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June 27, 2012     Feather River Bulletin
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June 27, 2012

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Bulletin, Record, Progressive, Reporter Wednesday, June 27, 2012 11B COMMUNITY PERSPECTIVE I have read and reread the WHERE I STAND,So, just ignore all of those letters to stakeholders that it years later when the creek analysis that will have an im- Feather River Coordinated data and go back to Pacific was Plumas County Integrat- amounts are still down? pact on our livelihoods is Resource Management HEATHER KINGDON Gas and Electric Co. con-. ed Regional Water Manage-We have only measured outrageous. (CRM) group's last meeting DECREED iNDIAN CREEKcerns about sediment con- ment that gave the go-ahead the lower reaches of LastAnd who only measures minutes, which I do on a reg- WATER RIGHTS HOLDER tro1. to use Department of Water Chance for one year-- this is one split of the creek? This is ular basis, and I have read We haven't really had a Resources grant money fornot enough data to make any very serious and should not the project summaries that release water in late season weather event to measure, the LastChance Phase II Pro- decision on. We also havebe taken lighfly.cIf this is will be submitted to the exec- and all will be good. and the one year we did have ject. concerns about accuracy, how their data have been re- utive committee for ap- Well, many years later asome high water, plugs on It's Plumas County that Plan B for Dotta -- the trieved in the past, how accu- proval, and things are not variety of monitoring skills the Poco-McReynolds project has directed more than $2landowner has no way of rate are all of the graphs and adding up. and sheets and sheets of data completely washed out and million to a project that past measuring water usage. A charts? I have discussed this with have shown less water below the sediment and debris were experience has proven will pond-and-plug project creates We need to slow down. We other water rights holders of these projects in late season, dumped downstream, harm downstream water a wetland. The water rights need more time. We need to the area and listed below are not more, and in several pro- What will happen if we rights holders and the fish- are being used, so to say that look at other options. There some of the concerns and sO- jects the creeks are bone dry have a real event like those eries that inhabit this the landowner will not use are enough projects in place lutions some of us have come for months, where previous- in 1986 and 1997? stream, as was previouslyhis or her water rights is lu- to study what is available up with. ly they ran for more than 100 Solution: With all of these listed on the CRM group'sdicrous; they have been used. and not keep creating more When Plumas County was years. Now only one project problems, why doesn't the website and stated at meet- How is this landowner going problems. awarded $4 million over four produces the same amount of CRM go with another design, ings. Contrary to what Forest to record and report water The CRM group's execu- years via the Monterey flow as pre-project, such as step dams, anything Service engineer Joe Hoff- usage in 2013, when it be- tive committee was formed Agreement, it was under the Blame it on global warm-but pond-and-plug? man says, Last Chance hascomes mandatory?,to bring forth a balanced condition that our watershed ing. OK, but what about the All of the water rights, fish very few tributaries to re- Third-party verification is decision-making process, produce more water in late unrestored drainages andand higher pond temperature plenish the water amountsa must. CRM group membersand yet it hasn't been used. season, tributaries? They are as they issues would go away. Why is that keep it alive, are doing the monitoring and Hopefully with these new "No problem," the CRM always have been, some even the group married to this de- So there is a Plan B for data recording. They are not changes we can get back said. Pond-and-plug will do up quite a bit, Lights Creek sign? Last Chance, but only during experts in this field. To have what has been lost: trust, this easily, according to the for example, due to forest It has just come to our at- construction, a fish biologist making deci- transparency and collabor - theory. The sponge will fires taking out all the trees, tention via the group's recent What about the years and sions and doing water rights tion. LETTERS TO THE EDITOR "Wave and smile Have you ever thought what it would be like to be an animal control officer? Plumas County has one to cover the whole county and she has to be everywhere. She must respond to dog bites, animal at large, aban- doned animal, injured and sick animals, aggressive ani- mals, neighbor disputes, deal with disgruntled owners, eu- thanasia and keep our shel- ter running smooth with a very limited paid. staff. We have a part-time front desk, two part-time kennel help. Animals are not just a five- days-a-week job they must be clean and fed seven days a week. Forttmately: the sheRer has some,very dedicated vol- unteers to fill in the gaps. So when you see the dog catcher, as she is referred to most of the time, wave and give her a smile. It could be the only smile she sees all day. And remember she is out there to keep you and your pet safe and has been for almost 20 years. We are lucky to have her dedication. If you are looking for your next best friend please call for days and times the shel- ter is open, 283-3673. No more unwanted litters, spay and neuter. Barbara Montandon Chester Really nice I am a lifelong resident of Portola-Graeagle area and a real estate broker. I have seen the town go through its ups and downs, but the changes I'm seeing now are really nice. My morning walks and time with my grandchildren have all been directed to both of the parks, and the river walk, too. The landscaping, bike staging ar- eas, nice play equipment, ta- bles, drinking fountains, lighting, volleyball court, basketball court, bike and skateboard area are great! I want to thank everyone who has been involved, and par. ticularly the Woodbridge De- velopment Group. You are re- ally making some first-class changes in our town. Thanks for making a differ- ence. Johna Berg- Thran Sierra Mountain Properties More on foreclosure The foreclosure problem is more complicated than Greg Kinne knows. Addressing the foreclosure crisis is funda- mental to slowing the decline in our economy that results directly from what the banks have fraudulently done to our country. There are many illegal as- pects to the bank activities. Here's one: they invented a way to register the title or deed of trust to an entity called MERS, Mortgage Elec- tronic Registration System. Instead of recording the transfer of mortgages with county recorders and paying we be denounced for seeking the transfer fee as has been to curb fraud? We are look- .the law and tradition for ing for answers, and could hundreds of years they use the help of smart, in- avoided fees by inventing a formed people. We could use phony entity for holding ti- you! We meet at the Alley Cat tle. This facilitated bundling at 2:30 p.m. every Wednes- mortgages in order to sell day. Come talk with us, so them all over the world as that we can keep our county though they were worth healthy. Come and share something. Alas they wereyour knowledge, so that we not because the value of don't waste our time doing properties was inflated, thus useless actions. Look at your the crash! These transactions neighborhood. Can it be were not recorded and thesaved? trust deeds cannot be found. Dorothy Wilson Ownership of the property is Tobin spread over investors world- wide. The banks foreclosing Pecking order are not the actual owners. It would seem that the jury anymore, in the recent civil trial Jack- San Francisco Asses son vs. various entities of sors' Office commissioned an CHP firmly established that investigation that shows 75 there is one group even more percent of Notices of Default despised than our local black contain one or more legal de- and whites -- lawyers! Given fects. How is a homeowner the delicious choice between supposed to know this since false arrest, illegal detain- the banks have done their ment and other tantalizing best to hide it? No degree in morsels versus the honor of rocket science will helpthe Plumas County branch of them. CHIPS, this presumably rep- The U.S. Department of resentative group of citizens Justice along with several came down solidly on the state attorneys general in- side of the latter. The cluding California's Kamala thought of voting in favor of Harris have addressed one il- an attorney, married to an at- legal bank scheme called ro- torney, represented by an at- bosigning where low-level torney (daughter, no less) employees signed documents was a burden too heavy to that legally required the sig- bear, no matter how damn- nature of officers. There ing the evidence might have were many of these so they been. / hired unskilled laborers to Now that the negative sign documents all day long. pecking order for Plumas The banks finally agreed to County has been established, pay billions in fees to,correct I wonder who would come in this particular legal defect, third. How was an unsuspecting Win Youens homeowner to know this was Meadow Valley happening? Not rocket science but per- Iron law haps nearly as complicated. There are two basic theo- JudyHouck ries about how to fix the Quincy econpmy. Conservatives say that deficits and burdensome Complexity is fraud regulations' cause uncertain- In response to Greg ty for business owners, and Kinne's letter, I totally agree that supply-side tax cuts for with his two points regard- the wealthy will somehow ing mortgage contract obliga- open the floodgates of hiring tion and morality, yet I'm new workers. Think about working on the "fraud-clo- that. Picture a business own- sure" issue with the Occupy er with an influx of orders, Quincy group because the refusing to hire enough staff goal they seek is simple:to fulfill those orders, simply make the mortgage holder because of a vague sense of show that it is legally enti- uncertainty. Ridiculous, tled to foreclose on a home- right? Now imagine the same owner. "Show me the note owner with certainty on and deed of trust" sort of deficits and regulations, but thing. Too many stories exist no orders to fill and no cash (see the letter near Greg's coming in. According to con- last week) of homeowners be- servatives, that business ing badly treated by mort- owner will start hiring right gage companies, or dealt away. Again, it's not how with by two or more "divi- business works. sions" in disparate ways.Roughly two-thirds of the Complexity is fraud is a economy is driven by con- phrase that resonates with sumer spending. When con- me. sumers have money to spend, We're not here to deny that money circulates or undercut personal respon- through the economy and sibility, but the foreclosure businesses hire workers. rate, and its impact on our Senator Rand Paul of Ken- communities, is alarming. We tucky says the economy is chose to investigate, with the based on selling things to idea of helping to figure out a rich people, which ignores monstrously complex situa- the other 99 percent who buy tion. Would you begrudge us vast quantities of goods. In our good intentions? Should other words, Paul had it wrong since it's mostly poor and middle-class people buy- ing from rich people that makes the economy go. To stimulate demand, put money in the hands of the people who will spend it, not save it or spend it in other countries (as rich people do). If you don't believe me, do some research. The best stimulus comes from unem- ployment insurance and in- frastructure (government) spending, while the least comes from tax cuts for the rich. Demand always pre- cedes supply. It's the only re- al iron law of economics. That's why efforts to drive down wages through the threat of outsourcing are so misguided. We should return to policies (import tariffs) that protect good jobs for Americans, and reinvest in education. It's morally right, and in the long run, it's good business. Paul Cavanaugh Quincy Fooling ourselves Think for yourself before it is too late! It seems like companies have come to rule our gov- ernment. Common people have no say in their pursuit of happiness anymore. Our lives have all been prefabri- cated unnoticed through TV commercials and automa- tion. Although most people still believe in the freedom of their choices we have been manipulated more and more without realizing it. For ex- ample it is not possible to fight the raise of an electric bill if thE electric company installs smart meters in your neighborhood. We have to go with it, even if these smart meters, just like Google, in- vade our deepest privacy. Most of our goals have been taken over by mass me- dia that tell what to buy: Happy Meals, electronic de- vices, cars, medicine, etc. It seems that the more we spend the less happy we a 'e. It is hard to keep up with the new products that are mar- keted. Still most people will buy them. Why? Our strive for happiness is so strong that we even believe false promises of commercials, we just can't give up. Even though we know that the commercials are totally fake, we go on fooling ourselves. So for a great part we have ourselves to blame. Do we re- ally care for our health if we smoke a cigarette? What if we eat too much of the wrong foods? Does anybody care about the side effects of cell- phones, smart meters or all of the other wireless devices that are taking over human activity? Do we protest at all against any negative side ef- fects? I am afraid we don't until we learn the hard way. Let's stop fooling our- selves. The companies are in it for the profits and the gov- ernment backs them up for employment to keep this cy- cle going. I think it is time we start thinking for ourselves. Then perhaps something might change and we will make better choices for our well-being. Hans Puts Quincy Courtesy and grace I am concerned with the in- creasingly provocative and even offensive language in the local forum at Plumas News. We are all neighbors and good citizens regardless of what our political opinions are. To speak ill of people who are law:abiding but have a different point of view can have violent consequences among the less stable mem- bers of our community. Must you be so rude and graceless? The word "liberal" actually means favorable to maxi- mum individual freedom or liberty. In fact liberal comes from the same root word as liberty. It appears that some people of the anti-liberal per- suasion are unaware of this and think liberals are trying to take away their freedom. Nothing could be further from the truth. I, ask for respect for others' freedom An opinion is not truth and others have a right to disagree. Do it with cour- tesy and grace please. Barbara Palmerton Quincy Muddy Raising children (parent- ing) is somewhat akin to telling the young~ go ahead; go out in a mud-hole and play -- but don't get your clothes dirty! The mud-hole I am re- ferring to is the societal mud- hole that exists today! I must explain: I let my min.d wander way back to the '30s. In those days children were not allowed, by law, to attend movies unless they were made for children to see! The content did not con- tain violence, bad language, bodily exposure and so forth. They were called afternoon matinees. Parents could let their chil- dren go alone and know that they would not hear or see things that were not proper for young people to see! Oh! To go back to the days of old, when children were loved and protected by something called society! So, I ask you now -- What has happened to our society? Let me explain society! You see -- it's you and I, it's the rich and the poor, the highly educated and the poorly edu- cated -- yes it is all of us! As I said before, in this day and age we are in a societal mud-hole and our young are getting very muddy indeed! The mud to which I refer is the horrid language they hear, the violent pictures they see. It's all there including the killing. They hear it on the news, they see it on the TV. The inquisitive little minds see and hear the hor- rors of abuse, the lurid pic- tures -- hey, let's face it, we are at fault -- society is to blame for where we are in parenting. Society, we are to blame. Yes, you and I are to blame for what we have allowed to happen! Even the poor par- enting can be blamed on us, because they learned, as chil- dren, what we have allowed. Think it over. Red Perkett Crescent Mills Bifurcated Delaine Fragnoli's Editor's Notes on June 20 focused on creativity, a function of the brain's right half (RH) and mentioned the left half (LH) brings discipline and persis- tence. In 1994 I set out to un- derstand politics when I real- ized news media provided bits of information that did not make sense, the dots didn't connect. I've read a fair amount about "hemi- spherical thinking" and be- lieve it explains our bifurcat- ed political system: liberal vs. conservative, Democrat vs. Republican. The RH is creative in that it deals with "holistic" im- pressions of things; the LH performs reason and logic. The two brain halves in nor- mal humans constantly com- municate. If the RH has a cre- ative thought, it checks with the LH to validate reason- ableness. If the LH puzzles with facts, it checks with the~ other side for impressions, i But people have dominant i brain halves. Individuals who are right- brain dominant crowd pro- fessions which offer creative outlets but don't require strong fact and analysis skills, such as art (e.g mu- sic, acting, ehtertainment), teaching and news media.: They tend to be of the politi- cal left, aware of present problems and imagine a fu- ture if they implemented changes. Left-brain dominated peo- ple gravitate to fields that in. terest them, but do not con- gregate in the RH fields listed above. They are aware of the present problems in the con- text of historical facts and lessons learned. Status quo is. the result of thousands of years of trial and error, and repeating mistakes is abhor- rent. In political discussions, conservatives rely on histori- cal facts and analysis, where- as the left expresses opinion without verifiable facts. RH liberals strongly believe in the utopian solu- tions their creative minds have imagined and cannot be challenged by pesky facts -- even when their plans lead to massive cost overruns and See Letters, page 12