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June 16, 2010     Feather River Bulletin
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June 16, 2010

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Bulletin, Progressive, Record, Reporter Wednesday, June 16, 2010 11B ,,j- Food works in different and mysterious ways for everyone natural foods, corn, oats and rice, and body is composed of minerals, etable oils, shortening orthe body. We do need other things like potatoes are high such as calcium in your lard. minerals, but they are Carbohydrates in starch. Your digestivebones. You commonly hear about supplied in the molecule that The word carbohydrate system breaks a complex As far as your body is two kinds of fats: saturated uses them. Food provides comes from the fact glucose carbohydrate (starch) back concerned, there are two dif- and unsaturated. Saturatedthese minerals. If they are is made up of carbon and down into its component ferent types of amino acids: fats are normally solid atlacking in the diet, then ....... - water. Carbohydrates pro- glucose molecules so the essential and nonessential, room temperature, while various problems and dis- HERE'S TO YOLm. vide your body with its glucose can enter your blood- Nonessential amino acids are unsaturated fats are liquid at eases arise. HEALTH basic fuel. Your body usesstream, amino acids your body canroom temperature. ......................... AiJRAWHi 'I:AKER ........................ carbohydrates like a car Breaking down complex create out of other chemicals Vegetable oils are the best Water It is safe to say that one thing you'll do today is eat some kind of food. Food is pretty important to all living things. If you don't eat, it can cause all sorts of problems: hunger, weakness and starva- tion. Your body's goal is to digest food and use it to keep your body alive. But what is food? What's in food that makes it so important? What happens to the food once you eat it? engine uses gasoline. The simplest carbohydrate is glucose. Glucose, also called blood sugar and dextrose, flows in the blood- stream so that it is available to every cell in your body. Your cells absorb glucose and convert it into energy to drive the cell. If you drink a solution of water and glucose, such as a sports drink, the glucose passes directly from your digestive system into the bloodstream. carbohydrates takes a lot found in your body. examples of unsaturated fats, As previously mentioned, longer than breaking down Essential amino acids can-while lard and butter are your body is about 60 percent simple carbohydrates. If you not be created, and therefore saturated fats. However, water. A person at rest loses drink a can of soda, glucose the only way to get them is most fats contain a mixture, about 40 ounces of water per will enter the bloodstream at through food. Unsaturated fats are day, and more if active. a rate of about 30 calories per Protein in our diets comescurrently thought to be Water leaves your body in minute, from animal and vegetable healthier than saturated fats, urine, breath when you ex- A complex carbohydrate sources. Most animal sources and monounsaturated fats hale and by evaporation digested more slowly, enters provide what is called corn- (as found in olive oil andthrough skin. the bloodstream at a rate of plete protein, meaning they peanut oil) are thought toObviously, if you are work- only two calories per minute, contain all of the essential be healthier than polyun- ing and sweating hard then You may have heard that amino acids, saturated fats. you can lose much more eating complex carbohy- Vegetable sources are Fats you eat enter the water. drates is a good thing, and usually low on or missing digestive system and meet Because our bodies are that eating sugar, or simple certain essential amino with an enzyme called lipase, losing water all the time, we ca 'bohydrates, is a bad thing, acids. Lipase breaks the fat into its must replace it. We need to What is food made of?. HowGlucose is a simple sugar,You may even have felt this However, different veg- parts: glycerol and fatty take in at least 40 ounces of does it fuel our bodies? What meaning it tastes sweet onin your own body. etable sources are deficient acids. Those components water a day in the form of would happen if you ate the tongue. _The foods you eat can in different amino acids; by are reassembled into triglyc- moist foods and liquids. nothing but marshmallows Fructose is the main sugaraffect your mood and yourcombining different foodserides for transport in the In hot weather and when for a week? in fruits. The liver converts temperament. Foods do that you can get all of the essen- bloodstream, exercising, your body may fructose to glucose. Sucrose, by! affecting the levels of tial amino acids throughout Muscle cells and fat cellsneed twice that amount. The basics of food also known as white sugar or many different hormones in the course of the day. absorb the triglycerides Many foods contain a sur- ': Think about some of the table sugar, is made of one your bloodstream. Your body cannot survive either to store them or toprising amount of water, things you have eaten today glucose molecule and one strictly on carbohydrates, burn them as fuel. especially fruits. Pure water -- cereal, bread, milk, juice, fructose molecule bonded Proteins You must have protein. You need to eat fat for and drinks provide the r ham, cheese, an apple or together. A protein is a chain of The recommended daily several reasons: To digestrest. ,, potatoes. All foods pretty Then there is lactose amino acids. An amino acid allowance for protein is 0.36 fat-soluble vitamins because much contain seven basic (milk sugar), galactose and is a small molecule that acts grams of protein per pound the only way to get these Fiber ,i components: carbohydrates maltose. These are all simple as the building block of every of body weight. A 150-pound vitamins is to eat fat; to ob- Fiber is the broad name (simple and complex), carbohydrates. They all cell. person needs 54 grams of tain essential fatty acids from given to the things we eat proteins, fats, vitamins, digest and enter the blood- Carbohydrates provide protein per day. It is not hard food you eat because your that our bodies cannot digest. , minerals, fiber and water, stream quickly, cells w)th energy, while to meet the RDA for protein body has no way to make The three fibers we eat on a ' Be aware there might be There are also complex amino acids provide cellswith a healthy diet. them and to get energy from regular basis are cellulose, non-food things mixed in carbohydrates, commonly with the building material fat because it contains twice hemicellulose and pectin. with what you eat, especially known as starches. A corn-they need to grow and main- Fats as many calories per gram as Hemicellulose is found in if you eat processed foods, plex carbohydrate is made up tain their structure. Your We all know about the fats carbohydrates or proteins,the hulls of different grains Things like artificial colors of chains of glucose mole-body is about 20 percent different foods contain. Meat Your body can burn fat as like wheat and bran. Cellu- :j and chemical preservatives cules. Starches are the way protein by weight and about and dairy contains animalfuel when necessary, lose is the structural compo- are the most common addi- plants store energy. 60 percent water, fat. Most breads and baked nent of plants. It gives a ' fives. They are not part of Most grains such as wheat,Most of the rest of your goods contain butter, veg- Vitamins vegetable its familiar shape. Vitamins are smallish Pectin is found most often ..., n . __ molecules your body needs to in fruits, and is soluble in Af' I | f"g" / I I keep it running properly, water but non-digestible. :" r'l . l l II IIILIC9 IL. II 41 C;IIIL q,.II mLv mamm The human body needs l3Pectin is normally called .- .I different vitamins. A lack of water-soluble fiber and forms In an effort toremaina Walsh, co-founded the goes missing, approach any child, immediatelycallyour t:a,t;du e cv vu ,mner'mrespeC aV: amins----- aigmeLlvwn:nwet:::l tr'it--"" --"" safe, family environment, the National Center for Missing fair employee or volunteer to local law enforcement .......... p x.P _ _ ;6, __ Plumas Sierra County Fair and Exploited Children andset Code Adam into motion, agency. PrtuD :?fo d l:ut ltl e2onvides d rOUSvn:n tucneooy me is partnering with the Cali-is the host of the well-known "I know that feeling when' If your child disappears in ........ Y p ...... _" ..... fornia Department of Fairs television series "America's you look for your child, and a store, notify the store uau- tnev -t a m nsyutnee " and Expositions and the Most Wanted." they aren't where you think manager or security office. . . .. L National Center for Missing .... This powerful search toO1 .,they should be. It's nice: ~ Then ..... imme'diate!y eaI1 : aes~ry.V~om:nSrTfmr~.~Yed ...... e~c~'~a~a~)~Slll~:Uv~urU and Ekplo t@a'Children by provides steps for fair knowing there is a process your local law'enf0rcement ...... -,. , an while wire man maoe wtamms oooy oou ts me , u participating in their Code employees to follow in thethat a parent can go to at that agency. Many stores have a " " ;, ..... ,^. Adam program, event that a child is reported stressful moment." Code Adam plan of action -- !.. . ~t ~tuu~u uu ~ ~,Uuyau~ t~ wnnerats possmm, oon t mt your taste Initially developed by Wal- lost or missing. All current The National Center for if a child is missing in the Minerals are elements our buds drive- ou to excess Mart employees in 1994 and employees as well as seasonal Missing & Exploited Children store, employees immediately x " named in honor of Adam help and volunteers are being offers these tips: mobilize to look for the bodies must have to createconsumption and poor Walsh, who was abducted trained to follow the program If your child is missing missing child, specific molecules needed in health. from a Florida shopping mall that does everything it can to from home, search the house If your child is missing in 1981 and later murdered, reunite young ones with checking closets, piles of from a fair or amusement Code Adam has grown to their parents, safe andsound, laundry, in and under beds, park, notify officials and become one of the country s Fair Manager John insidelarge appliances and conduct a search of the 2010 Sp rtPhy ls largest child-safety pro-Steffanic wants all fairgoers inside vehicles, including surrounding area. If you 0 sica grams. Adam's father, John to know that if their child trunks, wherever a child may still cannot find your child, For student athletes crawl or hide. immediately call local law 4-,, ff you still cannot find your enforcement. $35.00 FEE Plumas Cou ll y rxepublican PAYABLE AT THE TIME OF VISIT *NO INSURANCE WILL BE BILLED* Women to meet June 24 *Parent must be present for signed consent* *Please have athlete wear shorts on exam day* Plumas County Republican tenant colonel in 1976. He spe- Women Federated will hold cialized in aerospace issues, its June luncheon meeting taking a short leave to do Thursday, June24, at Cuccia's work on the Titan Missile Restaurant in Graeagle. Project for AeroJet-General The cost is $15 and the Corporation. lunch will be a pizza and sal- Those who cannot attend .... Northeastern Health Center ad buffet. RSVP to Marlenethe entire meeting are in- 1850 Spring Ridge Drive, Susan~ille * 251-5000 Nelson at 836-1547. The busi- vited to come for lunch and ness meeting begins at 10:45 the speaker. Suite 'C' ext. #243 with Dean Brown th Ih * nd th h with lunch at noon and For more information on June 28 & 29July 22 , 29 & 30~ Ih Ih th ~ Ch speaker Gene Nelson after- Republican Women or how to Aug. 9 ,10 & 30 Sept. 9 wards. Nelson served for get involved contact Valerie Suite 'E' ext.#272 with Eileen Searcy June 16~u many years in the U.S. AirFlanigan at 283-1116. A or Force, including three toursThe July meeting will be in Northeastern Rural Health Clinics in Vietnam, retiring as lieu- the Quincy area July 22. Quality healthcare.Your choice...Our commitment ......... ::::Z::::::::: ..... :2::: _._.1::: .L:::SL:...IL...Jll:ill:J SusanviUe Quilting Communities presents Quilts Vendors Baskets )uilts Saturday, June 26th~ 10 to 4 Sunday, June 27th ~ 10 to 3 at the National GuardArmory 205 Russell St., Susanville Tickets at the door ~ $5oo :::::::::::::::::::::::::::: SUMMIT BUSINESS ADVISORS Mark Smith 530-836-1570 Graeagle CExP, CBI CA Lic. 01525569 Business Exit Planning Business Sales and Acquisition Services for Business Owners and Business Buyers More Than 30 Years of Experience Plumas and Lassen Counties Only Certified & Licensed Business Broker Serving Northern California and Nevada E-mail me at: mark.smith QUINCY SUSANvlLLE RENO P.O. Box 3556 608 Main Street 6190 Mae Anne Ave. 400 West Main StreetSusanville, CA 96130Suite #2 Quincy, CA 95971 530.257.7291 Reno, NV 89523 530.283.1112 Flanigan-Leavitt fax: 866.781.31 I0 CA License 0E05639 NV License 17793