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May 2, 2001     Feather River Bulletin
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May 2, 2001

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Wednesday, May 2, 2001 la sion and retire from the Navy by six months in jail and/or a away, doctors came and went, said, "Let's give him another would have further understood and in between times, !he hos- chance," because they werethe concern these people were fOrianskillingduringninea demonstrationJapanese civil-of $1,000yearsfine. back, one of pital had to depend on Rent a not ready to rush to judgment, voicing. These changes submarine maneuvers. This is Greenville's unsavory individ- Docs.' Not a very acceptable and the)' didn't want their Regardless, however, the -ted in original absolutely devastating to poor uals served six months in the replacement for one as dedicat- elected representatives to do so courts will determine Dr. Mus- ceils. Nothing Commander Waddle. Plnmas jail, for,being on the ed as Dr. Batson had been.either. They're not ignorant of selman's future. The people act that PlumasOn the other hand, if he had wrong side of a No Trespass- Eventually, but not for a few the law or without concern for who care about him will live [he road and that been an enlisted man, he ing" sign. I honestly think years, Dr. Musselman came John Bergstrand, quite theop- with it one way or the other. In ; along the road would have faced a full court there were other problems, but along and he stayed. For 12 posite, They just know what a the meantime, dedication in ICounty taxes on martial, tons of lurid press coy- this was the most easily en- years, he went about his med- fine friend and doctor they return for dedication is always aUld seem to meerage, humiliation and a stiff forcedlaw, ical practice in Indian Valley have and they don't want to worthy of respect. Lpes are so con- term in Leavenworth Peniten- About 12 years ago, caring for his patients, saving losethat. NanslBohne fire safety, they tiary. He might have even been Greenville had another house lives and eventually some fi- They deserved to be heard Greenville resPonsibility for recommended for the deathbuilt without permits. Our nancial stability was returned and to have their opinions con- Partofan escapepenalty because of gross negli- building official knew he could to the hospital. He had his sidered. Unfortunately, the wv tlvu genre and endangerment ofnot legally enter on the proper- share of critics, but he had a board members were not inter- Th'is letter is regarding Mr. allowed and en-civilianlife, etc., etc. ty without the occupant's per- bigger share of grateful pa- ested in discussion for the sake Whitney's letter concerning e than 200 people Who said all men are created mission; then he got lucky. The tients, many of whom became of decision making; it was ob- the "Rush Limbaugh" radio Road their homeequal or have equal rights un- owner moved out and a tenant his friends and his neighbors, vious they had already made program on KPCO. ndoned a countyder the law? Not in this coun- moved in. Our building official Those dedicated patients, up their minds. Even though it took several it will cost mon- try. was there almost in minutes friends and neighbors of his Anyone who lived here days for Mr. Whitney to notice they should have Kevin CanweU and granted permission going who attended last week s board through the loss of Dr. Batson the programming change, it when it would Quincy in. It was a simple and legal meeting to speak on his behalf and the subsequent long pa- Now, all of us in matter of writing five pages of spoke from the heart, but their fade of visiting doctors before . that road are in Ret4 onse to violations, declaring the house words fell on deaf ears. They Dr. Musselman came along See I ttiwa IWle lSm "C" Road burns, K hy Ecown'$ le er , a health and safety hazard and ~in trouble. No, bunnies and eggs don t forcing the tenant at immedi ~~ ~ ~~@ E nat really caredhave to do with the resurrec- ately. health and safety tion of our Savior. Easter, this For 40 years, building offi- tize Spendin notyear, was wave sheaf offering rials, tax assessors and fire , g Road, but the day, when about two millennia prevention technicians have rtla" That bridge ag' Jesus ascended t urstayed ff mY prperty' unless V awned hazard as Heavenly Father to be accept- invited or given permission to e i y 'tlSknow that that ed as the first of first fruits enter. My understanding of the County also. (Leviticus 23:11). law is, no one can come onto or Penny saved is aJesus' death and resurrec-into your posted property ldered on some.tion are necessary for new life. without peace officer status, come in ancJ see aPortant. Bunnies and eggs, used as sym. Most of these peple dn't have John Walters bols in the festivalofIshtar, this status. I also believe there lar est selec, tion o{ -i "C" Road area goddess of fertility, are unwit- are limitations as to when a . tingly being appropriated,peace officer may enter your now, as symbols of the new property. elieve in earth life, made possible by our Say- This concerns Greenville's invitations o, ncl lieve in people ior. But, we are to worship in ongoing saga, of an off-duty y believe that the spirit and in truth (John 4:23). building official in a private J but I believe John 17:17 says, "Thy wordis vehicle entering a private announcements [or ere given domin- truth. We are commanded not property. Twelve years ago, '*th by God. to do as nations did in serving the same official was unable to forestsarebe- their gods (Deuteronomy enter a property while on duty VOUF WeJC]IYI(5" +_.el-- + k 1 groups. These Many believers, aware ofhas changed? cry Wealthy and pagan roots of some of our cus- I fought in World War II so removing good toms, no longer participate in we would have some rights. SUnd multipur" them" Instead' they bserve the I m ging t keep n fighting ~ ~ ~/~1 7 all the people'sFestivals of the Lord in Levitt- for our rights, the only differ- have createdan cus23. Now, though notrefus- ence being the location of the e Iclve ]Ticlrl5 elegal t s es, isaster' a frest ing dessert befre Easter' they battle and race f the enemy! (]I I ioedby +c, r= t.eir homes of'eave." =oy Ao+ lScientific infor, bread before Passover and eat Greenville acres ire , an ersonalize unleavened bread for seven a Snowforest, not days. Acted too quickly This isa truthSearching the scriptures, The board ofdirectors at the statione7 to re[leetsour Ople who do not some are praying for reunion I.V.H. are intelligent, capable l:)ersonal taste. in a productiveof Ephraim and Judah (Ezekiel people. So, why did they decide derstand. 37:16 and 17) and are praising so quickly on Dr. Musselman's aore trees on the God in dance (Psalm 149:3). fate? than ever before; The move is toward Psalm 86:9 He was not present at the / [ I| for those who don't worshipmeeting to defend his actions-- ~ IB ~~I~_~ I~ ~i ly trees that they the Lord--Zechariah 14:16-19. a trial without the culprit, so time COmpeting and water. They Kathy Brown s letter is a to speak, I do believe they so thick {hey are wake-up call for us to search: e ' : anclusion tooqmck- 285-08:00 "257"532 l a serious fire the scriptures like the Bereans lY! fire, the trees, (Acts 17:10 and 11). Also, this Dr. Musselman has proved eer, fish, and yes, year, many who used to hunt his skiffs through the years at troyed. Easter eggs will blow shofars the I.V.H. t Or oontaot an/v of our ot er of taking away in America, on the 17th and Our hospital is very impor- [rce and an e 18th of September--The Feast tant" But' als' a ship cannt tion, you w_ill C:d of Trumpets--to sound an sailwithout a good captain. Dr. convenient locations alarm (Ezekiel 33:2-7) (II Musselman would be a great r c)ne result: de- lhronicles 7:14) (Numbers loss to the community, tl/ 'azardous forests Annette Oberg / =two0,l rlOmies" 0:9). God once winked at igno- ~~~~ !ii! generations of a rance, but now commands all Greenville ally do love our men everywhere to repent! 256-2277 284-7800 sit back and (Acts 17:30). I)eclic ion goes Yet. Do not de. Rita Wheeler Ilm4Lh ways - ! Sts to come see Greenville Dedication in return for den- POrtO a ester ication is always worthy of :ion logger,flgl lnll[ respect. R. Whipple Trespassing, what is the Longtime residents of Indian 258-5 1 | 5 do, u Valley meaning of it? In all dictionar- Valley will remember Doctor ies I have read, it is against the Batson as a man who was dedi- law entering onto or into any rated to his medical practice. outrY to Corn- other person's posted proper, ,_ He spent 50 years of his life in Today it without permission. It s Indian Valley, savinglivesand he would be against the law as it is a misde- caring for the l( cal residents. his commis- meanor, normally punishable After Dr. Batson passed m II Find it fast in the front of the White Pages in your LOCAL telephone book. Your LOCAL telephone book covering Plurnas, Lassen & Sierra counties. "We're here for you 7 days a week, 365 days a year!" If yeu need an addltlenal phenebeok, contact ene el eur local efllces I&Tm|R IZVII