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July 11, 2001     Feather River Bulletin
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July 11, 2001

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~lk Wednesday, July 11,2001 Opinion/County News FeW bu,etm ly ny ..... n i nti reminder .rive ~__~ ~, of~Z~.thD~%[ta::a~e part w2a~tnet~, bl o~z~,~: dri~e~, bridge, again o er adoubl y l- r. Da'd i eyo and games were z~ - -- low line. The final vehicle Twain has been gathering the collections rna~ was tainted mone _ -- - accident scene in the Canyon where is a family who is passed on one of the most dan- short excerpts of Canyon histo- as to make the g- "" ~ lends itself to a great deal of ap-. mourning his loss and a truck gerous curves in the Canyon, ry from the Plumas County prehension as to what I will be ~,driver who will replay the acci- just east of the Keddie Wye Museum in an effort to estab- heart glad; " ~}g faced with when I arrive. In d~Lt in his mind for the rest of trestle, lish historical markers But it is old le$ an this case the worst of those his life. I was outraged that these through the Canyon. I have river (I do not voudf Kell fears were realized. The very next day, my son people would so casually risk agreed to print some of these truth) that upon mq .... A young man in a small car and I were dri ".ving into Quincy the lives of myself, my son, the for the edification and amuse- occasion the wouldSY e, 1! had apparently fallen asleep at when we came upon a slow truck driver and any vehicle ment of my readers, lot would brace up~t'rned t~ "As to amusement, the truth mine game and go llS and t My phone rang Friday morning, July 6, at about 5:15 a.m. "There is a bad accident down by Belden," the caller said. I wiped the sleep out of my eyes and mind, dressed and headed out. About a quarter mile past Belden I came upon flashing lights and traff'zc stopped in both directions. the wheel and had driRed into the opposite lane and the path of a logging truck. For some time, we were afraid that this tragedy would be greater than we already knew it was. The scene was scattered with the remains of children's toys. moving logging truck that had already collected three other cars behind it. The In'st of those cars passed the truck im- mediately--on a double yellow line preceding a blind curve. The next car in line passed mid-span on the Spanish Creek that was unlucky enough to be westbound as they passed. But mostly my mind was scream- ing in fear that I would have to record another senseless tragedy not 24 hours after fac- ing the tragic head~)n of the previous morning compels me to admit that gain- same night. Tom Fr bling took the lead; everything was wide open and no limits.. Itinerant preachers visited the camps occasionally, and after service when the hat was passed around.., the saloons The same thing years peneo to others wh0mbers, evangelists..." (W.~. ex-state senator fro~ who 1 County). ~ his 3 ent ch _ _ _depal more in ything to curb th v ol nO{other, When are we going to realize Psychiatry, th American ' .sed fc __ __ ficult tO do anything about their decisions! This is, of heads out of the san2ut afi ~~ course, utter nonsense! They our leaders to task?. ~and young people and for that mat- people issued a "joint state- bacco lobbyists buying our are influenced! But just as in the general public gdko_re n- ter people of all ages? ment on the impact of enter- politicians. Yes, it is the same the tobacco situation, they alize they, too, are attune,~ ff we can't accept just plain tainment violence on chil- thing, only it s the entertain- will do nothing until pressure cause they are doing~t evel common sense, then how dren." Over 1,000 studies show ment industries buying them is put on them. about it. . ae to i about believing those agencies violence is learned by chil- now. That same old money So the question is, how You can do sometg" Will one more letter, one more opinion make a differ- ence? I sincerely hope so. With each report of vio- lence, I become more and more upset. What does it take? that have made so many stud- ies? Those agencies that have given their backing at a public health summit, the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Academy of Child dren. Just what does it take and why isn't something being done? Here's why! Do you remember a few years back when it was so dif- game, only as usual, it is justi- fied by being called "political contributions." The politi- cians will tell you so innocent- ly and persuasively that these contributions do not affect By ~ Coates tracted from the profit calcula- company, then, the company has im- Mana~ Edit0r tion," he said. "We believe these charges proved service to its customers, In 1995, Plumas County paid The profit calculation gives are reasonable and fair when including offering a recycling $74,886 for the administration the waste company an opportu- we look at the big picture," program, household hazardous of a local solid waste company;, nity to earn a 10 percent profit. Austin said. waste events, and free oil drop- in 2000, it paid $221,444. Public If the profit margin becomes Austin told the supervisors offpoints. Works Director Tom Hunter too high, then the county can that Feather River Disposal Supervisors Don Clark and believes that's too much and request that rates be lowered, benefits from the buying power Bill Dennison were compli- asked Feather River Disposal Hunter said he calculates of the corporate office, as well mentary of the service Feather to reduce the charge, that the company is making a as realizes other economies of River Disposal provided. While the county doesn't di- 17 percent profit, scale. "Look at the things that have rectly pay the cost, the cost is Hunter brought the matter to Supervisor B.J, Pearson happened and our rates added to the company's expen- the board of supervisors during challenged Austin, saying that haven't gone up," Dennison ditures and, according to its July 3 meeting, if the company experienced said. Hunter, the contract "limits all "The fees charged to corpo- savings because of its corpo- Hunter said he had no com- expenditures to reasonable and rate costs are well in excess of rate owner, then fees should be plaints about the service; how- necessary expenses." what should be paid to the reduced, ever, he felt it was important to Before Feather River Dispos- CEO," Hunter said. Don Hopkins, a financial ofl]- put a cap on the corporate al was bought by Waste Man- Lee Austin, manager of cer from Waste Management's charges Now, the company cal- agement, Inc., the contract al- Feather River Disposal, was offices in Reno, said that the culates the charge as 10 percent lowed for a certain salary for present, along with officials savings have enabled the com- of its revenue. the CEO. Based on the contract, from Waste Management, inc., pany to show a profit, which The supervisors said they that amount in 2000 would to explain the corporate the company is entifled to. need more information before have been $88,849.29. charge. Austin said it is important making such a decision, and Hunter said he equates that Austin said that the corpo- for the supervisors to realize asked Hunter to meet with salary with the corporate rate charge includes a variety that there had not been a rate Austin to gather more informa- charge, which is now $221,444. of expenses that previously increase since 199% and since tion. ':Anything above the $88,849 would have been individual are unreasonable and unneces- line item expenses when Feath- sary costs and should be sub- er River Disposal was a private Kay Fan'is Quincy: (530) 283-3386 email: YOU CAN DO IT! Concerned whether now is the right time to buy a home? Consider the present condition of the stock market. If you plan top invest in stocks, would you rather buy at today's depressed prices or at the peak of last year's mete- oric rise? I think you'd agree it is best to buy when the market is priced in your favor. The same holds true of home buying, consider the costs involved. If you purchase a home at $186,000 and finance $150,000 at 6,75% for thirty years, you payments would be about $972 per month Of your first $972 payment, about $843 is interest. In other words, interest is one of the greatest contributors to the cost of your next home. Doesn't it make sense, then to purchase your next home when interest rates are at their lowest? Just one year ago, rates were at the eight percent level, the monthly payment was $1,100.64, and a full $1,000 of the first pay- ment was interest. Buy a home today, just one year later, and you will save $45,992 in interest alone over the life f the mort- gage. Act today. Get pre-qualified by a lender, then buy that special home. It's OK - now go do the right thing! Call Leah or Kay today. OIUUUMN AIIIIOCMIII$ Leah West Located in downtown Graeagle (530) 836-1234 many of our children are go- hag to arm themselves and go on shooting rampages? How many must die? How many deadly car chases are going to occur? How many innocent little ones are going to die be- cause unstable adults are in- fluenced by scenes shown on L television? Scenes which are real, or put on by the enter- tainment industry. Where is our common sense? Where are our politicians that are go- ing to do what's right, regard- less of the contributions? When are we going to take our By I~lmD K~ Staff Wr~er Plans for a handicap access ramp at Lake Davis---and the $80,000 cost--were approved last week by the Plumas Coun- ty Board of Supervisors. The board's approval clears the way for the county to hand over the money to the Forest Service, which is building the ramp. The plans had already been approved by the board when Fran Roudebush was still a su- pervisor. Every little letter, ev# .... phone call, every cozY,un, tion with your repr~e tives, every opinion ~znce press in any way. E~ae on ple sign in or on your co~ sign in your yard- ~ss. enough,let's do it! 0~. so rr may have very little dLn cy( how about a million ~ d q million, or a hundred et w It won t be the fwst ly Fr people have spoken, ~unt~ may be the most iml ~. ns c time. When to start-~tking about now?. ight u i nat But her re Pearson, came out plan several montlaS sentially preventing ff ty from cutting a ch~ Forest Service. ~ aH~SfOpposition ste~ Editor p om his belief~en I Forest Service waS~tupp legally obligated to ~t~ ramp with its own m0~maen Rob Shulman, the ~lan attorney, said intere4]liden from a group of Lake la, b lated accounts shouldlee s to be about $80,000. men :on rsor mro pmv AND NURSERY FARMS "Home of the Sodfather" Local family farming since )is Ine Premium quality blends most off suitable for your area ~O Ca//for our complete "how to" brochure us toll free with any questions. 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