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May 23, 2001     Feather River Bulletin
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May 23, 2001

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1i111 Wednesday, May 23, 2001 Bui!ei~n, Pro~ Bids for tennis courts Doing Business As: Flood ordinance Doing Business As: REPAIR AND RESURFACING OF FICTITIOUS BUSINESS ORDINANCE NO. 01.9.45 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS TENNIS COURTS NAME STATEMENT AN ORDINANCE OF THE COUNTY OF NAME STATEMENT Bid#01-008 No. 2001.108 PLUMAS< STATE OF CALIFORNIA, No. 2001-114 More than 100 bicycle riders Feather River Community College District (Expires 4,25-2006) AMENDINI~.~SECTION 8- 17.205 OF (Expires 5-14.2006) have already signed up for the invites contractors to submit sealed bids for The f~lowing person(s) is/are doing I~siness CHAPTER 17, FI~QOD, OF TITLE 8 OF THE The following person(s) is/are doing business Indian Valley Century Rides the repair and resuffadng of four tennis courts : Peninsula Bar & Grill, 401 Peninsula Dr., PLUMAS COUNTY CODE. as: Mi Casita Restaurant, 875 East Main on their Quincy campul. Bids wilt be received Lake Aimanor, CA 96137. The Board of Supervisors of the County of Street, Quincy. CA 95971. Saturday, May 26. in the Feather River College Purchasing Anh~ R. Tant~dino, 623 Perdnsula Dr., Lake Plum, State of California, DOES ORDAIN Lennel Hector Floras. P.O. Box 256, Chester, The event was new just Office, Room 524, 570 Golden ~ Avenue, Aimenor, CA 96137. ~k~s: CA 96O2O three years ago, with less than Quincy, CA 95971 until 3:00 P.M. on Barbara J. Tantardino, 623 Peninsula Dr., ~ Section 8-17.205. RequiredElizabeth Marquez, P.O. Box 256, Chester, ,50 riders. Thursday, June 14,2001 etwhichtimeond LakeAImanor, CA96137. informetion, ofChapter 17 Rood of Trde 8 of CA96020 There are two courses for place they will be opened and read publicly. This buelneu is conducted by e husband and ttte Plum County Code is hereby amended This business is conducted by a general Bid documents and further information wife. to reed: partnership, riders to choose from--a gen- regarding this project may be obtained by The Registrant commenced to transact Sea. 8-17.205. Required Informat~n The Registrant commenced to transact fie tour of Indian VaLley back contacting Sue Murphy at (530) 283-0202, ext. business under the above name(s) on: May 1, An application for s development permit for business under the above name(s) on: May roads for 100 Kilometers, or a 231. Bids must be submitted on forms 2001. any man-made change to real estate in an 15, 2001 moderate 100-mile ride, with a provided by the District. Feather River Signed: Arthur R. Tentardino. area Of species flood hezen:l shall include the Signed: Elizabeth Marquez and Leonel H. 1,500-foot cIimh up to Antelope rm the This statement was rded with the County Dark fo, owing information: Floras. Lake. tO reject any or ell bids, to waive any of Run~B County on date indicated below: (a) The Ixoposed ekwetJon in relation to mean This statement was flied with the County Clerk Both rides begin at the park- irregulad~ ot infornlelttkm in the bldl or in Rled: April 25, 2001. sea level of the lowest floor of ell structures; of Rum County on date indicated below: theblddtng, andtooon~lnanco~wtth JudlthWells, County Clerk (b) The lXOpoSed elevatk)n in reletJon to mean Filed:May14,2001. ing lot of Greenville High the best interest Of the District. By:, Been Halbert, Deputy sea level to which my no .eelde structure Oud Wells, County Clerk School on Highway 89. Published in FRS, NR, CP, PRPublished FRS, IVR, CP, I=t:1 would be floodprcofed if required by Section By:. Melinda Rother. Deputy Riders can check in from 7 - May 16` 23, 2001 May 2, g, 16, 23, 2001 8-17.301 (c)(2); Punished FRB, IVR, CP, PR 9 a.m., and the course closes (c) All appmpdate cer~ listed in Article May23,30, June 6,13, 2001 with a final support vehicle Child Doing Business As: 3 of this chapter and Section 9-3.30e of Anide run at 5 p.m. support notlce RCTmouS BUSINESS 3 Of g Of co=; Abandons business name NAME STATEMENT (d) A description of the extent to which any STATEMENT OF SUPERIOR COURT OF CALIFORNIA NO. 2001-09 watercoume will be altered or relocated e ABANDONMENT OF USE OF COUNTY OF PLUMAS (Expires 4-17.2006) result Of the Ixoposed man-made changes to FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STANDING ORDER SUBSTITUTING THE The following pemon(s) Ware doing business real t~e; The following person has abandoned the PLUMAS COUNTY DEPARTMENT OF : Artistic Gardens, inc, 8207 W. 4th St~ (e) A proposed method and rnean~, sul:~ect to following Fictitious Business Name: Monolith CHILD SUPPORT SERVICES IN ALL RanD, Nay. 89523. the approval of the Building Official, to redly Music, Monolith Musical Enterprises, 230 SUPPORT CASES ENFORCED BY THE Robert J. Mon II, 8207 W. 4th St~ RenD, the location of the man-made change to real West Main SL Quincy, CA 95971. DISTRICT ATTORNEY OF PLUMAS Nay. 89523. estate; COUNTY (f) And an application for a development Gregory lee Sawyer, P.O. BOx 4208, Quincy, CA95971 Teens from throughout TO: ALL PARTIES IN CASES INVOLVING 89523.Gary J. Hull, 8207 W. 4th St~ RenD, Nev. permit for any men made change to real This bu=ness was conductedbyan individual. Plumas County are invited to PATERNITY AND SUPPORT ISSUESThis business is conducted by a coq)oretion, estate in e 100-year flood hazard ema sheJl Onginal F'~'t~ous Business name file number the fourth annual All School indude an engineered analysis based on a 94-225 ENFORCED BY THE DISTRICT ATrORNEY The Registrant commenced to transact uniform procedure prescribed by the County Signed: Gregory L Sawyer. Gather-Up Friday, May 25, OF THE COUNTY OF PLUMAS: business under the above name(s) on: May Upon ApplicetJon of the Dklffict Ntomey of the 21,2001. Engineer has been completed, submitted to Thisstatementwfiledw countyCk)rk from 5-10 p.m. at the Plumas- County of Rum pursuant to Code of CMI the County End, rev v and approved of Rum= County on date ir :eted b ow. Sierra County Fairgrounds. Procedure @ 284, I~bl~lregraph 2, ~ Signed: Artistic Gerdefl, Ira., Robert J. ~ by the Co~Ity Engineer, and ~ thereof Filed: May 4, 2001 IL This is an opportunity for ffgood : tt m x, Th amectwfi d l tbeCot tot County , ning J W ,Cou /C IS ORDERED, EFFECTIVE JULY I, 2001, of Run.m County on date indicated below:. Director and the Building O~. By Bean Herman, Deputy. THAT the Plum County Depa~mer~ Of Ch~l Rled: April 17, 2001. ~ Section 1 Of this ordinance, which Published FRB, IVR, Cp, pR Support Ser~ b beby sul~ for the Jud~ Wells, County Clark emend= the Plumes County Code, shall be May 16, 23, 30, June 6, 2001 Di o Attomay Of PlumB= County the local By:. Elldan Halbert, Daputy cndltind. The ramalnder Of the ordlnence Ctell child support agency ~ the I~ Published RIB, IVR, CP, PR not be o0dlfled. interest in establishing, modifying, end ~ be Doing Business As: enforcing support obligations el provided in May 2, 9, 16, 23, 2001 publithad in the Portol~ Reporter, Feather RCTITIOUS BUSINESS Family Codesectlon 17406. River Bulletin, Indian Valley Record, and NAME STATEMENT ITIS FURTHER ORDERED THAT: Abandons Business Name: c~= ~, newspapers of general No, 2001.113 Henceforth, ell papers and documents In STATEMENT OF ABANDONMENT OF drcula~onin Plum County, wtthi~ 15 days Of (Exp~ 5-10-2006) i as actlone or proceedings Involving the FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAMEedoptlon. The ~ pemon(s) ~ere doing business establishment of paternity or the No. 2000-125 ~.I.EtJgQ_~ This ordinance shall become as: Mike's Metal Works, 39006 Hwy. 70, lettblbhmant, modlf~ or er~ of (Expires 5-1-2005) effective 30 days from the date of final Quincy, CA 95971. lu~. tn which the District Attorney has The following parian(s) have abandoned the passage uniael the electom of the county Mike Sunderman, P.O. Box 1923, Quincy, CA, I1~ IXnuant tO Family Code section ~ flJtlous ~ name: exercise their raflmndum power under the 95971. 17400, etleq, orotherwkNi, shalibe lervad Indian Valley Ceramicsl 338 Ann St., Pronedut~'Ithelegi~hl~. This busine is mnducted by an individuel. on ~e ~ County Dep~trnant of Child Gmenvtfle, CA65947. The foregoing o~linance was inVo~ et a The Registrant commenced to transact All teddy bears and their SuPpoitS~lltlom: PetddaAnnBllolt, 2842 North Vellay Road, mguiar meeting of the Board of Supen41orl buelneNunder~eabovenarne(s) on:May owners are Lqvited to meet at ~P~tYt De~ml~ Of Child Suppo~Gre~, CA 95~47. on the 17th day of April, 2001, and passed 15,2001. the Plumas County Library in 95~71 ' azz ~ ~ Quincy, CA This Ix~ne was mnducted by an individual and adopted by the Bold of St~cen4ao~ Of Signed: M.G. Sundan~m. QuLncy Saturday, May 26, be- Odginlfl~eusbusineunameNonumbec the County of Plum, Stm of Calif~ on This statament wm filed with t~e County Clerk All papers and documanto wNved upon the 2000-125. the 8th day of May, 2001, by the following Of Rum County on dete indicated belwr, tween noon and 2 p.m., for the District Attorney, st the ~ address, in Signed: P~ Bliott. vote: Filed: May 10, 2001. ann.ual "Teddy Bears Picnic." actions or proceedings |twotvtng the Thi=mtementv~BflledwlththeCoun~Ciark AYES: Supervisors: Nelson, Meacher, JudithWelis, county Clerk Barbara Pricer, local teddy establishment of paternity or the of Plumcountyondeteindtcstedbetow. Pearson By:EileanHennan, Deputy bear designer and collector, tapttshmant or modification Of suplx=t ellll Filed: Apd124, 2001. NOES: Super~: None Published RIB, NR, CP, PR wi]] be on hand to talk about be deemed served upon the Plumt C4uW Judith Wells, County Clan~ ABSENT: St4xltviso~: Donn~ May 16, 23, 30, June 6, 2001 Department of Child SuR)ort Sewicl~, which By:. ~ No~er, Deputy ABSTAIN: Ctark some of her special bears, and office SheJl pedon~ the support e~labll~vne~ Publi=bed RIB, IVR, CP, PR Signed: Doing Business As: will offer advice on how to and enforceant functions formedy perfomled May 2, 9, 16, 23, 2001 Don Clark, Chairman, Board Of Supervlsors RCTn'iOUS BUSINESS care for and groom your bear. by the District Attorney. ATTEST: Stories, songs with librarian t of or =,=,be tot Doing Busineu As: Nancy L. DaFomo, Clerk of sa}d Board of NAME STATEMENT by po~ng e copy Of ~ in the courthouse in Supervisors No. ~01-t01 Margaret Miles, bear activi- FICTITIOUS BUSINESS (Expires 4-19-2006) ties and crafts be part of Pu and iVR, CO, PR a l~Ce rNen~d fr ~ nctk~s ~r a Pedd NAME STATEMENT May 23, 2001 The f~g peram(@ i~m ~ busing=the ~Ol~'am. 0f~l~lll~'1 ~0day= w~Ibypubll~aof No. 2001-t0t : Pertad~ ~ Spa, t50 Paci~t, ~.7, B.T.O.E. (Bring Your Own a,o:t 0f in a Of (Expm 4-t9" 00@ CAml published in .County, that is Eats) and join us on the li- most likely to give notice to litigants In the The u wing peso.(,) we, ne= WCSD budget un~ Manghem, 165 Pine St., Portoia, CA, brary lawn. Cookies and above d~ i~0ceedin~, as: Mannl Funeral Home, 380 Rio Grlmde PUBLIC NOTICE 96122. Dated: May 15, 2001 S'mlet, Podola, CA 96122. The preliminary budget for the Wutwood Tom Mangham, 165 Pine St., Portota, CA lemonade will be provided. GarmttOIney Jerry L Brown, 380 Rio Grands Street, ~San~Dtstrictfortbel~c~year 96122. For more information, caU Judge Of the Supedor Court Portda CA 96122. cm~mdn9 Jtdy 1, 2001, h been prepared This buelrm=a is conducted by a huel~d and 283-6310. P~ RIB, IVR, CP, PR Eileen M. Brown, 380 Rio Grands Street, by the Board of Directors and ~ be posted wife. . May23,200t Po~o~ CAg6122. for pobltclr~ May 15, 2001, etthe Fie The Registrant commenced to transact This busies is conducted by a hub:and and Hell and the Disldct Offi~ at 310 Ash SttoeL busies under the above name(s) on: June 1, Doing *~' A public hearing will be held at the regular 2001. The Registrant commenced to transact board meet~g on June 4, 2001, at 7:00 p.m, Signed: Linde Menghem, Business As: business under the above name(s) on: at the Community Canter, Third and Birch This statement was filed with the County Clad( RCTITIOUS BUSINESS October 1, 1994. Street, We~wood, Lsan County, California, of PlumBs County on dete indicated pelow:. NAME STATEMENT Signed: Jerry L Brown. for final ado~ Filed: Apd119, 2001. NO. 2001-54 This stateant w NOd with the County Clerk Puled In FI:B, IVR, CP, PR Juddh Wel~, County Clerk (~ 3~-2006) of Plum~s County on dete indicsted below: May 16, 23, 2001 By:. Eilean Herman, Deputy Filed: April 19, 2001. Pub~shed RIB, IVR, CP, PR The fo0owing portion(s) tl/ere doing bu~ Judith Wal~, County C~ Doing Business As: M~ 16, 23, 30, June 6, 2001 el: The Coffee Station, 192-A Main St., Cht~, CA 96020. ' By:. Eliaan Halbert Deputy Published FRB, IVR, CP, PR FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT Mlcheel Paul McFadden, 192.A Main St., May 2, 9, 16` 23, 2001 No, 2001-81 Doing Business As: Chester, CA 020. (Expt 4-5.2006) FICTITIOUS BUSINESS Thb ~ is oonducted by an individual. The fdlowing l~mn(s) is/are doing busln= NAME STATEMENT The Registrant commenced to transact Doing Business As: as: velerie's, 163 Main St., Chester, CA No. 2001-109 Ix~tneu under the Ibove name(s) on: May FICTITIOUS BUSINESS 96020. (Expires 5-03-2006) ~6` 2001. NAME STATEMENT Velehe J. Monk, P.O, BOx 165~, ~er, CA The ~lowing person(s) is/are doing busine S~ned: Mike McFadden. No. 2001.107 96020. : lake Nmenor Sports & Spirit, 7640 Hwy. TI~ ~Mlmant w flkld wflh tbe County Clerk (Expires 4.24.2006) This bu=lne is oonducted by an individuel. 147, Lake Nmenor, CA 96137. Of PlumuCountyondets]ndiceted below:. The following panv~(s) i~am doing bu~ The Registrant commenced to transact Ooral N. Longocre, P.O.' Sex 1017, Filed: ~ g, 2001, : Sierra Marketing Services, 1126 Chandler business under the above name(s) on: AI~I Wutwond, CA 96137. Jud We , County Clerk Road, Quincy, CA Tt. 15, 2001. Roneld 355O Wood Lake Dr., lake By:. Been Halbert, Depoty Marthe Flynn, 1126 Ch~ Reed' Quincy, Signed: ValedeJ. Monlz. Almanor, CA96137. Pul~bhed RIB, iVR, Co, PR CA 65~71. This stadom~ w filed with the County Clerk This business is conducted by e general 2, g, t6` 23, 00t t ne= =xz t by an of Plume County on dm oOd belm , petner @. The Registrant commenced to transact Filed: Ap~ 5, 2001. Signed: Doral N, ~. Doing ~,= under the above name(s) on: April Judith Wells, County Clad( This statement was flied w~ the County Clerk 24,2001. By:, Ellean I'k~be~ Delxdy Of Rum County on dete indicated halw: Busies. AS: s~=: M~ Flyr~. Published RIB, NR, CP, PR Filed: May 3, 2001. FICTITIOUS BUSINESS This statement was filed with the County Clerk May9, 16,23,30,2001 Judith Wells, Cot~ty Giark NAME STATEMENT of Plum~ County on dete indicmd belo~r. By:. Bean Hannen, Deputy No. 200t.I0 24, z001. Doing Business As: NR, CP, (Ex 4.23- 00s) we , The fzxqowlng p~non(s) W&'e doing business B~. Been Halbert, Deputy FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT May 16` 23, 30, June 6, 2001 ms: Indian Valley Ceramics, 335 Ann St., Published RIB, NR, CP, PR N~ 2001-116 GmanviHe, CA 95947. May2, O, 16` 23, 2001 (Explr 5-15-2006) Doing Business As: P~trld~ D. Rynn, P.O. Box 9~6, Green~lia, The fallowing panmn(s} ~re doing ~ ~S BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT CA ~r,~4z. Rsschodulod as: Bar-B Electric, 150 Delleker Park Dr., No. 2001-110 This busing= is co z iad by an Ind du, puto , CA 96122. 5-O3-20O@ The Registrant Commenced to transact budget hearing Barbara F Dardan, P.O. Box 2253, Pon'o~ The following person(s) is/are ~ ' _ ...... ..,,: =. .,~ West Main, utsncy, lx~ under the above name(s) on: May 1, CANCELLATION OF PUBLIC HEARING CA 96122. M: ~,., ,~,,~ 230 2001, The Northern Siena Air Quality Manet The Registrant commenced to transact CA 95971. business under the above name(s) on: May Robert Full, P.O. Box 428, Quincy, Slgnad: P~ Flyml. Distrlct h canceled the june 14, 2001 pu~ic 15, 2001. CA 65~71. This ~ m flied with the County Clerk hearing to adopt its annual budget, The Signed: 8arise F, DarWin. William Robert Fuller, 226 Chandler Road, of Rum County on dete Indicalad below:, headng has been resched~ for June 28, Filed:/t~ 23, 200t. ' 2001. This Id:atanlant w flied Mth the Cognty Clo~ Qulfcy, CA 9597_1:_.~....=,~ W an individual" Judith W~, County Clerk PUBUC NOTICE Of RumBa County on date indkated below:. This i~ m (xx~-'"- Filed: May 15, 2001. The Registrant commenced to transect By:. The S rra/Ur Quay Man@amant Jud We , Co ty CWk tx inm unde the name(s) on: MaY 7' Published RIB, IVR, CP, PR District Is preparing to adopt its enncal Roe , 200t. May2, g, 16`23,2001 budget, The Northern Sierra Air Quality PuI~RIB, IVR, CP, PR Sig~WiiemReb~tFuger. _ .,. Mane0emant Otetdct wm me be onn ledng May 23, 30, June 6` t3, 200 roSaant w= NOd with the Cou u" Doing the adoption of the District's Smoke Of purm= County on date ir Uceted bel ' Business As: an" to 4, ot. s -t= of'sl, Doing Busineu As: RCTITIOUSBUSlNE~ District will Conduct e public hearing RCTITiOU.SBUSlNESSNAMESTATIEMENT JudlthW~is, CountyCled( NAME STATEMENT VIA-two-alia video conference on June 28, No. 2001-01 By:. E]lean Hannah, Deputy pu i d FRB, NR, CP, PR No. '-@01-t04 2001' et I0:00 AM et the Hellln9 Ubran/Small ~ 4~2006) May 16, 23, 30, June 6` 2001 (Exp Room, 693 way, Nwade The Uk W per (s) Warn dang bu=wm The following penion(s) il/ire doing bu~ City, CA end PlumBs County Health : MSA Manufacturing Co., 460 Black Oak U: Cynthia's, 276 Main St., Chuter, CA Deps~l~nt, 1446 ~ Main ~ Quincy, Drive #13, Ch~t~', CA 96020. Fund transfer hearing 96020. CA for t~ exlul~ purpo~ Of pro~ing the John Gjertsen, P.O. BOx 476, Chester, CA Public Notice Cynthia Purves-Were, P.O. Sox 174g, public and interested parties with the 96020. Aganda itam for the meeting of June 5' 2001' 10:30 am. In the Boerci-Of Sup~ Room Chester, CA 96020. opportunity to comment on the proposed Susan Gjertun, P.O. Box 476, Chester, CA RE: Public hearing for proposed ~ This busineU is condgctod bY an individual, District i~i0et for fllK~l Year 2001-20(~ and 96020. ' The Registrant commenced to trenuct the~SmokeMat~Pro~. Thlsbu~is~duaNdbyehu~oandand funds from Wd(are Trust to Mem= rte~m =" ix~irm under the adx~o name(s) o~ Iday 1, Written comanta may elsu be sui~dtted to wife. Public Health Tru~ 2001, the District at the hearing or mailed to the The Registrant commenced to transact Punished FRB, NR, CP, PR Signed: Cynthia P, Ware. Northern Sierra Air Quellty Management I~ under the above name(s) on: May t, May 23, 30, 2001 This stet~m~|nt wlB fdtKI with the County Clerk District, P.O. BOx 2509, Grass Valley, CA 2001. of Plumal County ~ date indicetKI beige, ~",~t5, but must be recelved ~ the and Of Signed: Su~n Gie~m. Filed:April23,2001, the lx ne day, June 27, 200t, Documantl Th =etamentm with Cou CWk public Notice Earht jud Well=, County wi,. be available on and attar May 200t, Of Rum= County on dm xliceted below. By: EII~ I-ialbett Deputy end may bs requested by ceiling (530) Filed: Apdl 9, 2001. for May 30 Issue: Published RIB, IVR, CP, PR 274-9360 or picking them up at 200 Litton Judith Wells, County Clerk Wednesday, May 23, noon at the May 2, g, 16, 23, 200t Drive,Suite 320, Grass Va.%~j, CA. By:. Been Halbert, Deputy Ouln~J office: PuShed RIB, NFI, CP, PR Pul~shed RIB, IVR, CP, PR 283-0(100, FAX: 283-3962 May 23, 200t May 20, 30, June 6` 13,2001 -- For the ers, a corn served at All reg a $5 coupon to: pating local include almost nesses in Riders are bring a towel, freshing shower the end of starting point. For more the century August Dirt Adventure, set ning of August, Valley at 284-6633. teens to get barbecue, to make their own watch a Wheels! performance, able airbrush bungee run tunes told. The event is the Plumas Health Agency Reduction ed by Busing to Chester, and Portola available. For more 283-6427. Open a Lunch 1 1are All day menu ToroTor is the name given to this SWeet black and white cat. She is about four years old and is an OWner release. If it's a well-trained, loving cat yOU're looking for, then Tor-Tor is for you! Visit our Website at www. Dinners For more infO 402 Poplar I These two Hwy 36 about! ago. They are cross and year in age. which has and the other a beautiful blue come as a pair, male does not For more information call the Animal Shelter in Quincy at This Public service announcement HEM TRANSFER Heaun Cooling & Refrigeration 81 8 Quincy Junction Road,