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May 30, 2001     Feather River Bulletin
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May 30, 2001

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Record, Reporter Wednesday, May 30, 2001 H ID marked public poll- regarding fire galvaniz- and local, officials to closely to change the COuntry, ap- fuels manage- pc. together in the West- s Association, of Agriculture and Interior, the director of unities and the Enviroh- the Bureau of Land Manage- ment: A Report to the Presi- ment, and the chief of the For- dent in Response to the Wild- est Service captures this fun- fires of 2000." damental change. The second area was that The vision essentially says fire fighting suppression costs that everyone must work to- could not be shortchanged at gether at all levels to reduce the local, state or federal level the risk of uncontrolled wild- and needed a large infusion of land t-n-es to communities and funds, at least in the short- watersheds and that the term. means to reduce the risk is by The third area of agreement restormg and maintaining the was the recognition of a fun- health and resiliency of fire- damental need to shift the adapted ecosystems. The vi- way dollars are invested in sion also highlights aware- In-e-adapted ecosystems. ness, preparedness, and ade- That is in addition to focus- quate protection capabilities ing on suppression; we should to further reduce the risk. also be focused on prevention The group had three unani- in terms of how our land- mous areas of agreement, scapes are managed. This The first agreement was to is not a new concept: many support the funding level and private citizens and profes- direction in the Forest Service sionals saw the need decades report titled, "Managing the ago. However, this is not a Impacts of Wildfire on Com- cheap proposal. There is no single solution that will be der environmental analysis,break work envisioned in the embraced by everyone. Of these nine projects, six will Sierra Nevada Framework Key points of the National accomplish the creation of Project will take a great deal Fire Plan include: adequate portions of community fuel of cooperation to be accom- fire fighting preparedness, an breaks as defined in the Sier- plished effectively,For "investment in projects to re- ra Nevada Framework Pro- instance, a large portion of duce fire risk, community as- ject. work would need to be tackled sistance and the restoration of By law, the forest must fo-by willing private property landscapes and communities cus on the fuel break system owners. Through the cou- damaged by fire. Congression- as identified in the Herger Fe- nity assistance program of the al appropriations for this plan instein QLG pilot project for National Fire Plan and other have impacted the Plumas Na- the duration of the pilot pro- funding opportunities, such tional Forest in several impor- jeer. In many instances, the as Title 2 funding (county re- rant ways. HFQLG fuel breaks overlap or ceipts available for land man- First, funding for the Herg- complement the community agement use), there are solu- er-Feinstein QLG (HFQLG) pi- fuel breaks, tions unfolding locally. lot project was increased from Forest employees, in coordi- Many different aspects of the approximately $12 million in nation with Plumas County, National Fire Plan and co- fiscal year 1999-00 to about $26 continue to review the 20004)4 unity fuel breaks as they ap- million in 2000-01 for the three HFQLG implementation plan ply to local, state, and federal national forests in the pilot to maximize opportunities to land management programs project area. accomplish more community will be covered in the weeks to Currently, on the Plumas fuel break work, while com-come. National Forest, there are pleting the fuel break system nine defensible fuel profile called for by law. zone (fuel break) projects un- Much of the community fuel S be because their V erwhelrned by and thus, unable to address the needs ofshould stay together Not only do they need to ad- part of teams that work with children of our counW. their children. Some foster ,Children with developmen-just to living with strangers, children in care. These teams Because of your compassion children are the victims of tal or physical disabilities they must also adjust to hay- are comprised of social ser- and willingness to share your physical, sexual or emotional and/or emotional problems ing a new teacher and form ing v ice workers or probation offi- homes, time, energy, and love abuse and/or neglect. Others ,Children who need families new friendships. The grief of cers, school officials, mental with children, you have made might experience difficulty in that are sensitive to, and re- leaving their family, friends health providers, other set- the foster care system a better school or the community or spectful of, their cultureand community is matched vice providers, and birth par- place for our children while have difficulty getting along -Teenagers who have not ex- with the struggle to begin ents. they are temporarily separat. with peers and siblings, perienced positive family life anew in a new place. May is National Foster Careed from their families. Children who enter the and need surrogate families Like all children, foster Month. This month, we cele-For more information about state's foster care system can who have extra patience and children need support and brate these committed indi-foster care, contact the Envi- include: commitment, guidance as they grow, so that viduals who dedicate them- ronmental Alternatives Fos- School-age children who There is a need for more fos- theycan succeed in the world, sel yes to the betterment of ter Family Agency at 283-3330 need extra help in getting ter families. It is important More specifically, ibster children, or 1-800- 655-8350. (Some infer- along with others, school that siblings stay together and children need stable homes to To all those foster parentsmation excerpted from Edi- work and feeling good about the children remain in their live in while they and their in this county wh9 have given tot's notes and articles, with themselves own communities. When local parents resolve their prob-of themselves to make a posi- permission, from "Parenting Infants who may have spe- homes are unavailable, chil- lems. Being a parent is one of tire difference in the life of a Exchange Newsletter"). cial feeding or medical prob- dren are moved outside their the hardest jobs that anyone child, thank you. Your dedica- lems community and often must can do. But foster parents do tion and love have made a Brothers and sisters who change schools, even more: they are a critical tremendous impact on the Three out of every five Plumas County residents believes that the board of supervisors should make every effort to ensure that each su- pervisorial district is as geographi- calIy equitable as 15ossible. The poll was conducted to get an idea of how residents feel about the supervisors' legally required tempts to redistrict Plumas County. The poll, which ran from May 21 to May 25, asked site visitors, "With redistricting of the supervisorial dis- tricts, what kind of plan do you fa- vor?" Exactly 60 percent said, "Try to make it as even as possible for the supervisors." More than 13 percent said, "Go ahead, let Robert Meacher have the Sierra Valley." More than 13 percent also said, "Go ahead, let Robert Meacher have Chandler Road." More than 13 percent said, "Go ahead, adopt a plan that gives Robert Meacher most of the county." Because the survey was published for a halfa week rather than an en- tire week, the newspaper received less than half the number of the re- sponses it typically receives. Each week, the newspaper pub- lishes a survey on its lnternet site-- publishes the results in the newspaper. The poll is not scientifically con- ducted. Rather, site visitors are asked to state their opinion on a top- ic. It is for entertainment purposes only. If a legislator is elected to of- fice as a member of a political part,], should he or she be al- lowed to switch parties? j address We publish per per- per person, the same Publish third- Letters must of 300 excess of 300 by the editor. at 3 p.m. to any of s offices, sent . or e-mailed at I hope that some of the adults out there really under- stand what I am trying to say. Teenagers are not children; we are young adults with an opimon that matters. Stefany Bakker Quincy Need help I would like to request your readers' assistance in obtain- ing information on descen- dants of Donald William McKenzie and his brother, Donald Alexander McKenzie, with truth and justice here. But it has everything to do with power. The D.A. and sorted associates all just want to win for their own personal ,'agenda"--no matter the cost to human life or limb. This is indeed the U.S.--but not in Plumas County! Inno- cence is a luxury one cannot afford to prove. Thank you Sharon Edwards of Greenville for having the guts to voice your intelligent observations; I'm not feeling quite so a one out here anymore. I'm a 53- who operated a bottling and year-old grandmother of six soda works in Greenville and never in my life been in it. Uincy around 1900. trouble until now. Glen McKenzie Glenna Adams of QuimcyHigh Swan River, Manatoba Portola m. L4Ve, President , Canada q ' Byo Ev Farmers of I attended the memorial ser. e ber of the Couldn t agree mote - ,.__ ,,v.. nlde Editor" to- I l,"~ty riYouth Coun. This is my third attempt to vices mr ,-- . ollUlCulous that respond to a letter you printed day. We used to call hlm. that k.vllll,, r COmmunity by Sharon Edwards of in the "Good Old Days wnen to invest in Greenville, "This is the U.S." Quincy was alight with traa,- See a lot of in It s taken me this long to calm tion and etc. Most people q, ad,.,. " down and compose myself to knew him as Ev Bey, I knew I1 and child or} be able to write without him as"ByeEv." " ling for the generation screaming. I'm very angry. I, He became the new owner too, am a victim of Plumas of the paper the year I became County Court games, a member of the school dis- our com- Two years ago, I made the trwz ..... soverning lnmra fthe adults mistake of believing I had a We sort ofsq fiat flrs any time All we are right to stand up for myself because he didn t approve oz for te_ Park or a against unfair and unwarrant- women in politics. That was ed harassment by a certain in- fine, I didn't approve of bow go us to nave vestigator (self-ordained judge ties. , Other than aal the shop-and jury) here in town. I com- He attended the school plained to her supervisor in meetings, and the board POll Want us towriting big mistake! She, the _,. meetings regu- b.t when investigator, has laid in wait ar Y 'n'thse days. I served it, most of for me ever since and her vin- bethlan,,..gebOards thatfr apassedtime. Tnedi. Us out of dictiveness reigns supreme, omy -'- that there She knows how to play games rectly between us was when I ns that get to make a person's life a night- would make aspeclal point to saY, "Bye Ev. This went on eens--methatlaW'carebUt edge.mare by skirting the legal for months and years until fl- OUr commu. I am innocent, yet I have nally I said, You know, you going to been thrust into the Plumas and I have to quit meeting t Oblem if we County Court games to satisfY this Way. Just once I d like to "Hi yet another overblown, inse- --Well, after that, he'd smile to make it cure ego. It has nothing to do my direction from time to time, but not very often. I was still the liberal in his fedora estimation. I liked Ev Bey. He was truly an honest man. If he said it, he meant it and that's how he wrote it. So, once again and for evermore, "Bye Ev." 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