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June 6, 2001     Feather River Bulletin
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June 6, 2001

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IOA Wednesday, June 6, 2001 County News Fea ' i l NOTICE OF PROPERTY TAX DEUNQUENCY AND IMPENDING DEFAULT I, Barbara J. Co! Plumsa County Tax Collector, State of California, cattily as follows: That at 12:01 a.m. on July 1, 2001, by operation of law, any real property (unless previously tax-defaulted and not redeemed) for which taxes, assessments, and other ctmrges levied for the fiscal year 2000-2001, or supplemental taxes levied for any year prior to 2000-2001, are delinquent shall be declared tax.defaulted. A detailed list of all properties tax-defaulted as of July 1,2001, and not redeemed prior to being submitted for publication, shall be published on or before September 8, 2002. Real property remaining in tax-defaulted status for five or more years will become subject to the tax collector's power to sell. In the case of property upon which a nuisance abatement lien has been recorded, that property shall become subject to the tax collectors power to sell after three years of tax-default. Once subject to the power to sell, real property may be sold at public auction or otherwise conveyed to new ownership. The owner may avoid the power to sell status by initiating and maintaining an installment plan of redemption pnor to the power to sell arising or by completely redeeming the property through payment of all unpaid amounts, together with )enalties and fees prescribed by law, before the subject property is sold. rh, right of nKlemption survives the property becomi~ subject to the )ower to sell, but it terminam at 5 p.m. on the last business clay before the actual sale of the property by the tax collector. Information concerning redemption or the initiation of an installment plan of redemption of tax-defaulted property will be fumished, upon request, by Barbara J. Coates, P.O. Box 176, Quincy, CA 95971, telephone number (530) 283-6260. certify under penalty of pequry that the foregoing is true and correct. Plu~ollecto~ Executed at Quincy, Plumas County, California, on May 23, 2001. NOTICE OF IMPENDING ~ TO SELL TAX-OEFAULTED IIII~0pERTY Notce is hereby given that real ixoPe~ U and ==Nasm=m on ~ paroe~ de~ beiowwgl have been delaultod 5re or n~ore ywr=, ~ in the came of properly On which a nuisance abatement lien hes been reeon~led, thrse or more yum. The perois listed will become subiect to the tax col~s po, wer to sell on July 1, 2001, at 12:01 a.m., by operation of law. The tax collector's power to se, will aries unlees the property is either redeemed or made sulMK:t to an installment plan of redemption initiated as provided by law prior to 5 p.m. on June 29, 2001. The right to an installment plan terminates on June 29, 2001, and after that date the entire balance due must be paid in full to prevent sale of the property at public auction. The right of relwnl~on survives the property beo~ning subject to the power to sell, but it terminates at 5p.m. on the last business day before actual sale of the prop ty by the tax coaectot Panels not said atthe scheduled tax sale may be re-offered for sale within a 90- day pedod. All information concerning redemption or the initiation of an installment plan of redemption will be fumished, upon request, by Barbara J. Coates, P.O. Box 176, Quincy, CA 95971, telephone (530) 283 -6260. The unpaid amount, in dollars and cents, originally declare tax-defaulted is set forth o~ it= parcel number. This amount does not include additional defaulted taxes, l~nattiss and fees that have acc~ed since the date of tax- default. PARCEL NUMBERING SYSTEM EXPLANATION The Assessors Parcel Number (APN), when used to describe property in this list. refers to the aeaessocs map book, the map page, the block on the map, if applicable, and the individual parcel on the map page or in the block. The assessors maps and further explanation of the parcel numbering system are available in the assessor's office. Asmt P=ye~'~lame ' Oe~u~ Amount PROPERTY TAX DEFAULTED ON JULY 1, 1996, FOR THE TAXES, ASSESSMENTS AND OTHER CHARGES OF THE FISCAL YEAR 1~1996 001-340-042-000 WILLIS KEN ~.,474,68 001-362-016-000 THAYER DAVID E $1,185.94 002-150-001,O00 FREELANOER TRL~ $1,20e.22 002-210-007402 ~ PLACER MINING caRP $32.54 002-250-001-502 AMERICAN PLACER MINING CaRP $101.54 002-250-003-502 AMERICAN PLACER MINING CaRP $98.54 002-250-005-502 AMERICAN PLACER MINING CaRP $55.14 002-250-00~502 AMERICAN PLACER MINING CaRP $.55.14 002-250-009-502 AMERICAN PLACER MINING CaRP $40.54 002-250-010-000 AMERICAN PLACER MINING CaRP $89.04 002-270-002-502 AMERICAN PLACER MINING CaRP $100.32 002-270-004-502 AMERICAN PLACER MINING CaRP $40.48 002-270-012-000 AMERICAN PLACER MINING CaRP $83.38 002-290-001-502 AMERICAN PLACER MINING CaRP $100.92 002-290-004-502 AMERICAN PLACER MINING CaRP $100.32 002-310,4)06-000 OLSON NINA JEAN TRUSTEE ET AL $114.88 003.092-008-000 PFENNIG LYNN ET AL $99.00 003-092-009-000 PFENNIG LYNN ET At. $99.00 007-210-001-000 BUTLER WILLIAM R & PEGGY L I-I/W $454,06 008-410-004-000 CARMODY SRYAN C & KAREN J SUCC TRSTS $281.70 009-310-007-000 HENSLEY MELVIN J & FRANCES L ~ $;?.37.54 009-382-016,-000 OWEN ANTOINETTE $22700 009-382-021-000 GALLANT TIMOTHY JOHN $1S7.04 009-382-022-000 GALLANT TIMOTHY JOHN $187.04 009-382-023-000 GALLANT TIMOTHY JOHN $187.64 009-392-010.-000 ROBERTS EDWIN W JR & MIRIAM A WW $2,440.44 009-422-009-000 COURTEMANCHE GEORGE R JR & $842.34 025-293-012-000 LOPEZ WILLIE & CAROL LEE H/W $144.22 100,.042-030,,000 WILLIS KEN C & PATSY H/W $92,50 100-171-016-000 KINNEY ENTERPRISES A NV CaRP ETAL $565.12 100-291-011-000 WILLIS KEN & PAT'rY HNV $510.40 100-410-038,.000 LEE TAYLOR & ASSOCIATES $280.90 103-040-002-000 OVERSTREET RICHARD C ET AL $34892 103-040-003.000 OVERSTREET RICHARD C ET AL $277.36 103-040-004-000 OVERSTREET RICHARD C ET AL $268.38 104-162-014-000 PETERSON PEARL AILEEN $660.76 10e-290-017-000 CLIFFORD CHRISTOPHER B $476.80 110-021-008-000 SCHADAN WALTER ET AL $465.22 110-032-002.000 COULTER LAWRENCE ERNEST ET AL $194.30 110-040,.007.000 FRIEDRICH DOUGLAS R & PAULINE E H/W $311.89 11~ COFFMAN IVAN A $3,507.42 113-180-020-000 LEISS CHARLES M & BETTY J $94.40 116-271-005-000 CONNER STANLEY J ET AL $824.18 123-190-002-000 OLSEN OLIVER B JR & JOAN M $15S.38 123-190-O0~000 OLSEN OLIVER B JR & JOAN M $4S~04 125-129.003.000 GOULD WILLIAM D $66.52 12S-12~004-000 GOULD WILLIAM D $57.78 125.1a~00~oooKAUFM/~ JOSEPH W & CA~YN O $433,78 125-301-001-000 GOULD WILLIAM D $254.24 125-301-012,O00 GOULD WILLIAM D $410.92 125-412-001-000 DOLLING GARY R & BETTY J $111.30 128-126-002-000 LOVE DIANE L ${)6.32 126-134-001-000 BOYLE SHIRLEY $317.50 126-1113-002-000 RUSSELL LESLIE D & LEE MARIE HNV $372.84 130-290-010-557 P/~SCOE WILLIAM & KAREN H/W $87O.28 PROF~RTY TAX DEFAULTED ON JULY 1, 1992, FOR THE TAXES, ASSESSMENTS AND OTHER CHARGES OF THE FISCAL YEAR 1991-1992 125-281-010-000 SMITH JOSEPH D & PEGGY J H/W $208.46 TAX DEFAULTED ON JULY 1, 1993, FOR THE TAXES, ASSESSMENTS AND OTHER CHARGES OF THE FISCAL YEAR 1992.1993 011.242-001-000 KILMURRAY RICHARD J &LESLIE E $135.26 1~-062-007-0(]0 CAVALLI ANTHONY H ESTATE OF $569.54 126-082-011-000 CAVALLI ANTHONY H ESTATE OF $293.54 I~ CAVALLI ANTHONY H & NORMA J H/W $135.93 12~0~P009-000 CAVALLI ANTH()NY H ESTATE OF $432.46 PROPERTY TAX DEFAULTED ON JULY I, 1994. FOR THE TAXES, ASSESsMENTs AND OTHER CHARGES OF THE FISCAL YEAR 1993-1994 111-~1-013-000 SOMMER JOHN 0 & MARGARET K H/W $802.96 125-311-022.000 VILLASENOR DANIEL & DEBRA E H/W $167.76 ~PI~RTY TAX DEFAULTED ON JULY 1, 1o~5, FOR THE TAXES, ASSESSMENTS AND OTHER CHARGES OF THE FISCAL YEAR 1S94-1995 003-360-016.000 HOLBROOK KIPLEY & BARBARA HNV $43232 003-360-018-000 KOEHLER GREGORY D ET AL $252.8~ 100-092-027-000 FANNING DONALD O & EVA M $191.~ 100-314-001-000 DAY CHRISTA V $154.M 102-281-004-000 JORDAN ELIZABETH ANN $573.24 11o-o7150oe:4)oo MAC KENZI ~.ARRI $129.06 110-252-005.000 SNYDER DAVID A & THERESA L HAN $1,102.38 113-090-011-000 HAYS CLARENCE & DORTHY $54.34 125-411-O07-000 BICKFORD ERIC R & WONNE E ~ $465.56 I ~rtLP/ under the pe~L1~ of pe~*y that the foz,egou',~j ~ ~ and coz-~. Plumas County Tax Collector Execm:ed at Quincy, Plum~s County, CalifOZTL~Io On I~ 23, 2001. Published FRB May 30, June 6, 13, 2001 By Tewl Naor by sponsorships from several Port01a Editor agencies, but it's not enough Horses Unlimited Inc. to pay for horse hay and feed, (HUI), nonprofit organiza- shots and medicines. lion wh't h provides thera- HUI raises additional mon- peutic horseback riding for ey to help support its pro- handicapped children and gram through several fund- adults, was awarded a tobac- raisers during the year, in- co education mini grant by cluding the annual Ride-A- the Plumas County Health Than, Bowl-A-Than and a Department. golf tournament. HUI will use the $4,950 to HUI first opened in 1994 help eliminate or reduce cur- and immediately became a rent or potential tobacco use cal success story; today it has in the lives of the youths and about 38 students. families involved with HUI. Sternberg said the center HUI will give students the opens in the spring and offers opportunity to learn horse- classes to both children and back riding as an alternative adults with disabilities, their to tobacco use in two ways. siblings and families. One of those ways, the Handicapped students can High Adventure Trail Ride, come as often as they like took place Sunday, May 27. during the season, for a fee. A select group of students The Far Northern Regional were given four horseback Developmental Disabilities riding lessons and then par- Center, which provides ser- ticipated in a three-hour trail vices for children with spe- ride, which included lunch cial needs, has sponsored sev- on the trail, eral students each year for HUI will also be holding a the eight-week course. T-shirt poster contest for stu- Individuals and local ser- dents, vice organizations have also Each student will be given helped by sponsoring stu- the opportunity to design and dents. paint an anti-tobacco slogan Sternberg said the length of of their choice on their own the lessons depends on the T-shirt. student's needs, capabilities The shirts will then be and the di6tance required to judged by Dandy, the Smoke- get to the facility, located in less Dragon, and prizes will Sloat.. be awarded. Students have ranged in HUI founder Lauren Stern- age from 3 to 73 years old. berg said the tobacco grant "We have students from money will provide support Chester, Quincy, Portola and for the horses and the pro- Loyalton, some having to dri- gram. ve an hour to get here," said Student lessons are paid for Sternberg. PLUMAS NATIONAL FOREST Negative declaration filed ENVIRONMENTAL ASSESSMENT NOTICE OF PROPOSALTO NOTICE OF COMMENT ADOPT A NEGATIVE DECLARATION PROJECT NAME Issue & Renewal of SI~ for ial Use P~ f~r Richard Schwandinger DISTRICT: Backwo~xlh Ranger District Sierra Aggregates Reclamation Plan NOTICE is given that Negative Declaration COUNTY: Plumas # 528 has determined that the following pro- PROJECT ABSTRACT: An Environmental Assessment (EA) has been prepared to an- ject will not have a significant effect on the environment. This document is proposed to alyze Richard Schwendinger's special use be adopted and has been filed with the permit on National Forest System lands. Three alternatives were analyzed, ALTER- Planning Department. It is now available for NATIVE 1 is the No Action alternative. AL- inspection and review. The review penod for TERNATIVE 2 would renew his expired this Negative Declaration is from June 6, spe~ use permIt for ten (10) years autho- 2001 through July 5, 2001. Written com- rizing access to his property on Forest Ser- ments concerning this document will be ac- vice road 23N26, a gate across Forest Ser- cepted through the last day of the review vice road 23N26, a soccer field, a graveled pedod. A public heanng for this project ~11 pathway, a planted lawn, a wooden deck, a be held before the Board of Supervisors at jogging trail, a private bridge, a private road, 1:30 pro., July 24, 2001, in the Board of Su. exclusive use of a parking area, two water pervisors Boom, Plumas County Court- house, Quirky. transmission lines, three water storage This prolect involves approval of a proposed tanks, and three spring boxes on National reclamation plan for Sierra Aggregates ex- Forest System lands. ALTERNATIVE 3 (Proposed Acl~n) is similar to Alternative 2, isting mining operation. The reclamation except the soccer field, the planted lawn, plan proposes creation of a benched pit. and graveled pathway would be temporarily Reclamation measures include the separate permitted for three years. These improve- removal and storage of topsoil and overbur- merits would be removed from National For- den. The overburden and topsoil will be est System lands, His request for a wooden spread over the benches that will be ripped deck, a gate across Forest Service road to a depth of 12 inches. The site will be 23N26, and a jogging trail on National For- revegetated to blend with the surrour~ding ast System lands would be denied, habitat. The p~t floor will be used as an irri- The permIt area is located in T. 22 N., R. 12 gation pond. The existing road to the pit will remain as access to this irrigation facility. E., M.D.M., Section 30, NEI/4SE1/4; T. 23 For further information on this project, con- N., R 12 E., M.D.M., Section 31; T. 22 N, R. 12 E., MD.M., Sections 32, tact: James Graham, atthePlurnasCounly NWl/4NWl/4. Planning Department, 283-6210, 520 Main The preferred alternative is Alternative 3. A Street, Room 121, Quincy, CA 95971. descnption of Alternative 3 is listed in the Published FRB, PR June 6, 2001LEGAL NOTICE OF DECI- EA. Copies of the EA are available to the SION public upon request at the Beckwourth U.S. FOREST SERVICE Ranger District Office, 23 Mohawk Road, PLUMAS NATIONAL FOREST Blairsden, CA 96103 or by phone (530) PROJECT NAME: Kingsbury Rush Defansi- 836-2575. ble Fuel Profile Zone Project A decision is scheduled once the public RANGER DISTRICT: Feather River Ranger comment period has ended and comments have been reviewed. District COUNTY: Plumas RESPONSIBLE OFFICIAL: Mark J. Madrid, On June 6, 2001, Mt. Hough District Ranger Forest Supe~isor, Plumas Nationat Forest, P.O. Box 11500, Quincy, CA 95971. Terri Simon-Jackson made the decision to Comments are invited regarding the pre- proceed with the proposed action for the ferred alternative and the EA. Comments Kingsbury Rush Defensible Fuel Profile must be postmarked or received no later Zone Project This project will treat approxi- mately 2,050 acres by mastication and me- than thirty (30) days from the day after pub- chanical ~rming, 1,773 acres by hand thin- lication of this notice Thursday June 7, 2001. Comments must meet the specific re- ning, and a prescribed bum of the project's 3,694 acres. Implementation of this project quimments of 36 Code of Federal Regula- is planned to begin 5 days after the close of tions 215.6 (b). These are (1) Name, ad- dress, and (if possible) telephone number, the appeal filing pared. (2) TCde of the document(s) that comment is PROJECT LOCATION: The project area is being submitted, and (3) Specific facts or located in mountainous terrain in the north- comments with supporlJng reasons the per- em Sierra Nevada, about 12 miles north- son deems the Raspor~ble Off~J~ should west of Quincy, Caiifomi~L The pr~ect is s~- consider to reach a decision, uated on ndgelinas and watershed divides Comments should be addressed to Emil C. from 4,800 to 6,300 feet in alevation, in the watersbeds of the North Fork and the East Meacham, Assistant Resource Officer, at the Bedo~ourth P, er~.~)r D;~nct, p.o. BOx 7, Branch of the North Fork of the Feether Riv. Blai~, CA 96103 or (530) 836-2575. er. Lake Almanor is located about 1 mile Published FRB, PR north of the project area; Butt Valley Reser. June 6, 2001 voir is located 2 miles to the west; and Round Valley Reservoir, 4 miles to the east. PUBLIC NOTICE The proposed project is located in Township The Rum~s National Forest authorizes us- 27N., Range BE., 6actions 33-,35, Township of Na'_~ Forest system land with Spa- . 26N., Range 7E., Section 25; Township dal Use Permits. Each permit has a termi. 26N, Range 8E., Sections 2, 3, 4, 10, 11, nat~ date as one of the conditions of the 13, 14, 23-36; Township 26N., Range 9E., permit. The Mt. Hough Ranger District is Sections 30, 31, and Township 25N, Range proposing to renew two permits to PGE for 8E, Sacdons 1-6 of the Mount Diablo Base passive microwave reflectors located in Meridian. T24N, RTE, SE 1/4 of Section 7, and T25N., RESPONSIBLE OFFICIAL: Terri RSE., SE 1/4, SE 1/4 of Sact~ 24. Simon-Jackson, District Ranger, Plumas Renewing these permits would not generate National ForssL Feath~ River Ranger Dis- any ground disturbing activities nor would it trict, 875 Mitchell Avenue, Oroville, CA authorize any eddittonal usas. 95965. If you have comments or concerns abe~it A copy of the Decision Notice is available this proposed action please respond by upon request from the Feather River Ranger June t3, 2001. Contact Peggy Gusta(~m, District, 875 Mitchell Ave., Orovilte, Califor- nia 95965. Assistant Resource Officer, Mr. Hough This decision is subject to appeaJ pursuant District, 39696 Highway 70, Quincy, CA 95971, telephone number (530) to Forest Service Regulations at 36 CFR 283-7622. 215,7. Any written appeal must be post- Published FRB June 6, 2001 Public Notice ins Thursdays at 4 p.m. 283-0800 ~t the date of this legal notice. Appeals must meet content requirements of CFR 215.14(4). Further information regarding the Kingsbury Rush Defensible Fuel Profile Zone Project may be obtained from Lauren J. Turner, Feather River Ranger District, 875 MItchell Avenue, Oroville, CA 95965, (530) 534-6500. Published FRB June 6, 2001 Horses Unlimited Junior volunteer Sarah her horse, John, in shape for a special trail May 26. When students enroll, cer- tified instructors provide a lesson plan that is individual- ized for each student with in- put from teachers and med- ical professionals. The plan includes groom- ing, riding therapy, exercises and games. All students wear safety helmets, and a special mount- ing platform is used. At first, students are ac- I companied by three trained volunteers. One leads the horse, and the other two walk on either side of the rider until the stu- dent has the confidence and coordination to ride alone. "The bond the students build with the horses is heartwarming to see," said Rebecca Dewhirst, bookkeep- er and seven-year volunteer with the program. The benefits of horseback riding are as numerous as the types of disabilities and conditions served. Sternberg said research has shown that students who participate in therapeutic riding can experience physi- cal, emotional and mental re- wards. Because horseback riding gently and rhythmically moves the rider's body in a manner similar to a human gait, riders with physical dis- abilities often show improve- ment in flexibility, balance and muscle strength. For individuals with men- tal or emotional disabilities, the unique relationship l formed with the lead to " patience The sense found on all who ride. Therapeutic ing is recognized medical p organizations up across Most, like ed, are certified American Riding Handicapped (NARHA). NARHA assists ters by I creditation to highest safety riding centers, tification, knowledge of that of horses serve riders' needs, cost liability NARHA riding Anyone ing more about limited, or how they unteer, may call the 836-4551. Donations are come, to help and volunteers are help out at the The next ing session is 10 a.m., the facility in from the Sloat Mill. The next HUI scheduled for 16, when the High Riders will be "play day" at HUI. Gas Prices May 19 through May 27, 2001 Reg. unleaded Premium unte~u" Fernley, NV 189.9 209.9 Fallon, NV 182.9 203.9 Hawthorne, NV 183.9 203.9 Tonapah, NV 194.9 214.9 Beatty, NV 199.9 212.9 Junction 373, NV 201.9 214.9 Indian Springs, NV 205.9 219.9 Las Vegas, NV (downtown) 179.9 209.9 Las Vegas, NV (stnp) 177.9 207.9 Boulder City, NV 183.9 203.9 Hoover Dam 182.9 199.9 Kingman, AZ 163.9 Beacon, AZ 159.9 Setigam, AZ 199.9 Ash Fork 189.9 Williams, AZ (south) 172.9 Williams, AZ (north) 166.9 Flagstaff, AZ 167.9 Needles, CA (east) 219.9 Needles, CA (west) 225.9 Ludlow, CA 214.9 Ridgecrest, CA 199.9 Lone Pine, CA 215.9 Independance, CA 209.9 Lee Vining, CA 239.9 Bndgaport, CA 239,9 Klrkwood, CA 252.9 Pollock Pines, CA 199.9 Lake Tahoe, CA 207.9 Stateline: NV 204.9 Carson City, NV (north) 163.9 Cason City, NV (South) 169.9 Reno, NV (south) 175.9 Hallaujah Junction, CA 197.9 217.9 Portola, CA 204.9 224.9 Quincy, CA 203.9 223.9 marked or received by the Appeal Deciding Diane Kleine made a trip to Officer, Regional Forester B~ley E. Paw- e,, Pac c Southwest Region, 323 C ub Las Vegas late last month. As Drive, Val o, CA 94592 thin 45 days of they traveled, Diane decided 183.9 219.9 209.9 194.9 186.9 187.9 239.9 245,9 228.9 2t3.9 235.9 229.9 259.9 259.9 265.9 ~ 219.9 227.9 224.9 185.9 189.9 195.9 Quincy residents John and country are Plumas County, bers indicate are not alone. it would be interesting toWhile the compare gas prices along $2.039 in their route, in The following is her record ed, itwas $2.529 of prices. For consistency, Calif., the she said, she recorded thetheir trip. prices at Chevron gas sta-The least tions, line was found While at times it may seemAriz., for $1.599 like the highest prices in the