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June 27, 2012     Feather River Bulletin
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June 27, 2012

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Bulletin, Record, Progressive, Reporter Wednesday, June 27, 2012 5B Some natu l ts b stm Q: Chuck, thanks for de- bunking the myths of certain natural products to build muscles and increase libidos. So do any work? ---Tom F. Alaska A: Ever since the Food and Drug Administration banned anabolic steroid-based prod- ucts and pulled them from store shelves in 2005, a lot of testosterone-boosting, mus- cle-building products touted as natural miracle alterna- tives have flooded the mar- ketplace. Last week, I shared informa- tion about some bogus "mus- cle in a bottle" claims and in- gredients. I listed a half-dozen or so ingredients (including herbs) to avoid when purchas- ing supplements, based upon health reasons and risks. (I al- so would add dehy- droepiandrosterone, or DHEA, and L-arginine to those.) We must resist the tempta- tion to succumb to tantalizing claims and quick fixes. We must not be So eager to gain muscle and mojo or lose' weight and fat that we subject our bodies to harmful agents and are willing to jeopardize our health. At the same time, we must remember that as men grow older, testosterone levels diminish, which is directly related to other ag- ing adversities, ailments and health risks, such as decreased muscle mass, en- ergy levels and libido, and increased belly fat, risk of benign prostatic enlarge- ment, risk of prostate cancer and even risk of dementia. Hence, there is some justifi- cation for seeking natural means of boosting levels of testosterone and growth hor- mone -- the body's twomost potent muscle-building hor- mones. Here are some ingre- dients that do work, accord- ing to Men's Health magazine and many other medical and university journal .studies: -~-Multivi tamin/multi- ! : mineral formula. The basics Republican Women meet Members of Plumas County Republican Women Federated announce their upcoming June meeting to be held Thurs- day, June 28, at The Lodge at Whitehawk Restaurant. The guest speaker will be Bob Battistoni from Plumas Rural Services. Battistoni will share information about the programs offered as pro- gram service manager and coordinator of the A.L.I.V.E. program. Jaramie Boden- ham, one of Battistoni's clients, will also be on hand to share his perspective. The business meeting will begin at 10:45 a.m. with lunch to commence at noon, then speakers to follow. Guests are welcome to join members at Whitehawk for fresh baked bread, green salad, summer- time spaghetti and dessert. The cost is $15; RSVP to Liz Holston at 836-4428. All are welcome to attend. help or REPAIRING: DOORS TRIM WINDOWS PLUMBING ROOFING ELECTRICAL If it's something we can't fix, we'll find somebody who can. Open July 4th from 8 am to I pm 1850 Spring Ridge Dr. Susanville 530-252-5000 CONSTRUCTION SINCE 19M General Building Contractor Calif. Lic. #453927 (530) 283-2035 C-FORCE HEALTH AND FITNESS CHUCK NORRIS often are overlooked but so critical to muscle growth and health. Regardless of how good your diet is, odds are you aren't getting all the nutrients your body and muscles need. Vitamins and minerals are used in every facet of metabolism, muscle development and protein synthesis. --Vitamins C and E. In par- ticular, these vitamins (in- deed, antioxidants) can mini- mize the damage that free rad- icals impose upon your exer- cising body and are used to speed up exercise recovery by reducing post-workout in- flammation. --L-glutamine. As the most abundant amino acid in mus- cle tissue, it can be up to 40 percent depleted after a strenuous workout. Foods containing L-glutamine in- clude egg whites, cottage cheese, milk, peanuts, barley, beef, corn, cabbage, poultry, raw parsley, raw spinach, soy and yogurt. --Creatine (powder, not liq- uid). Creatine is an amino acid that helps to supply ener- gy to all cells in the body, primarily muscle. Repeated studies (e.g in the journal Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise) have shown that creatine boosts muscle mass and strength. Paul Greenhaff, Ph.D professor of muscle metabolism at the University of Nottingham in England, told Men's Health that be- cause creatine is an "osmoti- cally active substance," it pulls water into your muscle cells, which increases protein synthesis. But that also re- sults in weight gain (about 2 to 4 pounds of water in the first week of supplementa- tion) before subsequent mus- cle gains in proportion to one's workout; otherwise, it's all water weight. Greenhaff and other experts recommend paying for quality, 100 per- cent pure creatine powder -- rather than mixes with elec- trolytes and other ingredients -- and stirring it into fruit juices, which raise insulin levels and aid creatine upload into the muscle. --Beta-hydroxy-beta- methylbutyrate, or HMB. The branched-chain amino acids leucine, isoleucine and va- line constitute more than one-third of muscle protein. Leucine is responsible for multiple important roles, such as protein metabolism, insulin action, glucose home- ostasis and recovery from ex- ercise. HMB is a metabolite of the amino acid leucine and, like creatine, boosts en- ergy, metabolism and protein synthesis. A 2003 review of studies on 250 nutritional supplements, published in the Journal of Applied Physi- ology, concluded that only 'n Tou loves in original, thermal & kids. Known as "Power Grab Plus" Best suited for heavy gardening or DIY projects, machine washable breathable ~ater proof odorless Open: Tues-Fri 9:30am-5:30pm Sat lOam-4pm Closed Sun & Mon Family Serving the medical needs to Westwood, Clear Creek, Hamilton Branch and the surrounding areas of the Almanor Basin. Come visit our providers. Walk Ins Welcome] 209 Birch Street Westwood Business Hours: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday 8 am - 5 pm To Schedule Your Appointment Mt~k ag T" r I I'~, ~'.siar, Owen's Pharmacy located in the Northeastern Clinic, Susanville can mail your prescriptions to your home FREE! Call 252-4315 for details! Sliding Scale Medi-Cal Medicare Commercial Insurances Family Pact CMSP We will sign you up for insurances if you qualify. A service of Northeastern Rural Health Clinics Quality Healthcaf,Your Choice Our Commitment two supplements, creatineon its own merit and claims, and HMB, had evidence to backed again by reputable support their use as lean research. muscle builders. Moreover, And as far as mojo is con- a 2008 extensive analysis in cerned, according to Dr. the Journal of Nutrition and Natasha Turner-- founder Metabolism of a host of of Clear Medicine, which is a HMB studies concluded sim- wellness boutique in Toron- ilarly regarding HMB's effi- to, and also the author of the cacy. To be fair, however, best-selling book "The Hor- some studies conflicted with mone Diet" -- "two herbs in those positive results, leav- particular, maca and ashwa- ing experts to vary on gandha, have shown promise HMB's overall effectiveness, for increasing libido in both A few years back, Iron sexes." Korean Panax gin- Man magazine highlighted seng (particularly the red va- how there are natural (plant- riety) also has shown consid- based) testosterone boosters, erable promise for men, ac- too, which have been around cording to The Journal of for centuries, including ex- Urology. Men's Health re- tracts such as chrysin, nettle ports that ginseng increases root, Mucuna pruriens, red testosterone, which also sup- maca and certain plant presses the hormone pro- lignins, which inhibit the lactin, which can cause aromatization (conversion) impotence. of testosterone to estrogen or But remember that nothing offer some other testos- beats a balanced diet with all terone-boosting effects. But the basic food groups. Supple- each one must be considered ments are exactly what they denote: supplements. And if you can't verify their claims by legitimate scientific and medical studies and experts in the fields of health and fit- ness endorsing them, then that's three strikes against them, and they should be out of your reach for consump- tion consideration. Most of all, before you add or make any major changes to your diet, including supple- ments, consult your physi- cian, pharmacist or health practitioner, especially if you are mingling with hormone levels and taking any medica- tion regularly. Last, check out, which writes reviews on muscle sup- plements. Write to Chuck Norris (info@ creators.corn) with questions about health and fitness. Copyright 2012 Chuck Norris Distributed by Homeowners Move That Woodpile How much wood could a woodchuck chuck? If he lived in one of California's high fire hazard areas, he should chuck all of it at least 30 feet from his home. Be Ember Aware: Weekly informational tips to help homeowners reduce the risk of losing their home during a wildfire. I One of the most common ember hazards homeowners create is the placement of firewood stacks next their home. During a wildfire, hundreds of burning embers could become lodged within the stack. The dry, high winds that often accompany wildfire can fan the embers and cause ignition. Once burning, the firewood stack can jeopardize just about any home, regardless of construction material, because of its ability to ignite combustible' siding, provide a flaming exposure to windows and break the glass, or climb to the eave and possible enter into the attic. Firewood should be stored at least 30 feet from the house, deck, and other structures during fire season. If the firewood stack is located uphill, make sure burning logs won't roll downhill and ignite the home. Don't place the stack under tree branches or adjacent to wood fences that are connected to the house. Bring just enough wood for the winter in close to the house after fire season is over. Another option is to store firewood inside the garage, but make sure embers can't enter your garage though gaps between the door and framing. Don't let your firewood stack be the kindling for your house fire /" J"-~ Watch this paper each week for tips to help you prepare and survive wildfire season. ~~~' For more information on protecting your home from wildfire contact the Plumas Firesafe Council or your local "~;', ~' fire department. On the web: or This message brought to you by the Plumas County Fire Chief's Association perv,sor I think the best way to get my message out, was through paid newspaper advertising with Feather Publishing. I had people stop and tell me that they saw my weekly ads and my message came out loud and clear. It was an effective use of campaign funds. It was a great way to let everyone know where I stood on the issues. I truly feel people read the local hometown newspaper and my advertising was a good way to communicate with the people of District 4. t::~ Westwood PinePress