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July 9, 2014     Feather River Bulletin
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July 9, 2014

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e o,,_ . . . _ his Wednesday, July 9, 2014 L_. enjo_y_y exploring the shoreline. f I ' Hey! Look at that. You never know what you II see in the sky, on the shore and even in the sand when you go to the seashore. What you see may depend on whether the tide is going out or coming in. Study the area where the oceans 2 Waves 3 dunes .. land meets the sea. Is it rocky with waves crashing or is it a 1 O long stretch of white sand peacefully meeting the water? I J__ - 4 7 You might watch little crabs hiding and scurrying in the seashore . r t'_f rl - rocky areas. Different kinds of shells might be easier to find .along sandy stretches. It's fun to find driftwood too! _., j ,., H- - 11 _ r cooH 1, \ \ 'J/) mn8 I anirna,sI 12 . Peopl---i"le b._ "',.' 14 JlJ___ water iiiiv s ;: u:a:e INingI 5. energy from strong winds on the surface of the ocean 14. beaches change shape due to constant erosion by causes to form 6. have explored only about 5% of the world's oceans 7. the ocean is mostly made up of , but there are many elements: sodium, chlorine, magnesium, calcium and more 8. tides are the result of the gravity of the pushing and pulling the ocean 9. the ocean is Earth's largest habitat, with such as whales, sharks, sea lions the beating force of coastal and crashing waves 15. is made of fine grains of earth and rocks worn down by the wind "" m e r SL I . On Wed., July 9th, and 23rd we will send out an extra, free, summer surprise. See you then! 10. coastline; where the land meets the ocean I:l'Q. lVAnother July Surprise: Sign up for our free I 11. a resort is a place built for people to have fun and better their health 12. grasses and bushes anchor the sand .... and keep the beach stable Ir-r," I July Summer Samples@ www, readingelubfun,com- fill out our form with code ll 13. many kinds of live by the ocean: seagulls, sandpipers, albatrosses IrnEEJULY14 I What Is Seen at the Seashore? People bring shovels Party If you help the cranky crab find his way to the I clamsj( '1 and pails to dig and collect items from the seashore. Find o cheerful clam party, he'll soon be 'as happy as a clam!' I and circle the items belw that YU can see at the shre" ..... foam c L A M S T 0 R 0 C K S .1 A L G A -- cora, A C" P R G B P U P S S 0 V A H P M algae .... seaa;ull L H N ] B t,,l 0. B N S E V B B N Z L PI sna s- IO P H D F M R B L 3 A C S S D C F a/ 'ellies M T S N G U P E Q Y H B T C P U r R tide poollelicin I'/ L N G L S E A T M O Q E l I O Jj B L C P E V E AM R AI01 J 0 M A N K S L C I M R S R T P J D J sea stars F O I A V E I H D M S Y S V E A L S| seaweed E L L N E/ eahor e 1111 L S V S A L P B M H F C / I'R AI I , I 'bsters "lJ ' A U F S E T N U O B U L / C G| i---T I J I __-- i i - mussels v s e L S F M 0 B I ) J R U| Z , I U S R N I C E T Q R-J B L| Deacn plums ,h.plumsJ A 0 N R E S A N D D 0 L L S S VJ sanop per _p ,p,e,r J C T D I S Y I A Q S E A W E E D D XI L3PU A KDD R IF T W 00D QF NJ I , What Is Seen at Sea? E E F S K O D G T T R A I N B O W S A X P P D A Q V S F g What wouldsailorssailingonashipat S F Y L P Y N H S A I L O R S V T O D K Y P P/ F M P T U V A o sea see? Mostly theskyandsea!Sometimes, T W E F Y A Y P F R T K V U X P X C R K Z Z.QIY H P 0 R T F N H V the crew would be able to see these things: E LP N L NDOoN IAS CvA BO, SH RKxS E MHPSH~R \L~B sky CoAY_Q_ LM I T L UN ZF L sun reefs dolphins L DIBE O G ships sharks rainbows E P A stars whales lightning zSGBSTOR NF KN WX X p FYODHoAPL3 NES!iI moon sailors horizon Li H PCHOoA NSZYK OOTIN sCARsi], waves storms shooting stars L I H E T U S Z B land clouds lighthouses OGEWEX pSK E BBRF KAWBN WBYBQF3K U TN buoys planes constellations N S T E L T l" C S H z KID'S PUZZLE,PAGE IS SPONSORED BY: THE BIBLE'S INFLUENCE ON THE FOUNDING FATHERS John 8:31-32 So Jesus said to the Jews who had believed him, "If you abide in my word, you are truly my disciples, 32 and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free." Jesus Loves You! Calvary Chapel 1953 E. Main St., Quincy (Next to Sav-Mor) 530-283.4463 ...One Nation Under In 1984, political scientists Donald Lutz and Charles Hyneman at the University of Houston wrote a paper regarding the research they had done to determine the sources that most influenced the development of American political thought during our nation's founding period. Over the course often years, they analyzed some 15,000 items of American political commentary published between 1760 and 1805, the Founding Era. This research paper, '"l'he Relative Influence of European Writers on Late Eighteenth-Century American Political Thought," was published in The Amer- ican Political Science Review, 78 (1984). The researchers isolated 3,154 direct quotes made by the Founders over this period of time and identified the source of those quotes. The researchers discovered that 34 percent of the Founders' quotes came directly out of the Bible. Baron Charles de Montesquieu, a French legal philosopher, was quoted 8.3 percent of the time. Sir William Blackstone, a renowned English jurist whose Commentaries on the Laws of England were highly accepted in America, was next at 7.9 percent of the Founders' quotes, and John Locke, an English philosopher, was fourth with 2.9 percent. While it is true that three-fourths of the biblical citations in the 1760 to 1805 sample came from reprinted sermons (one of the most popular types of political writing during these years), and only 9 percent of all citations came from secular literature, it is a re- flection of the powerful role of the Bible upon the thinking of the Founding Fathers. W