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May 23, 2001     Feather River Bulletin
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May 23, 2001

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Record, Reporter Wednesday, May 23, 2001 M I I ered safe from this ever-in- creasing threat. Creating an unbiased un- derstanding for how real this threat has become must occur f'n'st Similar to how energy- shortage warnings appeared long before roiling blackouts, of emergency for air pollution was declared due to smoke from the Megram fire, which released carbon monoxide lev- els equivalent to 540 million cars idling for one hour. There is nothing natural about these types of wildfires. faster than birds can fly. Nobody likes to hear or read about this happening. The af- termath is total destruction. Softs are sterilized. Birds and animals are burned to ashes. And subsequent spring runoff prompts mud to flow into Herein lies the challenge. Gov. Davis and the California Legislature represent the en- tire state. Just like last year's energy shortages in San Diego became this year's crisis for the entire state, last year's list of 280 communities at risk to The imminent catastrophic wildfire threat is real. So it's time to set aside the unprofes- sional bickering and let com- mon sense and science finally become "politically correct." There are too many trees in the woods. As a result, we overly dense forest conditions Years of fire suppression have salmon-bearing streams. Any catastrophic wildfire already must tell our legislators that it J have set the stage for increas- created unnaturally dense for- signsofa thriving forest are has increased to about 750 for is okay to thin the forests, ac- of 2001 ing catastrophic wildf'u.e dev- est conditions, so naturally pc- gone mr generations to come. 2001. cording to the most Siskivou astation, curring fres rarely can burn But how to prevent these None of our elected officials forest protections i-n(h'e""-- n,,,-i.,. ........ safely Rather than staying on types of destruction is where want to allow imminent wild- world, to help ensure these nov Day" ..,, __. is mers in Cal .... than the ground after lightningopinions differ. Legislators fire catastrophes to becomecatastrophic wildfire threats pertinent ol ,,,v. ...... "e 350,000 acres were destroyed strikes, flames climb fuel lad- from rural areas know, as sci- realities in their own dLs-never become realities in our ' &v ~'v~" I" I" JL~JI 1 " " t * ' to the fh- t an Thousands of those acres con- ders created by smaller trees ence confirms, tha you must tricts According to the state own backyards. areness- --' tained s, tted owl and fish into the crowns of larger thin trees from at-risk forests Department of Forestry andDavid A. Bischel is a Regis- stron ,; .... habitat 1 etlm,c trees--creating catastrophicbefore the ELres start. But leg- Fire Protection, at-risk cam- tered Professional Forester )re des 'uc- U" tures were i"nc'm'era''ted. " "Near- wildfire conditions. These islators from urban areas rep- munities now exist in San has a forestry degree from "tic , we must rec- ly $270 million from state tax types of fires sound like resent the majority of ,, . Diego, Los Angeles and in the Berkeley, a natural resources brnia has funds was spent fiehting those freight trains barreling down anti-forestry activists no ad- Bay Area, just like in Loyal- degree from UC Davis, and is and accomplish fh'es the tracks at full speed, and vacate that no trees should be ton, Quincy and on the north president of the California s can be consid- California's First state can travel across landscapes cut coast Forestry Association. bople ;hould be tallowed t use, buy ,nd sell m ,rquana .... A .._Plumasnf County resi- sion on medical marijuana, what is through medical marijuana clubs dents believe that people should be your opinion?" such as the ones the Supreme Court [ [ Thi ] } v dsellmarijua- About 52 percent said, People banned earlier this month , ' J1 na, even if the U.S. Supreme Court should be allowed to use, buY It and Each week, the newspaper will I1 :'U:I! . ,I savs the law does not allow it.sell it." publish a survey on its Internet | [_ m_a_J[_queslmn_J 'I:'he poll was conducted to get an Nearly 33 percent back medical ex- site--p]umasnews.com_and publish /f//A "___quesl ._ ..... _.>'~\ idea of how residents feel about the ceptions to the use of marijuana but the results in the newspaper. A new !1 use of marijuaxia for medical purpos- favor restrictions on who buys and survey is posted every Monday. i es in light of the U.S. Supreme Court sellslt . ..... 1he poll !s not sclent' cally con- What is your opinion re ard- d it Ls ille I to Nearl 8 ercent sam they support oucted Rather, site visitors are g . ,.,,........ .I decision that confrme " " " ga Y P " ' " inn the redio+-;,-+;---- --, --- - distribute the dru for any reason, a total ban of marijuana for any rea- asked to state their opinion on a top- " _:_, .u/the SU- :. !1 The poll, whichran from _May 14 son. ic. It is for entertainment purposes v, utta!o{slricts in Plumas - -- to May 21, asked site visitors, In An equal number said that marl- only. ounty? llghtoftheU.So SupremeCourt decl- juana should besold, but only ~~ . ,~ ~;~ ~T~- ~i--- ....... ~__..~ .... -r_----~---_._~~,-~7,~~ ~=~,,~.~ ......... |for of one's own life to preserve gusting to me now Neverthe-the fires, the first boy said, ing to get on our good sides, through I'm not sa in that .... "" freedom less, isn't it quite a stretch to 'lo coo my marshmallows," They will be claimin that all " . y g g of them do that hut the ms. nUm ad .r.e This remembrance is all-in- equate a one-time, children's and they hauled him off to they fixed the problem thatorit do ,,,u~,. W ' ' J Y " er aar ....... e pUD,Sn clusive, spanning 226 years, opposite dress-day with theprison, they created. They will be They don't make a lot of 2_". -eta, per per- some 60 military actions and perpetual, deviant behavior of The second boy said, "It was paying for their political ads noise, they are concentrating leiter pe.r person, nearly 1.4 million lives, adult cross-dressing? dark and I,couldn't read with. with the profits that the oil on their moves and occasion- 0 --- ..e same We can choose our own way I sympathize with the pea- out light,' and they hauledcompanies have contributed ally rll hear a yell, which usu- PU01 sh third- to pay tribute. A few moments pie who were outraged by thehim off to prison, to them. Remember that, andally means that someone has ?me Letters must of personal silence and rebec- public school system allowing The third boy said, "So theremember to vote next year,done something pretty neat: ' m.axtmum of 300 tion is an option for eve~ne. ~. what~thCycalled~:'Opposite tree wouldn't catch on fire lat- : JamesAusmals The raost l l~ar is my own dog m excess of 300 Attendin a commemorative ": DAY."' Even as acknowledged er," and they made him chief Susanvllle barking at them. cut b .... _ Y the editor, ceremony is the most visible by the elementary school chd- of the Umted States Forest What ever happened to the ; Friday at 3 o m wav of deman.