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May 30, 2001     Feather River Bulletin
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May 30, 2001

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wa: saay, May 30, 200 TAX DELINQUENCy AND IMPENDING DEFAULT Plumas County Tax Collector, State of CaJifomia, c~ as July 1, 2001, by operal~on of law, any real property (unless and not redeemed) for which taxes, assessments, and 20,,,. _ fiscal year 2000-2001, or supplemental taxes levied uu-;'O01 are dehnquent shall be declared tax-defaulted. ilted as of July 1,2001, and not redeemed for publication, shall be published on or before :1 status for f-Ne or more years will become pOwer to sell In the case of property upon which a has been recorded, that property shall become subject Dower to Sell after three years of tax-default. Once subject real property may be sold at public auction or ot~erwme the power to sell status by initiating and maintaining an the power to sell arising or by completely ~rough payment of all unpaid amounts, together with by law. before the subject property is sold. survive= the property becoming subject to the = at 5 p.m. on the last business day before the Property by the tax collector. redemption or the initiation of an installment plan of property will be furnished, upon requesL by Barbara Icy, CA 95971, telephone number (530) 283-6260. that the foregoing is true and correct. Collector California, on May 23, 2001. POWER TO SELL TAX-DEFAULTED PROPERTY that real property taxes and assessments on the parcels ~ defaulteq five or morn yeare, or in the case of abatement lien has been recorded, three or more become subject to the tax collector's power to a.m., by operation of law. The tax collector's power to is either redeemed or made subject to an initiated as provided by law prior to 5 p.m. on June an installment plan terminates on June 29, 2001, and after due must be paid in full to prevent sale of the COllector. the property becoming subject to the power to on the last business day before actual ==ale of the tax sale may be re-offered for sale within a 90- Concerning redemption or the indiation of an be furnished, upon request, by Barbara J. Quincy, CA 95971, telephone (530) 283 - 6260 , in dollars and cents, originally declare tax-defaulted is set This amount do(m not include additional and fees that have accrued since the date of tax- PARCEL NUMBERING SYSTEM EXPLANATION Number (APN), when used to descnbe property in this list, the map page, the block on the map, if parcel on the map page or in the block. The of the parcel numbering system are office. 1996, FOR THE TAXES, "HE FISCAL YEAR 1~5,-1~6 E CORP ~INNG CORP Amount ~CORP $55.14 MINING CORP $55.14 CORP $40.64 CORP $8904 ! MINING CORP $I00.32 ~ICAN PLACER MINING CORP $40.48 ',ICAN PLACER MINING CORP $8338 CORP SI00.92 MINING CORP $r 0o.32 ET AL $114.88 $99.00 El" AL $9e.00 & BARBARA J $830.e4 & PEGGY L H/W $454.06 3 & KAREN J SUCC TRSTS 1;281 70 MELVIN J & FRANCES L H/W $237.54 $227.00 JOHN $187.04 JOHN $187.04 JOHN $187.04 EDWIN W JR & MIRIAM A H/W $2,440.44 JR & $842.34 H/W $144,22 I/w $g250 S A NV CORP ET AL $5e5.12 & PATTY H/W $510.40 $280.90 ,~ ETAL $34&1~ CETAL $277.36 C ET AL $~.38 $660.76 B $476.80 ET AL $465.22 LAWRENCE ERNEST ET AL 1194,30 OOUG(.~ R & PAULINE E H/W $311.89 $3,507.42 CHARLES M & BETTY J $94.40 J ET AL S824.18 B JR & JOAN M $155.38 IAMD SEPH W & CAROLYN D IAMD O R & BETTYJ 19~2. FOR THE TAXES, FISCAL YEAR 1991-1992 JOSEPH D & PEGGY J H/W TO THE WATER AND SEWER SYSTEM The Board of Directors of the Quincy Community Services DisUict he--by on,ins as follows: TrUe 10 Rates and Charges for W=er md Sewor San~ices Chap 10.O6 Wa~=r and Sew~ Capac~y Charges Sec~ons: 10.05.010 Provisions and Repesis 10.05.020 C-ener~ 10.05.030 Definition to.50.o4o Sewer and Wa r Capadty Charg= fo.50.o50 and Payment ~0.50.06o ~ or Change of Use I0.50.070 Compliance with Unitorm Codes 10.50.080 Ex~dinary Con~ and Se~ 10.50.09o O~er Fees and Charges 10.50.100 Co~ Outside abe Disl~ 10.50.110 Appeal 10.05,010 Provisions arid Repeals /ul capadty charges for new watar and esv connm ons laDeD'abed in J Pmv x /adoP( o dinances, resoMions and orde by 0uinw Cmn ur Sm = 0i 'ict md the Ouino/ Sanitary DistriCt are hereby re . I0.05020 Genera/ The Board of Directors shall review each year ~e d~ set fodh ff~. The Boe~l shall adjust all rates and cadges to oM=my md =: nce o W, and g o0 a x" rela~ng to services. 10.O6030 Definitions Capacity charge is a buy-in charge to the e=iing i~, =omel~nas relermd to es a $4~2.04 $5~.52 $433.78 $254.24 S410.g2 $111.30 $56.32 $317.50 $272.84 $870.2~ $208.46 r, 19~3. FOR THE TAXES, CHARGES OF THE FISCAL YEAR 1~2-1993 J &LESLIE E $135.26 ESTATE OF $569.54 ESTATE OF $293.54 ANTHONY H & NORMA j H/W S135.93 ESTATE OF $432.46 1994, FOR THE TAXES, THE FISCAL YEAR 1993-1994 ( H/W $802.96 & DEBRA E H/W $187.76 :) ON JULY FOR THE TAXES, L YEAR 1994-1995 & BARBARA H/W ETAL EVA M ELIZABETH ANN $432.72 $252.88 $I ,279.87 $537.50 $191.80 $154.38 $573,24 $129.06 HAN $I,102.38 r~4.34 R & WONNE E HA~ $465.56 of per3ury that the ~oregozng j~ tz~e and co,~rect. County code ordinance County code ordinanco AN ORDINANCE OF THE QUINCY COMMUNITY SERVICES DISTRICT REPEALING~ No. 01-946 ORDINANCE NO. 01,047 ORDINANCE I~UMBEF116 (B), WHICH WAS F.~tACTED ON THE 12TH DAY OF SEPTEMBER AN ORDINANCE ADDING SUBSECTION (h) AN ORDINANCE AI~JqOING ~ 4 1994. AND ADOPTING RULES AND REGL~. AND SETtiNG CAPACITY CHARGES TO SECTION 6-1.108 AND AMENDING OFTffLE2 6.t 6.t.20Z 6.t,20 , 6.t.207 OF THE COUNTY COOE AND 6.1210(f) OF ARTICLE I 0F CHAPTER [E~ the Puldic HW~ Ag~. 6, TTTLE 6 OF THE ~ COUNTY COOE ~the The Board of Superviso~ of the County of E~ebMhing the Po~i~n of Serial SeMis Ruses ORDAINS = Mo : 01m r and E=aUishingof SECT N t. t of Cham|r S of S of Ct d S4 oort Se c=] me Pauses Coumy Code har y The of of CO.n of by adding (h) =o 6.t.t0e to Rumas ONOAINS es to,De=: read in i= ~r=yes tolom: Seclion 1. Amendment of Seclion 24.301 d Sac. 6.~. lo6(h). Animall al Wge: knpoundm~, kl~43ofChep~4ofT~e2of~PMnt NoOc : Brm Courtly Code When any deo found in of S Oo 2 .30t of /Utde 3 of C, hepW4of 6.1.1o6(a) and ~ch dog is unal~.ed, fin~ TdM 2 of the Rums County Code ~1" Ill.b,/ shall be charged per the currant fee/fine t'nanded to mad in its en~ly el sd dCe (f) o ne, and (2) Sond "a.4.50t. E brmh : PuUic Hee and subsequent offenses. These Them is hereby e~abli~ed the Pul:ic Hasl~ recommended fines may be reduced with Agoncywhich |d~l comist oflbe f01o~ =pey or (e) The Onc Hee who SECTION 2. Section 6-1.117 of ~ I of rasponsil~ foe administering and tnene~ Chapter 8 of Td~e 6 of the Plum~l Couoty the Public Health Agency including the Code amem m /m ot He h and Nur esfogO~: Services; Environmental Health; Health See. 6-1,117. V~: intrO. P~. ~ HealS; Sonior San~ A vio|a~on of any Ixovislen of ~ chalet, and ~~al Sul~X~ con~ unless otherwise specified, shell be an ~ the Federal, Stale ~ County law;, ~rac~on puni~t~o~e by a r|ne conmW= ~ ~o) The H~m O~c~, who =ha~ be ~ d~ ~ eurr~,t f~ ~ ~de~ by the m~ ==thirty and m~ di~ of ~ Soard of AW pe, 'ty as =n, Pui : ,=4=mS=ms author by t 464 d the l:4ml Code mand by Federal, md Coumy la , 10.05.040 SewerandWalerCapadlyC~ of the State s~t be in addili~ to the rms asl (c)TheDimctordNumng,.~o~m The District shaft ct~ ckMl~ml md o~ rmw cu~omm, ~=l~g Io ~ for~ in tl~ =~io~. Su~ of~l~s ~j ~_Pu~. ' ~ Divisk~ Chi~ raspon~a~ ~ waste water systen~, a fee for conneling Io the ~stmn. The capadlY ctwges are have occurred w~t,n three (3) yes gt~ ~e Public Numng ~rvtcas and dln~ determined by the size of ~e wator n~er ~en~ce as mo~ ~oecircalY ~ for~ ~. previous vio~bo~ to incur a p~oTmive fine. and m Oimctor of Maternal Chlkl HWth ~th SECTiON 3 Sect n 6.t.202 of Artide t of a= and ix e = Water and Waste Waler C, apacily Fees Chapter 6 of Title 6 of the Plum~ County connected w~ that pO~; Code ~ h~eby an~nped m ~= an~n~y m md (d) Tbe I~nm~ of ~ Hm~ who Water Syste~ Wase Waler Sytsm Capec~ Che~es as ~s: ~ =~ve m the admini~th~ head of the Meter Capacity V~"t Co~ Sac 6-1.202 Lu: Dee da~s, Divi~ of Enviro~ H~ for abe Pu~ic size ChargesLow Medum High Except as otherwise provided in Sections Heel~ ~ and 5/8" $2,249 $2,607 $3,I72 $4,799 6-1.201 and 6-1.203 of this Article, license (el AJt the aMiss=mrs, deputies, dert~, and 3/4" $3~373 $3,916 $4,758 ~r/,lo6 fees for dogs shall be due and ~ on or employees necessary for the proper 1" $5,621 $6,527 ~,930 $11,848 before the 30th day of ownenlhip or on or functions of the Public He~ Agency." 1 1/2" $11,243$t3,o64$15,860S23,696 before the 30th day gt~ an ~ bdngl a Section 2. Amendment of Section 2-4.501 of 2" $17.989$20,887$25.376$37.914 dog into Plumes County with the intent to A/lJcle 5 of Chapter 4 of Td~e 2 of the Ruses 3" $33,728$39,163$47,580$71,068 become a permanent resident. Dog licemas C~C~. 4" $56,214$65,272$79,301$118,480 ~II be vaJid for one (I) or Itqe (3) yearl, and Seclion 2-4.501 of AJ1ide 5 of Chapter 4 of 6" $112,428 $150,543 $158,601 $236,961 run concurrently with the dog's rabies Title 2 of the Plumes County Code is hereby 8" $179,885 $208,869 $253362$379,137 certificate, amended in its en~ire(y to read as foUows: SECTION 4. Section 6-1,204 of/Vtk:Je 1 of '2-4,501. Established: Planning and Wasts Waler System CaPeci~ Charge (1) Chapter 6 of Title 8 of Ihe Plumes County Dev~ Agency. Meter W~out ~ (2) Code is hereby amended in ill ~ to read Pursuant to the provisions of Government Size Low Medium Hi~ as follows: Code Section 65913.3, there is hereby 5/8" $1,596 $2,161 $3,729 Sec. 6-1.204. Licenses: Fees: Delinquencies: established a Planning and Development 3/4" $2,400 $3,242 $5,593 Pen~Jes. Agency for Plumes County which shall be 1" $4,001 $5,404 $6,322 License fees shall be d~inquanl if not paid known as the Department of Planning and 1 112" $6,062 $10,807$18,643 within thirty (30) Cleyl after the license due Building Services,' 2" $12,802$17,292$29,829 date. A de~ panatty sha~l be charged Sectio~ 3 Amendment of Article 11 of Ct~ 3" $24,005$32,422$55,930 on and after the dJnquency dale. 4 of T~le 2 of ~e Ruses County Code. 4" $40,006$54.637$63,216 ff an unlicemed dog is picked up by m Animal Artle 11 of Chapter 4 of T|tle 2 of the Plumes 6" $80,015$1O6,074 $186.433 Contro/Of~.~', at) appropriate fine shall be County Code is hereof amended in ila 8" $128,025 $172,918 $298,293 levied as set forth in Section 6-1.117 of this to read as follow~: Cha ar. Social Service= Direct, Notes: SECTION 5. Section 6-1,207 of Article 1 of 2-4.1101. Sodas ServCas Director. Appendix A-1 through A-3 contains gui~ for the definition of customer types within each Chapter 6 of Title 6 of the Plumes County There is hereby established the poaltlo~ of ~eng~ dass~. Code i~ hereby amended to read as follows: Soc~l Services Director. The Social S=r,~=~ Applicable to new wastewater connections in East Quincy. Sac. 6-I 207. ~: Tags, Director ~ be ~ by 1~ Bid, ~ 10.05.050 Application and Payment , The licensing authority is hereby authorized PartJes wishing to connect to the sewer and/or water system shaJl file an app4ication anddimcted to prepere, ~, andisz~e officer of the County Seclld ~ and pay the capacity charges as set forth in Secbon 10.O6.040. Payment is atso required for any dog license tags. NI dog licenas .t~ shell be Dep~ The Sodal ~en~ ~ B imprinted with the following: County of perform the powers and dut/$$ ~ advance of the issuance of a pen~iLthe~ applicable fees andchatges as salfodhin Section 10.50.0g0. Payment st~ be made in Plumes', and a serial number signed to W~ama~l~tUmCo~eellmB 10.05.050 ModificatkxtorChengeofUso each lic tud dog. Doglicens id llbewom Any mod/ficat~on or change in use whch results in cmalk~g addtional demands on by ~gs at all limes. 8edk~n 4. Ad~lon of A~de t2 Io (;;1~1=I"~ m the sewer and/or water systems shall be subject to capacity charges es n'Kxe specifically set SECTIONe. Subeecl~on(f)ofSed~one.t2tO of Ti~l~2ofthePkln~Co~nl~Co~. forth in Section 10.05.040. Modifi~ or changes in use shall be sul~ect to the Districts of Article 1 of Chapter $ of T~ 8 of 11~ ~ 4 of Tl~ 2 of ffMI P~ .... Code l= Iw /ammded by suing ,=Vtm _..~.,. ,+as 10bh dav oHvlay, ~a,~h W.~ .=u,m,~ rum: AYES: Direct~ Demtx~ ~a=,=~ .... NOES: None ABSTAIN: None Teresa Gray, Seoretary Pub~shed FRB May 23, 30, 2001 10 e.m. Amendment {o Sl~lal Ule ~ 24.1204. Rules, Regulations and oml eezmn in zn moore for Pem -PUnm Cou Jd ORDINANCE NO. Q'C'S'D-" ~-. ,INCY allllded, but not to ~:eed $I00.O6 per day. ~ for an amandmont Io I11Xkllf~ NCE OF THE gu AN ORDINA ....... T ~ for IXOVtstons s~ forth In ~ CO~, COMMUNITY SERVICES gl:~mmv ~ ~al be ~ to s~ (6) dlyl SPecial Ule Peffntt for file ~ w~f any rules, reguletiona or policies of the REPEALING ORDINANCE NUMBER 10,du~anycalendm'mon~, remodMngofShldlbComl~CllWmd 0apetmmlofChildStq)port~mlybe WHICH WAS ENACTED THE 911'1 DAY OF Senfcas rlmdenld It the requ~t M Wm ~ ground= (an ~ Of aptxodntale~ 1,0O6 Imm tram tollm by d JULY 1996, AND SLATING ~T'~HE Itjl be O0mpon~led al t~10.O6 per hour kx IqUore be0. ~Oed~ Ule PI~ em mq~ ANDMEMBERS OF THE BOARD OF ~REIMBURSEMENT FOH - Ilwmof; how~w~, the total d~ly omp~the time larved, or the relevant fraction 1~ prosed il lolled II 50 N~m~'ty Lone, for Publc Slh~e Fldillas in thb =orle. ~ Effective lind Operative Dales; not Ouimy, t t6. 20-o60. PURSUANT TO THE CALIFOHr~ Codilic~km, GOVERNMENTCOOE, SECllON$1Z~,.I _ $1O6.O6. This project is exempt fro~ CEOA under TNI ordinance lhell beg:me dllc~w 30 dWs Cornmu~ Sorvic~ Di~'fot berebY or~The Bard f Directors f the uu In= ~1~ 20.O6.O60t8O6.00 per eallndar ~ C4~mpanlalJon INII not e=esd a lure tolaJ of F.xpen~ ~ For ftllher Inforr~llJon on ~ elx~l he~fnga, Envirorulwtld Renew (~idllb!es. S~llon 16301 (C~as 1) of Ibe RIBll COUIlly dale of July 1, 2001, Thil ordlNIll Ihd be alaS' Ibe del~ of edq~, ~11~ q~ foflo~: The ~ of I~ ~ ~ be fully contact: Rebecca I.larrin, Senior PIu~m, publlehed in the Feather River Buflalln, a Co pansot 2o.o5 Cornpensat for Uembm of 0mpemaled or J my expnas m' ormen= of or du = mqui d d/or by the EIo J. Sec on 20.O6.O60 ExpN to seminars, or similar events, end such expenditure= are expected to exceed the amount of $100.00, the Board shall pre- written correspondence delivered to the s,,d edop ! by abe Bees of Pmmm of Co.m rt|y San ioas Di=Vk= X Written commas nuld be re|dad to abe dey of J, y, 20m, : D#ector Demlx~ Castakrmi, Goase I:x, rec Ir ul / STAI . None :KrauL Preek: Boml of l mmorm ATTEST: T G y, S =W pt=r= FRS 23, 30, Rum~ County Planning De~ (530) net~l~lpar of general circulation serving Rum= Coumy, t S of inUmmd I m to almmd oodilb Im mm der WWl be m=xlNi= the above hearlngl end will be given an opportunity to address the Zoning The torlgdng oNImmce m i~ ,* a Mmin/a~. tbe 0~ CM~f M ~1% 2001, and pes~ ~d you may be limited to teeing onty a~ Camly of Plural SiS of CJfom~ on =ues you or alu r md alttmdey of M=y. 2001, W ttt Mowing vottc putdiC heating d~ in ~ holloa, or in AYES: Supervilorl: Oannt|on, Nelson, t2t, Ouiney, C Uom= mTt. I FRB May30, 2001 Public Notice NOF . S pn=m: Nom l)nU De, of S 0m m Nlmy L 0domo, Ck.t of Ibe Boed Pu bhed FRB M 30,200f Ever), week, you'H know more. Secmu Sections: 20.o6.oto Pro siona and P, ape 20.O6.020 Ger,~= Prov~ 20.O6.030 De~n~ 20.o6.o4o ScheaUe 20.o6.o6o P n um=R 2o.o6.o o S~ 20.06.010 Prow and Rep~ All previoualy adopted ord/nences, ml~ orders, and resolutions, relating to Compensation of Directors are hereby voided and tapered and no f~er force md efb~ Sedion 20.O6.020 Canes Prov~k)nl The compensation of the Members of the Board shall not exceed the rates set by mtute, to wit. C ifomia Government Code, Seclion 61207. Sec~on 20.05.030 De~itions Day's mm~ice rendered shall mean eight (8) bourn. A ~cti~ =~afl mean a r|~ular, ~oecial, or cemn l e Secl on 20.O6.040 Each Director shall be entitled to receive ~ County, Calio~, DO Nay 23, 2001. Every Thursday, 4 p.m. 283-0800 FAX: 283-3952