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July 1, 2015     Feather River Bulletin
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July 1, 2015

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IOA Wednesday, July 1, 2015 Feather River Bulletin Stacy Fisher Plumas County Office of "There were different reviewed former fire district communications agreement Staff Writer Emergency Services head expectations, for example, on policies as part of the process plan was to understand how Jerry Sipe and Sheriff's who was responsible to make of compiling in a single the dispatch system worked Office Supervisor Mike sure that the radios in all the document a communicationsin the region. Joe Waterman keeps a Grant, who is in charge of the fire districts in the county agreement titled Waterman explained that busy schedule performing a county sheriffs dispatch were programmed correctly," "Coordinated Use of fire and emergency calls take variety of official district center in Quincy, among said Waterman. Countywide Fire Radio a circuitous route. duties, others, worked in concertAnother important concernCommunications System." "When a medical or fire He's the fire chief for the with Plumas County fire was keeping radio traff'm to a Before the proposed emergency is called in, it first Chester Fire Department, chiefs to rectify the minimum when document was drafted, a goes to the main call center general manager of the dissimilar protocols thatnonemergency use of the diverse set of rules, some in the Quincy Sheriffs Chester Public Utilities exist between the 20 Plumas radio system could written and some unwritten, Department, which would District and, more recently, a County fire department overpower important many of which were then transfer the call to member of the Plumas districts, communications, outdated, operated in Susanville, which then relays County Communications Waterman also serves as In partnership with Sipe different fire districts,the information to activate Committee. the OES operational area and other committee The first step in the process pagers for whichever fire The committee was formed coordmator, members, Waterman of creating an updated department was nearest to last fall when Waterman, the emergency." In addition, "There is what is called a command frequency, which is the main dispatch frequency, and then there are a number of different tactical frequencies, designed to be utilized for specific incidents in the field so as not to override the main dispatch frequency channel." Because the dispatch command frequencies used by all fire districts are the same, problems could arise if See Agreement, page 1 1A Below is a list of former members of Plumas-Sierra Rural Electric Cooperative (PSREC) who were issued capital credit checks prior to 2000. These checks remain unclaimed. The checks represent a portion of the capital credits these members accumulated while living on cooperative lines in Plumas, Lassen, Sierra and Washoe counties. PSREC has previously attempted to deliver these checks by mail. All capital credit checks issued prior to 2000 which remain unclaimed 120 days after this notice shall be deemed assigned and transferred to PSREC As well as any unretired portion, in accordance with the cooperative's by-laws Article Xl, section 11.04(f). Former members who were eligible for capital credit checks for the period previously noted who ark NOT listed below have already received their checks. Persons with knowledge of those named below may contact PSREC by mailing the form below to: PSREC Capital Credits, 73233 State Route 70, Portola, CA 96122 or by calling (530) 832-4261 ext. 6018 or (800) 555-2207 ext. 6018. The list of names is also available in searchable PDF format on the PSREC website, Proper identification is required to claim the checks. What are Capital Credits? Capital credits are unique to cooperatives like PSREC. They represent the margins (capital remaining after expenses) allocated to cooperative members each year. These credits are based on the amount and cost of electricity each member purchased during the year. Capital credits become PSREC's equity. This equity makes it possible to secure loans and maintain facilities and services needed to deliver electricity to each member. PSREC's board of directors decides when the equity is sufficient to return credits to members. Capital credits are reserved for members even if they leave the cooperative and move out of the area. If members are eligible for disbursements, PSREC will make a diligent effort to send them a check by mail to the most current address on file. If the check is returned or unclaimed, names will be published in local newspapers of general circulation and on PSREC's website, If you are a former PSREC member, please keep a current address on file to help us deliver future checks. Capital Credit Address Information Name of Former Member: Current Address: Former Address: Phone: Person Giving Info: Relationship:. E-mail: Phone: Please clip and mail to: PSREC Capital Credits, 73233 State Route 70, Portola, CA 96122. ABEL, O CHRISTENSEN, WILLIAM ABRAMS, KATHRYN CHURCH, DILLARD ADAMS, JAYNE ClSTON E, JAMES AHART, DAN CLARK, ORVILLE AILI, DAVIDE CLARK, SARAH ALEXANDER, EST OF JOHNNY CLARK, WALLY ALICEA SR, EST OF LAWRENCE CLAYPOOL, PETER ALLEN, RICHARD CLAYTON, RONALD ANDERSEN, A CLINK, SANDY ANDERSON, EST OF DARWIN COBB, CAROL ARMSTRONG, EST OF GARLAND CODIGA, EDWARD ATKINSON, CHRISTINE COLBY, ROGER AUBE, BOB COLEMAN, MICHAEL BAKER, LILLIAN COLMAN, ROBERT BAKER, MICHAEL CONNER, WESLEY BAKER, SHIRLEY COOK, DAN BALDWIN, CHARLES COOLEY, TERRY BALLEW, BOB COOPER, BETTY BANK OF AMERICA-TRUST DEPT COOPER, JAMES BARBER, STANLEY COOPER, JOAN BARKER, STEVE CRANDELL, STEWART BARNARD, CHRIS CROSNO, KING BARNES, RONALD CROSS, ROXANA 3AUMGARTNER, ELISABETH CUMMINGS, CHRIS BEACH, PAUL CUNHA, JANETTE BECKER, TERESA DAGUE, CAROL BECKLEY, EDWARD DANIELIAN, ALBERT BEERS, KATIE DAVIDSON, ROBERT BENTO, SAISUNGWAN DAVIS, EVA BERTRAND, VIRGINIA DAVIS, RONALD BILLINGSLEY, ALVIN DAVISON, GARY BISHOP, STEPHEN DC OR REBECCA, BROOKS BISIAUX, EST OF PAUL DE MARTIN, JOHN BJORNSSON, KYRA DEAL, EVE BLARICOM, ERIC DEAN, TOM BOCEK, GEORGE DEPAOLI, TONY BOGART, ROY DEPT OF VETERAN AFFAIRS BOGH, WILLIAM DERRICK, KENNETH BOLEY, LYNN DICKMAN, JANET BOUR, DONALD DIEZEL, DAVE BOUTILIER, GENE DONALD, F BOWERY, GRANT DOODY, HARVEY BRIGGS, AVERY DOTSON, EMMA BRINK, JEFFREY DOTSON, JANINE BROOKS, DIANNE DOWDEN, CHESTER BROWN, DON DOWING, WM BROWN, KIRK DOWNEY, SHANNON BRUNNER, LEON DRAKE, ROBERT BUCHANAN, BRENDA DRIVAS, THOMAS BUCKLEY, CAM DUNBAUGH, WALTER BUKOSKI, FRANK DUNBRACK, ROBERT BU RN ETT, TERENCE DUNN, KENNETH BURTON, W DURNFORD JR, ROBERT BUTTERWoRTH, WILLIAM EAVES, RONALD BYRD, CHARLES EDWARDS, LINDA CAIN, DONALD ELLER, JUNE CAMBRA, LOUIS ELSE, DAVID CAMPBELL, MICHAEL EMBREY, MITCHELL CANNON, BILLIE EMERSHAW, JOHN CANNON, PAT EMERSHY, STEVEN CARDONA, ALISON ENGERT, RALPH CARLSON, ERIC ENIX, DONALD CARTER, RON ENSIGN, JANICE CASTANO, W ETO, STEPHEN CATUCCIO, MITCH EVANS, EUGENE CAVE, DANIEL EVANS, KAREN CENTER, ELLIS EVANS, WM CHAMP, MAX FERRIS, EST OF MARGUE CHERRY, SANDIE FILSINGER, MARK CHICKERING, STEVEN FINN, CAROLYN CHORLEY, GLENN FISCHER, LAMAR CHRIST, JOHN FITZPATRICK, EST OF MARY FLORENCE, DONALD FORBES, VONDA FORSTER, R FOSTER, EST OF CLARENCE FOSTER, KENNETH FOSTER, WILLIAM FOX, DUANE FRANCE, TOM FRAZIER, EST OF WAYNE FRAZIER, WILLIAM FRIEND, RICHARD FUCHS, ERNEST GAFFREY, BARBARA GALLAGHER, TIMOTHY GALLAGHER, WILLIAM GATTIS, JERRY GIBBONS, ROBERT GIBSON, THOMAS GILBERT, MARl GOBLE, MICHAEL GOLDEN, CLAIR GOLDSTEIN, LAWRENCE GORDON, JOHN GORDON II, WM GORMAN, BILL GRABOWSKI, JOHN GRANT, ROBERT GRAY, HENRY GRAY, STANLEY GREEN, THOMAS GREENHORN SUBDIVISION GRIDER, ORVILLE GRISE, PATRIClA GRISEWOOD, THOMAS GROSSMAN, PAT GROVER, DENNIS GUNTER, DENNIS HALE, ALAN HALL, MICKEY HAMILTON, DANIEL HANCOCK, GERRI HANSEN, JANET HANSON, WM HARDEN, JEAN HARLOW, ROBERT HART, JACK HARTMAN, WILLIAM HARTWELL, PAT HARTWlG, LAUREN HAYNES, RUSSELL HENNING, LEE HERNANDEZ, JOSE HILL, EST OF ESTES HINTZ, 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