will take a long time and hard work to clean up the mess we have made. So, all of us who are exam- ples (and we all are) for our youths, we should carefully ex- amine everything we do. That is our responsibility, that is our charge. But, our legislators, our con- gress and even our president, have an even greater responsi- bility. They must create change. They must enforce ex- isting laws and, if needed, cre- ate new ones. They must care- fully examine each decision. They must guard against be- ing obligated by big companies such as the media and enter- tainment industries. They must pass legislation even if it goes against those who have contributed to politi- cal campaigns, etc. I challenge them--do what's right for our youths. And parents, get your priori- ties straight. Your children are more im- portant than a new car or nicer home. Spend more time with your children--even if it means doing without. These are changes you will never re* gret. And young people, this is a challenge for you: set your sights on what is good. Get in. volved as leaders and never vi- olate any trust you have been assigned. Live your life as an example for those younger ones who will soon be where you are[ That is your charge, that is your challenge! And, to the elderly, such as myself, speak out! We only have a short time left. Offer your opinions, express your views. Our experiences have taught us many things. Let us not quietly take all of our expe- riences and knowledge of what is right to our final resting place--that is our charge. And to all people: consider all other human beings as part of the family, the human fatal. ly and treat them with care, re- spect and understanding-- your life will be richer for it! And again to students:look at your fellow students that may have types of disabilities, or perhaps are just teased or otherwise tormented. A friend would be so appreci- ated by them, and a friend is such an easy thing to be. I I I This week's question I ~mmz~ F .......... ~ ( Plumas County thinks that local businesses need to be more hos- pitable to our visitors. Many of those who voted in a Feather Publishing Internet poll be. lieve improvements are needed. The poll was conducted to get an idea of how residents feel about local businesses' treatment of visitors. The poll, which ran from April 22 to April 30, asked site visitors, "do lo- cal businesses do enough to be hos- pitable to visitors to Plumas Coun- t ty?" Nearly 43 percent said, "No; we need to do a better job." About 29 percent countered, "Yes: the level of service is just about right." However, 20 percent argued,"Who needs visitors; make them go away." Nearly nine percent of those who voted said, "Maybe county govern- ment should hire yet another consul- tant to find out for sure." Although the optio n marked; :i, | ,,~sv,,,' " ...... , "Don't know," was available, none of the voters selected it. Each week, the newspaper will publish a survey on its Internet site andpublish the results in the newspaper. A new survey is posted every Monday The poll is not scientifically con- ducted. Rather, site visitors are asked to state their opinion on a top- ic. It is for entertainment purposes only ....... ~c What are your throughts about Plumas County's criminal justice system? Letters [ an address I number. We publish Per week, per per- letter per person, larding the same not publish t ird- Letters must maximum of 300 in excess of 300 cut by the editor. Friday at 3 p.m. taken to any of offices, sent or e-mailed at trip , to acknowledge of Greenville Market for and fun the two-minute the Rotary Club Year. Because my nephew, the running my boyfriend, the store, believe in the Mike racked up a great time at the store and of the Rotary helpful and nicer. I'm food was to family, the I.V.H. h'om of the Rotary Mike made :he amount he l tta Rodriguez Greenville to of- of the funds de- "Poisoning" of should be used involving the and roller gender relat- and the Probably not lake. Ill genders and all degree of enjoy fish- ramps! Pricer Meadow Valley Tim lmyon The last issue considered when tourism is peddled would be the preservation of that which ostensibly is the attraction--natural beauty. Natural beauty has taken a beating over the last 100 years here on the North Fork Feath- er River; what with the rail- road (arguably the least intru- sive presence), the highway (a product of government-made work), and the world class trout stream preclusion, the "Stairway of Power," with as- sociated power lines (beneath which little vegetation is tol- erated), effectively turn a wild river into a utility ditch. Caltrans, UP and PG&E, un- willing to accept natural im- perative, have lined their ditch with concrete, driven steel pilings into the mouths of side creeks and hung hideous and futile sheets of chain link. Be that as it may, hunkered down in the very limited amount of available space is the local population, who have had to edit out these assaults on the senses to enjoy what is left of the remote and wild feel of the place, which experience is generally re- served for the post Labor Day/pre-Memorial Day part of the year. The "concern" for "local" economy can hardly include the Feather River Canyon proper, which arguably is a stretch of river between the descent to Pulga from Jarbo Gap to Seneca with Highway 70 following the East Branch to Twain, where the gradual ascent out of the "Canyon" and back to civilization is gained. More than a few of the peo- ple who have settled here have done so with a view to disconnect from economies and society in general. The fact that much traffic occurs in the summer is unfortunate reality. "Tourism," a concept always deleterious to the in- digenous, is promoted by the very few who stand to profit financially. It must be remem- bered that "growth for the sake of growth is the mindset ofa cancer cell." (The project was funded by Why this concern by a the 21st Century Community Greenville resident? If Ms. Learning Center under a Schramel-Taylor and Mr. Dry- grant from the U.S. Depart- er want to promote Twain and ment of Education, through parts betwixt, it is between Plumas Unified School Dis- them and the people who live trict Grant #R287B990052.) It there. With all due respect, us is a very impressive and pro- po' folk down here just want fessionally developed piece to be left alone. We already that clearly explains the needs have to deal with nameless of our youth from their per- crews of clipboard wielding spective. people littering the landscape I truly feel that if the board with bright plastic ribbons members took the time to and paint, the adversarial re- read this booklet they would lationship with the (this is our finally get their fingers on the land) Forest Service and a right pulse! In fact, if you read paramilitary operation dis- what our kids are stating they guised as fire fighting (a fire need, it is more than just a of suspicious origin and suspi- skate park, it is actually a ful- ciously prolonged) and subse- ly developed teen/youth cen- quent "emergency" road work ter that provides outlets for by those feeding on "emer- all of our kids. When will gency" pork. The list goes on, these decision makers actual- these ugly facets of the dia- ly listen to our children and mond that is life in the make the right steps to meet Canyon. their needs? Therefore, I submit that the It appears to be a "no brain- Community Council of the er" that our children's needs Feather River Canyon is mis- must come first. I take it as a named. Perhaps the Commu-personal insult that the signa- nity Council of Indian Valley tures on the petition for the and the Upper East Branch of skateboard park were never the North Fork Feather River even considered. Do you will do for a group that wants board members remember a monthly fish fry. We, the whom you are working for? If few who have weathered so, how can you ignore the flood, fire and fascism, will voice of the people and deny survive the latest extor-the youth in this community a tionary designs of capitalism much needed recreational fa- deregulated without or incility? How can you face your spiteofthe Trojan horseofad- reflections in the morning vanced tourism, thank youmirror? Please don't further very much. disappoint me by sticking Digger Dan with this current veto. Belden Please show me and the rest of our community that you What about have the ability to correct I was sorely disappointed to your mistakes and the fore- learn that board of supervi- sight to make the right deci- s0rs members, Dennison, sions for our youth. Don't be Clark and Meacher all vetoed just another bureaucratic e.n- the skateboard park proposal tity that lets us down again. for our youth. Tell me please, Please, change your decision explain it to me like I was a and show our children that 6-year-old, why does the feder- they do count and that they, al government need any more not the federal government, of our money? And at whatare our true priority and fu- point in time did they become ture. more important than our Dr. ReginaHungerford .kids? Portola Have you seen the Blueprint for Youth booklet that was Not cross- re1 lng created by the Portola Youth I would like to inform you Group? It is a Youth-led needs that Friday, April 13, was assessment for the Portola Quincy Elementary School's 21st Century Learning Center. "Opposite Day." In the Wednesday paper that you published, you called it cross- dressing. We have had calls from parents asking what we were teaching the kids. We would like you to understand that the kids voted for oppo- site day. Opposite day is when the boys dress as girls and girls dress as boys, for fun. It was an optional activity. It was not cross-dressing. Ericka Thompson, School Secretary Katie Rahmeyer, School Student Store Manager Q.E.S. Student Council I can't prove what I think happened to change Clark's mind; nevertheless, he went the other way. People should be outraged that Fran man- aged to disperse funds that should have been left in place, thus preventing Supervisor Pearson the discretion to make the decisions as to where the money should go. Beside that, she left nothing in the recreation fund for Pearson to start out with. He has nothing to work with un- til June, when the new budget is in place. Nelson is in the same bind. Bresciani cleaned out his fund, leaving Nelson was elected? broke. I have been patiently biting W'here are the consciences my tongue for fear of stirring of the defeated officials, and up some old wounds; howev-why are the three superviso er, it seems the time has come still beholden to Roudebuan." to speak out about the The ejection is over. B.J. Pear.- shena hi:ans taking place son won a hard-fought battle sin November general to win by 16 votes. Snide re- election, marks from the losing team Actually, before the elec- poke fun about the "piddling" tion, then-supervisor Fran Roudebush was able to talk supervisors Clark, Bresciani, Meacher and Dennison into a deal with the U.S. Forest Ser- vice, whereby $80,000 of the Lake Davis Settlement Funds goes for a handicap ramp at the lake. Remember, government agencies have their own bud- gets for expenditures in the forests. When B.J. Pearson was elected supervisor of Dis- trict One, one of his actions was to try to reverse the pre- vious decision, because there is a greater need for the youth of the Portola area. The kids have been asking for help to build a skateboard park for the last five years. The request came up again in last year's city budget, and the city set aside a piece of land directly across from city hall for the kids. Parents and kids are working hard to raise funds, but, that could take years, and the kids now will be long gone. Mr. Pearson, along with the vote of Super- visor Ken Nelson of Quincy, tried to get the $80,000 re- stored into the county budget to no avail. There for a time, it appeared that Don Clark just might help out. 16 votes. Well, folks, the truth is, Pearson only needed 50 percent plus one vote to win. Our committee is most grate- fttl for the other 1,115 so.called "piddling" votes. If the situa- tion were reversed, there wouldn't have been a peep out of Fran's committee. Meanwhile, the kids need our help. Let's work to make the skateboard park a reality, now. If we can build tennis courts for a few adults, we can surely do something to help our kids. Margaret A. Sheahan Portola It was interesting that the headlines in the April 18 pa- per chastised "C" Road resi- dents for not participating in a county fire plan when Plumas County has steadfast- ly refused to accept the "C" Road into county maintained mileage. The county, through Darrell Payne, the county en- gineer authorized to represent the county, accepted owner- ship of at least 2/3 of the road. A later engineer altered an original line and several par- cel maps without benefit of le- Soo Lotto pqo Zm