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June 13, 2012     Feather River Bulletin
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June 13, 2012

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Bulletin, Record, Progressive, Reporter Wednesday, June 13, 2012 11B COMMUNITY PERSPECTIVE Where in the World Members of the United Bikers of Northern California, Plumas County Chapter, enjoy the 11th annual Run-A-Mucca in Winnemucca, Nev. Eldora Duniphin, Danny Duniphin, Cheryl Arthur and ,Scott Arthur narrowly escape a couple of dinosaurs at the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Ky., where Cheryl works. The museum is located in Northern Kentucky, about 30 minutes from downtown Cincinnati, Ohio. LETTERS To r -IE EDITOR Supes' politics Recent action taken by the Plumas County Board of Su- pervisors on May 15 in the form of a "resolution" con- demning the United States Supreme Court has a distinc- tive smell of partisan poli- tics. Our elected Board of Su- pervisors unanimously voted to condemn the court's 2010 decision to allow political ex- penditures by corporations. Unions ha,e always enjoyed this luxury of political influ- ence. Supervisors' seats are his- torically non-partisan for good reason. Over the years, most office'holders have done a pretty good job keeping it that way for the common good of local governance. In this case, the board unani- mously jumped into the polit: ical fray by condemning cor- porate participation in the democratic process without mentioning a word about the union boss's ability and right to throw millions of dollars to influence political favor. I'm, certain President,obama and the Democrat Party are very appreciative politically of the action taken by our Board of Supervisors. Each board member has clearly shown their true political colors. The justices of the Supreme Court got it right. Both voices (union and cor- porate) have the right to be heard even though we don't personally always agree with one or both. After all, this is America. Why does the Board of Su- pervisors wish to silence the voice of one, but not the oth- er? So much for their non- partisan status. Plumas County is in fiscal crisis. We are operating with- out a county administrator and county auditor who both left under some degree of duress. There is a crippling budget shortfall that must be addressed. We need leader- ship ... now! The citizens of Plumas County deserve and demand that the leaders of our county get focused on the local issues at hand, not act- ing out on the stage of politi- cal theater for only a handful of partisan constituents. Steve Fuqua Clio A great hike For such a rural area, Indi- an Valley hosts some won- derful cultural events, many involving the culture of the Maidu people who have in- habited the area for thou- sands of years. On May 25, Farrell Cun- ningham led a cast of Maidu actors in a number of skits, all in the Maidu language and translated into English. On May 31, at the request of the board of the rather new Greenville Museum, Tri- na Cunningham made a pre- sentation at the museum re- garding the Maidu presence during a specified period in the mid-1800s. On June 16, Farrell Cun- ningham will conduct the yearly traditional Bear Dance at the Taylorsville campgrounds, an event that he revived some years ago and has continued ever since. On June 23, Trina Curt- these trees is no different ningham will be guiding athan trying to save a historic hike around the old John building from being demol- Davis property on the Heart ished or a steam locomotive K ranch where she grew up. from going to scrap; or, as That area has recently been was used as an example at purchased and preserved in the meeting, the Washington perpetuity by the FeatherMonument being protected if River Land Trust. it were to become compro- You do not want to miss mised. (Which it is due to the this hike. It is not strenuous earthquake.) and it is not long. It is, how- Those, however, can all be ever, rewarding. In addition replaced exactly as they were to the almost magical feeling with enough time and mon- of the area is the beauty of ey. Nobody can replace these Trina's graceful talk andtrees! soufful personality. Beware the "danger trees" You will fall in love with in your neighborhood. the area andl as I have, with They're coming for them! Trina as well. Greg Jewers Salvatore Catalano Quincy Taylorsville Stellar performance Ready for new leader I just got home from the The teachers union, PCTA,Spring Concert of the High is looking forward to a new Sierra Community Youth Or- direction in leadership for chestra and am, once again, Plumas Unified School Dis- amazed and delighted at the trict following the resigna- talent and dedication of our tion of Superintendent Har- local musicians. Under the ris. Hopefully, we can work direction of the founder and together to rebuild a sense of conductor of the orchestra, trus.t and respect' among the~ JohnyMcDonald, these local governing board, administra- artisans come together and tion and staff, perform for the community Teachers are the backbone at various times of the year of any school district; as such and it is always a stellar per- we look forward to being in- formance. cluded in the selection We, in Plumas County, are process of a new superinten- so fortunate to have a dent. It is in the best interest teacher/musician of Johny's of our students that adminis- caliber in our community. tration and staff work asa She not only enriches the in- team in an environment of dividual lives of her stu- mutual respect, not of fear dents, but is one of a handful and intimidation. PCTA is of people who make Plumas anxious for new leadership County such a wonderful and new direction for our place to live. district. Thank you, Johny! Barbara Benge Rose Buzzetta PCTA president Quincy Greenville Mortgage mess Beware the danger trees Well, here we go againi A We did our best to try and while back, I found out my preserve the 11 trees along mortgage company was plah- Chandler Road and at Galep- ning on auctioning my pi. house. I wrote a letter to the For over two months the newspaper and also contact- pot has been boiling. Numer- ed the mortgage people ask- ous people were involved in ing for at least a bit more this endeavor and worked time Since I hadn't been noti- hard to save them. Some of fled of the plan. I talked at these trees were old-growth, length with people at the having been standing for 200, bank, discussing what had plus 'years. We tried and we led to the problem. They sug- failed. The Chandler Road gested a short sale. It sound- Committee, formed through ed like a good plan, so I met the Plumas County Board of with a ],ocal Realtor and we Supervisors, was not notified set up everything for a short by the county public works sale. I signed about 40 papers, department as per protocol, photos were taken, an ap- It should have done so prior praisal was done. As far as I to they and Plumas-Sierra knew everything was set for Rural Electric jointly decid- a short sale. I felt very re- ing to remove "danger trees" lieved. I received confirma- along their adjacent rights of tion that a short sale was ap- way. Given sufficient notice, proved and I had until Sep- a few of these trees may have tember of 2013 for the house been spared, to sell. I felt very relieved, A public meeting was held like something was finally in regard to this but the trees going right with the situa- had already been condemned tion. Now suddenly the house by a hired registered profes- is ,listed for auction again! I sional forester. The trees had no notification of this were doomed for the blade and neither did the Realtor and there was no turning who is handling myproperty. back, State and federal man- Now what? dates, lawyers and insurance Judith Parks-Stevens companies saw to that. Had Guadalupe the committee or an individ- formerly of Meadow Valley ual acted when the county first removed the two "dan- Unions not addressed ger trees" at Quincy Junc- This is concerning the May tion months ago, some of this 30 article by staff writer Dan may also have been prevent- McDonald about Citizens ed. Live and learn but don't United vs. Federal Election make the same mistake Commission. twice! The Supreme Court deci- Some people may think of sion in this case only leveled us as tree huggers. To save the playing field that has been dominated by the liber- payments or lose the house. Global warming? al unions for decades. The It is your responsibility to Given the astonishing liberal "Occupy Movement" know the terms of the con- quantity of hot air output al- that addressed the supervi- tract. This is not rocket sci- most,weekly by Trent Saxton sors on May 15 never seem to ence, and there were manyin the letters sectibn of mention the millions of dol- warning articles throughout Feather Publishing's papers, lars in workers' dues that are the boom. it's hard to believe anyone spent on Democratic candi- Financial reform is needed can doubt the possibility that dates every election. (Say Ms. and unscrupulous lenders humans could contribute to Roby, how many millions are should be prosecuted, but in global warming. the leftist unions spending in the Vast majority of Cases HankAlrich Wisconsin to recall Gov. borrowers were not lied-to. Greenville Walker?) These union mil- Mortgages and the house as lions are spent without the collateral are investments by Violent words say from the workers who people, people who are sav- Violence breeds violence are forced to pay these dues ing for retirement, pension and class warfare. in order to hold a job to feed funds, etc. When a personPlease, can someone per- their families, stays in a house without pay- suade Mark Mihevc, Ed Also, I would like these five ing the mortgage they areShultz, Bill Maher, Joe Biden supervisors to reveal the taking money that belongs to and Barack Obama to tone amount of union dollars they someone else. At that point it down their extreme rhetoric received these past years, is very much a moral issue, before it results in more vio- Roy Wallis Greg Kinne lence? "Westwood Quincy Then there are Marxists Van Jones and Frances Pit- Free speech Fueling the fire en, etc:, being the ones that A free democracy rests on Mr. Mihevc writes an in- actually do call for violence. several pillars,, one of which teresting perspective on "civ- The violence is supported by is the free expression of dif- il and intelligent conversa- ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC and feting views in the public fo- tion." NPR. They are guilty of rum. You get to state your Unfortunately, there are "plausibledeniabilitY." view and anybody else gets to many ways lot"inciters ofvi- Barack Obama in July sty what they think aswell. ' olence" t6 ply their trade -- 2008: "If they bring a knife to If you declare something in tactics employed by Mr. Mi- the fight, we bring a gun." public you had best be able to hevc himself. "I want you to argue with accept others' responses. You One tactic is to use sound them and get in their face!" don't get to only transmit; bites rather than quoting an Barack Obama, September you have to receive too. You entire comment and the con- 2008. also don't get to 0nly tolerate text in which it was presented. "Here's the problem: It's al- echoes of your own view. To He cites prominent conser- most like they've got -- insist that you are right and vatives and unidentified they've got a bomb strapped everyone else is the enemy writers of letters to the edi- to them and they've got their and had best not question tot, using only a few words hand on the trigger. You your stance is to embrace from their actual comments, don't want them to blow up. tyranny. For example, he implies But you've got to kind of talk It used to be that political that "pull the trigger" is a to them, ease that finger off discourse was civil and re- call for a sniper attack on the the trigger." Barack Obama Spectful. Compromise was a president, on banking, March 2009. goal, and not an enemy. To- That phrase used in a story "I don't want to quell day politics is a mean busi- about someone launching aanger. I think people are ness; it's strident, polarizing, new business could connote right to be angry! I'm angry!" and rarely accurate or truth- an exciting grand opening. Barack Obama on ACORN ful. The level of animosity is Without context, nearly Mobs, March 2010. such that rational discourse any words can be miscon- "We talk to these folks ... is well nigh impossible. Our strued or intentionally con- so I know whose ass to kick." nation's strength lies in its strued to incite anger or op- Barack Obama on the private diversity. Remember "when position, sector, June 2010. all think alike none think at A second tactic is following "A Republican majority in all"? , a sound bite with a non-relat- Congress would mean 'hand- I believe in freedom of ed incident, insinuating that to-hand combat' on Capitol speech and freedom of the the incident was a conse-Hill for the next two years; press, which is another pillar quence of the words, threatening policies Democ- that a free democracy rests His reference to Sarah rats have enacted to stabilize on. A corporate media serves Palin drawing gun sights on the economy." Barack Oba- only money; it isn't free and a map and Ms. Gffford being ma, Oct. 6, 2010. it isn't independent. The shot draws the reader to as- "We're gonna punish our press is to be a watchdog, a sume a relationship between enemies and we're gonna re- gadfly. The press is there to the two actions, wand our friends who stand keep the government in line If this were true, the conse- "with us on issues that are im- and to inform the citizenry quence of Sharron Angle'sportant to us." Barack Oba- when it isn't. Remember "the edited comment on the Sec- ma to Latinos, October 2010: price of freedom is eternal ond Amendment would have "I am going to strangle all vigilance"? been a similar attack on Har- Republicans who don't agree The media was never in- ry Reid. with me politically." --Joe tended to bludgeon the citi- A third tactic is presenting Biden zenry into ignorance and ha- a totally biased viewpoint. "We should rip the heart tred. You cannot say you love None of Mr. Mihevc's ex- right out of the chest of a for- freedom and then seek to amples are from liberals or mer vice president of the muzzle anyone with a differ- progressives. He doesn't United States!" --left wing ing opinion. You cannot say mention the threats some of socialist hero, MSNBC's Ed you love freedom and then the Occupy Wall Street peo- Shultz seek to silence afiyone who ple have used in demonstra- So, Mark, "Fillyour hand, exercises it. tions across the country, or pilgrim."--John Wayne Freedom rests on truth, SEIU marchers physically at- Trent Saxton cannot be silenced, ignores tacking people, or the New Lake Davis bullies and always opposes Black Panthers intimidating tyranny. If you cannot abide voters. Bad taste that then go live somewhere By omission, he implies GeneS'ally, I take Mr. Sax- that isn't free. You don't be- that it is only conservatives ton's letters to the editor long here. who engage in violence and with a grain of sand. Spout- Rose Pettit hate mongering, ing off about his rights, but Portola By engaging in these tac-others seem to not, nor tics, Mr. Mihevc does notshould have human rights. Homeowners are to blame promote "civil and intelli- The letter Mr. Saxton wrote Judy Houck's perspective gent conversation," but in the June 6 edition was not "Don't blame the victims of merely adds fuel to the fire. only arrogant, but ugly/. This foreclosure crisis" complete- (Oops, does that mean I in- is why the tea party leaves ly ignores personal responsi- tend to torch the town-- or such a bad taste in my bility as a value. When you roast marshmallows?) mouth. sign a mortgage agreement Lynn Desjardin Diane Dowden you promise to make the Portola ' Lake Almanor