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June 14, 2017     Feather River Bulletin
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June 14, 2017

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41B Wednesday, June 14, 2017 Bulletin, Record, Progressive, Reporter BLOTTER, from page 3B Air topic In Quincy, a caller reported that someone let the air out of his tires. Dumping In Quincy, a caller reported that someone dumped some propertynear a fence at a business. The caller was concerned that it was stolen property. Three guys and a Jeep In Greenville, a caller reported a suspicious looking vehicle at the park. Three young males were inside. It had out-of-state license plates on it. A deputy contacted the individuals who said they were working on a school project. Harassment In Quincy, it was reported that a man followed a woman through a store. She was in the process of getting a restraining order. There goes the sun At Frenchman Lake, a caller reported that another burglary took place at his house. He said that a shed was broken into and four solar batteries were stolen. They were valued at $1,000 each. Just looking In Quincy, a caller said that a man was loitering in the post office parking lot. The caller said he was looking in cars. A deputy was unable to locate the known individual. school and harassing the staff. The mother said her child came home from a field trip and was sick. The caller was concerned that the parent would cause a disturbance at the school. Incident On Highway A23, five miles north of the Calpine turnoff, a caller reported a single-vehicle incident. No injuries were reported. The call was transferred to the CHP. Not the right car Eastbound on Highway 70 from the Portola city limits, a caller reported that a known man was driving a particular vehicle. The caller reported that the rear passenger window was broken. No unit was available. A deputy reported that a vehicle was stopped, but it wasn't the right vehicle. Deputies and the CHP were going to be on the lookout for the right person. Theft In Chester, a caller reported that a bicycle was stolen from in front of a business. Burn pile In Meadow Valley, a caller reported that he could see a possible fire. It was a legal burn pile. Loose boat At Big Cove on Lake Almanor, a caller reported a loose paddleboat. No shooting allowed In Portola, a caller reported Reserved parking? that his neighbor was In Portola, a caller reported shooting on his property. He a known woman was said he didn't like all the harassing her over parking noise. A deputy reported that issues. A deputy discussed it was quiet upon arrival. civil procedures with the caller. No parking In Portola, a caller reported Getting sick on a trip that several vehicles were In Quincy, a caller reported that a mother was calling the parked in the emergency-parking lane behind the pool. Contact was made with all parties and they moved their vehicles. Lighting a tree In Twain, a caller reported that a neighbor set her tree on fire when she wasn't home. She said it was a lilac tree in her front yard and the stump was still burning. The forest service was sending an engine. Casing the block In Greenville, a caller reported that her son saw a suspicious looking vehicle casing the neighborhood. It had dark windows and made several passes through the area. A deputy was unable to f'md a vehicle matching their description. Disturbance In Quincy, a caller reported that a man went into a store and was trying to cause problems. He then left. Too drunk to drive In Portola, a caller reported that a woman was about to leave a bar and get into her car to drive. The CHP reported that they found the vehicle at the bar and that the woman had gotten a ride home. Hit a bear On Highway 70 west of Little Bear Road near Graeagle, a caller reported that a bear had been hit on the road. The man was shook up, but not injured. He didn't know where the bear went. He wasn't sure if his vehicle was drivable. The driver's wife called and said she was responding. Some friend In Greenville, a caller reported that he was smoking with a friend and that the guy stole all his marijuana. The caller also claimed that some people were assaulted and then they got into an argument. A caller reported that two people went into her house and were fighting. A deputy reported that it was a civil issue over the marijuana. Everyone agreed to keep the peace. Bed into a window In Greenville, a caller reported that someone went to his house and broke off a piece of their flowerbed and used it to break a window. They also broke into their garage and then left. The caller called back and reported the theft of a security box. They were concerned about the information inside. The caller wanted to speak to a deputy just as soon as one was available. Wednesday, May 31 Splash, splash In Quincy, a caller reported that she could hear water running, but she couldn't find its source. A deputy reported that no one was home. Burglary In Quincy, a caller reported that her home was burglarized. She said there was cash missing and that the home had been trashed. There was no sign of forced entry. Knock, knock In Portola, a caller reported that she was babysitting and that someone she didn't know was knocking at the door. She said that there were family problems and that one of the cars had been broken into the night before. Extra patrols were put in place. Tuesday, May 30 TV tosser returns In Mohawk, a caller reported that a man who had allegedly thrown a TV at her earlier returned to the house and wanted to stay. The caller said he wouldn't leave. Lady of the house In Quincy, a caller reported that her son woke her up and said some woman was in the house. Apparently, he or both of them saw the woman in the house and a confrontation took place. The woman then left on a bicycle. It appeared that nothing was missing. Threatened In Quincy, a caller reported that she received a threatening phone call. A deputy reported that it was from an unknown suspect and no phone number. Lost their mamas At Baccala Ranch near Soldiers Meadow Campground, a caller reported that three calves got separated from the herd and were at the gate to the main entrance to the ranch. Welfare check In Meadow Valley, a caller requested that someone check on a man that the caller hadn't hoard from in a year. A deputy did attempt to call the individual. He eventually connected with him and he was fine. Lights off, somebody home In Greenville, a caller reported that a suspicious vehicle was in her driveway and it didn't have its lights on. She said she had been having problems with her neighbors. A deputy reported that the vehicle was gone. Vehicle stolen In Delleker, a caller reported the theft of her 1998 Honda Civic. The call was transferred to the CHP. Burglary In Quincy, a caller reported that someone broke into her nail studio. Harassment In Meadow Valley, a caller reported that he was being harassed by two people. A deputy explained how the individual could get a restraining order. Pot stolen In Greenville, a caller reported the theft of her medical marijuana. A deputy reported that this is a civil issue and that the suspect did live in the same house where the marijuana disappeared. False statements In Chester, a caller reported that a woman was going around making false accusations about him. A deputy explained civil procedures. Tennant vs. landlord In Quincy, a caller reported that her landlord changed the locks on her house. She was advised that the landlord couldn't change the locks while she was still living there. The landlord said she would be provided with a key. The tenant then called saying the locks were changed and me pvwer cut off. A deputy explained the proper civil procedures available to renters. Side of the road On Highway 70 at Williams Loop stop light, it was reported that a pickup was on the side of the road. The call was transferred to the CHP. If someone's there it isn't vacant In Meadow Valley, it was reported that someone was trespassing on her aunt's vacant property. She said that she told him to leave, but he said he didn't have to since it wasn't posted. A deputy talked to the caller who said the man left. Burglary In Quincy, a caller reported a burglary to her house. in ,: Pacific(hs and-Electric ....... Virgilia to the Greenville Wye, conducts along power lines to ompany will fly low by Residents are advised thatidentify trees and vegetation h~iCopter inPlumas County ~ ~ thehelicoDfer will fly low - in need of pruning and on Tuesday, June 20, to check about 200 to 300 feet - along removal. Weakened trees and for drought-stricken trees distribution power lines, branches can fall into power near power lines. PG&E is using a contract lines, leading to outages and Flights will occur over the helicopter service to fly even wild land fires. communities along Highway foresters to check for trees The drought has weakened 89 between Greenville and weakened by the drought, and killed many trees and left East Quincy, Meadow Valley This patrol is in addition to others susceptible to disease or and along Highway 70 from the annual patrols PG&E insects. After the flights, foresters will hike to the trees in question for a closer inspection to verify tree conditions. Once a forester confn'ms a tree needs to be removed, PG&E will work with the property owner to schedule a contractor to cut the tree. Consecutive years of drought have taken a ton on trees and even some trees deemed healthy six months ago have since succumbed to the effects of the drought. The U.S. Forest Service recently identified an exponentially growing rate of tree mortality in California. In 2014, 11 million dead trees were identified throughout the state. That number grew to 40 million in 2015 and 102 million in 2016. While tree mortality is more serious in 10 counties in the southern and central Sierra Nevada region, the Forest Service also identified increasing mortality in the northern part of the state. Weather permitting, flights will occur between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. O Puzzle #3883-D Difficult 4 1 4 1 4 78519632 41928356 23647518 39254761 85763194 64192875 52376489 17485923 96831247 4 46. 47. 7 50. 9 51. 8 54. 55. 2 s8. 3 s9. 60. 1 61. 6 62. 5 63. Across 1. Mud dauber, e.g. 5. Ziti, e.g. 10. Block 13. -bodied 14. Brace 15. Dressing ingredient 16. Showed up again 18. Bad day for Caesar 19. Chester White's home 20. Elegance 21. Firstborn 23. Soul mate 24. Certain surgeon's "patient" 25. Monetary unit of Portugal 28. Wuss 32. Knight fight 33. Pepsi, e.g. 34. Goya's "Duchess of __" 35. Furnace output 36. Match play? 37. Adjudge 38. Shrek, e.g. 39. Freshman, probably 40. Broad valley 41. Looks for 43. -- appointment 45. Washington locale, with "the" Acute A place in which devotion is paid Preserve, in a way Marienbad, for one Get better Yellow sports bal Farm call About to explode Length x width, for a rectangle Crumb Escapade "Buenos " 6-14-17 CROSSWORD PUZZLE l l i I 2 3 l l l 13 m l l 16 m m m 19 25 26 27 32 m ~ m 35 m m l 38 mm m m 41 47 48 49 m m m 54 58 1 l 1 6 7 S m m 33 m 46 5O m l 56 m n m m "--"-~ m mmm~ m l 61 Down 22. Grassland 1. "Star" 23. Liquid left after 2. "Not on !" ("No churning cream way!") 24. Claw 3. Cut dow 25. Character 4. Energy 26. Surrounding and 5. False start? blockading a fortress 6. Loss of bodily 27. "The Nutcracker" movements lead 7. Add 28. He took two tablets 8. Golf ball support 29. Cheerless 9. Elected member of a 30. Ancient symbols council marking a 10. Commanded questionable 11. Long, long time passage 12. Home, informally 31. Headquarters of a 15. Type of saddle for Chinese government women official 17. Slog 33. Angler's basket I"V" i3- Ul i m n m m 30 31 ,~ m~ 52 53 36. Sporty 42. Jail, slangily 43. More artful 44. Song and dance, e.g. 46. "La vita nuova" poet 47. "Beat it!" 48. Prince of Wales, e.g. 49. Bluster 50. Become unhinged 51. Delhi dress 52. "Guilty," e.g. 53. "Ah, me!" 56. Victorian, for one 57. Good, in the 'hood ".,,~ , ~, .... ;.~ . . ~,.,.,f ~, ,'//, .... ,, .